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Boots Botanics Skin Brightening Deep Clean Gel

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Brand: Boots / Type: Skin Gel / Texture: Gel / Product line: Boots Botanics

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    2 Reviews
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      27.05.2011 15:49



      good product, would buy again

      I use this product every morning as part of my regular skin care regime. I am not totally loya to it, in that I tend to try other face washes depending on what is on offer, but when there is no offer I have come back to this one a few times.

      I really like it. It foams up really nicely, and you do not need a lot of product, so it literally lasts ages. It is soap free and does not leave your skin feeling at all tight or dry, which I find some face washes can do. Your skin definitely feel fresh and awake when you've used it, so in that sense, I guess it is a 'skin brightening wash' as it claims to be. However, I would just say that it basically does what it says.... it washes your face, leaves it fresh and not dry, and really thats all I am looking for in a face wash personally.

      Recommend it and will buy again.


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      02.12.2008 23:57
      Very helpful



      Ok for every day use it's just nothing special!

      When it comes to washing my face I'm rather fanatical about it and a bit of a fuss pot. I won't use soap on my face cos we've always been told not to do so, so I purchase stuff specifically for that job. I always pick stuff that's on offer in shops and I'm not really fussy about the formulation. I don't mind scrubs or foaming washes etc as long as the price is right. All I want to do is freshen my face up and I mean not like I ever let my face get really dirty anyway as I cleanse and tone at least once a day with good stuff! So like I say this stuff I simply expect to get a freshen up effect from using.

      Because I'm genuinely not bothered what I use on my face as long as it's mild and gentle when I saw Botanics on sale in Boots (money off) I decided to opt for it for that reason. Although not my favourite range by any means that Boots sell I do think the products are as a rule great treatments. I just don't feel that they are as luxurious as I'd like them to be for the money I part with and the main issue I have with the range is the smell. I bought some bath oil a while ago and while I can't complain about the results I got (silky soft skin which glowed with health) the smell as I sat in it made me feel rather sick and the longer I spent sat in it the worst I began to feel! My idea of hell and not good!

      So like I say I know that good points of some of the range but sometimes the bad outweighs the good! So after careful deliberation I decided to go for it and try it! What swung it was that normally this would cost £3.91 and was down (limited time only) to £2.41 for 150ml tube which is the only size this can be bought singly in although it does come in some of the Botanics gift sets as well at the size of 50ml.

      The Packaging....

      Clear, plastic recyclable tube with a matching flip top lid to the bottom of it. Flip open said lid there is small hole to dispense the product through. On the front there is a white and light green sticky label that says 'Active plant Extracts Face Normal/Oily Skin Brightening Deep Clean Gel. Wash Away Impurities Horse Chestnut Protects. Then length-ways written on down the left hand side of the tube in small black letter I'm told it's a Boots product and that it is The Power Of Plants, Botanics and finally there is a scribble of some leaves at the side of that. On the back label I'm told a little bit about the product,directions for use, warning about getting it into the eyes and what to do if you do, size is stated as I've listed already, ingredients are on there, contact details for Boots are given and finally the recycle symbol is clearly shown. Through the tube you can see a rich jade green gel and the whole thing looks functional and natural rather than pretty or anything but it does contain all the information you need.

      A Bit About The Product...(According To The Back Of The Tube)....

      Plant extracts at levels that really work, combined and formulated for unbeatable product performance. Naturally. Extracts authenticated by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

      To Use....

      Massage into wet face morning and evening. Rinse with warm water.

      About The Product....

      So according the Boots website this gel is a facial wash and you use it in the same way of course a normal wash as it is after-all a normal wash it's just called a gel lol. Now on the back of my tube I'm not told what it's meant to really do for me. We know it's meant to clean the face and be skin brightening, that's given but that's all we assume about it. Well this is meant to improve circulation which can help with the removal of impurities and protect the skin from free radicals which cause skin ageing. Basically it's meant to help unclog pores and boy do I need that at the moment!

      I suffer with combination skin. I guess I'd say I have more oily skin than anything else but then I get spots that dry up and leave me with patches of dry skin, dead skin and in this weather my face can get dried out with central heating and wind and rain etc. I have lots of black heads and white heads and my biggest problem as I write this is blocked, over sized pores. They look open but if I give them a gentle squeeze a clear type of water comes out but of course I can't go poking around on my face too much for fear of making it sore and scarred but my skin at this moment is feeling rather congested. Not just cos of too many late nights out but because I've drank no water (unless it's got alcohol in it!), eaten rubbish (well Chinese buffets and kebabs but there were a few vegetables in there lol) and had no sleep and slept with make up on (tut I should know better!). My skin has really suffered of late and I'm trying to clean up my act quite literally! lol

      My Experience Using It....

      Well all you need of the gel is a small squeeze of the tube and about the size of a 5p to wash both the face and neck. It's quite runny but still has a bit of body to it and on touch with the skin lathers up into a white lather though not too thick or heavy or anything. It comes out of the tube lighter (a transparent green in fact) in colour. It feels quite greasy on application which makes this very easy to spread and to use making this an economical product to buy and use indeed.

      It feels quite soapy in use though it isn't skin drying or anything too worrying. The smell is light and crisp and really unoffensive as it isn't heavy or imposing in smell and I guess you could say it smells of horse chestnut without knowing what said horse chestnut smells off really! It simply smells fresh and I'm sure it is suitable for both men and women to use on those grounds alone.

      In use apart from a foamy feeling on the skin that's about it really. You don't get the feeling of 'clean'. No tingling or throbbing it just gently washes the face and it's as simple as that. Rubbish at removing make up or any left over debris, however it does leave face looking brighter and cleaner though without the feeling of it! It's easy to rinse off and when you feel your skin immediately after using it skin does feel smoother which is great for dry skin and this doesn't upset my greasy t-zone in any way shape or form. However once face is patted dried that's it for results and skin goes back to how it normally behaves and feels and you can forget you used it.

      In Conclusion....

      No real results to be honest. It doesn't upset my sensitive and combination skin but I don't think it particularly cleans it up either. I haven't had a break out of spots but it hasn't prevented the occasional one popping up either. This is ok for every day use and simple and fuss free to use but that's it and I'd prefer for my skin to feel fresher and cleaner!

      Not really recommended from me as I can't see the point of it but it doesn't hurt to use it either!


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      Washes away the impurities without drying out the skin /

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