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Boots Botanics Radiance Beauty Balm

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3 Reviews
  • Beautiful smell
  • Doesn't induce radiance
  • Doesn't really make any difference
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    3 Reviews
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      06.03.2016 11:22
      Very helpful


      • "Beautiful smell"


      • "Doesn't really make any difference"
      • "Doesn't induce radiance"

      Fragrance is beautiful but that's about it

      So i purchased this product a few months ago when it was included in a special offer and the idea of it using hibiscus to induce radiance on my skin was very attractive to me. The idea of it using botanical, natural plants also drew me to the product so i thought i would give it a shot as i had also read that it could be used as a primer for make up as well.

      The product smells lovely and fresh and you can really detect the flowery/fresh fragrance that it has. However, for me this is as far as the advantages for this product will stretch. I find it as a quite a thick verging on greasy product and i did not find that it stimulated any radiance in my face than before i applied it. I'm not too sure about it acting as a primer either as i notice no difference in the lasting of my foundation with and without the application of the radiance balm.

      I've used this product for 3 months now i think so it has been tried and tested and i can honestly say that for me, this product made no difference to my complexion or the radiance of my skin. Granted it smells beautiful (the fragrance really is lovely) but as far as the claims for this product i would say that it is quite underwhelming and definitely one of those products which is pretty much a waste of time in buying.


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      15.08.2010 23:50
      Very helpful



      wouldn't notice this if it disappeared

      I've been having a tidy-up/clearout of lots of make-up related products and this was one of the many on the shelf which I felt I should write about, then dispose of...

      I bought this product quite some time ago as it was a recommendation from the sales lady in Boots - as an alternative to foundation which I was having difficulty using at the time.

      I was averse to using liquid foundation so I was introduced to this product as a moisturising alternative with added sparkle which would provide what I was told is a glow, but in a natural way.

      My product is slightly different to the one on the picture above, in that the packaging is plastic and not see-through, a very mild green and the writing runs up the tub in darker green writing. I have had this for quite some time now, and while it is not hugely attractive or 'loud' (in terms of standing out) on my shelf, it is not distasteful either. The packaging is quite sturdy and the flip-top cap has never come undone when I am travelling and it is thrown in with everything else!!

      The size of mine is 40ml, and I find this is small enough to travel with easily, but not so small that it gets lost. I often at it to my bags as a 'just-in-case' product - even though it has never been of any use. I guess I've been trying to find a reason to keep hold of it!!

      According to the back of the product, it contains Apple and Wheatgerm to help maintain the skin's elasticity. This is intended to be a silky moisturiser with light diffusing pearls to give radiance and a glowing complexion. It also says that this can be used alone, or before applying make-up.

      I must be honest - I have barely touched this product!! I found that when I used the product, it would clog up in places and I was always paranoid that I was shining away too much!! This may have something to do with the texture, which comes out of the cap in a thin measure, and is thicker to work with, meaning it does not spread as well as it could/should do (as a moisturiser/balm).

      Also, I would always end up with shiny hands which took an absolute age to get clean and shine-free again!! I do feel that this product would have been perfect for me because it seems a more natural alternative to foundation (I prefer the more natural look) but unfortunately, it just does not seem to work for me. Also, I don't find that it moisturises me much so I really cannot see any reasonable need to use it!!

      Thankfully I discovered powder foundations soon afterwards so use that when I feel I need to cover up a little - so this product gets 1 star from me because it really has never done anything useful for me...!!


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      13.01.2008 11:02
      Very helpful



      A really good radiance provoker!

      As a fan of anything boasting that natural feel and promising me I'll use it and look like a fresh faced beauty, like a lamb to the slaughter I found myself once again in the queue in Boots waving my advantage card around like a loon. I'm a fan of Boot's own products such as Time Delay and recently have found myself drawn to the Botanics range. After purchasing all of the Time Delay products I'm interested in I've started to make a collection of Botanics goodies!

      Boots Botanics Radiance Beauty Balm with it's power of plants and apple extract says it is a silky moisturising serum that contains diffusing pearls to add instant radiance to my complexion. That the apple extract is a rich source of anti-oxidant which helps to protect against damaging free radicals. I still yearn to learn what the heck a free radical is! Don't you just hate when something says it doesn't contain blah blah or something and you don't know what blah blah is or am I only one that knows what I'm wittering on about???? lol

      The Packaging....

      It's a 50ml see through tube which is recyclable and contains a white iridescent fairly thick liquid (doesn't drip). The bottle opens at the bottom and you have to squeeze it out. The labeling is simple. On the front tells me what it is and who it is by and the back tells me what it does (I've listed that already in this review), directions for use and the ingredients and lets me know that the extracts are authenticated by royal Botanic Gardens. Kew. It is dermatologically tested (good seeming as we are sticking this on our faces eh!)

      Directions for use..

      Use alone or before make up.


      A very impressive bit of kit! I like that dewy 'celeb' look and this provides it, if used correctly.

      On its own, on top of moisturiser it feels a bit clammy on the skin though it does give a nice sheen. On its own with no moisturiser it feels better. However I have imperfections on my skin such as a few black and white heads etc and this highlights them. If you have great youthful skin with no blemishes I'm sure its brilliant. It sort of 'glosses' the skin and it shines like you've slept for a month! I'm not sure what it contains to give the gloss effect but I've really examined my face while I have it on in the mirror and I cant find any glitter! I thought it would contain some somewhere along the line but it doesn't appear to!

      With foundation, it really does depend on which foundation and what type you are using. if its a really heavy duty one and your going over the top of this product you lose the effects of the serum. I use a light liquid foundation, in consistency and colour and its wonderful. It really does give a subtle sheen. If your applying pressed powder over the top I've found the best way is to only dab lightly where you need it as the idea of a powder is not only to 'set' your face but to dab out any oily patches and keep the face matte. Well with this product your trying to get that shimmery look and you wont get that by caking the face.

      The best way I think of wearing this is under a tinted moisturiser with no powder or anything else. I've tried it and on me its the best result as it looks so natural. Ive also tried it just over fake tan and it looks amazing!

      In Conclusion....

      I adore it. Once you work out the best way of using it, which isn't hard work it really stands up to its claims. My skin feels very soft when on the face and still soft when I remove it. Its not fragranced so it doesn't upset my over sensitive skin and although when you apply the product it does feel slightly greasy, it obviously isn't if it doesn't give my face an excuse to become spotty and believe my obnoxious skin needs no excuse to misbehave.

      Its a big value buy. A little goes an awfully long way. When you squeeze it out you want less than a pea size a time. Less is more. A tube will last you months and mine hasn't clogged at all. I reckon one application a day at this rate is going to last me a couple of years effortlessly!

      Easy to apply, great results and inexpensive. I highly recommend this one!

      £4.49 in Boots on the Botanics stand.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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    • Product Details

      Treat your skin to an instant boost with this naturally revitalising beauty balm / The Radiance Beauty Balm makes skin look brighter and healthier and contains active ingredients to help minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles / Contains alfalfa to even out the skin tone for a more radiant complexion /

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