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Boots No7 Uplifting Day Cream

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Brand: Boots / Texture: Cream / Type: Day Cream / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Lifts / Product line: Boots No7

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    1 Review
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      27.01.2010 23:44
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      I would recommend this product a one hundred percent.

      Boots No 7 Uplifting Day Cream.

      Having received this cream as a pressie for my Birthday back in july of last year i have been using this every day because as i am slowly on the down hill slope of being fifty next year, decided that a little help in the right direction would be a plus for me.

      The Container **********

      This comes in a small white container has black writing on the front of the pot just stating that it is No 7 Uplifting Day Cream. And it has a screw off lid which unscrews to the right, revealing a thick white cream that smells rather nice, not too overpowering but just nice and fresh and pleasant.

      Currently retailing at £19.50p a pot i assume this is going to be a good cream to use, and i have been using this cream for approximately three months now, and i am so pleased with the results, it has made on my face and neck and other people have also noticed the results it has had on my general appearance.

      Thats just what i like to hear, any compliments at this time of my life, are always appreciated, and my friend has always told me the truth when it comes to things like that, and he commented the other day on what have you done to your face you look younger and not so rinkled i presume.

      My skin is quite dry but i seem to have combated that problem with the use of other creams, but this day cream which i use after i have wiped my face clean with anti aging wipes i apply paying particular attention to just under my eyes and to the sides of my face where i had noticed a few lines appearing, cant stop the lines im afraid they are natural at my age, but i have noticed that since applying this they some days look almost un noticable and thats just great, and they have not got any worse, at all since i have been using this cream.

      The Cream has a thick feeling is easy to absorb and you really do not need to put tons of it on, infact you only need to put a little on your finger and rub into your skin in circular movements i pay particular attention to my under eyes and sides of my eyes where i had before noticed lines slowly appearing and i am so happy with the results, for myself it really has worked and some days it does tend to give my skin a younger appearance and an uplifted look, which if my friend has noticed must be working.

      Yes it is a bit expensive but i have been using this pot for over three months now and have only used a quarter of the pot, it really is good, and i love the way it makes my skin feel smoother and younger and seems to tighten almost immediately after you apply it, it is thick and creamy and feels like applying a double cream to your face, but i do love the way that i only have to use a tiny little bit of this product and have definetely noticed the results it does say that on the back of the pot that it works after two weeks, and that claim is definetely true, i have been using for a few months but as i can remember early on in my using process it did start to show a difference after a few weeks, i will definetely be buying this again when this pot runs out which i dont see happening for quite a while yet, as it does work it is part of my daily routine and i would strongly recommend this product it has helped my skin to not only feel younger but to look healthier and younger too, and i have noticed the lines disapearing slightly and they are no where as noticeable as they were before i used this product.

      This cream is Hypo Allergenic made by Boots in Nottingham, whilst a bit pricey it doesnt work out expensive in the long run because it really works with just using a little each day, so spread out the cost is not expensive.

      I love it and will use it every day because of the comments i have had, i havnt found anything else better yet to combat the age process.
      This comes in a 50 ml pot and i think it is worth every penny. give it a try.I apply mine in the mornings and it seems to work well all day. This is not a night cream.

      Thanks for reading and rating my reviews. x.


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