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Boots Botanics Vitamin Recovery Mask

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2 Reviews
  • improves the appearance of my skin low price nice scent
  • stung when I got some on my lips not my favourite
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    2 Reviews
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      13.06.2014 00:30
      Very helpful


      • "improves the appearance of my skin low price nice scent"


      • "stung when I got some on my lips not my favourite"

      Very good

      I like to treat my skin to a face mask about once a week and this Boots Botanics Vitamin Recovery Mask is one I''ve been meaning to try for ages. Price and availability I got an 8ml sachet, but it is also available to buy in tubes. A larger tube is available from Boots for GBP 3.49. In Use The foil sachet is easy to rip open to reveal the cream coloured face mask inside. It is quite thick in consistency and it didn''t look like there was much of it, but a little goes a long way with this mask and I spread it across my face without running out. I felt like I did have to spread the mask out anyway as it is so thick I thought it would never set otherwise. The back of the sachet advises to leave this on for just 3 minutes or for a more intensive boost 10 minutes. I was surprised to read that it was only recommended to be left on for 3 minutes. I often leave face masks on for 15-20 minutes and they still aren''t totally dry by the time I come to rinse them off. I decided to leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing it. I got a bit on my lips and it stung them a bit, but it was fine on the rest of my face. I found that it does begin to feel a little bit tighter as it starts to dry. The product claims to replenish lost moisture to promote healthy looking skin. ?With ginkgo extract and vitamins A, E and Pro B5 to recharge, tired, dull skin.'' The mask has a pleasant scent. It is feminine and floral. I found the mask quite easy to remove, rinsing it off. The back of my sachet recommends to wipe the excess off with a cotton wool pad, but I didn''t fancy this as it sounded even more messy. After using the mask my face feels soft and refreshed. My pores appear reduced and my skin looks matte. It doesn''t look dry, it just looks matte. The mask definitely improves the appearance of my skin, but it doesn''t reduce redness or improve dark circles under my eyes. I''m not sure that the vitamins were responsible for recharging my skin. I think this is probably just something they say to persuade people to buy it. I enjoyed using this face mask and was very happy with how it left my skin looking and feeling. I would definitely consider buying it again, but I do prefer Montagne Jeunesse face masks.


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        25.07.2008 18:32
        Very helpful



        A nice, easy to use facemask

        I do love my beauty products. I also love anything that makes me believe at the time of buying it that it will roll back a few years! Ok I'm not that hopeful or lucky really but I keep on trying in vain blind hope!

        I do love a facemask and do find them helpful to my skin in conjunction with my usual beauty regime and have an array of different ones to pick and choose from and just recently when I took a really hard look in the mirror I was none to pleased at the reflection staring back at me. I have a couple of stubborn spots, blackheads, open pores, discoloration oh lets not forget white heads and of course I'm a woman in my 30's and have frown lines. Overall my complexion was getting a bit tired and dull looking. I smoke. I drink. I eat crap. I stay up far too late and am not keen on daylight hours. So I'm of the attitude anything helps, nipped to Boot's to pick up a couple of different face masks and one of them was this one!

        The Packaging....

        A 50ml frosted but almost clear flip top bottom opening tube that is recyclable. On the label on the front I'm told it's 'Active face extracts, face beauty boosters, Vitamin Recovery Mask and that Ginkgo protects with pro-vitamin B5, Vitamins A, E & F. On the left hand side of the label I'm told it's Boots, 'The power of Botanics' and then on the right hand side of the label there's a sort of scribble in green of some sort of dead looking leaf. My first thought was this don't look promising lol

        On the back of the label I'm told a bit about Botanics, directions for use, size (as I've stated already) ingredients and a small bar-code. I can see the cream face mask through the tube. All in all its nice enough packaging but I would like some information on what exactly these particular vitamins will do for my skin.

        About Botanics....

        Plant extracts at levels that really work, combined and formulated for unbeatable product performance. Naturally.

        This revitalising mask is rich in vitamins to help reduce the signs of fatigue, while boosting moisture levels.

        Extracts authenticated by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.


        Apply to skin with gentle circular massage; leave for 3 to 10 minutes. Wipe off excess with cotton wool pad. Dermatologically tested.

        Using It....

        Well after using a few Botanics products given to the world by Boot's and being really impressed with the results the one thing I was worried about was the smell of this. I really don't like the majority of these products whiffs. In my view they smell vile and I'm not a natural 'green' girl type that wants to smell of a bush quite frankly. So I bit the bullet and bought this without smelling it first as I wanted it as a treatment and to not be drawn in by anything else, or put off was the worry lol

        However the smell of this is nice enough and come on girls that's an important thing when we slapping it all over our mushes and having to try and relax for up to 10 minutes feeling hopeful we're going to recover from looking like Mother Theresa and come out the bathroom looking like Angelina Jolie! It's light and clean smelling in fragrance with a slight plant extract smell which is subdued by a creamy fragrance and I'm sure I can smell a tiny hint of mint. It really isn't one bit offensive or strong!

        The mask itself isn't a thick cream but it doesn't run out of the tube without giving it a gentle squeeze so no drips or mess. Even after using this a few times after using it I don't have to wipe the excess mask residue from the small hole that it comes out as it doesn't congeal and go dry, caked up or/and crusty.

        Applying it is ever so easy just do as the instructions say. A little goes a long way as it is quite greasy in it's consistency. If you use a little it sinks into the skin so you can barely see it. Personally I like to put on fairly thick layer in which case you can see the mask on the skin because it's cream in colour. It's very easy to spread and doesn't feel greasy once on the face.

        I apply it to as clean a face as I can get, after cleansing and toning. I have popped it on for around 3 minutes but prefer to give it the maximum time recommended for maximum effect.

        Word to the wise avoid eyes if you the sensitive sort. It doesn't say to on the tube which is rather unusual but I have extremely sensitive eyes and that smell I mentioned of mint earlier actually makes my eyes a bit weepy and then tears get mixed with the mask and it's just so unpleasant! So for my sensitive eyes I don't go too close to the rims of my eyes with this.

        Once on I find it tingles in places on my skin. Anywhere there is an open pore, a black head I've tried to poke out or a spot. It is a tingle though and it doesn't hurt or burn or go freezing and it's a bearable feeling but you can feel something working.

        The directions for use say when you have finished to wipe off with cotton wool. I can only assume that you get extra benefits by doing this but I find the feeling unbearable. With tissue or cotton wool you get through loads trying to remove it and whats worse is you can feel a slight stickiness and grubbiness and I'm not willing to put up with that so I recommend to at the very least wash it off with plain, cool water. Me I do that and then wipe over with toner. As my skin is prone to grease and grime and that's why I have spots I have no intention of leaving a fairly greasy product to feed my zits on my face end of lol!


        Without reading what to expect from this product I could have told you what it did for me and then told you what it promises and could shout snap. Boot's say this helps to banish fatigued looks. Definitely. Skin does look brighter instantly, clearer and brighter without a doubt. Skin does feel a bit more hydrated and looser as well and after usage my skin doesn't feel tight. This doesn't help with any of the problems I listed but it never promised to. It says it will help me look less tired and it does. Simple.

        Although it doesn't help with the skin issues I have it really doesn't make them any worse either. Along with feeling more hydrated it feels more smooth to the touch and I'd say it definitely makes you a look a bit younger as it gives a nice natural looking healthy glow to your face and that can't be a bad thing for any of us lol.

        I think this is a great fix if your knackered. If you haven't got time for some sleep, or you got a hot date but you been out the night before and sunk too many cocktails and rolled in drunk just a few hours before this is a great trick! I personally will use this when I need a quick face wake up!

        I recommend this as an if and when needed product! I can't fault it and is it is a facemask that doesn't dry on the skin it's easy to use and get off!

        £3.99 Per tube only in Boot's.

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        Reduces the signs of fatigued skin while moisturising the skin /

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