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Boots Time Delay Firming Face Mask

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Brand: Boots / Type: Face Mask / Suitable for: Face / What it does: Firms / Product line: Boots Time Delay

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    1 Review
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      20.01.2008 23:19
      Very helpful



      Shows up other face masks as total rubbish

      It was only a matter of time before I purchased Boot's Time Delay Firming Mask to add to my other Time Delay Products. I was just trying not to buy it due the fact I was trying to use up some other face masks I owned first but in Boots, it was there on the shelf twinkling at me and tormenting me and I knew to buy it that it would mean I was closer to my goal of using everything in the range lol

      My Skin:

      Firstly let me explain about what led me to make this purchase apart from the fact that I'm a shopaholic of course. I have problematic skin. Very combination with an oily T Zone. Wrinkles, crows feet and smoking lines around my lips are starting to appear. However that's not my only issues. I also have lots of enlarged pores, many blackheads and a few white heads. I also get the occasional spots, the really large volcanic type that threaten to bust and splatter over people at any given moment. So when I'm buying facial products it's tough to know what to buy. Do I buy anti blemish treatments that tend to dry out my skin and help the wrinkles look more prominent or do I buy something anti-aging which tend to be very moisturising and greasy and feed my spots? It's a minefield really if you have combination skin!

      Time Delay really suits me. I own the vast majority of this range and not had a problem with anything on my skin so far. Although it is mainly aimed at tackling the signs of aging nothing I have used has been too greasy or made my T Zone or zits any worse.

      What The Product Say's For Itself:

      Boots Time Delay Firming Face Mask is a luxurious lifting face mask formulated with Japanese technology.
      Blended with a unique combination of uplifting and energizing ingredients, the range provides instant results.
      Skin looks years younger, appears firmer and leaves skin smooth, soft and more radiant.

      Dermatologically proven to be kind to your skin and formulated not to block pores.


      Comes in a white long box and inside is a 50ml recyclable silver tube of product all clearly stating what it is and what it does, see photograph at the top of this review.

      How To Use It:

      Massage a thick layer onto clean avoiding getting any into the eye. Leave for 5-10 minutes, gently wash off with water or wipe off with cotton wool pads. Use once a week and follow with Time Delay Firming Moisturiser.
      The intensive action of this mask may result in warming and tingling sensations on the skin.


      Well I'm delighted that this product didn't let me down and actually exceeded my expectations! I was worried for £10.00 it would be a complete waste of money and it wasn't!

      So.... it comes out of the tube not too thick and not too runny, your very much in control of the amount you want to use. It says to put a thick layer on the face. I've done this and I've used it sparingly and there is absolutely no difference in the results I think they just want you to have less applications as when you run out you will probably repurchase as I do.

      It's a white liquid with a very light fruity fragrance and it's fairly sweet and very pleasant and that's important if your sticking it anywhere near your nose. Now although I have sensitive skin I've found that this product does not give me any tingle or warming effects at all. It sits on my face and my skin drinks it so when I come to remove it there isn't a lot to remove. It's fine around the eyes and I have very sensitive eyeballs that love a good excuse for a weep but this doesn't affect mine and that in itself is amazing!

      Removal is easy. After the 5-10 minutes (as suggested and you can leave it on longer with no adverse effects if you so desire), you can rinse it with warm water or remove with cotton wool as suggested. I like both of these ways for different reasons. I rinse when I'm going out and put my moisturiser on and make up or if I'm staying in I use this at night and simply wipe it off and put on an intensive moisturiser for a really intense nourishing treatment. Now believe me, I only have to get out of the shower or bath and I need to wipe my face with toner as I get my skin gets so tight so me not scrubbing off all remnant's of this mask is amazing but I really don't have to.


      The Results are remarkable! After taking the mask off my skin smells wonderful. My skin is dewy and incredibly soft without any greasy feeling what so ever. Even with just removing it with cotton wool. My pores are visibly tightened and skin looks like its had a thorough deep clean. More than that my face looks like its been ironed. No lie that's the only way I can describe it.

      Lines under my eyes are still there slightly but definetley smoother but the overall appearance of my face is that it's smooth,supple and hydrated. The little lines around my lips that sometimes get my lipstick bleeding vanish into thin air. Face looks less slack and more taught. This effect stays for a couple of days not hours and then you re-do the mask treatment.

      It really is one of the most simple products I've ever used with the most marvelous results you can see. You can team it up with other products in the range but if you have favourite things you'd rather use then that isn't a problem. Its a brilliant piece, suitable for any age it doesn't block pores or make face greasy, its far more intelligent than that. My not so secret must have now I've told you all. Its a blinder!

      £9.50 exclusive to Boots.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this sae username.


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      A blend of uplifting and energizing ingredients to perk up your skin's appearance /

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