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Chanel Purete Ideale Mattifying Fluid

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Brand: Chanel / Fluid / Type: Facial Fluid / Subcategory: Fluid / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      18.03.2011 14:13
      Very helpful



      An excellent but pricey mattifying liquid that covers oily skin without blocking the pores.

      When I bought my bottle of Chanel Allure Blanche a couple of months ago cue 2010, I was given a couple of free samples of Chanel facial fluids that I didn't really take much notice of until several weeks later when cleaning out drawers and found the samples on their own. Whilst I have tried products in the past that promise much for moisturized skin, or clearing up shiny patches, I don't tend to stray away from bargain brands or their associated prices. The best formula to date was a product made by Simple and then they took it offer the market to replace it with something inferior. Then I found a product by Nivea Visage that was oil free, but proved a total disaster on dry patches and didn't control as much shine when it promised to. Out of the 4 sample cups I gave away 2 of this product and kept one for myself and another Chanel Precision sample of another Purete lotion without the additional "Ideale" tag. Although similar in look, this product isn't the same as Chanel Precision Lotion Purete, as that product contains flowery extracts including oil-based additives compared to this product that has bio sea marine extracts and no oil added. Whilst Precision Lotion Purete claims to be ideal for combination or oily skin, I was more taken with the sample I had been given that felt silky smooth in my palm compared to the oilier version Chanel had also supplied me.

      Purete Ideale, by Chanel is a mattifying liquid that is designed to keep back facial shine caused by over productive Sebum that surfaces through skin's natural pores but whilst other products can dry skin out by covering the pores, the solution offered by Chanel here minimises blockage and drying out the skin's natural elasticity whilst giving skin a matt appearance. If you're someone used to these kinds of promises and feels ripped off, I can't begin to say fully how wonderful this product has turned out to be! The instructions you get with this product are pretty much useless in the limited pull out paper info you get and Chanel don't really promote this product very well either on what it is supposed to do or what it contains, other than not being tested on animals. This is a product that I have relied upon however for around three months witnessing the change in the air from wintery cold to warm days and dryer air.

      Purchased singularly in January 2011, and then given as a birthday gift a couple of weeks ago, Purete Ideale is very much a product I've grown to appreciate despite the price and small quantity but as with Chanel in general, it seems a little goes a long way. One size is only available at 50ml and costs on average £38 to £40 depending on stockists such as John Lewis, House of Frasers or Debenhams. Sometimes it is on sale at Boots but only at larger stores that may have a Chanel desk. Of course not a problem if money grows on trees, but for me the price was very off putting but still relentless, I paid £35 at Debenhams for my purchase after my samples. If I had the money I'd have bought this product by the bucket load, had I discovered it in summer, where my skin gets the worst of treatment due to the hot, dry air compared to cold, wet air. However, my original bottle is only three quarters filled and the other purchase is still wrapped up in its glossy white box - whereupon I'm hoping it will be used come summer 2011! Thanks to its "sample" availability, this is one product you could ask for the next time you see a Chanel desk in a store, much needed for if you have serious dry skin conditions and if you shop online, you can pick up a U.S "Nanolotion" product that is 150ml in size.

      The liquid that emerges out of the Purete Ideale is white, creamy yet thin like milk, possibly due to its slight water Hinoki content. The feel is however silky with no grainy powder and very much feels the same way as the smooth rubbery consistency of the product's actual package material. Unlike standard bottles, Chanel have given this product a rather classy flush fitting look thanks to the little rectangular top complete with Chanel trademark and when pushed, reveals a smaller rectangular button that disperses the cream whilst the rest of the bottle has a light green glow to it with small black lettering almost as if it could glow in the dark! The dispersal tap only puts out a little of the cream per singular push and per push, I find the blob of cream can last for most of my face or one side of my face, depending on how extravagant I want to make myself but the speed in which Purete Ideale disappears is quite astounding! It's a product I take with me to work and can apply it whilst walking to the bus stop without the fear of anyone seeing I actually have cream on my face! The cream certainly does go a long way however when using, which kind of minimises secondary thoughts of wasting money given the initially expensive cost price. I apply once in the morning after washing my face, and once last at night when I've washed my face before bedtime, and I only use soap and water or on occasion a soft facial gel which doesn't make Purete Ideale in both cases hard to wash off.

      Scent wise, there are a few flowers going on here with a slight woody base, but nothing strong and unrewarding, or clinically bland and yet lending a grateful hand of submission here to anything else you may apply in terms of added moisturisers or perfumes/aftershaves. Whilst this is a product that may well be marketed for women to put on before applying make up, Purete Ideale as product is unisex and has become for the most part, a trustworthy moisturiser for my combination skin without any need for additional facial creams. This is simply because Purete Ideale seems to keep my skin soft to the touch, shine free and gives a toned appearance for a good couple of hours - compared to the usual 3 step method that most people have to go through - and constantly maintain. When one bottle does it all (of course it's not a facial cleanser) in my fast paced lifestyle, there's not much else I need to apply or worry about. It is a pity that this product is expensive though - and that warrants one star off despite how good this lotion has turned out to be.

      One bonus factor that I have noticed with this facial cream is that it can be applied straight after shaving either with a dry shaver or wet shaver. Even though it isn't really a moisturizer, it does leave stubble feeling infinitely softer than most of the products I tend to use, silkier even than the effects of same-baby like soft skin after electric shaving use and in thick stubble doesn't bobble leaving any patches of the cream behind. For a product that promotes itself as a Serum rather than a moisturizer, I'm suitably impressed that it makes my face radiant without a shiny look - and when it clears up shine and dry patches, this is a superb product to consider - especially from a man's prospective! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2011



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