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Champneys All in One Skin Smoothing Facial Wipes

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5 Reviews
  • Soft and gentle
  • Lifts the impurities of the day
  • None
  • Not to moist
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    5 Reviews
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      22.07.2015 22:52
      Very helpful


      • "Removes all make up"
      • "Soft and gentle"


      • None

      Champneys soothing facial wipes

      I had these Champneys soothing facial wipes as a gift so didn't buy them myself but I have had a look online and you can get them for around £6 so they aren't the cheapest of wipes but I can say that they are good qualit and are really very nice to use.

      The wipes measure 20cm by 20cm and are white and feel quite thick and strong and I have never experienced them ripping or tearing when I am using them. I can feel the moisture from the wipes sinking into my skin and my face feels lovely and soft afterwards. They come in the usual plastic packet with a peel off closure tab which seals back securely and I have not experienced them drying out even when there are only a few left. To use I will start off with my forehead then work down to my neck and then finish off with my eyes which is where I have the most make up. I will sometimes fold the wipe over to maximise the usage and I have never had to use more than one wipe at a time so far and I don't have to use too much pressure either.

      I do really like these wipes and find them just as good as any others have bought in the past. They do a fabulous job of removing all traces of my make up and leave my skin feeling refreshed and clean. These wipes are effective and excellent quality and I will definitely buy them again when I need to treat myself as you can tell that they are a good quality wipe as they are so thick and soft to use. They are moisturised and you can feel this moisture sinking into your skin which always feels soft and smooth after using them. I find that they remove every trace of my make up including waterproof mascara, and I never have panda eyes in the morning when I have used these wipes.


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      27.11.2014 22:35
      Very helpful


      • "Lifts the impurities of the day"
      • "Fresh feeling"


      • "Not to moist"
      • "Leaves skin feeling slightly dry"

      Hand wipes maybe?

      I have been a fan of Champneys for quite a number of years and was pleased to see they had expanded their range to facial wipes.

      Taken from their SPA range this aims to help you produce that SPA feeling and results right in your very home.
      Most of the products in this range have been fantastic and I thought this might not be an exception as their standard is always consistent and very high.

      The packaging matches the branding so you won't have to scan the ailse for ages. A clean and fresh looking light purple and the seal is plastic allowing you to take one wipe out at a time and then clip back down to avoid drying out the product.

      These feel immediately soft and smell just hevenly and off the Champney SPA range which is always reassuring.

      They pull out individually and not all at once like some wipes can.
      They have a slight bumpy effect on them which is to draw out the impurities and lift the dirt or make-up from your skin.

      When removing the make-up I usually with other wipes and brands find I can sweep over my face and within two or three minutes the make-up is lifted. However I found that this wouldn't remove the make-up, the branding of the make-up varies and I've never had problems before but it didn't lift it effectively. One thing I would say is it removed my mascara very well. No panda eyes the next day.

      Again I found that when you return home from a day's work or have been travelling through the gorgeous London streets filled with pollution, this still did not remove any dirt that I am use to or was expecting. Unless I am super clean and flawless I just didn't have confidence that it had done its job so I used another branded wipes and lo and behold pollution.

      The wipe is packed with goodness such as ginseng, Chamomile, skin conditioners [deifinately check out the ingrediants becuase the are not good for sensitive skin- CHAMPNEYS.COM] and aloe vera.
      So with this in mind before use I thought this would be okay and gentle hwever it stung.
      Really it did, I used one night gently and it was okay but once I had used the product for a few minutes it stung on my face and neck.

      I can't say I would recommened these to anyone that suffers frm skin irritants, break out, or sensitive skin.

      These always seem to be out of stock on Champneys website but priced at £5.
      In Boot, where you mainly find them, they usually are in stock and sometimes at the fabulous pricing or bulk buy of £5 or 342.

      If you an avid fan, obviously I don't want you to waste your money but I would say try this, as I did think that were great for travelling and using out and about for hand wipes! Well I didn't want to waste them, my hands were fine thank-you, great for hands nice and soft x


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      11.03.2010 12:20
      Very helpful



      A really good face wipe

      I'm always on the hunt for a skincare bargain, so bought these wipes in Sainsbury's recently when they were on special offer.

      They normally cost around £4.50, but I paid £3.00.

      I'm not sure if Champneys have changed their packaging, but the packet I bought has a peel off lid, and not the firm plastic lid pictured above. They still have the same name, but a firm plastic lid is always a winner over a peel off one, as it keeps the wipes moist.

      There are 25 wipes in a packet , and these moist cloths are designed to be an all in one solution to cleansing and removing eye make-up, without having to use water.

      I have always liked face wipes, probably because I'm lazy, but also because they are handy to take when travelling as they are far less bulky and heavy than lugging bottles or tubes.

      These particular wipes are a little on the dry side, compared to my usual brand, but this didn't affect their ability to remove make-up, and they did a very good job, even on the tougher job of removing mascara.

      The scent is floral and very pleasing, but a little overpowering, compared to some other brands I have used.

      I would buy these wipes again but probably only if they were on special offer again, as they are good, but no better than my usual, cheaper brand.


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        08.01.2010 19:28
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        See Review

        Champneys All In One Skin Smoothing Facial Wipes

        I used these face wipes a few months ago and I totally forgot I was going to write a review on them. Champneys is quite an expensive brand but the only reason why I bought these is because they were on offer. I like to shop around for face wipes to get the best deal, as I feel I use these so fast I should buy the cheapest ones I can find.

        These are basically all in one skin smoothing facial wipes. They are designed to refresh and revitalise your skin as well as remove make up or the days grime. They have many vitamins and brilliant ingredients in them which help to clean skin and make you feel absolutely wonderful.

        Unlike the cheaper face wipes, these come with an actual plastic lid which helps to prevent the wipes from drying out. In the pack there is around 25/30 facial wipes which tend to last around a week for me but a year for others! It really depends how you use them. They come in a lovely pale pink coloured pack and you can tell that they are good quality because the wipes are quite soft and the packet is nicely designed.

        Upon using these I was quite impressed. I actually used these for removing my make up and they worked a treat. The smell that they gave off was lovely and very girly. I love the way the wipes make your skin feel, soft and well nourished! My face felt lovely and there was not an inch of grime remaining.

        The only thing I would say is a bad thing about this product is the fact that these are around £4.00 to buy but they are of a very high quality and they do your skin the world of good. I tend to buy cheaper wipes but I am glad I had a one off as these are great.

        The only place I know that sell these is Sainsbury's and they do a whole range of Champney's.

        If you buy these I am sure you will be very happy with them.

        Holly x


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          08.11.2009 19:14
          Very helpful



          Wipes that didn't work for me, might work for others.


          These facial wipes were part of a gift set that I was given by my brother's girlfriend for my birthday. I was very surprised by the inclusion of facial wipes in this gift set as it is the kind of product that I would prefer to buy separately. I thought that I would give them a try anyway, seeing as I hadn't paid anything for them and I don't like beauty products to go to waste!!

          *The Claim*

          To cleanse, tone and refine your skin.

          *About the Product*

          Pre-moistened facial cloths formulated to cleanse the skin and gently remove eye make-up without water. The unique blend of refreshing green tea extract, soothing cornflower, moisturising aloe vera and caring vitamin E will leave your skin feeling clean and invigorated. The conditioning and moisturising properties of aloe vera and vitamin E together with the gentle polishing action of the textured cloth will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. These versatile wipes are ideal for using when time is of the essence or when you are travelling.


          Take a cloth from the packet and unfold it. Then softly wipe this over your face and neck to cleanse your skin. You may need to wipe more firmly over the eye area to remove eye make-up, in particular mascara. When finished, throw the wipe away into a bin rather than flushing down the toilet. Ensure that you reseal the packet properly to prevent the wipes from drying out and becoming useless.

          *Price and Availability*

          Champneys All-in-One Skin Smoothing Facial Wipes are not widely available to buy as they are exclusively sold by Sainsbury if you want to buy them in a shop. Alternatively, you can purchase it online directly from www.champneys.com/collection or via the Sainsbury's website.

          These all-in-one facial wipes retail at £5 for a packet of 25 wipes. This is mega expensive and as I don't find them effective in the slightest for my skin, therefore there is absolutely no chance that I will be buying these in the future. Especially as alternatives are a lot cheaper.

          *My Opinion*

          The packaging: The wipes are packaged in a patterned pink plastic packet. I like the design of the packaging as it looks quite stylish and girly. Unlike other wipes, these do not have a small tab on the front that you have to open and reseal each time you take out a wipe. Instead, on the front of this packet is a large plastic piece which clips in and out so that you can remove a wipe to use. They are very easy to take out and there is no tab so you will find that there is little risk of you closing the plastic and the wipes drying out.

          The smell: These wipes smell fresh and clean without having an overpowering scent. They smell like other Champney's products in the range which I really do love.

          The texture: The texture of the wipes is fleece-like and soft. They are relatively thick and feel quite high quality. The fleece texture means that they are smooth and gently to use on your skin.

          Do these all-in-one skin smoothing facial wipes cleanse, tone and refine your skin? No, not for me anyway. I would prefer to use the Nivea wipes that work a lot better for me in my opinion anyway. After using these wipes, I didn't feel like my face had been cleansed, toned or refined. I just found them to be quite disappointing, especially for a brand that I hold in such high regard and love so many of their other products.

          Are they ideal for using when you are travelling? Yes, indeed they are. In fact I would say that if you are looking for a product that replaces taking a toner, cleanser, and moisturiser then this may well be what you are looking for.

          I am sure that Champneys All-in-one Skin Smoothing Facial Wipes work effectively on some skin types but unfortunately for me, my skin took a dislike to whatever combination of ingredients were in this wipe. When I used these wipes my skin felt quite dry and after using them my skin broke out in spots. Not what I was after when using them.

          One piece of advice is that you do not to flush these wipes down the toilet and throw them in the bin instead. This is because they can block up the toilet if you flush too many like any wipes whether they are make-up cleanser wipes or general cleaning.

          *Would I Recommend This Product?*

          Although these all in one facial wipes did absolutely nothing to help my skin but I am sure they work well to gently remove all traces of make up for clean, smooth skin for some people. I would recommend these as they are very simple and easy to use therefore having these will give you no excuses not to take off your make up in the evening. If they did work with my skin, I would be thrilled but unfortunately they just don't.


          These wipes are not a product that I will be purchasing in the future as they didn't work well with my skin but that is not to say that they won't be perfect for you so if they sound like something you would use, give them a go. They are very practical to have in your bag or to take on holiday as you don't have to worry about having several bottles or any spillages.


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