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Calvin Klein Euphoria Sensual Skin Lotion

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Brand: Calvin Klein / Type: Body Lotion/Moisturiser / Subcategory: Lotion / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      21.12.2011 14:22
      Very helpful




      Calvin Klein is a fashion and beauty brand. The offer a wide range of male and female fragrances including Obsession and Eternity.


      Euphoria is available to both men and women. The female Euphoria is available in an EDP, EDT, shower gel and a body lotion (otherwise known as a sensual skin lotion). Euphoria is described as :

      "The epitome of sensuality and sophisticated seduction, Calvin Klein Euphoria is a scent with which to bewitch and dazzle the senses"

      It falls into the floral-fruity fragrance category and is refered to as being "luscious and mysterious".

      The body lotion can be applied over the body as a stand alone, scented moisturiser though it is more commonly used as a base for which the perfume can be applied to. This prolongs the life span of the scent and creates a stronger fragrance on the skin. This body lotion is enriched with hydrating ingredients which claim to smoothen and soften the skin and leave it scented with Euphoria.


      The body lotion is presented in a rather masculine shaped bottle. The bottle is made of thick plastic and is a mauve sort of colour with whitened highlights. The bottle is adorned with silver writing and completed with a screw top lid. The lotion has a 24month shelf life.


      Euphoria body lotion carries the same scent as the perfume but on a subtler level.

      *Top notes (the initial scent) - Japanese apple, green leaves and pomegranate
      *Heart notes (the main body of the scent) - black orchid, lotus and rose hip
      *Base notes (the final scent on the skin) - amber, red woods and black violet


      A 200ml bottle can be purchased from :

      *Amazon UK - £28.80
      *www.escentual.co.uk - £28.00
      *Boots (a gift set 50ml EDP and 200ml body lotion) - £45.00

      *~*My Thoughts*~*

      As you all know, I have a large stash of expensive, branded body lotions. I cannot always afford the perfumes so the body lotions give me a good taster of what a scent is like. I received a Euphoria gift set for my birthday earlier this year. I go through a lot of perfume and my bottle has long since finished though I still have a small amount of body lotion left - I have treasured it and made it last me as long as possible!

      The gift set would make a beautiful gift and is certainly one of CKs more luxurious scents in my opinion. The modern nature of the bottle (perfume and lotion) is still rather sophisticated and would appeal to most. The bottle can be tipped up slightly to release the lotion and it flows well without being too drippy. It has a pleasant consistency and is somewhere in between a milk and a cream. It is pure white in colour.

      *~*Euphoria Luxury...*~*

      Euphoria lotion spreads like a dream over my skin and there is an air of luxury about it. It isn't too rich but feels super cooling on my skin and this is a lovely experience after a hot shower as it calms the skin. I apply it over my arms, shoulders and tummy to gain full benefits from the scent. I have extra dry skin on my arms and this lotion works a treat. It penetrates the dryness and my skin drinks it all up. It absorbs very quickly leaving no residue.

      Once absorbed, my skin feels super smooth - even the extra dry areas. The lotion is very gentle on my sensitive skin though highly effective. The lotion provides ample moisturisation which allows my skin to feel comfortable and hydrated throughout the day. Running my fingers across my arm, I can detect a light powdery, silky feeling which I really like. Overall top marks for doing its job as a body lotion. I would say it performs to the standard of a cream but with a light weight texture.

      *~*Exquisite Scent...*~*

      Having used both the EDP and body lotion, I can confirm that both scents are identical (as yu would expect). The body lotion really is the perfect base for the EDP and staying power for both is around 9hours which is amazing. Both products combined on my skin create the most amazing, deep scent which is ideal for evening use. The body lotion is perfect on its own for wearing during the day and offers a light yet noticeable alternative to the perfume.

      This scent offered to my skin is simply divine and I would class Euphoria as quite a grown up, modern scent which has a classic feel to it. The scent is quite full on when applied to the skin but settles slightly and all the different scent notes become noticeable. It flows beautifully and is full bodied. It doesn't lack anything and is a multi-dimensional scent which is highly appealing to me.

      Once applied, the scent is light and airy. It offers a bright and fresh scent. The apple and pomegranate are presented in a subtle form offering hints of sweetness. They notes mingle with each other with green leaves producing the fresh aspect of the scent. After a short while, the freshness disappears and the heart notes move in to change the scent dramatically.

      Euphoria suddenly changes on my skin and a deep and sort of dark scent becomes noticeable on my skin. It is powerful and can be appreciated by those nearest to me. The scent at this stage is quite rich and confident - almost dramatic hence being ideal for wearing in the evening. A touch of perfume could be added hear to enhance this scent. I often received compliments when matching the two products together and moreso at the heart stage of the scent as it is the more alluring in my opinion (and my fiances!).

      The heart of Euphoria is intoxicating and once it becomes noticeable, it is a true treat to smell on my skin. But then there is more indulgence and more beautiful scent to come. The heart combination starts to change after 4-5hours (without the perfume topping it up) and the base notes come into play. The scent deepens further and changes to a mysterious scent which has a grown up edge.

      The base notes used blend to create a warm, sexy scent. It is a sensual, woody blend. The amber comes through quite rich and there is an underlying sweetness to the scent which has been desperate to come through during the top and heart notes. The lotion remains strong on my skin for the duration and is simply a treat to wear with our without the matching EDP.


      I wouldn't agree with the floral naming of the scent as I do believe it is more sweet and sensual than anything else. It would be ideal for someone wishing to wear a classy yet modern scent and would suit many woman in my opinion. It is the sort of scent that as it wears off late at night, your partner could appreciate when snuggled in and feel comforted and not overpowered by it. That is my fiances feeling on the scent!

      I am more than pleased with the quality of this body lotion - it performs well on my dry skin without causing irritation and provides the most delicious scent which lasts well on my skin. It was definently luxurious and so it should be given the price tag. It is so worth it though and I am hoping to secure a gift set again in the post-Christmas sales!

      As a small amount of lotion creates a lot of scent and hydration, I do not feel the need to apply too much each time I use it therefore my bottle is lasting extremely well and I do not feel so intimiated by the high price tag! It is definently one of my favourites.

      5 stars - recommended!

      Thanks for reading xx


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