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Boots Original Beauty Formula Skin Balm

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Brand: Boots / Balm / Type: Skin Balm / Subcategory: Balm / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: regenerates / Product line: Boots Original Beauty

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    1 Review
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      30.08.2010 17:38
      Very helpful



      Brill product for really dried out, prune looking skin!

      I am an avid Boots fan and quite often will scour the shelves for things to buy that look interesting and appealing to me. I believe in making the best out of myself and pampering me and if it costs so be it!

      I had seen this several times in the shelves in Boots but costing £3.89 a pot I left it sat there week in and week out and then one day when I had nothing else in mind to buy I bought it to try out!

      The Packaging:

      The product comes in a matt silver tin with a twist on/off lid to the top of it. On that lid and in embossed integrated writing I am told that it is 'Est 1849', Boots, Original Beauty Formula Skin Balm and the size is stated which is 75ml (and the only size I have seen this available to purchase in). On the base of the pot there is a white label and on that ingredients and contact details for Boots are given, there is a symbol on there to say peel the label back and when you do so you are told a bit about the product and how to use it, cautions are given and I'm told that it has Rose & Geranium in it. Nice enough, subtle looking pot though it doesn't tell you what it is really unless you peel back the sticker on the bottom of it so if you just see it on a shelf although its called skin balm you still don't know what its meant to do for you or where to apply it! I bought it not really knowing what it was and didn't even know what the scent was as it was wrapped in plastic when I bought it and never unpeeled the bottom sticker to read it till I got home and so was surprised it was fragranced so nicely when I got it home and went to use it for the first time!

      A Bit About The Product According To The Information Given On The Base Of The Pot:

      Our original beauty formula skin balm is infused with calming rose oil and soothing geranium oil. A powerfully indulgent, intensive blend of softening beeswax and deeply nourishing oils this balm helps quench even the driest skin, leaving it soothed and richly hydrated.

      Using It:

      What you get is a balm that looks greasy and a soft and a really light colour yellow and looks like petroleum jelly and moist grease in a pot really. It smells beautifully of natural roses and you can scoop it out the pot with ease as its glossy, moist and not drippy or difficult to handle at all.

      All you need of this is a really, really small amount. You can apply it anywhere that you have dry skin such as elbows, knees, cuticles and other dry areas.

      This is a mix/blend of beeswax with seed oils including almond oil and with a good hefty amount of rose and geranium oils. A little goes a very long way believe me and it feels greasy as its being applied. You have to really massage it in well and when you do it sort of dries into the skin but I can still feel it hydrating on and in my skin for hours after applying it. It does leave greasy marks if you use to much and feels grimy on the skin over time if your not careful, however use a little and to just where you need it this really does give a real skin conditioning treatment.

      Prior to using this I had dry skin on my elbows and knees. After just one application that skin seemed soothed and less tight and smoother to the touch. After a week of applying it daily the dry, tight feeling had completely vanished much to my smugness.

      For £3.89 this will last you ages and is a great emergency treatment. I would feel confident using this rather natural skin treatment even after sunbathing and I love the fragrance of it being pungent but natural and slightly old fashioned and sweet. I use this regularly though it does take some getting used to because of its greasy initial texture.

      A great multi tasking little product that will last months (needs to be used up in 24 months from the day of opening) and only available in Boots stores.


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