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Boots Skin Clear Quick Clearing Spot Gel

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3 Reviews

Brand: Boots / Type: Blemish Control / Texture: Gel / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Product line: Boots Skin Clear

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    3 Reviews
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      01.09.2011 01:12
      Very helpful



      helps but not a cure-all!

      I have recently been plagued by problematic skin and have been using Johnson's clean & clear which I have reviewed and which did work well for a time but perhaps my skin has gotten used to that one as once again I have suffered a breakout of small persistent spots and that one has become less effective so I thought I would change tact and try a different problem as that one had also run out!

      On perusing the problem skin shelf I spotted Boots Skinclear ultra which was offering two items for £6 so (individually the prices were around £3.45) so I bought the ultra rapid action spot gel together with an ultra facial scrub.

      This completely clear gel is said to visibily reduce the size of spots in just two hours as opposed to the usual four that many other similar products offer and to reduce redness in four.

      After cleansing my face I applied this gel to the affected areas and waited to see what happened.

      This gel is said to give scientifically proven visible results and is a unique formulation created by Boots skincare experts. It is meant to start work immediately upon application and has been dermatologically tested. The directions state to apply to the affected areas and continue use until the skin has cleared.

      The product comes in a 25ml recyclable tube with a screw top lid and a thin small nozzle. The gel is very easy to dispense as it is quite thin and runny in consistency so it is actually a quite easy to over dispense. It is completely clear and is easy to rub in and takes a minute or two to dry. You can actually feel it on your skin and I do need to moisturise afterwards as it does make the skin feel a little tight and looking at the ingredients this does contain alcohol so that is probably why. Also if you over apply which I have done at night in the morning you may find bits of white stringy product left on your face which is not a good look so if using in the morning under makeup make sure that you use sparingly.

      I can honestly say that I didn't really see much difference occurring during the day on my first application but applied this again at night and the next morning redness had definitely been reduced but the size of the spots were still fairly much the same although they were small to begin with so perhaps this would be more visible with larger spots.

      Three days later I still have the spots but they have been reduced in size a small amount so I will persevere with this gel but overall I was hoping to achieve results much more quickly. I do feel that my diet has a lot to do with the state of my skin and although these gels and creams may help slightly, I think I am becoming more aware that I need to make a change in my diet to tackle these persistant outbreaks with more success.

      I am going to continue using this in conjuction with the scrub which i will review separately but all in all I am so far a little disappointed with the results but they may differ from person to person.

      Thanks for reading. x
      also on ciao


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      19.07.2010 14:49
      Very helpful



      I'll be buying again but it's no overnight miracle worker

      I bought this earlier last week on a bit of an impulse buy as I was a couple of quid after having £35 worth of things in my basket and could use an extra points voucher if I got to the magic threshold. If you've read some of my other reviews, you might know that I've been having some good success in taming my very spot-prone skin with the Body Shop's Tea Tree facial wash. However, I slipped up somewhat recently and had a couple of nights were I either forgot to use it or couldn't be bothered, and of course, three stubborn spots sprung up on my chin and one under my nose which flared up before that and will not budge for anything. These spots are by no means as big and horrid as some of the ones I got before I started using that facial wash but they're there and didn't show any signs of shifting, so when I spotted this next to the blackhead removal strips that I was planning to buy, I figured it was worth giving it a go to make up the difference.

      This is one of those spot gels that claims to get to work and reduce the size of spots in around two hours and redness in four hours. This wasn't the main reason I bought it as I picked up a Clearasil spot gel that promised the same kind of claims and was incredibly disappointed with it so there were no high hopes on that front. Instead, I was just hoping that it would help the spots to clear up a bit quicker and make them look less obvious. If that happened in a matter of hours, all the better, but I'd be pleased if it worked at all!

      THE GEL
      The gel is clear and to me, it smells ever so slightly medicated but not so much that it's unpleasant. One of the spots had recently lost its 'head' and the gel stung slightly when I applied it (probably due to the spot-fighting salicyclic acid, which I see is in the list of ingredients on the tube) but fortunately, that didn't last long and it settled down. The gel sinks in easily and doesn't feel like it's just sitting on top of your skin or clogging pores. To this end, it dries quickly and because it's clear in the first place, it's not obvious that you've applied anything. This might not seem significant but I've used spot treatments in the past that have dried as a white 'crust' over the top of spots, which has looked awful and can't do much good!

      So, does it actually do any good? As I've already mentioned, I bought this spot gel more out of hope than expectation but I have to say that it impressed me. I was very sceptical of the claims that it would start working straight away and make my spots less visible in just two hours but these were not made in vain. I couldn't resist having quick looks in the mirror every so often to see if there was any change in my spots and I was surprised to see that after just fifteen minutes, they looked less red. For me, that was a miracle in itself as no other spot gel has even had that effect on my skin, let alone cleared them up so the fact that this does seem to take at least some of the unsightly redness away is a big step in the right direction over its competitors (which are often quite a bit more expensive to boot). I didn't see much, if any, difference in size after the two-hour mark had passed.

      I paid £2 for my 15ml tube. As far as I can tell, you don't need to apply lots for it to get to work so it should last a while unless you're having to put it on lots of spots. In comparison to other spot treatments that I've bought (and I've used most going on my problem skin!), it's definitely one of the cheapest I've come across.

      Definitely the best spot treatment I've found, if only for the fact that it did something positive and didn't make my spots worse (which one or two spot treatments have done in the past). My spots definitely looked less red within hours of application, including the bigger and more obvious spot. After some continous use, I was pleased to note that there was an improvement in the appearance of the spots and they were definitely diminished but this didn't happen straight away and you have to keep going with it. I'm not so convinced on the quick clearing element as it's taken pretty much a week for the spots to fade to what I call a post-blemish mark that I can tackle with my Body Shop Blemish Fade Lotion.

      Despite that, I'll definitely be keeping a tube of this spot gel on standby as it's the only one that I've used that has actually got rid of spots, albeit not as quickly as claimed. I've yet to use the gel on massive, ugly bumps as none of those have sprung up since I changed my cleansing routine but if they do, I'll come back and update the review with the verdict there.


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        08.07.2010 02:00
        Very helpful



        A must buy for spotty people like me!

        At the grand old age of almost 36, I still from time to time get spots. Riddled with them when I was younger, I had hoped I would (as mum promised me faithfully) grow up and no longer have them...but that hasn't been the case.

        Now, the occasional spot appearing I can put up with. From time to time you get a little one and it disappears in its own time, or I pop it, dab some tea tree on it and voilà again it vanishes. However sometimes I get a huge, big angry thing that is a bright pink, sore and absolutely huge.......which is a day that happened for me just recently and I went to Boots to actually find something to zap it before it splattered as I was taking to someone...and it really did hurt sat on the end of my nose....as well as block my view somewhat and I felt really minging!

        Not being overly impressed with Clearasil or Oxy and the likes over the years I set my mind on buying and using something else before I even stepped into the store. I had no idea what till I spotted this and when I saw that not only was this meant to be a fast acting product but that the entire range of Boots Skin Clean products were on offer with any 2 zit blasting products being on offer for £4 so I picked up two of these in the hope that they would work feeling like I'd got a bargain (at the usual price these cost £4 each!).

        The Packaging:

        The tube comes in a two tone blue coloured long cardboard box. On the front of that I'm told that it is Boots Skin Clear Quick-Clearing Spot Gel and that it is meant to visibly reduce the size of spot in 2 hours, visibly reduce redness in 4 hours and starts working immediately, 'For clearer confident skin' and the size is stated which is 15ml (and the only size this is available to purchase in). Other information on the back of the box includes being told a bit about the product, directions for using it and ingredients are listed and contact details for Boots are given. The tube is white, long and plastic so easy to squeeze. Again on the front of it I'm told what it is and the size is stated and on the back the same information as on the box is stated. The gel squirts from the bottom of the tube via a small hole and is a matching to the rest of it with a twist on/off cap. It's not a pretty or posh looking product but is looks functional and effective.

        Using It:

        All you do with this is apply it as often as you wish to over the effected area, its that simple.

        The gel is clear and just that really, a gel that is transparent and none sticky or heavy and has a sort of alcohol smell to it, but it isn't a medicated smell. When I applied it to my spot it did tingle slightly but felt a little uncomfortable rather than painful and that feeling wore off along with the smell in a couple of minutes anyway.

        Easy to apply this is and its easily absorbed too, me,I counted down the 2 hours to see if it made any difference and it quite simply had. My spot and the redness after dead on two hours had really calmed down. It wasn't hurting anymore and the swelling had gone down noticeably even my flatmate noticed the difference. I didn't think the redness would go till it had been on the area for 4 hours but yep it really had as well! Most impressed was I though, being pain free and it not looking like it was about to splatter anymore I can tell you lol.

        I used it a couple more times after that and not regularly and after two days of this angry boil spotty thing appearing it had vanished into thin air!

        Since then I've had other spots and religiously used this on them. Again I apply it a couple of times and it gets rid completely!

        I never thought I would rave about a spot zapper like this one. Easy to apply and economical cos you need so little of it per application its one of my must buys and I wouldn't want to be without it as I haven't ever found anything this effective before. It doesn't like spots any more than I do and makes mincemeat out of them and quickly as promised!

        Recommended for big, red angry spots this really is and gets a huge thumbs up from me! Nice one Boots you've excelled yourselves with this fabby treatment!

        Only available in Boots stores.

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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