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Boots Extracts Cocoa Butter Skincare Selection Box

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Brand: Boots / set / Type: Butter / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Enricheses

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    2 Reviews
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      20.11.2012 17:03
      Very helpful



      only the body butter is worth using

      I bought this recently from my local Boots as a treat for myself, the set consists of a body wash, a sugar scrub and a body butter. Every christmas Boots release this set as part of the 3 for 2 christmas gift range, and it comes in three different flavours/scents - Cocoa Butter, Mango and Cranberry.

      I purchased the Cocoa Butter one which this review will be about. The best way for me to review this will be to break it down into sections based on the contents of the set....

      The Body Butter

      The body butter comes in a flat circular container with a screw off lid. The container is purple and looks very luxurious, and as soon as you take the lid of the rich and creamy scent of cocoa butter hits you. Its very chocolatey and sickly scent - which isnt a bad thing as I love the smell of chocolate and other sweet stuff. The body butter itself is a warm creamy colour and is quite thick in consistancy, like softened butter - hence its name. Normally body butters can be very oily and take a long time to soak into your skin properly but this one isnt too bad. I still only use it before getting into bed at night but I dont feel as sticky and greasy as when I have used more expensive body butters such as ones from the body shop. You dont need much to get a good coverage and it leaves your skin smelling wonderful and chocolatey. The next morning my skin always feels lovely and soft, a lot softer than if I hadnt used it the night before, unfortunately the smell has usually completely disappeared from my skin the next morning. Overall this is a really good body butter and I do really like it, and as part of the set it only sets you back by £3.33 which is ab absolute bargain for a body butter.

      The Sugar Scrub

      Now this I really am not a fan of, it comes in a similar tub to the body butter - which I find quite annoying to use when in the bath or shower as I can struggle to uncrew the cap with wet hands, and I also end up getting a lot of water in the scrub as it runs off my hands and into the tub. The scrub itself is pretty solid and very very greasy, so much so that it does just feel like I am rubbing some butter or something similar all over my body, and I am not really able to feel the little scrubbing particles working on my skin. It also leaves a horrible oily/greasy residue all over my skin no matter how much I try and wash or scrub it off afterwards. It does smell lovely, just like the body butter but it doesnt really scrub in anyway and generally just tends to irritate me afterwards as my skin feels so greasy. Overall I do not like this product at all.

      The Body Wash

      The body was comes in a squeezy bottle with a purple flip open cap which it stands up on. The colour of the body was is a dullish creamy/beige colour and is quite thick so you have to squeeze the bottle quite hard to get some out. I was really looking forward to using this but I was very disappointed, first of all the smell isnt as strong or as rich as I would have hoped, second it doesnt really lather up at all, so I find I have to use more than I normally would to get a nice luxurious lather going on. Third as I have to use more than I normally would I am running out of this pretty quick so it isnt going to last me long at all - so not very cost effective. Finally it doesnt leave a lingering scent on my skin which I was also disappointed about.

      So overall, the only product from this set that I would recommend is the body butter. Although it does seem like a bargain at £10 I dont really rate any of the other products, and I hate the body scrub - so save yourself a few pounds if you like the sound of the body butter and just get that.


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      22.11.2011 20:00
      Very helpful



      a lovely gift

      Extracts is a Boots own brand range. Boots specify that the Extracts products will contain natural ingredients and most importantly Fairtrade ingredients. The range includes various bath and body treats.

      ~Skincare Selection Box~

      Each Christmas, Boots release the Extracts Skincare Selection Box. This can be bought in 3 varieties - mango, cranberry and cocoa butter. This review discusses the cocoa butter selection box.

      The cocoa butter that Extracts use in their products originates from the Dominican Republic and is Fairtrade produce. Cocoa butter comes from cocoa beans and is know for its skin nourishing properties and a chocolate like scent.

      This selection box is a treat for your body and contains 3 products each containing cocoa butter in their ingredients list. Boots change the design of the box every year and the picture shown above is this years box (though I received mine last Christmas). The box is made of cardboard and can be recycled. There are 3 open windows on the box which show the products inside. The tubs can be recycled.

      The set costs £10.00 from Boots and www.boots.com. It is part of the current 3 for 2 gift promotion until Christmas Eve.

      The best way for me to explain my use of each product is to break this review down and review each product as a stand alone product and then the set as a whole so bear with me!

      ~Sugar Scrub~

      "Contains natural scrub particles to intensely exfoliate, leaving skin smooth, bright and feeling rejuvenated"

      The scrub is presented in a round, plastic tub which is clear and finished off with a purple top and information stickers. The scrub has been dermatologically tested and has a shelf life of 24months. A seal keeps the scrub fresh until first use. It should be used on damp skin.

      I have dry skin and extra dry patches around my body and use a body scrub twice a week to keep on top of the dryness and give my skin a good exfoliation. Personally I prefer my Soap and Glory scrubs so this one doesn't get used all that often.

      The scrub itself is a caramel brown colour with a noticeable "bumpy" texture. The scent is quite strong and I think it resembles caramel and chocolate which is quite pleasant. The scrub has a thick texture and needs scooped out the tub. It doesn't feel too gritty at first and I would say it resembles wet sand at the beach as it is very moist and chilled. The scrub doesn't spread very well and doesn't create any sort of lather so it does offer full on exfoliation.

      The sugar particles in this scrub are quite coarse but not too jaggy that they hurt to rub across my skin. The scrub definently provides a more intense exfoliation when compared to other scrubs I use and the sugar particles barely dissolve. Rinsing the excess sugar off my skin is a simple process though my skin does look quite red until I get out an dry off.

      This scrub is very effective on my dry skin though I find it very abrasive and perhaps a little too abrasive for my sensitive skin. It does rid my skin of dryness and once I have dried off my skin does feel soft. This tub will last me a while as I won't use it often. I'm not keen on it. It is ok for extra dry patches on legs and the top of my arms but too powerful for use anywhere else.

      The scrub isn't available as an individual product but is 200ml in size within the set.

      ~Body Wash~

      "Gently cleanses, conditions and moisturises, leaving skin soft and smooth"

      Presented in a convenient, plastic tube with flip top lid at the base, this tube carries the same purple design as the other products in the set. The tube is clear allowing the rather bland, creamy coloured body wash to be noticeable. The actual tube cannot be recycled which surprised me.

      I use shower gel twice a day and usually opt for something which will produce a cleansing lather for my dry skin. The body wash is a thick, cool gel and is a pleasant texture. I find this easiest to apply direct to damp skin as opposed to using a body polisher. The body wash is easy to massage across my skin and a thick and luxurious lather quickly forms. It is thick enough to shave my legs with and has a beautifully soft, fluffy texture.

      The scent of the body wash is quite distinctive and won't be to everyones tastes. It isn't a smell I would want to have lingering in the shower day and night as I do prefer fruity sweet smells. It has a different scent to the scrub and is more almond like with a sort of beeswax smell. It reminds me of being at a bee factory I went to as a child and isn't exactly exciting.

      The lather is easy to rinse off under the shower and doesn't leave any residue on my skin. My skin feels instantly softened and most importantly, fully cleansed and fresh.After drying off, my skin feels soft and moisturised for a short while and a delicate almond scent remains on my skin. I am happy with the performance of this body wash.

      It is available as a single product in a 200ml size priced at £4.19. Not exactly cheap but the tube lasts well so worth it in my opinion.

      ~Body Butter~

      "Intensively moisturises and hydrates, leaving skin soft and smooth"

      An identical tub to the body scrub. This body butter is designed to be smoothed across the skin after bathing or showering. It is a pale yellow colour and neatly pressed in the tub.

      I use body butters more than lotions as my skin needs the extra nourishment. This body butter is very easy to use. It was different to what I expected it to be as it has a semi solid, creamy consistency which is easy to scoop out and smooth across the skin. The scent is noticeable when the tub is opened and is very much like the shower gel but without the hints of almonds. It is more creamy and powdery sweet and quite pleasant overall.

      The body butter has an amazing texture when on the skin. It melts beautifully onto slightly dampened skin and is a true treat to apply when my skin is feeling tender from using the scrub. It can be applied daily. Only a small amount of butter is required to cover my arms and legs in a slick layer and give the hydration I need. The butter absorbs very quickly and leaves a greasy feel to my skin for a short while. My skin soon drinks the residue up and the surface of my skin is left silky smooth.

      The softness of my skin is noticeable throughout the day and I am impressed with how intensive the butter is. It has a great impact on rough areas of skin that the scrub may have not been used on. I find it to be quite luxurious and on par with the likes of Body Shop butters but with a nicer texture. There is a sweet trace of scent on my skin for a few hours and overall I am pleased with the performance of this butter.

      It can be bought alone in a 200ml tub for £7.92. I find this to be excellent value for money.

      ~The Gift of Cocoa Butter~

      I actually received this selection box as a gift last Christmas and it is certainly more appealing than a chocolate selection box and less offensive to the waistline! The set is beautifully presented in my opinion and the perfect gift. Whilst I am appreciative of all gifts I received, I would have personally chosen the mango or cranberry set as fruity scents are my favourite.

      Each product can be used alone but I find they all go well together and perform best when used together in a system of scrub, body wash, body butter. The scent builds up on the skin and does get a bit heavy for my liking but is nice enough. I do find that at £10.00, this set represents excellent value for money and does make the perfect gift for a friend or family member.

      I think once I have used the products up, I may try another scent as I couldn't imagine me using the cocoa butter scent constantly as it isn't vibrant enough to wake me up in the shower.

      I can recommend this set and give it 4 stars.

      Thanks for reading x


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