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Burt's Bees Garden Tomato Toner

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Brand: Burt's Bees / Type: Toner / What it does: Smoothes,

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    2 Reviews
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      07.04.2010 00:13



      better quality products out there

      I am a fan of burts bees being drawn to the fact that the brand is all about using natural ingredients and no parabens, which since watching a channel 4 documentary on beauty product ingredients I always scour the packaging for.
      I was very interested in this unusual flavoured toner. The scent sent me right back to my grandads green house and child hood memories came flooding back. I therefore thought even before using it I would love it. In short I was wrong.
      As lovely as it smells, I just did not feel it done a very good job of a toner. I felt it left traces of cleanser on my skin and was like using flavoured water. So unfortunatley I would not buy again which given the price tag, I hear my credit card sighing with relief. There are better quality products out there at less money. The trick is to keep an eye on ingredients.
      If you fancied trying this It seems to be hard buy. Mine came in a head to kit from John Lewis but I haven't seen it to buy on its own in any high street stores, only online.
      I will end on a postive and that it did not leave my skin dried out like some other toners do. Maybe if you have very sensitive skin this might suit you.


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      10.08.2008 19:47
      Very helpful



      I think I'll stick to using garden tomatoes in my salad from now on...

      I think I have mentioned in previous reviews that my spending has been slightly out of control recently. I'm usually so careful with money, I don't know what's got into me, as I've been spending like it's going out of fashion! Among the many purchases, of what shall now be known as 'The great July shopping spree' I bought a kit containing lots of Burt's Bees items. I had wanted to try the Burt's Bees brand for ages, but hadn't quite got round to it. Initially I just wanted to try their Lemon cuticle cream, as my Lush Lemony Flutter cuticle cream had ran out - well expired actually - and I wanted to replace it. When I noticed in Fenwick's that they do lots of kits containing several travel sized versions of the products I decided to get one of those, that way I would be able to try other Burt's Bees products as well and get a good idea of what the range was like.

      The first product from my kit I have tried is the Garden Tomato Toner. Now, I don't use toner regularly, but I probably should, as I have quite enlarged pores around my nose which I'm keen to get rid of, and thought a toner may help.

      I have to be honest 'Garden Tomato' sounds great for a side salad, but I wasn't convinced about putting it on my face! According to the Burt's Bees website though, tomato extract is purifying to the skin and as it's naturally acidic it will help to balance the PH of the skin. It also contains parsley and cucumber extracts to tighten the pores, as well as other beneficial things for the skin. Given this, I decided to be open minded and give it a try.

      The toner comes in a frosted bottle which looks like glass, but is actually plastic and has a red screw top lid. I'm not very keen on the design of the bottle - I know the packaging isn't the most important thing - but given the price of this stuff I would perhaps expect something a little more exciting to look at. I actually think this looks more like a medicine bottle than a beauty product.

      The toner does have a tomato scent to it - it took me a while to figure out what the smell reminded me of, as it's not fresh tomatoes - it actually smells quite artificial which is strange as the product is 99.42% natural, but I think it smells like tomato ketchup flavour crisps! I know that sounds quite alarming, but I don't think you can particularly smell it once it's on the skin. I tested this theory by wiping some on the back of my hand recently. I found the smell faded pretty quickly, and actually started to smell a bit more floral than tomato-ey, so don't worry about going round smelling like a bottle of ketchup!

      To apply the toner, you simply put a bit on some cotton wool and wipe over your face. On most occasions I have found that the toner feels cool on my skin, but on a couple of occasions I applied it straight after exfoliating, which probably wasn't the best idea, as it stung quite a bit.

      The toner promises that it will clean and tighten pores and leave the skin softer and firmer. So, getting down to the important question - does it work? Well, my experience is this. I have been using this toner for about a month, and (due to the fact the bottle is tiny) I have only been using it around my nose, on my forehead and on my chin, which are the main problem areas in terms of large pores.

      For the first two weeks I was using this, I saw no difference to my skin in either feel or appearance. I continued to use it though, in the hope that I would see results over time. After about two weeks of using this, I glanced in the mirror, and noticed that under a certain light, it looked like I had lots of little bumps under my skin. They weren't particularly red, and they didn't look like spots, my skin just looked a bit lumpy, and when I ran my hand over my face I could feel that it was quite uneven. I had recently switched cleansers as well, and was not sure if it was the cleanser or the toner (or both) which was causing this problem, so (foolishly perhaps) I continued to use both. I have since realised that the bumps are only occurring around my nose, on my forehead and chin where I have been applying the toner, so I'm pretty certain that the toner is responsible for them.

      Other than the bumps, I have not found that this has helped my skin in any other way - my pores still look enlarged, and it's not tight or smooth as was promised.

      This toner costs £9.99 for a 236ml (8 fl oz) bottle from www.naturallyfabulous.co.uk so it's not particularly cheap, and as you can probably guess from my comments, I do not think it's worth the money.


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    • Product Details

      Tomato, cucumber and parsley extracts help to clean and tighten pores, leaving skin smoother and firmer / They're blended with sugar cane, sugar maple and bilberry extract, natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), to help boost skin's elasticity and accelerate exfoliation / This formula is recommended for normal to oily skin /

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