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Boots Natural Rosemary & Witch Hazel Face Mask

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6 Reviews
  • refreshing
  • reduces redness
  • takes a while to rinse
  • messy
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    6 Reviews
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      13.11.2014 11:38
      Very helpful


      • " low price"
      • " refreshing"
      • " reduces redness"
      • " reduces the appearance of pores"
      • "nice scent"


      • " takes a while to rinse"
      • " messy"
      • sloppy

      Messy, but effective

      My friend bought me a gift set for Christmas which included this Boots Natural Collection Rosemary and Witch Hazel face mask.

      ~ Packaging ~
      It comes in a turquoise coloured sachet with a cartoon picture of a woman wearing a turquoise coloured face mask.
      There is a black bar across the bottom of the sachet with the name of the product on.
      The sachet contains 10ml of mask.

      ~ Price and Availability ~
      The face mask is only available from Boots or online at boots.com and it costs £1.00.
      There are other face masks available from Natural Collection, but the only other 'flavour' on their website is Wild Strawberry.

      ~ In use ~
      The sachet does not have an easy tear part, which I found quite inconvenient and messy as I ended up getting it on my scissors and on the towel I had on my knee.
      The mask is very sloppy and it feels just like a light face cream. It is very wet. The witch hazel scent is evident, but I don’t find it too strong or overpowering.
      The sachet claims, ‘this purifying face mask contains anti-bacterial rosemary and witch hazel to really deep-cleanse your pores, drawing out impurities and excess oil, leaving your face feeling totally refreshed.’
      It is easy to apply to my face and it feels refreshing and after a while it feels quite tingly.
      It is a very light green colour.
      It starts to feel a bit tight on my skin after about ten minutes.
      It takes about 25 minutes to dry and then it can be rinsed off.
      It isn’t the easiest mask to rinse off. It takes a good 5 minutes, but I found that my hair, although it was tied back, managed to some product in it and it was really easy to rinse out of my hair.
      Once it is all rinsed off my face my skin feels refreshed and my pores appear reduced. I also noticed that my skin was red where there was a tiny spot before using this mask and after using the mask the redness had reduced and was barely noticeable.
      My skin is left feeling soft and smoothed and with a definite improved appearance.
      I can’t honestly say that I enjoyed using this face mask as it is really messy and takes a while to rinse off, but the results make it worth the effort and I would definitely buy this face mask again and I would recommend it.
      It is a good one to use for a special occasion so that your skin is looking its best, but I would recommend trying it out for the first time before a big event because these masks may react differently on different people’s skin. I seem to remember reading a review of a Natural Collection mask where the reviewer had had a reaction to it, but my skin hasn’t had any irritation at all from this mask.


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      22.07.2013 11:59
      Very helpful



      Sorted my problem skin out to a large extent.

      Lately, my skin has been playing up and breaking out in blemishes. In a bid to try to help it to sort itself out, I decided to use some of this face mask, which has been overlooked in my toiletries stash for quite a while.

      WHAT IT IS
      As per the name, this face mask contains witch hazel (for a deep cleanse of the pores) and rosemary (for its anti-bacterial properties) so I was reasonably hopeful that it would be a good option for tackling my troublesome skin. The packaging claims that it will offer a deep cleanse, draw out impurities and be akin to a spa in a sachet.

      USING IT
      The mask is a mint green shade so do be warned that you'll look not too dissimilar to Shrek once it's on. Fortunately, it only needs to be left on for around 5 minutes. It's easy to spread the mask across your face and to get even coverage when doing this. Once on, it begins to dry but as it doesn't need to be left on for very long, it doesn't dry completely and there is none of that tight feeling as a result. Because it's still slightly wet when you come to remove it, it's not as difficult to wash off as you'll often find with other face masks. It does require a bit of rubbing with your fingers and I do find that it clings stubbornly in the middle of my forehead and around my nose but generally speaking, it's not a hassle to remove.

      My skin was in a pretty bad state when I first used this face mask, with some nasty looking spots (that were thankfully on the way out but still looked awful), smaller pimples across my cheeks and forehead and enlarged pores. I didn't expect miracles but I was hoping that it would help my skin to clear up a bit. I have since done two applications and have noticed a definite improvement in my skin's condition.

      The nasty spots have died down considerably and while they are still present, they are not nearly as obvious as before and are now little more than fade marks. The previously enlarged pores have shrunk and are also not as noticeable. The smaller pimples elsewhere are still there and I don't think that either application really did much to tackle those but generally speaking, I'm pretty impressed with the results, especially given that this is by no means a pricey face mask.

      A sachet costs £1 and obviously being a Boots product, it's only available there. I get at least two applications from the average sachet and these are full-face applications (as my skin is equally bad all over these days!), and there is just about enough left over from this to use a bit more on some (but not all) of my face. I find this to be really good value for the results.

      For a face mask that offers some benefits for oily and troublesome skin, I would happily recommend this product. For £1, you get two applications and both of these did relative wonders for my skin given how problematic it was to start with. Of course, it's not a complete miracle worker but I would have been amazed if it had completely sorted my skin out! All in all, it's a great product though - affordable, easy to use and remove, and makes my skin look and feel better.


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        14.04.2013 12:58
        Very helpful



        A great mask for a £1

        At the weekend I like to do a face mask with my daughter, I think it is a great time to bond a little over girly stuff and a great way to teach her to look after her skin.

        Last weeks face masks were the Boots Naturals Collection Rosemary and Witch Hazel, I paid a £1 each. In price these are comparable to the Montague Jeunesse face masks we usually use. I chose the Rosemary and Witch Hazel face mask as my skin felt in need of a good cleanse and detox and my daughter suffers with the occasional spot and a greasy nose.

        The face mask comes in a small sachet. The sachet tells us that it contains anti-bacterial Rosemary and Witch Hazel to really deep cleanse the pores, drawing out impurities and excess oil, leaving your face feeling totally refreshed.

        My daughter and I gave our faces a good wash before starting to apply the face masks and as we both have long hair we secured it back with a fabric hair band as we did not want to get face mask in our hair or our hair sticking to our face masked faces. Once those minor preparations were out of the way with I opened the sachets with scissors and we proceeded to apply our face masks in front of the mirror.

        The face mask itself is a pale green colour and smells strongly of Witch Hazel, the face mask is a creamy clay style mask and squeezes quite easily out of the sachet, although towards the end we were getting quite messy as our fingers and the sachet were covered in face mask.

        I found there was more than enough face mask in each sachet to allow me to apply a nice generous layer, all over my face. I avoided going to close to my eyes and eye brows and stayed away from lips and nostrils. I applied the face mask under my chin and down on to my neck. There was enough mask in each sachet that if you wanted to share a sachet or pop half in the fridge for another day you could. I was pampering myself so used the whole lot as a face mask is meant to be an indulgent experience.

        Almost as soon as the application process began my daughter and I noticed that there was a warming sensation, I think this was an effect of the Witch Hazel, it felt similar to when you apply Vicks. I quite enjoyed the warming sensation as I felt like the mask was having an effect on my skin. My daughter was not so keen and complained that when she moved around her face felt cold.

        We left the mask on for the recommended maximum of 5 minutes and then we proceeded to remove the face mask using clean flannels and lots of fresh water. The mask was quite easy to remove as long as we removed a small area at a time. My daughter and I both noted that our skin looked a little red but refreshed, our pores looked tighter and our skin had a nice glow and felt peachy soft. My daughter was impressed that the few blackheads on her nose and chin had shrunk and in some places disappeared altogether.

        I was happy that the effects of the mask lasted a few days and it is something I would use again the day before a big event; I would not use it on the day as the redness the mask creates needs a few hours to settle. The initial warming effect was a little surprising as I was not expecting it but over all my daughter and I found the mask to be a pleasant experience.

        Thank you for reading.


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          13.05.2010 11:23
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A great product, highly recommend it.

          The last few weeks my skin has been really annoying me, it has gone a bit patchy and a few pesky little blemishes have popped up, and they just seem to have some unbelievable staying power, so I decided to treat myself on my next trip to boots, and buy a face mask.

          To be honest this was the first one that I came across and it had a price tag of 99p, so I thought bargain, and I even got the strawberry one too. (Wild I know, what a spending spree!).

          I have been dying to test the face mask out for days and finally got the chance last night. According to the packet it says that "Rosemary and Witch Hazel to really deep-cleanse your pores, drawing out impurities and excess oil, leaving your face feeling totally refreshed" So I had high hopes.

          I had read a couple of reviews on here saying not to be hasty and rip the top straight off as it can do a few applications, and to be honest I thought that was a bit rubbish, for something in a small sachet, that cost me 99p, I thought one application was a fair assumption and I wanted to be generous, so hastily ripped the top off and was greeted by a pale green thick liquid, and as soon as I started applying it, I knew I was going to get at least 3 applications out of one small sachet. ooops, should have listened, so now it's in a little sandwich bag to keep it fresh!

          It is a very gloopy substance, that is very easy to spread over the face, and it smells of lovely witch hazel, I couldn't smell any Rosemary though. It is almost a bit clay like to the touch, but spreadable.

          It says to leave the mask on for 5 minutes, and I actually left it for between 10 and 15, as I was really hoping for some good results. It did sting a tiny bit at first but that died down pretty quickly, and I am not offended by stinging, I tend to think it means it's doing something.

          After about 15 minutes the mask had dried on my face and I rinsed it off with warm water, it was very easy to remove, but I did use a flannel to make sure I had got it all off.

          As soon as it was off my face, I patted it dry and was looking for results, my skin didn't look noticeably different but it was very smooth and soft to touch. I kept touching my face as I couldn't believe how soft my skin was. It was a lovely feeling.

          This morning, after a good nights sleep, I woke up and checked my skin straight away. I wouldn't say that it was anything miraculous, but my blemishes did look a lot less red and noticeable, and my skin seemed a little more even all over. So a great result for me.

          This was a lovely product and for 99p, it is a real bargain, you will easily get at least 3 uses out of that small sachet, and it makes skin extremely soft and noticeably a bit brighter. I would highly recommend it. Even if you just feel like a bit of pampering, I never splash out on beauty products as I can't justify the spend, so this is a great option for me, and I will definitely be buying it again.


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            11.11.2009 22:56
            Very helpful



            A super addition to anyones skin care regime.

            ~~ Introduction ~~

            Like a lot of women I do have those rubbish days where I wake up and nothing seems to be going my way. My hair looks like a birds nest, I've acquired a couple of unwelcomed spots from goodness knows where and I generally feel grotty all over. I found a good remedy for this is a head to toe pampering session. A long hot bath, a hair treatment and a really good face mask are three things guaranteed to lift my spirits.

            ~~ Cost and availability ~~

            At only 99p I felt that Boots Natural Rosemary and Witch Hazel Face Mask was a bit of a bargain. The only downside to the price is that it won't add any points to your Boots Points Card if you have one.

            Obviously you're fairly limited as where you can purchase this product as it is a Boots own product. You can buy it in most of their stores or online.

            ~~ Packaging ~~

            The mask comes in a 10ml green sachet displaying the ingredients and application instructions. Although10ml doesn't sound like much, having used this products several times now I think it's fair to say you should expect to get at least 2-3 applications worth out of each sachet. Whilst I don't pile the product on, I don't use it sparingly either so for 99p I think that's a very reasonable price.

            Because you're likely to get more that the one application out of this product, I would advise that it is best to snip the corner off of the sachet rather than be an eager beaver like me and tear the whole top off. This should keep your mask nice and fresh for future use rather than some of it drying out like mine did.

            ~~ The blurb ~~

            "Natural Collection Rosemary and Witch Hazel Face Mask contains anti-bacterial Rosemary and Witch Hazel to really deep-cleanse your pores, drawing out impurities and excess oil, leaving your face feeling totally refreshed."

            ~~ Application ~~

            "Apply to clean, dry skin avoiding the delicate eye and lip areas. Leave for up to five minutes then rinse off with warm water and pat dry."

            Although the directions say to leave up to five minutes, I tend to leave mine a little longer. I find the product only dries after around ten minutes and I do prefer it when it does plus it does tend to feel a lot more refreshing.

            ~~ Overall opinion ~~

            Upon opening up the sachet I was greeted by a thick, light grey/green coloured mixture, I have to say I was a bit apprehensive about the mixture at first because the last mask I used was of very similar appearance and caused havoc on my already overally sensitive skin. The mask didn't have the same greasy consistency of the previous mask so I went ahead and used it hoping it wouldn't cause a break out.

            Applying the mask was really simple, though I would advise anyone with long hair to tie it back before hand to avoid getting it stuck in your locks and although the mask wasn't as messy as other ones I have used in the past, id still recommend having a cloth or tap nearby to wash it off your hands.

            The smell of this product is gorgeous in my opinion. As soon as I opened the sachet I could smell the scrumptious and relaxing scent of the Rosemary which screamed freshness. After a while i also detected a hint of the more menthol scent of Witch Hazel coming through which was also pleasant and refreshing.

            I didn't experience any tingling sensations and certainly no discomfort using this product but I did get the feeling that the mask was doing its work my skin, my face felt fresher and cleaner as the time went on as if my pores were getting a really deep cleanse.

            I found taking the mask off just as simple as putting it on, though I did need to rinse my skin four or five times to get completely rid of the mixture.

            Inspecting myself in the mirror I need notice a vast improvement to the overall appearance of my skin. My skin looked dull and lifeless prior to the pack. I had a spot I wasn't too fond of and my pores were enlarged. The first thing that I noticed after washing the mask off was the inflammation of the spot had completely dimineshed with just a tiny pink blemish remaining in its place. My pores had shrunk to near invisibility and my skin had a really healthy glow. My skin tone was visably more even plus I felt really fresh and clean. My skin was so even in tone and dewy in appearance that it almost looked as though I was wearing foundation, it also felt fabulously moisturised without feeling heavy or greasy.

            ~~ Conclusion ~~

            The great thing about this mask is that I have found the improvements seem to last a few days (with cleansing, toning and moisturising) rather than a few hours like a lot of other face packs. The blurb only really claims to leave you feeling fresh and clean but I think it does so much more than that. I would happily recommend this product to even people with the most sensitive of skin. It's a really gentle face pack that flushes out the pores and leaves skin super soft. A real must have in my opinion.

            ~~ Additional information ~~

            For more information about this or any of Boots other Natural Collection products you can visit the Boots official website at the following address:


            Thank you for reading!


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              03.11.2009 11:48
              Very helpful



              A good mask from Boots

              My skin has it's good days and bad days, in my twenties, I still don't seem to have gotten rid of that horrible teenage combination skin, where it's greasy ans spotty in places and horribly dry in others, meaning it's hard to find products to solve all your problems. On bad skin days, I like to indulge in a face mask. I've not yet found one to solve all my skin problems, but a good one will make my skin feel fresh and thoroughly cleaned, much more so than you can achieve with just washing or cleansing.

              The latest one I've tried is Boots Natural Collection Rosemary and Witch Hazel, I don't know if it's new but I'd not spotted it before, maybe because it's not kept with the skin care items in store but with the Natural Collection bath products.

              At 99p for a 10ml sachet, I felt it was good value. There is more than enough in a sachet for one application. It's best to use this mask when in the bath as it gets a bit messy otherwise. Either rip it open before hand or have a pair of scissors to hand as the packet is near impossible to open with wet prune like fingers!

              The mask a a very thick consistency, white in colour with a very faint clean but slightly medicinal smell, presumably from the Witch Hazel. It's lovely and cooling as you smooth it onto the skin and only needs to be on for five minutes. It doesn't set hard like some masks, which means it's easily washed off.

              On the back of the packet, it claims to be a 'spa in a sachet,' that it is purifying, and deep cleaning , that it will draw out impurities and excess oil and leave skin refreshed. So did it?

              Well, yes. My skin felt soft, well cleaned and non greasy which is what I want from a face mask, however my skin felt rather tight after wards so I applied a small amount of light moisturiser to loosen it up a little.

              Overall, I think this is a good value mask. It may not have made my skin flawless (but I've yet to find a product to do that) but it did perform as well as any other mask I've used and I'd definitely buy it again. Plus as it's Boots, I can buy them with my advantage points!


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