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Boots No7 Ultimate Box Set

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Brand: Boots / Product line: Boots No7

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    1 Review
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      13.01.2010 10:29
      Very helpful



      A lovely gift set with very useful items!

      Every year I get excited as I can't wait until after Christmas when I know that I will be going into my local Boots ( or now I tend to do it online and get it delivered to my local Boots for free for me to collect!) to treat myself to a really nice gift from the No7 range or maybe a Ruby and Millie set depending on what I want that particular year!.

      Last year it was a lovely Ruby & Millie make-up set in a lovely shiney red holdall that apart from the make-up, it also held two make-up bags one containing different brushes. I thought that was great, but this year No7 have excelled themselves with their No7 Ultimate Collection Gift Set. Now the reason I wait until after Christms is that all their gifts go half price, so I always tell everyone not to get me anything in this line as it is so much cheaper in the New Year!.

      Now this isn't cheap at £60.00, but you really do get a hell of a lot of items in this set. Well when my box arrived in my local Boots, my Daughter ( who works for Boots) came walking home in her lunch hour with it in her arms, I was so excited as I wasn't expecting it for another few days. On quickly opening it, I was shocked just how lovely it really was!.

      It comes in a large sturdy padded box that is black with tiny pink spots covering it, with a pink leather handle on the top and pink leathery piping around the lid, it has a pink flap strap on the front. When you lift the flap the front will fall down and expose a soft pink suedey lined front, with the lid containing a large mirror.

      In the top tray you will see pink tissue paper that is wrapped around several items, these are the creams and cleansers ect... this consists of;

      ~~~No7 Cleanse & Care Eye Make-Up Remover 100ml~~~
      I have written about this remover as I think that this is the best around at the moment as it removes every bit of make-up even waterproof mascara. It comes in a two tone blue colour that you have to shake up before using.

      ~~~No7 Soft & Soothed Gentle Cleanser 200ml~~~
      Since buying this I have now gone back to giving my face a proper clean at night before I go to bed instead of just using a wipe quickly. My skin feels so much softer and very clean. This just slips onto your face really easily and just wipes off with a damp tissue. This comes in a pump form.

      ~~~No7 Soft & Soothed Gentle Toner 200ml~~~
      Again I had stopped using my toners as well, so another thing that I now use and my skin feels so much better for it in the morning.Just pump some onto some cotton wool and wipe gently over your face leaving it all of a tingle!.

      ~~~No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum 5ml~~~
      This is a tiny little tube but so far I've managed to get 12 days out of it, so not to bad, still has a bit left in it. I used to buy this serum all the time years ago, but it has very slowly started to get more and more expensive, so I changed to the Time Delay Range by Boots which I find to be very good as well.

      ~~~No7 Essential Moisture Night Cream 50ml~~~
      This comes in a screw lid pot and really glides onto your already cleansed and toned skin, really lovely.I've managed to keep this nightime regime up for nearly 2 weeks now and my skin feels much fresher first thing in the morning.

      ~~~No7 Essential Moisture Day Cream 50ml~~~
      Now I haven't used this yet as I'm using up my old day cream ( I don't like to have several open at once as it seems a waste!) but I have used this in the past and again another very good product in the No7 range.

      ~~~~No7 Heavenly Hydration Moisture Mask 100ml~~~
      This is my favourite one in the box as it looks so great. It comes in a clear bottle with a pump action top. Now when you look into the bottle it looks just like someone has got a tin of that squirty cream and they have squirted into the bottle as it sits there in swirls right to the top looking all fluffy. The idea with this is that you massage some into your skin after cleansing and toning and leave for 3- 10 minutes, then rinse away with a damp tissue, leaving your skin extra soft.

      Now one night when I was bored in bed, I priced up all the full size items on the Boots website and these on their own came to around £68.00!.

      Now for the lower tray, this pulls out very easily and contains a black plastic tray inside that contains all the make-up and brushes.

      Starting with the eyeshadows, there are 12 in total ranging from a creamy beige, browns, purples, lilacs, greens, blues ect... These are really great eye-shadows as they do just glide over your eyes and do last all day long when applied first thing in the morning.

      Next there is the lip colours, in total you get 6 in this range which can be applied with a lip brush ( or if in a hurry like me sometimes it's my finger!!) these come in all different tones of plums, pinks and deep red.

      This is followed by two large blushes these are in a powder form and give a good cover when applied to the cheeks. In a deep pink and a brown colour they make the perfect colour for a good glow!.

      Sitting next to these is a No7 Extreme Length Mascara in its golden casing, this is 7ml and is full size I believe. This is the mascara with the bright green wand that does give your lashes a good covering in just a couple of brushes.

      Finally there are three make-up brushes, which are Blusher Brush, Eye-shadow Brush and a Lip Brush, I'm still using my brushes that I got from my Ruby & Millie set, but these will come in handy as well as you can never have enough make-up brushes in your bag!.

      And once I have use all this make-up up I will have a really lovely jewelry box to store my bits and bobs in!.

      Well I didn't pay £60.00 as this was in the half price sale after Christmas so it was down to £30.00, but I'm lucky enough to have my Daughter working in Boots so with staff discount I actually paid £23.50 which I think is absolutely fantastic!!

      So roll on next Christmas for my next treat!.


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    • Product Details

      Selection of make-up and cleasers from the No / 7 range /

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