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Boots Vitamin E Facial Cleansing Wipes

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Brand: Boots / Type: Cleansing Wipes / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses / Product line: Boots Vitamin E

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    4 Reviews
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      09.07.2010 15:19
      Very helpful



      No major problems

      I don't usually use wipes for removing make-up as I have aways found that my skins feels like it has been dragged after using them, I normally use a liquid remover but as I was going on holiday I wanted something quick and easy to pack.

      I got the Vitamin E wipes as they were on special offer in Boots and I regularly use the vitamin E night cream with great results.

      The packaging is a beige colour with the image of a wheatgerm leaf ( stalk?) on the front. It contains 25 wipes and is described as moisturising and refreshing and suitable for all skin types.

      The ingredients in the wipes are said to help protect against environmental damage (vitamin E) and it contains wheatgerm which is good for nourishing the skin. It is also dematologically tested.

      There is a opening in the top of the pack covered over by a sticky plastic to keep the wipes from drying out.

      Each wipe comes out easily in a single sheet. The wipe is thick and very moist, wide enough to cover the whole face when opened out fully. It feels lovely and soft on the skin and there is enough moisture in each wipe for several uses.

      It is lightly fragranced with a faint perfumed smell -it's very hard to describe!-and the smell does linger on the skin once used.

      When taking off the make up the instructions are to gently smooth over face and neck keeping eyes closed. I found that the wipes were very effective in removing most traces of the make up with only a couple of wipes on each eye. I did find a trace of mascara left at the roots but it does state not to have contact with eyes so I may have just been over cautious!

      My skin felt soft and moisturised after using. The wipes left my skin feeling slightly damp but it soon sunk into my skin after a minute or so. My eyes didn't feel sore after using them although they were a little red from the rubbing.

      I would buy these again but wouldn't replace my usual make up remover as the skin under my eyes did look as though I had rubbed them a lot although the redness didn't last long. I would buy them for short term use though.


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      21.12.2008 21:06
      Very helpful



      Vitamin E facial wipes from Boots which are cheap and fairly good but not great

      I don't normally use face wipes, I prefer to use cleanser and cotton wool or a flannel I find that it's better value for money and usually more effective too. However I was ordering some Christmas presents on Boots.com and needed a few extra pieces to get me over the £75 limit to get my bonus advantage points so looked about for something new to try. That's when I saw these the Boots Vitamin E Cleansing Wipes. As they were only 97p for a packet of 25 wipes I thought I had to give them a try.

      The wipes come in a very simple white packet with a large "e" and the word vitamin written on the front. The wipes are suitable for all skin types. They can be used to remove make-up from the face, neck and eyes and Boots state that they will leave "your skin feeling soft, smooth and thoroughly cleansed."

      The wipes are a good size for using on your face and neck. Some wipes I have tried before are far too big and you feel it's such a waste using a whole one each time but the size of these are perfect for the job. The wipes feel quite soft and also quite moist. They have quite a strong smell, it's a pleasant smell, fresh and clean but stronger than I expected.

      So what did I think of them? Well they feel quite nice and refreshing on my skin. They remove foundation and eye-shadow however they struggle on waterproof mascara. When removing eye make-up you should ensure you keep your eyes closed as although Boots say you can use it on the eyelids you should avoid direct contact with the eye itself. I usually use a separate eye make-up remover and cleanser so the fact that it won't remove the mascara isn't too big a problem for me. However it would be a bit annoying if you didn't have a separate eye make-up remover handy. After using the wipes my skin does feel clean and slightly softer and smoother however it also still feels in need of more moisture.

      For the money this wipes are fairly good and they do the job (providing you don't have waterproof mascara on). They are handy wipes in a little packet so would be ideal to carry in your bag or in the car and could be used for cleaning hands as well as your face. They do the basic job but more expensive wipes would probably be more moisturising to your skin which these aren't.

      I probably wouldn't buy them again for everyday use but would find them useful for holidays as taking them on a plane you wouldn't have to worry about the amount of fluid in your hand luggage and its also easier than packing a bottle of cleanser and cotton wool. I don't think they work as well or feel as luxurious as my 2 favourite cleansers which are Clarins and Boots No 7.

      At first I thought these wipes were a bargain at 97p but as the packet contains 25 wipes and I cleanse morning and evening these wipes will only last under 2 weeks so they wont last as long as the average bottle of cleanser. I would recommend them if you want some basic cheap wipes to have on stand by in your bag or car or for holidays.


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        17.11.2008 15:05
        Very helpful
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        The great thing about these wipes is that they are only ninety nine pence for a packet and as such they represent excellent value for money. I find them excellent to have in my hand bag in case of emergencies while I'm out and about, they are not as good as my normal wipes which I would use every night but these are ideal for when you are caught short.

        The packaging is nice and simple with a plain white back ground and an orange E on the front as well as a little bit of product information.

        They contain vitamen E cleansing cream in them and they are reasonsbly soft as you rub them into your skin, certainly after use my skin feels nice and refreshed and soft to the touch, the one draw back I do find with them is that the smell is a little harsh to my senses and it is not the most pleasant of odours.

        Overall though given the price they area welcome addition to my hand bag contents.


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          13.11.2008 16:24
          Very helpful



          Credit Crunch Bargain

          I usually use Johnsons face wipes; I find them really moisturizing, soft and removes makeup and dirt perfectly. In fact my only complaint is that (like most face wipes) they are on the pricey side.

          I was picking up some bits and pieces in Boots that I needed and saw that these wipes were on offer - Buy one Get One Free and best of all, they are only 99p each to begin with! As I had run out of wipes, I thought it was too good a bargain to pass up....

          The Product Details

          So the packet is very basic, nothing fancy on there at all really - plain white with an orange "E" and vitamin written in the centre. Apart from this, and the boots logo, the only other detail on this packet is that its facial cleansing wipes suitable for all skin types.

          The back of the packet is where you will find the directions for use & will tell you that they are to: "gently cleanse and remove makeup from the face, neck and eyes leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and thoroughly cleansed." There are 25 wipes in the packet.

          Using the Wipes

          This is no different from most wipes; you have to peel back the adhesive to get one of the wipes. The thickness of the wipe is pretty standard. One thing that is immediately noticeable is the smell; they smell lovely to be perfectly honest! They are very well perfumed but it's a nice soapy smell and does make me think that it will clean my skin

          Effectiveness & Feel

          I have had wipes that produce a lot of moisture once they are out of the packet and in your hands. These kinds of wipes tend to be quite runny when applied to the skin and do not sink in so well and leaves it feeling a bit greasy.

          These wipes are the exact opposite - however I'm not 100% that that is a good thing. When I applied it to my eyes to take off my mascara its very cooling but also as there is the minimum amount of moisture, I felt that I had to gently rub my eyes several times to make sure that everything is removed. This might be me feeling a bit paranoid that I hadn't removed everything but the dryness did make me feel like I need to wipe my eyes several more times than I usually would. As a result, my eyes felt a tad sore for a minute or so afterwards.

          Applying this to the rest of my face and neck however, was just fine and I feel like my skin is cleansed of all dirt and makeup. My skin has a very slight sheen afterwards from the moisture but this is quick to be absorbed into the skin, so no greasy feeling!

          BUT - I'm afraid this is a rather large but! Once everything had sunk in and I'd forgotten about it, I did feel like my face felt slightly stingy...and a tiny bit itchy. This soon passed but I couldn't help feeling that it was due to the lack of moisture on the tissue combined with perhaps the heavy perfume. It smells lovely, but perhaps not so good on the skin?! After 10 minutes or so this passed - and it was fairly mild - but obviously this is a bit disconcerting and off putting! Thankfully I've had no further issues with my skin when using this!

          Would I recommend....?

          Perhaps. Like I said, I have had no adverse effects from these wipes, and I'm putting the uncomfortable feeling on my skin down to the fact that they are cheap.....basic but true! They smell lovely, they are wonderfully cheap and they do the job well enough.

          I Wouldn't recommend them if...

          **You use waterproof mascara or a particularly stubborn type of eye makeup. I had sparkly blue liquid eyeliner on and it just wouldn't budge using this.

          **You have sensitive skin : although the packet says that its suitable for all skin types I just feel that this may cause some irritation bearing in mind the slight itchy feeling I felt afterwards. I'd say use this with caution

          **You can afford to buy something a bit more expensive! As much as these were a bargain, Id buy these again if I was strapped for cash & I couldn't afford my usual wipes.
          They do do the job but you DO get what you pay for and as much as they did the job, I don't feel as fresh as I did when using the other wipes. The itchiness made me panic a bit and they didn't feel moisturizing enough.

          Don't get me wrong, I have only been using these wipes a couple of days, and I have two packets, I will carry on using them. I'd buy again if I only had £1 and I couldn't remove my makeup, otherwise I'd gladly cough up the extra couple of quid for something a bit more luxurious feeling!!

          I wrote this review a couple of weeks ago, and then found that I needed to do a product proposal, I've just come back from holiday to see thats its ready for me now!

          Since I wrote this, I have continued to use the wipes (especially whilst on holiday!), and I have to say I no longer experience any problems with irritated skin, and my skin has started to feel fine after using them - but still not as moisturized as others that I have used. Its most likely that my skin has gotten used to the wipes now, I barely notice the lovely smell anymore and there are no issues unless I'm wearing that particular makeup.

          I think I probably judged these slightly harshly - I would still say there are better products out there, but these are an excellent bargain buy if you are strapped for cash!


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