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Boots Time Delay Deep Cleansing Wipes

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Brand: Boots / Type: Cleansing Wipes / What it does: Smoothes, Cleanses, Protects / Product line: Boots Time Delay

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    2 Reviews
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      03.10.2010 19:48
      Very helpful



      A good product but there is better out there

      Before I decided to stick with the current face wipes I use, I used to use the Boots Time Delay Cleansing Wipes. These are part of a large range of products Boots make for fighting the signs of aging.

      I first tried these because I had a Boots Time Delay voucher and I could get these for free with it. I needed wipes and I thought I might as well give them a go. They come in a pink, plastic packaging and the lid is a pop close lid, with a peelable white sticker which you need to remove before you can start to use these wipes.

      There is roughly 30 wipes in a packet, at least this is what the packet says to me, but I have never counted to be totally sure. The wipes, like pretty much every face wipe in the world is white. The wipes are really easy to pull out of the packet, and it is a great thing you can reseal the packet so easily, so your wipes do not dry out.

      I found that these wipes really do well at removing make up, and I only ever needed one wipe at a time, even when I was wearing a heavy amount of make up. They sometimes did not remove all of my mascara though and I would wake up with a bit of mascara down my face once in a while. The wipes have just about the right amount of moisture too, so your face is nice and clean without being soaked through after use.

      Whether or not the anti-ageing properties of this product work, I am not too sure. My face didn't get any older through use of these, but I can not say I looked any younger! Maybe you need a few years of use before you notice the effect they will have on your skin? Or maybe I am just too young to use them for their desired purpose? I used them for about 4 - 6 months before finding different face wipes.

      I do recommend these wipes, but they may not always remove all of your mascara so I will only be giving them a 4 out of 5. They are available in all Boots stores and on Boots.com, but they are not the cheapest of face wipes, coming in at around £7 a packet.


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        10.01.2008 22:12
        Very helpful




        I suffer from very, very, very combination skin! Large open pores, black heads the occasional time of the month break out, the odd zit the list goes on lol. Dry skin, crows feet and an oily T zone. I cant win! It makes buying items that don't cause problems a flipping nightmare! One minute I own a great 'must have' product and the next I have to stop using it!

        Just before Christmas I decided to buy loads of Time Delay products with a load of my hard earnt points from Boots to try help me combat the signs of aging. I'm over 30 and think that's my main worry and decided to use other products in conjunction with them to help with my other skin issues!

        The most important thing to me is cleaning my face. As I mentioned previously I suffer with open pores, blocked pores and zits so keeping my skin oil free is pretty important.

        So the first product from the range I purchased was these Time Delay, Deep Cleansing Wipes.

        So what do they promise?....

        Deep cleanses and protects to smooth and boost radiance.These
        single-use cleansing wipes gently sweep away make-up, impurities and oiliness to reveal refreshed, younger looking skin, day by day.
        Blended with powerful antioxidants to protect against the visible signs of ageing, these wipes are effective and easy to use.

        The Packaging....

        Bright pink, recyclable square plastic packet. On the front a white plastic lid that pulls opens and pushes closed. On it, it tells us they are by Boots, that they are a Time Delay Product and that they are indeed Deep Cleansing wipes and that they help skin look younger, day by day. On the pack tells us what they are meant to achieve (as I already listed) and the ingredients.

        To Use....

        Smooth over face and neck, keeping eyes closed. Use morning and evening then follow with Time Delay Refining Toning water and Time Delay Moisturiser. Reseal the pack immediately after removing each cloth.

        My Verdict....

        I love these. I purchased them really as something for occasional use. You know after a night out. When a little bit drunk, I'm like most women I either use a cheap 'emergency' wipe which is usually cheap rubbish ones that I pick up in Wilkinsons, 3 for a pound or I leave it on and deal with it the following day and have to scrub for England and I have a break out after! So I started to use them only for that purpose and stuck to my routine of cleansing and toning at other times. However I'm so impressed with these I use them all the time!

        These wipes are more like a cloth rather than cheap paper one's. They are strong and if you wanted to rub you could rub with out tears and the cloth fraying.

        However you don't need to scrub away. They are moist, but not soaking wet. They have a fruity sweet fresh smell to them but not like a fruit bowl its subtle. On the face when applied they are cooling and have a slightly oily feeling. That oil is obviously fruit oils and it cuts through make up like a dream. I was worried about this as I don't like greasy products on my spot proned face. However this doesn't affect my spots at all!

        They say Ta Ra to waterproof mascara and max factor lipfinity in seconds. It takes one wipe to rid your face full of make up and believe me I use a lot of make up!

        If you use a wipe on what you believe to be a clean face you can see like a back film on the wipe. Its the grease and dirt lifting off you weren't even aware existed! After using my skin is so soft and feels so clean. I must tell you at this point I don't use the toning water afterwards and I guess the toning water is to make sure there is no residue left on my skin from the wipe and they still haven't annoyed my skin! I also use my usual Oil of Olay moisturiser so the point I'm making here is you really don't, in my view need to purchase other products in the range if you don't want to!

        I have noticed that my skin has less blackheads and whether that's because of the wipes or other things I've been using on my skin I'm not sure but the one thing I do know is they haven't hurt my skin at all!

        I will be buying these time and again. Anti aging properties and no spots can't be bad!

        £3.99 for 30 wipes Boots only.


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      • Product Details

        These wipes, with their powerful antioxidants, deep cleanse and protect your skin to smooth and boost radiance while protecting against ageing / Effective and easy to use /

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