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CCS Heel Balm

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Brand: CCS / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisturiser / Subcategory: Balm / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: regenerates,

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    2 Reviews
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      03.12.2011 12:18



      I continue to use this cream regulalrly.

      CCS Heel Balm "Professional Foot Care" by Du'it is something I buy for my cracked and sore feet and a 75g tube costs me around just under three pounds. The reason I like this is because it really does work, it is very efefctive and it is also long lasting in my opinion. I buy mine from Boots The Chemist and a tube will last me around five months and I use it on a regular basis, and I feel this is excellent value for money.

      The balm is white and quite thick (thicker than you would probably expect). It rubs in nicely into the foot and does not feel at all greasy and sinks in well. If my feet are paricularly bad (as they can be after a few martial arts sessions on bare floor boards with nothing on my feet), I will lather it on really very thickly and then pop socks on over the top before I go to bed at night and leave it to do its work. The following morning my feet look and feel so much better I feel and I am delighted with the results.

      The smell is really rather nice as well. Usually with these types of creams, balms and lotions they can smell a little bit medicinal but this one does not, which was a nice surprise for me. It is a gentle fresh smell and not overpowering or unpleasant at all.

      I use this balm regularly. It works well for me and my other half also uses it on occasions and she also really likes it and finds it works well on her skin and finds it really soothing and pleasant to use.


      Review also posted on Ciao as sorehead.


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      11.05.2011 14:06
      Very helpful



      Great Product. Very Effective, Easy to Use, and Cheap!

      CCS Heel Balm "Professional Foot Care" by Du'it. 75g tube (price generally appears to range from £2.89 to £8.00)
      CCS says on the packaging that "CCS Heel Balm is clinically proven to effectively control the most severe cases of rough, dry skin and cracked heels. Containing vitamin E and 25% Urea, the body's natural moisturiser, it breaks down hard skin and helps repair and relieve, leaving feet smooth and skin supple."
      They recommend that you "Initially apply at least twice daily to clean, dry skin, then as necessary. For best results use at night and cover feet with socks"
      They advise caution and say "Do not apply to bleeding and broken skin."

      Du'it say "using CCS Heel Balm twice daily you can expect to have visible improvement of skin softness and appearance of your heel condition within 3 days. After using for 7 days you can expect smooth, soft skin with a reduction in the dryness of your heels".
      I've used heel balms and foot creams etc for more than 30 years now.
      I normally use Scholl Heel Balm at approx £5.99 per tube (average UK price, but can be very expensive for me to obtain overseas - upto equivalent of £13 a tube!) I noticed that a local independent pharmacy in Bodmin had some "CCS Heel Balm" (a 75g tube for £2.89).
      Due to the huge price disparity I was reluctant to buy the CCS as I've often found the adage "you get what you pay for" to be true!! However the assistant in the shop recommended it saying she had personally used it & as she was wearing flip-flops with soft undamaged heels on show I was swayed!

      The balm is a thick white cream but doesn't have a claggy gunky feel to it like cheap heel balms often have. It has a pleasant scent but not overly powerful, and not a 'medicinal' smell (which is something I personally hate in creams/lotions)
      The balm is quick and easy to apply. It soaks in well and although it leaves a coating on the skin surface, it isn't greasy.
      The first time of using it, I applied it at bedtime & left it to work overnight. My feet had been dry, rough and slightly uncomfortable, but in the morning they were greatly improved and looking good enough to wear sling back shoes.

      A decent heel balm is an absolute must for me. It isn't just so my feet will look nice in high heels or flip flops etc, it's vital I can walk for days on end free from the pain caused by cracked heels!
      I'm in the military, and so obviously my feet go through periods of being really hammered & put through their paces in extreme conditions. I go from keeping thick socks & boots on in desert climates for months, to wearing nylon tights & court shoes in UK climate, to wearing 5" stilettos and trying to dance the night away (lol).
      All these things affect circulation and can be detrimental to skin condition. So although I try to look after my feet it's not always possible to stop damage occuring.
      I have found that if my feet are unavoidably in a particularly bad state (dry, tight, cracking & sore) it really helps to apply Heel Balm and then put a pair of bedsocks on. The socks normally keep any cream/ointment on the skin & off the sheets, and the increased heat helps the healing process.
      I've been pleased to find that the CCS still works well even without socks on, if my heels are dry and rough. A bonus is that it doesn't leave greasy stains on the sheets!
      The fact that it's quick and easy to apply & very effective means I can use it even when I'm in a rush, so my feet don't get into as bad a state as they have previously! The odd foot-soak, filing and foot-rub helps the CCS Balm do its job.
      Another advantage I've found with CCS is it doesn't curdle as easily as other brands when you are in hot countries!

      I've now switched brands from Scholl to CCS, my feet are in good condition and I save approximately £3 per purchase.

      Thank you for reading xx

      I also write on Ciao under the same name


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