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Boots Detox Face Mask

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Brand: Boots / Type: Face Mask / Suitable for: Face / What it does: Detoxes,

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    1 Review
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      10.09.2007 11:00
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      Nothing special

      Having recently moved temporarily from London to the middle of nowhere, I have started buying my toiletries from boots.com, which is how I ended up with this product. Had I seen it in a shop, I probably wouldn't have bought it for reasons I will explain later, but at the time, it seemed quite cheap and I have long trusted Boots' own products to do what they are supposed to.

      The packaging
      It comes in a plain tube that needs to be squeezed to access the product (rather than a tub). The tube contains 50ml of face mask - I was disappointed at the amount - I had thought that £3.99 for a tube was good value. However, as I found out later, the product is very runny and so a relatively small amount is needed. I've used it about six times now and there is still half a tube left.

      The claim
      On the tube, Boots claim that the product and others from its range "works in harmony with your body to help flush away toxins and stimulate your body's natural detoxifying systems". I should add at this point that I am not on a detox diet and therefore can't comment on how well it works if you are detoxing. However, bearing in mind that the product contains kaolin, I was expecting it to draw impurities away from my skin anyway, thus, as a side effect, perhaps causing spots. The face mask is for normal/combination skin - had I realised this when I bought it (it did say so on the Boots site, I just didn't read it properly), I probably wouldn't have bought it - at 37, I generally prefer products that nourish and moisturise. It also claims to be oil free, dermatologically tested and formulated to be non-pore blocking.

      The main ingredients are aqua (water), kaolin and glycerin - fairly standard for a face mask. More scary looking ingredients include isopropyl alcohol, hydroyethylcellulose, tetrasodium pyrophosphate and methylparaben. I have no reason to think that they are harmful in any way, but I would rather know what I am putting on my face. However, my favourite Neutrogena face mask also contains some weird-sounding chemicals, so it didn't put me off using completely.

      As the instructions recommend, I cleansed my face and neck before applying. I had just had a bath, so my pores should have been open and ready to accept the product. Squeezing it on to my fingers, I was surprised at how runny the face mask was - I usually equate kaolin-based face masks with a thick, mud-like mixture. Some of it squirted past my fingers and on to the floor, which was annoying. The smell was quite medicinal, but not at all unpleasant and was a fairly cream colour. One thing that surprised me was that the product seemed to have bubbles in it that burst on application. At first I thought that it was because the product had been shaken in transit, but I have used it since and the same thing has happened. The problem is that it leaves small areas all over the place that don't have any face mask on and no matter how I tried to even them out, the areas kept appearing.

      Eventually I gave up trying to smooth over the areas that the bubbles left bare and waited for ten minutes (as the instructions recommend) before rinsing off with warm water. Getting rid of the mixture was much easier than with many kaolin-based face masks, which stick to the skin and refuse to be washed off for ages. Once I'd got rid of it, I splashed with cold water, left my face for about half an hour to settle and then went to inspect my face in the mirror. My skin tone was very smooth and the pores appeared to have shrunk. My only issue was that my skin felt a little tight - but then it is supposed to be for normal/combination skin, so that is not the product's fault. After adding a light moisturizer, it was fine anyway.

      On the whole, this is an average product that I wouldn't go out of my way to buy again. I don't like the thinness of the product and the fact that it bubbled and left small areas of my face uncovered. The bubbles may be down to the non-pore blocking formula - but then if a product doesn't cover my pores, of course it will be non-pore blocking. It is just not going to have any effect at all.

      I also have to admit I find the idea of ingredients that I don't really understand rather concerning and I am seriously considering looking up some face pack recipes that I can make myself. At least then I know what is going on my face and then down the drain into our water supply to be recycled. Unfortunately, I suspect if I look at the ingredients of the various potions that I use on a daily basis also contain chemicals I've never heard of - and I just have to hope that by sticking to well-known brands, the manufacturers are ethical enough to not use anything too harmful.

      I can't deny that it evened up my skin tone very well and there were certainly no side effects, such as an outbreak of spots, but every other face mask I have ever used generally does this, so this one is not anything special. My motto is waste not want not, so I will use it to the bitter end, but I won't be buying any more.


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    • Product Details

      Look as fantastic as you feel by detoxing your skin too / This indulgent mask is oil-free and non pore-blocking to keep your skin healthy while detoxing / Kaolin helps draw out impurities while gylcerin helps to moisturise /

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