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Champneys Oriental Opulence Travel Collection

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4 Reviews
  • A smashing gift to receive
  • Gorgeous products
  • None really although the products don't layer well
  • The products are not luxury
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    4 Reviews
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      08.12.2014 15:51
      Very helpful
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      • "A smashing gift to receive"
      • "Gorgeous products"


      • "None really although the products don't layer well"

      Four Wonderful Products In One!

      My daughter was rather savvy last Christmas when she did her shopping and took full advantage of the 3-for-2 offer on beauty gift sets in Boots, I received a nice enough Nivea pampering pack from her on Christmas Day but had to wait until my birthday in May to be given this wonderful Oriental Opulence gift set which she'd picked up as part of the promotion and stashed with my birthay in mind!

      This is a really gorgeous set filled with four small (and very wonderful) products, I've not long got around to using the set as I have so many toiletries that things get lost and forgotten about - which is good in a way as it means I'm forever finding bits and pieces to use that I didn't know I had!

      The fragrance of all the products is the same, slightly oriental but with a delicious sweetness that makes them smell at least as good as anything you'd find in Lush - actually I'm not usually a fan of the fragrance of Champneys products but Oriental Opulence has become a firm favourite very quickly as the sweet candy-like aroma really appeals to me.

      In the set there was a pot of body polish which is fantastic, a small bottle of bubble bath, shower gel and body lotion - I seem to recall there was a shower scrunchie in there too, although that could have come from another Champneys gift set (it's super quality anyway). I love the shower gel so much that this morning I bought a large tube as it makes my skin lovely and soft plus makes me smell wonderfully sweet for hours.

      I love these types of gift set as they're a good way to 'try before you buy' and I'm sure I'll be replacing some of these small products soon, the only issue for me is that when I used more than one Oriental Opulence product out of this lovely little set the fragrance became a little too sweetly cloying - that's not a big deal but as I do like to layer my fragrance it's a bit disappointing that Champneys didn't consider this.

      I'm not sure how much it cost as it was a gift and the price would have changed since last Christmas, I'm guessing she would have paid roundabout £8 for it which is exellent value for the opportunity to try out some of these lovely pampering toiletries.


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        18.11.2014 14:22
        Very helpful


        • "The set looks nice for a gift"
        • "I think they smell very beautiful"
        • "The products are very beautiful"


        • "The products are not luxury"

        Champneys Oriental Opulence gift set

        WHAT IS IT?

        This is a gift set of Champneys products. There are 4 products that are in the set and they are packed into a bright red box. I have had more than one of these sets and the box changes but the contents do not.


        The products are small sizes like in most gift sets but I like that because it helps me to try all different things and if I do not like something it is easier for me to use it up then if I had a big bottle or pot.

        There is a shower cream that is in a tube, a bottle of Bubble Heaven bubble bath, a pot of Body Glow scrub and a pot of body cream also. These all have got the fragrance of Oriental Opulence and I think that is a very beautiful fragrance that I like alot.

        WHAT I THINK

        I like to use the items out of my gift set but I think I would not like to have the full size produce except for the shower cream because I like that very much. I hope that I will be gifted another set this Christmas and I might buy one for myself also before christmas.

        They do not feel like luxury to use but the smell makes them feel like luxury I think, I do not get any very good effects on my skin when I use them even though they are very pleasing to use. I think that Body Glow is a very good product but I have got scrubs that work better even if they do not smell so nice.

        I think this is a very nice gift set to be given because it is a pleasure to unwrap it and to try out using these beautiful products. I would buy it for any lady who I know likes to pamper herself because Champneys is a good brand and I think these products are all very nice to use also. I feel like they have been picked to go together good and they do that, you can use the products together and that makes the sweet fragrance very strong on your body. I use them at night so that I smell nice while I am relaxing and when I go to bed.


        This gift set costs about £13 and that is very cheap I think because it is a very nice gift and looks to me like it would cost more.

        5 Dooyoo Hearts.


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        13.01.2014 16:59
        Very helpful



        A luxurious set of products which would make a nice pamper gift for someone

        I was given a Champneys Spa Indulgence Oriental Opulence Travel Collection set as a birthday gift some months ago and have been using the products on and off since then.

        The Champneys Spa Indulgence Oriental Opulence Travel Collection consists of a 50ml tub of Oriental Opulence Body Cream, a 50 tub of Oriental Opulence Body Glow, a 50ml bottle of Oriental Opulence Bubble Heaven and a 50ml tube of Oriental Opulence Shower Cream.

        The bottle, tubs and tube all look very elegant with their deep red coloured plastic containers with gold coloured lids. These really do look like quality products.

        I don't have a bathtub so I didn't try out the "Bubble Heaven" until we went on holiday in October and found that you have to use a fair bit of the product to work up a decent enough bubble bath. One thing to be way of is that it's quite difficult to get the product out of the bottle as it's quite thick and you can't squeeze the plastic bottle to easily dispense the cream. You really have to tilt the bottle and wait until it's ready to be poured out. A 50ml bottle would probably last you for 3 or 4 bubble baths if you're like me and like your bubble baths really bubbly. The shower crème lasted less than a week, being used by both hubby and myself on a daily basis. I wasn't overly impressed with the scent but it did feel like luxurious product.

        The body glow is something that takes a bit of getting used to. It's a blend of honey, ylang ylang, sea salt, coconut oil, sandalwood and patchouli which needs to be massaged into the skin and rinsed off afterwards. This works is an exfoliating product and the packaging recommends that you use the Oriental Opulence Body Cream after using this.

        The body cream has a very silky feel when applied to your skin. The body cream has milk protein, sweet almond oil, honey, ylang ylang, vitamin E, sandalwood and patchouli which combined is supposed to give you silky, soft and radiant skin. I do agree that my skin feels silky, soft and radiant after using but I'm really not keen on the scent of the body cream.

        This is not the sort of thing I would buy for myself as it's probably a bit more pampering that I can handle on a regular basis. I think the set makes for a lovely gift for someone who would otherwise not buy something like this (like myself). I do think that the mix of ingredients make for a scent which is difficult to enjoy and it really lasts a long time (which is a good thing if you like the scent, but I don't).

        Champneys Spa Indulgence Oriental Opulence Travel Collection is currently available at Boots for £12.00.


        My rating for this set is an above average 3 out of 5. As I don't really like the scent of it, I wouldn't want to receive this again as a gift personally.


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          04.05.2011 08:04
          Very helpful



          A delightful and very reasonably priced travel collection from Champneys

          As I absolutely adore using beautiful toiletries I am always delighted to learn of new products. I am ashamed to say that there are several large carrier bags stored at the rear of my wardrobe; all of which are brimming with a variety of beauty products. Whilst I made a vow quite some time ago not to purchase anything new until my existing supply has been used I often become a little weak and purchase new items. If I were to say the words "Champneys" and "opulence" to you, what images and thoughts would appear in your mind?

          For me it would be luxury, splendour, relaxation and high quality and a gift that was presented to me several months ago offered me just that. The last few months have been somewhat difficult for me due to various issues and as a consequence, I have been feeling quite low at times. My husband felt I needed cheering up so handed me a beautiful box of Champneys products and this review discusses my experience with using their Spa Indulgence Oriental Opulence Travel Collection. I have to warn you that this is a lengthy review and as a result, I have sectioned each of the individual items to enable an easier read.


          Whilst I had previously heard the name Champneys I never really new anything about them and although I'd often seen their products in Boots I would simply walk straight past them due to their rather high price tag. To educate myself a little on the company itself I carried out a little research on the internet and it was there that I learned that the company are committed to providing their customers with relaxation and pampering experiences, as they own four luxury spas, which are situated in various locations throughout the United Kingdom. Their website is a joy to read, as it is clearly laid out and I found myself drooling at the services that the company are able to offer.

          My initial thoughts were that Champneys are the next level up from Sanctuary, which is a company that offers similar products and services. Whilst I have no experience with Champneys spa experience, I have considerable knowledge of a number of their products; all of which can be found on their easy to navigate website. I do not intend copying information from their website, as I deem this as inappropriate, but would advise that if you are interested that you check them out and I'm sure that like me, you will find yourself in a dream pamper world.


          I was advised to close both of my eyes and hold out my hands whilst my husband placed a box into them. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I witnessed my special gift, as the packaging itself was very luxurious. The collection is contained within a glossy coloured red shaped sturdy cardboard drum and to add to the splendour and sophistication there are swirls of roses etched onto the lid; the sides of which cover almost half of the drum itself. There is a beautiful golden border running around the rim of the lid where we will find the familiar logo of Champneys. It took some time for me to take in the beautiful packaging before I made any attempt to open the lid, particularly as I have never received such an expensive looking toiletries set before.

          On the upper section of the lid is a small length of golden ribbon and it is here that we see the words "Professional Spa Formula", so even before I lifted the lid I was of the opinion that there was sheer luxury waiting for me inside. The lid was easily removed where I discovered four beautifully packaged products with each of them baring a resemblance to the outer packaging and I will discuss each of them in my review. The fragrance of each of the products is one that I actually adore, as it is ylang ylang, which is a fairly aromatic essential oil. Unfortunately, this scent does not appeal to everyone, so if you only favour a delicate aroma this travel set would not be for you, as it is fairly powerful, yet extremely adorable.


          We are provided with a neat travel size gorgeous red tube containing 50 ml of shower cream, which sits on a very luxurious looking golden coloured screw top lid. On removing the lid and easily dispensing a small amount of the good consistency pearly white cream onto my shower puff I am met with the most stunning fragrance. The cream creates a plentiful lather and this is one of my reasons for always using shower puffs, as it enables my toiletries to last much longer. The cream is wonderfully soft and cooling when contact is made with my skin and it easily enables any dirt and impurities to be lifted away.

          This was the first product I used within this Travel Collection and it provided me with a very satisfying shower experience. There is a host of ingredients contained within the cream and whilst I do not intend discussing them all I would advise that we are provided with panax ginseng root extract and both oils of the cananga odorata flower and sandalwood. However, I cannot state that either of these fragrances are evident, as the most obvious to me is the ylang, ylang, which remains lingering on my skin for several hours following my shower.

          My skin is always left feeling soft and silky smooth and I have never suffered any adverse effects when using this product. For the purpose of this review I omitted applying any cream or butter to my skin to enable me to ascertain whether the product was drying and I am pleased to report that this was not the case. However, I cannot state that it offered me any moisturising properties, but this is not a negative as far as I am concerned, as I always favour using specific hydrating products following my bath or shower. The cream should be used within 24 months of opening and contact should not be made with the eyes. If I were to rate this product alone it would receive 5 stars from me.


          The packaging is again very luxurious and gives the impression of high quality and just as the title suggests, I expected to be transported to bubble heaven. We are provided with 50 ml of product, which is contained within a red bottle with a gold screw top lid. The claim on the reverse of the bottle is that we should "indulge in the most sumptuous of bathing experiences with this opulent elixir, full of Eastern luxury" and the Champney's therapists recommend pouring into warm running water and to gently swirl with your hand.

          This is where the problems started for me, as my bath taps were slowly filling my bath and I unscrewed the lid and tipped the bottle upside down and waited for a small amount of the contents to dispense. I waited and waited and waited and not even a drop made contact with the water. I peered inside the bottle and could see the contents, which looked as if they hadn't budged.

          As I have previously used the full size version of a different fragrance in this range, which is provided in an easy to dispense glass container, I was aware of how thick bubble heaven actually is. Consequently, I banged the underside of the bottle and shook it vigorously and still nothing. After about 2 minutes of feeling quite harassed and frustrated the contents began to dispense into the water. I was in definite need of my bath now, as I was totally stressed and rather annoyed due to the fact that my pampering experience had been somewhat marred.

          Further disappointment was to come my way, as whilst the contents of Bubble Heaven is simply delightful when I placed the bottle under my nose, I could smell absolutely nothing now that the thick bubble bath was in the water. The bubbles could only be described as average and were certainly not heaven, as Champney's claim. In fact, the results achieved from this product were what I would expect from a supermarket's basics range of bubble baths and I was not very happy.

          Unfortunately, I was unable to witness one little whiff of ylang ylang, which is normally a very powerful aroma, neither could I smell the sandalwood. In fact, I was able to smell absolutely nothing. I had expected the water to be soft and very luxurious and I feel that this product was a total let down and not one I can recommend. If I were to rate this product on its' own, it would receive only 1 star from me. The product should be used within 24 months of opening (provided you can get it out of the container!) and should not make contact with the eyes.


          I was initially a little unsure of the purpose of this product, as I suspected it to be a tinted body cream. However, body glow is obviously a posh word that Champneys have used to describe a scrub and it is presented to us in a 50 ml red plastic tub with a golden coloured screw top lid. On removing the lid I was able to witness a pale yellow/white coloured scrub, which looked identical to dampened sugar. I was rather apprehensive about using the product, as I have previously used scrubs with a similar appearance and always found them to be rather greasy due to their excessive oil content.

          However, I dipped my hands into the contents and scooped out a small amount on the tips of my fingers. I have to say that I squirmed, as its' texture was exactly what I was expecting and was very oily. I initially began applying the scrub to my knees and it felt as if I was rubbing in sugar. However, the scrub was very effective and whilst it felt extremely grainy it was not coarse or uncomfortable on my delicate skin and I was pleased that it left the areas in question feeling silky soft and smooth. Unfortunately, rinsing the residue from my hands was a little difficult, as it didn't seem to budge no matter how many times I washed my hands with soap and water, as they continued to feel very oily.

          Thankfully, I was eventually able to remove the residue, but it took quite a lot of patience. Fortunately, the scrub was easily rinsed away from my body skin, but identical to that of my hands, it felt very oily, but I wasn't particularly bothered, as I knew that the product was delivering a much needed moisturise boost to my skin, which was layered with a delicate and gorgeous ylang ylang aroma that lingered for several hours. For the purpose of this review I did not apply any moisturising cream to my skin and I cannot state that I experienced any tightness, dryness or adverse effects.

          I was very pleased with the results that Body Glow delivered to my skin and would advise that the contents of the tub should be used within 36 months of opening. Whilst I do not intend discussing the list of ingredients I would advise that the ingredients that stand out to me are mango seed butter, sesame seed oil and sandalwood oil. The only negative I have with this product is that it leaves a very greasy and considerably slippery surface on the base of the bath, which required a good clean after I had finished. The scrub should not be applied to broken skin and if I were to rate this product alone it would receive 4 stars from me, as I'm not particularly keen on the excessive oil content, but it's a product that I would definitely purchase again.


          Whilst it is rather difficult to choose a favourite product within the travel collection I would probably say that this is the one that I adore the most with the cream being presented to us in a 50 ml red plastic tub with a golden coloured screw top lid identical to that of the body glow. In keeping with the other products I have reviewed, the gorgeous fragrance of ylang ylang is immediately evident and there is something about its' aroma that I find so positively calming. The appearance of the white cream is similar to that of the body butters that I have used, as it is swirls into a slight peak in the centre. As I was a little unsure of exactly how much I needed when I tried it for the first time I placed my fingers into the thick cream and allowed only a small amount to be removed.

          I gently rubbed it into my skin and enjoyed the cooling and luxurious effect that it offered. Whilst the texture is fairly thick, it is easily applied and fast absorbing and delivered a beautifully stunning fragrance to my skin, which lasted for several hours. I have mentioned in previous reviews that I have used moisturising products since my teens, which sadly was quite some years ago and as a result, my skin is silky soft and smooth. I tend to suffer with dry skin on my knees, elbows and heels and Champneys cream was able to deliver high quality results and provide first class moisturization, particularly due to the high cocoa butter content. There was no greasiness or sticky residue and I never feel the need to wash my hands following application to my body. I adore using matching toiletries, particularly if they are highly fragranced, as it allows the aroma to layer and therefore become both more evident and longer lasting. The cream should be used within 24 months of opening. As for rating this product on its' own, it receives a definitely thumbs up from me, together with 5 stars.


          I have to say that I really enjoyed using this travel collection with the exception of the Bubble Heaven and have since made further purchases of the full sized products. In my experience of using all of these toiletries I have awarded them an overall rating of 15 out of 20 stars, which equates to around 3½ stars, which I obviously cannot give. Consequently, the entire collection receives 4 stars from me.


          The ingredients for each of the afore-mentioned products can be found on the underside of the outer packaging and as there are probably 300+ for obvious reasons I do not intend copying them into this review. Whilst I have no intention of discarding the outer packaging, particularly as it is so beautiful and I intend using it for storage, it can be recycled once empty, which is also the case for each of the products. Champneys does not test any of their products on animals and each one has been dermatologically tested.


          Champney's products are available directly from the Champney's website and this Travel Collection will cost you £12. Larger branches of Boots also sell this range of products and at the time of writing (1 May 2011) if you spend over £8 on any Champney's product you will receive a gorgeous golden coloured travel set containing a 40 ml tube of Skin Comfort Shower Cream, a 40 ml tube of Citrus Blush Body Lotion, a 40 ml tube of Hand and Nail Cream and a 50 ml bottle of Relaxing Dream Bath. This is superb value for money and I purchased a few new Champney's products yesterday where the Boots Advantage Card Kiosk provided me with a voucher where I would earn an additional 200 points on each product.

          If you've managed to get to the end of this review I hope you found it useful and would thank you for reading.

          This review will appear on both Ciao and Dooyoo under the same user name.


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