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Boots Calendula Sore Skin Relief

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Brand: Boots / Type: Skin Treatment / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      04.04.2012 12:37
      Very helpful



      Perfect for sore itchy skin

      I suffer from psoriasis, something that developed later in life and looking back I can see it started at a time in my life when I was very stressed.

      I have it on my scalp, nails and various parts of my body. What seems to happen is a patch will develop wherever my skin gets broken. It is very itchy and depending on how bad it is, choosing what to wear is a nightmare as I need to cover up the affected areas.

      The creams and ointments I have been prescribed do help clear it up, but it is very time consuming messy and I find unless I apply twice daily it is hard to keep at bay. Each application can take up to 30 minutes as you need to moisturise first let that absorb and then apply the cream/ointments and then wait for them to absorb. So it comes and goes and the severity seems to depend on how vigilant I am with applying the various creams, gels and ointments precribed to me.

      It has been particularly bad recently as the cream I used daily is no longer being produced and so I have to use ointments which contain steroids and are very greasy so only suitable for use at bed time or when you can dress in clothes you don't mind damaging.

      As a result the patches on my legs arms and back are driving me mad as they are so unsightly and very itchy. I try not to scratch but I obviously do this in my sleep and on occasion I have woken up and discovered I have scratched my skin and drawn blood.

      So I decided I needed something that would ease the soreness and perhaps stop the itchiness. Something that I would also feel comfortable appying with a steroid ointment.

      I spotted the calendula cream in my local Boots and was attracted to it because it is named sore skin relief and is a herbal remedy.

      It comes in a box which was green but has now changed to a grey/pink and purple combination.

      The new box has very clear instructions in quite a large font and inside there are further instructions on a leaflet. A big improvement as they are very easy to read, no magnifying glass required for the box or the leaflet.

      The cream is in a plastic tube. On first use you need to break the seal, which you do by turning the cap over and twisting the screw off cap into the ointment. The product comes out easily and has a thick but light consistency.

      This is a white cream, that when you first apply feels like an ointment and initially I thought it would be too greasy, but it isn't.
      The instructions say to apply a little cream and rub away lightly on the sore areas.

      It has quite a perfumed scent that I found pleasant, a floral which I guess is the calendula which is a posh name for marigolds a common garden flower. Calendula is known for its soothing properties and this cream contains 1/10 of this as its main active ingredient. It also contains paraffin ,some nasty sounding ingredients and honey. Slightly off putting, but my skin was so sore I was past caring.

      I applied this lightly and did not rub it in much as my skin was so sore. It did not sting and a little went a long way. A good thing as this comes in a 30g tube and I used it on arms legs and my back so was pleased that I would get a few applications out of this. My skin did feel soothed and moisturised and it gave me some relief. The itchiness eased and my skin felt less sore.

      I used this twice a day for about 4 days and my skin improved primarily because it wasn't as itchy and when I woke I found I hadn't scratched in the middle of the night. I also saw a big improvement in my psoriasis which I felt was a combination of my medication and this cream. This cream really feels like it is healing my skin as well as moisturising it.
      What convinced me that this was improving my skin was when I ran out and returned to body butters, the itching returned and I shed blood scratching again. So I managed to get 3 for 2 in Boots and have stocked up now and don't plan to be without this.

      It is quite expensive at £4.39 for 30g, but I don't care because it stops the itchy feeling and is giving me some much needed relief. Also because my skin is sore, I can't use my other body moisturisers at the moment as they sting .
      I will try and find a cheaper version, but I am so pleased with this and the results it has given that I think it is a small price to pay. I particularly like the consistency and that I don't have to hang around waiting for the cream to absorb before dressing.

      Would I recommend
      A resounding yes. This cream relieved the soreness and itchiness , but also seems to help the skin heal in combination with my prescription medication. A little goes a long way, it smells nice and does exactly what it claims to do. It doesn't sting on application even on really sore inflamed and broken skin.

      I feel although I can't be certain that this formulation contains quite a high percentage of the main active ingredient as 10% seems quite high and perhaps that is why it does the job so well.
      The big bonus for me is the consistency as I can reapply this during the day and it absorbs quickly and does not damage my clothes. I have used this at work as I felt so uncomfortable and the urge to scratch was difficult to control.
      A Boots own product so only available from them. £4.39 for 30g, currently on a 3 for 2 offer.

      A 5 star performer


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