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Champneys CHFAC 300 GB Micro Dermabrasion System

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2 Reviews

Brand: Champneys / Type: Exfoliator / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    2 Reviews
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      14.09.2011 13:55



      Brilliant buy

      For the past few years I have suffered from acne and scarring. I have tried changing my diet (not helpful, acne is a hormonal problem). I've been on various anti-biotics, used varying topical treatments and also hormone pills. I'm currently on my second month of dianette and have not seen an improvement yet.

      I read so many amazing reviews of the Clarasonic and other similar products but being a student I couldn't afford them, so I found this one at a fantastic price and it does the same job.

      I have had it for two days now and I can see a dramatic improvement in my skin - it feels softer, looks healthier, my acne and acne scarring has reduced significantly! I feel like this could really help me on my way to clear skin. I love this product and would strongly recommend giving it a try! I have never given reviews of products but I just feel so happy with my purchase and hope this will help convince others to give it a go!


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      08.06.2011 13:06
      Very helpful



      A fantastic product - highly recommended! :)

      Champneys Home Spa Total Micro-Dermabrasion System

      I have eczema so my skin is really dry all of them time, and also flaky due to the eczema. I have tried many facial scrubs such as the Tesco vitamin E scrub and the Clinique scrub but I can't use them all of the time as they are only meant to be used one a week or so. So I have been looking for something, such as the Neutrogena wave, but that I could use with my own cleanser, and I found it.

      *About the product*

      firstly, I should explain what this product actually does, it is a battery powered face (and body) exfoliator. It says micro-dermabrasion but it is basically an exfoliator. The set I bought comes with the main unit on to which there are four attachments you can use with it. There are three small circular attachments for the face and then there are a larger version of one of the face attachments which is for the body. It is battery powered (batteries not included), so it does not need charging. It also comes with an instruction booklet - which I have thrown away...

      Champneys do not have a website dedicated towards their home spa product that I could find so there is not a lot of information about this product other than on amazon and other that were this product is sold. The information is quite limited on the internet and also on the box/packaging about this product. The information on the packaging states that this product has been "Tried, tested and approved by Champneys therapists".

      *Features of the product*

      - Comes with four easy to use attachments for face and body

      - Battery powered so you don't have to charge it

      - Comfort soft grip handle

      - It is waterproof so you can use it in the shower

      - Small(ish) and portable

      - Requires four AA batteries

      - Wipes clean unit and easy to clean brushes


      The packaging that the product comes in is not that great. It is simple, clear, easy to read but it does not have a lot of information about the product or its claims on the box. I find that there is very little information about the product on the box or on the internet. the box is quite small and thin but it houses the product well in a clear plastic insert. The information leaflet is quite useful, it does contain all of the information concerning how to set up the unit and how to insert the attachments.

      *Appearance of the unit*

      I bought this from amazon and when it arrived the first thing I noticed about it was that it was smaller than I thought it was going to be, it was also heavier too - without the batteries. It is quite compact, the small attachments looked good and the whole set looked very neat, easy to use and just what I was looking for

      The only thing about the appearance is that the unit, its self it not that pretty. The unit is white and it has a grey strip around the middle of the handle, it could have been made to look nicer than it is, but it works well.

      *The attachments included with the set*

      There are four attachments included with this set, with three of the attachments for facial use and there is also a larger brush which is for the body.

      - Small facial brush: This attachment is approximately 3.5cm in diameter, so it is quite small. It is a bristle brush with soft(ish) white bristles on it. The bristles are not supposed to be really soft as it is an exfoliating/micro-dermabrasion system

      - Small facial sponges: There are two of these facial sponges, although I would have preferred two of the facial brushes instead. The sponges are the small size as the brush (about 3.5cm in diameter). They are fairly soft and very smooth.

      - Large body brush: The large body brush is approximately 8cm in diameter so it is quite a bit larger than the facial brushes. It is just a larger version of the one facial brush in the set. As it has the same white soft(ish) bristles - the bristles on the body brush are a bit longer than the facial brush.

      *Setting up the unit*

      This set does not come with batteries so you will have to buy four AA batteries to put in the set as it is not powered by a main power supply. Firstly, I encountered a problem. At the bottom of the unit the batteries are supposed to be placed in needs to be opened. The instructions say to just hold the unit with one hand and press your thumb on the "open" area on the lower end of the handle. After trying this I resorted to ignoring the instruction (as usual) and just pulling the section that should easily come out. After plan A failing, I tried to lever it open with a thin credit card and failed once again. I was up to plan C now with was to wait and let it open by its self, which again did not work. After giving up for about half an hour I tried again and the battery section just came off, to my delight the waiting must have worked. So now I found some AA batteries - which I had to remove from my camera - but needs must after the whole trying to get the damn thing open scenario and I put them in the unit and the section to keep them in place went on very easily and clicked into place.

      *Using the product with the small facial brush attachment*

      To attach the...attachments you just gently push the attachment on to the unit and then you will hear a click and it is in place and ready to use - this is the same for all of the attachments. Then you just switch it on using the buttons that are located on the middle of the handle so they are in easy reach to switch it on/off while using the unit.

      The first attachment I used was the small facial brush as that is what I really only bought it for. I tried it on the back of my hand first and it seem really quite soft and smooth on my skin - it rotates fairly quickly and it obviously exerts more pressure onto your skin the more you press it on your skin - this will in turn make the bristles feel harsher/more exfoliating on your skin.

      I then used this product just with water on my face to try it out, I just wet my face then applied my cleanser to my skin and I moved the unit around my face in small circles and it worked nicely, it does feel fairly smooth and soft on my face and it definitely exfoliates but it can feel a little harsh sometimes. I have quite sensitive skin as I have eczema but this was not very harsh on my skin. It does feel weird at first using this to cleanse my skin but you get used to it after a couple of times using it.

      I then used this attachment with my Avene cleanser, I found that it worked really well on my skin, with my cleanser. I though that it might just make my cleanser flick off everywhere but it worked my cleanser into my skin and made it lather up more than it usually does. It only takes about a minute to cleanse my face using this product and I feel like it really does cleanse my skin deeply and it lather up my face cleanser well.

      I found that after using this attachment with my Avene cleanser that my skin was so much smoother than before using it. I would say that my skin was smoother and more cleansed after using this product than after using my clinique facial scrub. It really exfoliates my skin and it makes my skin smooth and soft.

      I have used this attachment with my avene cleanser and it works well with that as it is a smooth cleanser. I have also tried using the facial brush attachment with my clinique scrub and it was really harsh on my skin - the brush on its own is fairly harsh but with the face scrub as well it is not very nice on my face - so I would only recommend using this facial brush with a cleanser not a face scrub.

      Overall, I really like the small facial brush attachment. It is really smooth on my skin, although it can be a little harsh sometimes so i use it with my cleanser and I use it lightly on my skin - I would not recommend pressing this down on your skin as it will be really harsh. I found that after using this product my skin was so much smoother and softer. It is a great exfoliator, it works well with my skin, it does not feel really harsh if you use it gently and it is easy to use.

      *Using the product with the large body brush attachment*

      This attachment is the same as the smaller facial brush version, it has soft bristles and it is easy to use - just click into place although with the larger body brush you have to press the attachment on harder as it does not click into my as easily as the other smaller attachments in the set.

      I use this like I would use any body brush (I have been using the sanctuary round body brush until this) and I use it after I have a shower/bath. I have read beauty/health articles about how to use body brushes and I find that they all say to use a body brush/dry exfoliator before your shower/bath but I use it after. I find that if I use it after my skin is softer and it is easier to exfoliate and it makes my skin so smooth and exfoliated.

      I like this attachment, it is quite big so it is easy to use on the body. I find that it is quite soft on my skin - softer than the small one - maybe because the face is more sensitive than your arms/legs etc. I find that this attachment works really well for me, it exfoliates my skin well and it leaves my skin smooth, soft and exfoliated. Although it is not as exfoliating on drier areas such as my elbows, and I find that this attachment does not work as well on those areas.

      Overall, I like this attachment, it works well. I find that the sanctuary round body brush that I have is very harsh on my skin - so I don't use it too often but I can use this product daily and it does not feel very harsh. it exfoliates my skin gently and it makes my skin smooth and soft.

      *Using the product with the facial sponge attachments*

      I have tried this product with the facial sponges a few times and I now realize why they put two of the sponges in the set, it is because they get dirty with make up and cleanser residue so easily. The first time I used this sponge attachment I found that it cleansed my skin well and removed all of my foundation as my foundation was all over the sponge - I though that it would just wash off but it doesn't so if i just used this unit for the sponges I would have to buy quite a few replacement sponges as cleaning your face with a dirty sponge is obviously not very hygienic and could lead to stops/blemishes.

      When using this sponge attachment I found that it was so much more gentle on my skin than the facial brush attachment. It was very smooth and soft on my skin but it did pull my skin a more than the brush. Although it did leave my skin smooth and soft, the results from using this attachment were definitely not as good as the brush - in terms of my skins smoothness and its exfoliating abilities.

      I find that using a cleanser with this sponge is not the best option, for me I find that I have to use my Clinique face scrub with this attachment as the sponge on its own is not very exfoliating - especially when compared to the brush attachment.

      Overall, I find that the sponge attachment is a lot less harsh on my skin when compared to the brush. It is smooth and soft on my face, although it does pull my skin a bit. It collects my make up residue, so it gets dirty after one or two uses - as it is a sponge it can not be cleaned well and if you just use the sponges for this you will probably need to buy a few replacement sponges. I don't not like this attachment so much, I prefer to use the facial brush instead as it is a lot more exfoliating and the brush feels like it really cleans my skin well.

      *Cleaning the attachments*

      I find that cleaning the attachments for this product is very easy. There smaller facial brush is the one I use the most and all I do to clean it is rotate/spin while under running water and then lather some simple soap in my hand and press the attachment into my hand to lather up in the soap and then I rinse it though - to dry I wipe with a clean towel or cotton pad to keep it has clean as possible.

      I find that I don't really need to clean the body brush as much as i use it when it is dry and it does not mix with any shower gel or other bath products. I just wipe it with a clean towel. The only attachment that does not clean very well is the sponge attachment. The sponge attachment is difficult to clean as when I use it, it just soaks up all of my make up and cleanser and it stains the once white sponge - I just use the same cleaning method as with the facial sponge and press the sponge into my hands to drain out most of the water and soap, and leave to air dry.

      *Storing the product*

      To store the product (the unit and the attachments) I just use the box the product came in as inside there is a moulded plastic insert, which fits all of the product nice and neatly - so they don't get lost and so they are not lying around collecting dust etc. I just make sure all of the products are clean and dry before I put them back into the box. the box and the contents are not very big so it does not take up a lot of room at all.

      *Additional information - such as noise levels and how ergonomic that product is...*

      I find that the noise level from this product is not so bad really - it has the same noise level as a electric toothbrush - maybe a little quieter, so it is not very loud at all. Now onto the ergonomics, I find that the unit is very easy to hold in one hand, it is shaped well as it fits well in my hand and it is easy to control with one hand. It does not feel uncomfortable in my hand at all and it the vibration from the small motor inside is not strong at all.

      *Price and Availability*

      I bought this product with an amazon voucher and while it was sitting in my basket the price decreased from £9 something to £7 (with free delivery), which was even better. I looked at others on amazon and they all seemed far too expensive for what they were but this one is so cheap. Just based on the price I would definitely recommend this product as it is so much cheaper than similar products. The price stated is what I payed, although the price has now increased but it is still really inexpensive.

      *Overall positive points about the product*

      Overall, I am very impressed with this product and the attachments it comes with. I really like the facial brush and the body brush as they both exfoliate my skin well (but they are not overly harsh), they make my skin feel smooth and soft - after one use. The unit on the whole is incredibly easy to use (if you leave out the whole battery situation) and it works really well for my skin. The unit its self is easy to wipe clean, it is compact and it stores away very easily. All of the attachments click into place easily and do not come off while using the product. I find that after using it for a while I have noticed an improvement in my skin, maybe because it is being cleansed better or because the unit is quite novel I use it more. Oh and it is very very cheap!

      *Overall negative points about the product*

      The only negative I can think of for the attachments is that the sponges are not the best - I would have preferred to have two more facial brushes than the sponges. As they don't exfoliate as well as the brushes, although they are softer, less harsh and smoother on my skin. The sponges also soak up all of my make up/cleanser so they get dirty very quickly and are difficult to clean throughly. Also in terms of controlling the unit, it is quiet easy although you do have to hold it firmly other wise it can wander off somewhere else - and don't get it near your hairline as it will twist your hair around slightly - but it does not pull it, it just moves it closer to the centre of your face.

      *Conclusion summary - for lazy people, such as myself*

      Positive points

      *Easy to use and clean
      *Facial brushes are excellent
      *Waterproof and battery powered so you don't have to wait around while it charges
      *The sponges are soft and smooth on my skin
      *Very cheap from amazon
      *Compact and easy to store
      *Fairly easy to control - although you have to hold it firmly or it will move around
      *After use it has improved my skin (more even skin - texture and appearance)

      Negative points

      *Sponges - less harsh on my skin but that means that they are not as exfoliating and they are more difficult to clean
      *Not a lot of information on the packaging or internet about this great product!

      Thank you for reading my review - this review is also posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992


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