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Botanics Pore Perfecting Face Wipe Blemish Prone Skin

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Brand: Boots Botanics / Type: Face Care / Suitable for: Face / What it does: Cleanses, blemish control

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    2 Reviews
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      03.11.2009 19:43
      Very helpful



      Probably not necessary, but good for emergencies

      I usually use the basic botanics facial wipes and picked up these by accident.

      Rather than simply being a damp cloth, they are textured, with one side rougher than the other. The idea is that you gently exfoliate with one side and then finish up with the smoother side.

      It may just be me squinting without my glasses, but it's oddly not obvious which side is which to look at - I found myself holding it up to the light to see the texture difference. It's much easier to tell by touch alone!

      I have dry skin and while I am very rarely sensitive to any products, I did find that these left parts of my face feeling a little 'jangled' and sore, especially at the sides of my nose. i think they are maybe too rough, even for gentle use, if you have dry skin. A liquid exfoliator can't be pressed on like a cloth can and feels more gentle.

      I think I would keep these for days when you feel particularly grimy, but overall I'd suggest using gentler standard ones for quick cleansing and proper exfoliators etc on occasion.


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      15.01.2008 20:32
      Very helpful



      An adequate cleanser for make-up free skin!

      - Price and Availability -

      This pack of 30 wipes is available from Boots, usually priced at £3.49 but currently under offer for only £2.49.

      - Boots Botanics -

      The Botanics range has a wide range of products and there is a comprehensive guide to them on www.boots.com in the Botanics Shop section.

      - skincare
      - cosmetics
      - haircare
      - aromatherapy
      - bath and body
      - organic

      'Only plants with well-documented health and beauty benefits' are used in the Boots Botanics range.

      - Packaging -

      This comes in a handy little plastic package. For those of you are familiar with nappy wipes, then the packaging is rather like this.

      There is a peel away top section, underneath this there is a hole from where you are able to take out each wipe.
      The top section can then be placed back down to cover the hole so that the wipes don't dry out too much.

      This works really well for the most part, however over time the peel up and down flap on the top can tend to lose it's stickiness so that it doesn't close completely thereby letting some air in which isn't great for the wipes!

      - What do the manufacturer's say? -

      - Cleanses and exfoliates the skin to eliminate excess oil and dead skin cells which can lead to blemishes.
      - Oil free.
      - Non pore blocking.
      - Contains willow bark which helps keep pores clear of the bacteria that can lead to blemishes whilst also working as a gentle exfoliator.

      - The Wipes -

      The wipes are quite large, approximately 17cm by 20cm so large enough to use over the face and neck area. They look like a piece of mesh, not a solid piece of cloth.

      When taken out of the packet the wipes are ever so slightly damp, not ringing wet and dripping all over as is the case with other cheaper wipes that I have used in the past.

      It is advised that you 'gently wipe the exfoliating side of the cloth over your face and neck to eliminate impurities and dead skin cells'. Due to the nature of the wipe and the ever so gentle exfoliating element, it can be quite tricky to fathom out which is the exfoliating side of the cloth. However with practice and an ever so gentle wipe with the finger tip, you can feel the ever so slight raised side of the cloth.

      Having done this, you are advised to 'turn the cloth over to the smooth side to cleanse and refresh' and wipe over your face and neck once again.

      Having deciphered which side is which, these wipes are very easy to use and great for taking away with you if staying away from home, much more convenient than the whole cleanser, toner, moisturiser bottles which tend to take up so much valuable space in small over-night bags!

      I was very doubtful as to the cleaning ability of these wipes, they just didn't feel wet enough to be able to clean my face and neck but the results on the cloth after using them just shows how much general dirt and grime attaches itself to your skin during the course of a day!

      These don't however, work very effectively at completely removing make-up. I rarely wear foundation during the day so they are adequate for the removal of daily grime but..... if you are hoping that they remove foundation, eye make-up etc then the results will be disappointing as I found out.

      The wipes don't have too strong a smell. It's quite a refreshing aroma and doesn't hang heavily on your skin as some products do.

      As for the pore perfecting nature of the wipes, being in my late 30s I fortunately don't suffer from spots that are associated with teenagers and those with youthful complexions. I do however still get the odd blackhead and these wipes have helped in reducing the odd ones I get around my nose.
      So as for the claim for of 'perfecting your pores', the wipes have aided somewhat in this area. What I don't like is that the fact that they tend to dry out my already normal to dry face and neck area and in no way have they worked miracles to give my ageing skin a 'brighter' complexion.

      - My Verdict -

      These wipes have both advantages and disadvantages:

      * Don't block pores
      * Oil free
      * Good size
      * Removes daily grime and dirt from your skin
      * Refreshing smell
      * Good size
      * Handy packaging for overnight stays


      * Dries out my skin a little
      * Doesn't remove foundation and eye make-up.
      * Difficult to decipher between the rough and smooth side
      * The cost if not on special offer
      If you want a convenient way of cleansing and gently exfoliating your make-up free face and neck then worth a try!


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    • Product Details

      Wipes that cleanse and exfoliate the skin to help eliminate impurites, excess oil and dead skin cells which may cause blemishes /

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