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Boots Lavender Aromatic Talcum Powder

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Brand: Boots / Type: Powder / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      26.12.2008 17:08
      Very helpful



      Too much like hard work for me..shame

      Although I love the fragrance of Lavender I don't like talcum powder one bit. I don't like a white powder mess all over my body and the way it makes my skin feel unnaturally smooth. I wear a lot of dark clothes and no matter how hard you try you always seem to get some transference which absolutely drives me barmy.

      However all my friends know I love Lavender and so a mate saw this on offer in Boots about a month or so ago and treated me to it. Instead of it's usual price tag of £4.99 it was on offer for some reason or another for 99p and so she thought I'd like it, bless her. I was a bit horrified at it really! lol However I thought oh well I'll use it when I'm alone and after a shower or a bath or something so if I do get talc everywhere it's only going to annoy me and my bedding type of thing.

      I find lavender very soothing and fragrant and therefore fresh. I use a lot of lavender essential oil in my life and like bath foams containing it and pillow mists and things like that. Really for me it's simply a stress reliever. However I am aware that it is classified as a granny smell and my friends (and bf) hate it so as I said earlier I tend to use it in my own time to pamper myself. Never again will I lavender myself up and go clubbing for a night out! lol The comments were terrible!

      The Packaging....

      It's a 50g cardboard pot that pulls into two very simply. The base is gold coloured and around the base I'm told it's Boots Aromatic Talcum Powder. The top part is a plain cream colour with strands of gold leaves decorated as a design up the side and on the top. To pull the lid off there is a piece of lilac coloured velvet material and you simply pull that. On the base of the pot I'm given directions for use, told what the puff is made of, ingredients are listed, contact details for Boots are given, the size is stated, the recycle symbol is shown and finally there is a bar-code on there all in white. Open up the pot and there is clear plastic tray containing the powder and a large fluffy white puff with a lilac bow on the top to hold it with to use it. All in all it's a nice, simple looking product to display on a dressing table.

      Using It....

      Nightmarish. Seriously! It gets so messy no matter how hard I try for it not to be lol. Firstly lets talk about the powder. Pure, brilliant white powder that has body in by which I mean it isn't really, really fine but has something about it that is quite thick though not moist and/or stodgy. The puff is pretty and thick and feels nice to the touch and of good quality.

      To use it the puff has sat in the powder and you simply are meant to pick it up, gently shake off excess and stroke it where you want to apply it of course. Tricky buisness though. Not only is it hard to shake off the excess powder into the hole it came out of as the puff completely covers the area but if the product has fallen off a dressing table or something the puff really does get saturated through somehow which means you really do have far to much product on it and it's hard to remove it without it going everywhere (carpets etc!).

      The smell is very nice. It's lavender with a kind of baby powder smell to it. It isn't harsh or overpowering but it is distinctive there is no denying that but for me, I love the smell as it isn't in your face in any way.

      Applying it though is far too hard. I get white powder everywhere! It leaves the white everywhere! It goes everywhere when your applying it and when you've finished using it. You can't seem to dictate how much you want to use and it gets on hands and everything. It is simply awful to use so I stopped after the first time and now it's ready to meet the dustbin.


      If I'm going to use a talcum powder (which I'm not) I'd prefer one out of a tub or something that I use my hands with so I'm in control of it more. With a puff it's simply terrible. I ended up using it and it getting in my hair and stuff and having to shower it off and that's the only redeeming feature this seems to have, that it washes off easily and leaves no residue. I don't like it. I don't recommend it. I guess you could use your hands to apply it but I lost heart with this product. Yes it softens and smooths skin if you don't mind being able to drag your hands through ten of powder to reach it! Yuk!


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