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Boots Time Delay Daily Skin Brightening Cleanser

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Brand: Boots / Type: Cleanser / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses / Product line: Boots Time Delay

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    1 Review
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      10.11.2008 22:06
      Very helpful



      Brilliant make up removal even for heavy make up wearers like me!

      When it comes to removing my make up I'm somewhat anal about it to be honest with you. I always have been and I spend alot of money on make up removing products as a rule as I'm obsessed! I use alot of make up particularly when I go out for an evening as I love liquid eyeliners and cosmetics that include glitter so I need heavy duty 'slap' removers. I do use separate eye make up removers and stuff like that but I actually prefer not to have to faff about with those types of products if I can help it and of course it's not economical to have to use a whole host of products. I want to wipe and go and although I do use make up remover wipes from time to time I don't trust them a 100% and I mainly use them when I'm too drunk to not know a bottle of cleanser from a bottle of immac (I know that result too well as it's happened lol).

      Now I do love Boots own products but one range in particular above any other range I love is there Time Delay stuff. I love it, I rely on it and it's the stuff I can't resist and I have a massive collection of to be honest and I do love the cleaners and toners oh and the face masks aswell! Out of all the removal products on the market I will if I have some extra pennies purchase this and the other day I had a voucher to use in store that meant I had 200 points off any Time Delay face product and even better than that I had a double reward coupon (yes you can use vouchers together for extra point value), so I had 400 points plus the actual point worth doubled on the product and the whole thing only cost me £4.49 (full price) so I made money on this if even on to my card! Pleased I was and my word do I adore Boots!

      The Packaging....

      150ml recyclable clear tube with a greyish flip top plastic lid situated at the bottom. Metallic blue writing tells me that it's Boots, Time Delay 'Daily Skin Health', Daily Brightening Cleansing Lotion that gently cleanses and conditions to help protect and brighten skin. At the bottom of the bottle there is a small round scribble type picture and finally I'm told 'Skin looks younger day by day'. On the back of the tube I'm once again told what it is, a bit about the product and directions for use. I'm then told it's dermatologically proven to be kind to the skin, a warning is given (not to get it in the eyes), ingredients, size is stated (as I've listed already), the recycle symbol is displayed, contact details are given for Boots and finally there is a bar-code. It's nice enough packaging and looks nice enough and is informative but one small niggle I have is that the writing does crumble off particularly on the front of the tube which does spoil the nice look of it.

      About The Product....

      A velvety cleanser that sweeps away make-up and impurities without disturbing the skin's natural moisture balance.

      This specially formulated gentle cleansing cream, packed with antioxidants is designed to remove all traces of make-up revealing brighter skin.

      Directions For Use....

      Use morning and evening. Apply with cotton wool. Simply sweep over face and neck and gently remove. Follow with Time Delay Daily Brightening Toner and any Time Delay Moisturiser.

      My Experience...

      Well as you may have gathered already I'm quite a fan of this product and have bought a few bottles of this in the past as it's absolutely fool proof (as needed by me lol) and works simply and effectively each and every time.

      I use it of course as directed and I use it in the morning followed by toner to clean my skin as I don't use soap on my face and I use it to remove a full face of make up followed by toner. Firstly don't be put off by Boots saying to use a corresponding set of products from the Time Delay range as sometimes I don't and as an example of that at the minute I'm using Botanics Pore Perfecting Toner as I have had a bad bout of zits so it's up to you and I've never had any problems with this product as at the end of day I'm only trying to cleanse my skin.

      The lotion is a brilliant white and I call it a lotion opposed to a cream. The tube is squeezy and the product comes out of a small hole at the bottom but you do need to be careful how much you squeeze it cos although this does have a slight bit of body to it, it will drip out the tube easily if your not careful and watch what your doing.

      Now you don't need much of this of this at all. I add some of the liquid on to a cotton wool pad, remove alot of grease, grime, makeup and dispose of the cotton wool and use more cotton wool as required till my cotton wool comes away clean. The liquid is smooth, cool and feels silky and has a really nice slightly expensive smell of fruit (very light) and is quite sweet. It smells nice and isn't in your face stinky or anything. It's very slightly fragranced.

      On a relatively clean face I can always see (no matter how clean I believe my face is) grease and grim on the cotton wool pad and visible grease marks. This is without scrubbing and these results are simply with a gently sweep over. It doesn't sting spots and it glides over the face and as I say I'm always surprised how much grime I end up with removed.

      On a made up face like Amy Winehouse possesses no other products to remove make up are required. Course you need alot of cotton wool but wipe and repeat till gone and it removes every trace of make up including liquid eyeliners and waterproof mascara's and even Max Factor 'Lipfinity'. It works gently and effectively on whatever it is faced with and again you don't have to scrub away making face sore for results. It simply comes into contact with make up and eats it into the cotton wool so your not smearing it back around the face and getting in a mess!

      This is a one step grim remover. It's as simple as that. Economical? Yes a little of this ungreasy mixture goes a very long way. It doesn't upset skins natural balance and I suffer with greasy patches of skin, a greasy t-zone and dried out patches with spots drying out underneath as well as the occasional spot here and there, open pores and black heads and this simply cleans it all up and manages to keep the promise of being a skin brightener. After using this my face feels free of grease, slightly matted and all round cleaner and not just surface clean but deep down clean. It's none sticky, none clogging of the pores and is really just very hard working in a really quiet way.

      I'm a massive fan of this product. Once you get used to the rather runny consistency it's really simple to use because your aware of it. Even getting it in my over sensitive eyes isn't a problem for me and doesn't make my eyes weep or feel sore during or after using it. My skin is in the long term in better condition and smoother to the look and touch and as soon as I change to something else for a change or cos I'm trying to save a couple of quid or I need something NOW then my skin plays up big time.

      This in my view is suitable for any woman (or man if he wants to use it for some reason lol), of any age, skin tone or age. It helps with the signs of aging by smoothing and giving clarity and tone to the skin and although it's designed for 'mature' ladies (as I'm told by a lady that works in Boots) this may be rich but it isn't too rich for my 34 year old skin. Alot of products for more mature skin usually can be far too rich for me and brings me out in spots and this doesn't its just kindness in a tube and very highly recommended!


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