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Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Refreshing Toner

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Brand: Boots / Type: Toner / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Refreshes / Product line: Boots Expert

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    2 Reviews
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      05.09.2009 23:30
      Very helpful



      A great toner that gives your skin some instant freshness.

      * Why Toner? *

      To be honest I have never been a regular user of Toner. In fact I only really used it when I was giving myself a little bit of a pamper session. (Don't boo me all the health and beauty fanatics!). But recently I read a little article on toner and realised that I may be missing out. Every beauty article that talks about facial Toner explains that it is one of the most important parts of any facial skincare regime. Toner is generally a liquid that cleans the face and really gets the last bits of dirt out of the pores. It is also supposed to hydrate the skin, thus helping it look fresher and younger. Every general Toner is expected to do this and it is advised to use before moisturising as apparently it helps the skin to absorb the good stuff!
      So as I was new to this toner business I decided to pick up a cheapish one when I went on my trip to Boots.

      * Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Refreshing Toner *

      Well, to be fair, the product name sort of says it all really - a 6 word name for a basic toner... I don't know what Boots were thinking! Anyway, the Boots expert range is generally Boot's own brand. This explains the really simple packaging which is a clear plastic bottle with a screw on lid. The product name is in large font in purple on the front with a woman's very clean and clear face, great advertising. Simple! The price is also pretty good, it is roughly £2.50 for 200ml which isn't bad for a toner but this product range is usually on the 3 for 2 offers so always a bargain.

      This Toner claims to be a sensitive product with cooling Aloe Vera which sweeps away the last traces of impurities on the face. It also claims to revitalise the skin. So once again pretty simple and as it is fragrance free and Lanolin free I expect it to do as it says!

      * What Is It Like To Use? *

      This toner works buy pouring a little on to some cotton wool and literally sweeping it over your face. The toner itself looks literally like water when you pour it on the cotton wool and the lack of fragrance almost made me felt like I was being duped! But after I had cleaned my face and as soon as I put the toner on I felt a tingling sensation, my skin immediately started to feel refreshed. I must say at the moment a have a bit of a delicate chin situation as I have had a little breakout of spots and this did sting a little which I was surprised at but I guess it was just cleaning the area.

      I was pleasantly surprised at how much excess dirt it took off my skins considering I had already used face wipes to take off most of the muck and this made my skin feel a lot fresher. I was left with no sticky skin as some products tend to do and I hardly had to use any toner to get full coverage so this bottle will last a good old time.

      Although I did get a small burning sensation it didn't leave my skin blotchy or red. It also didn't leave it dry which many products tend to do on my skin.

      * Conclusion *

      I would definitely recommend this product. I don't think it is as 'soft & gentle' as it states due to the stinging sensation that I felt. However it definitely gets rid of the excess dirt, grime and make up leaving my skin feeling ultra clean and fresh. It also plumbed up my skin giving it a bit of life and leaving my feeling cleaner and fresher. I use it every night before bed and I can see the difference in my skin in the morning.

      This is a great basic product which only takes a minute to use. Plus you get to see some real instant results. I think I will be trying a few other Toners just to experiment and to see if there is a difference with other brands but for the price and effect this will be a staple in my beauty bag!


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      30.07.2009 16:01
      Very helpful
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      Boots expert sensitive toner

      I like the Boots expert range and find they suit my skin and cause no nasty reactions, so when this was on special offer at half price I naturally bought it.

      The Hypoallergenic toner has been specially formulated for sensitive skin and contains aloe vera to soothe the skin. It will apparently sweep away the last traces of make up so that skin is clean and ready for moisturising. It is frangrance and lanolin free and dermatologically tested so i am ready for something very gentle as promised.


      The lotion comes in a 200ml plastic bottle which like all of the Boots Expert range is quite simple and not at all fancy with the bottle being clear and instructions and information on the back of the bottle.

      The screw on/off lid reveals the toner which As expected, is completely clear and completely fragrance free. The hole in the top of the bottle is quite big so care is needed when pouring it on to cotton wool or far too much of the stuff will come out.

      It is non astringent and doesn't make my face feel tight , but rather makes my skin feel refreshed and nicely cool.

      HOW TO USE IT...

      Simply apply the toner to cleansed skin and for best results, it's advised that you use the Expert range cleanser and moisturiser.

      £2.69 for 200ml, the product is available from Boots stores and online at www.boots.com.


      Like most of the Boots Expert range, I like this product and find that it does as it promises and works for me.

      The product is reasonably priced even at full price, and is easy to use. It's nice and gentle and does remove any last traces of dirt and make up without my face feeling as though it has been scratched! Because it makes my skin feel nicely clean and refreshed and since I know it's gentle, I do tend to use more of it than I would a more astringent toner, whcih doesn't seem to have done me any harm at all, but meant I had to buy another one after a couple of weeks.

      Anyone wanting a nice gentle toner could do far worse than this- recommended.

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela x


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