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Boots Natural Strawberry Collection

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3 Reviews

Brand: Boots / Type: Body Lotion / Product line: Boots Natural Collection / What it does: Moisturizes

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    3 Reviews
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      15.07.2011 21:09
      Very helpful



      A little disappointing, I expected better

      After Christmas my local Boots always has loads of gift sets and things that are left over from being in the 3 for 2 promotion. These are all inevitably, heavily reduced and is the reason that I make a bee line for Boots almost as soon as it has re-opened. This was one of the gift sets I picked up a few years ago and ended up keeping for myself as I wanted the head band and eye mask for when I relax in the bath.

      The set consists of the aforementioned headband, and eye mask, and also body scrub, bubble bath and bath pearls.

      I use this to keep hair off my face when doing masks and washing my face. It's elasticated so doesn't grip too tightly and if anything can be a little loose at times. I've washed it in the machine several times and it washes well.

      Eye mask:
      Has long since ended up in the bin. Came in the shape of two strawberries and was filled with a red gel substance. It wasn't long before the gel set, making the mask all hard and weird and meaning it didn't mould around your eye area as it initially had. It definitely didn't look right.

      Bath Pearls:
      Strawberry shaped (although they looked more like acorns), and filled with strawberry bath oil. They didn't dissolve very well in the bath and I ended up with big red blobs of goo stuck to the bottom of the bath, which I then had to scrape off.

      Bubble bath:
      Smelt absolutely gorgeous but at the same time, not over scented to the point of drying for skin. It bubbled up well when poured in the running tap water. Exactly what you would expect and want from a bubble bath.

      Again, this had the lovely scent and came in a gel like form with tiny exfoliating beads. As scrubs go, it was ok but nothing great. For me the beads were too small and almost gritty feeling.

      To be honest, I wasn't that impressed, but seeing as I had got it in the sale, it didn't really bother me. The best items were definitely the headband and the bubble bath, it's a shame the rest of the set didn't live up to this standard, the bath pearls in particular.


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      27.06.2010 00:11



      Sweet strawberry scent...tasty!

      I am reviewing the wild strawberry bath cream that comes as part of this product.

      Natural Collection products are a bit of a weakness of mine, because every time I go into Boots I'll smell one I haven't smelt before, and it's always so gorgeous I'll end up buying it! So that's how I ended up getting the Strawberry Bath Cream, it didn't give me a choice in whether to buy it or not, it just smells that good!

      It comes in a fairly big bottle, with a screw top lid. The bottle is clear with a strawberry design on the front, and you can see the vibrant red of the product through the bottle.

      The bath cream has a very strong strawberry scent, that is only slightly diluted when you pour it under running bath water. If you close the door and windows while the bath runs, it's even stronger. It also creates a whole lot of foam, something that the kid in me just loves (anyone else still give themselves foam beards? No?). You don't have to use loads to get this effect either, Just two or three lidfuls.

      It costs around £5 I think, and lasts for a good couple of months. The scent is so sweet and uplifiting, its really nice when you use the strawberry body lotion afterwards, yummmm! I hope this was helpful, thanks for reading.


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      20.02.2009 21:50
      Very helpful



      Naturally yummy

      I am reviewing Natural Collection, wild Strawberry body Cream for conditioned skin.

      Why i chose this product:
      I had this product as part of a present for my last birthday. strawberrys are my favourite fruit and i love anything to do with/ smells like them so this was a delight for me.

      Who will like this product:
      Those who love strawberies and yummy body creams will die for this inexpensive but luxurios product.

      Where to find this product:
      This product range is exclusive to Boots Stores.

      Around £4.99 for a 250ml pot.

      Shelf Life:
      24 months.

      A small round pot with a screw top lid, and a strawberry design on the front.

      Product description:
      This product smells delicious and is layered in swirls of cream and gel, combining to make a fantastic body cream. It is quite thick in texture.

      How to use:
      Massage into your skin after a bath or shower to lock in moisture in your skin. You can also use as an everyday moisturiser, to use at anytime for an extra skin pick me up.

      Product Performance:
      Smells beautiful and is easy to apply, it left my skin deeply moisturised and really refreshed afterwards.

      I'd recommend this product and the others in the range such as the shower and bath lotion in conjunction with this product as you'll feel like youve rolled in a meadow of strawberries.

      Hope this review is helpful to you xxx


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  • Product Details

    Kit includes: Wild Strawberry Bath Cream, Body Scrub, Bath Pearls, Strawberry Gel Eye Mask and a Headband /

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