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Cherish 3 in 1Facial Wipes

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Brand: Cherish / Type: Cleansing Wipes / Suitable for: Face / What it does: Cleanses,

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    4 Reviews
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      26.07.2013 12:33
      Very helpful



      These are a really good bargain buy!

      One of the things I buy very often is cleansing wipes. I am old school in the way though that I do think you should always try to opt to properly cleanse and tone your skin but at the moment I am too busy and tired to be faffing about and with the hot weather we have been experiencing in the UK I do find facial wipes to be a handy thing to have.

      I occasionally shop in Heron which for people out there not in the know is a frozen food specialist much like Iceland. They may specialise in cheap freezer food but of course they have a few other items as well and a while ago placed by the tills I noticed they had these wipes on sale at 2 packs for a pound or a pack for 60p so I bought a couple of packs and I must like them because now I buy them weekly!

      The Packaging:

      These come in a squarish shaped white plastic pack with to the centre of it a section to pull your wipes through with a resealable see through plastic sticky strip that goes over. On the front of the pack there is a pictures of flowers and the likes in different colours most of that around the outer edging then in turquoise writing we are told that they are Cherish 3 In 1 Cleansing Wipes and that that are 25 wipes in a pack and that they 'Cleanse and tone, remove make up, moisturise' and that they are dermatologically approved and allergen free. On the back of the pack other information listed includes being told how to use them and the ingredients that they contain, that once opened that we should aim to use them up within 3 months and contact details for the manufacturer are clearly given. Nice enough packaging this is and on all the packs that I have used of these I do find the sticky resealable bit to stay just that which means my wipes have never dried up on me! (I do hate it when that happens!).

      The Wipes:

      Prior to finding these and purchasing them I used to buy face wipes from well known brands in with my weekly shopping from places like Sainsbury's and ending up paying in excess usually of £3.50 a pack. I was always happy with the quality and what they were capable of so never moaned about the pricing of them but now I have found these I won't be paying that again and learnt a bit of a lesson!

      These wipes are white in colour and they are made of thick cloth opposed to cheap papery material. They are easy to pull out of the pack one at a time too which means less messing about and although smaller than alot of leading brands the square shaped wipe still covers my whole face.

      They are damp but not drippy and they have a sort of infused soapy aroma to them, the fragrance is hard to describe of these but its pleasant enough and wears off the skin once you have finished using them anyway.

      Robust, I can really clean my face with these. Full make up including mascara usually take a couple of wipes, for just a general wipe around and for not too much grease/grime or light make up I can get away with using just the one. They never split or crumble and I glide it over my face and dump it in the bin after using it (not the toilet I think these are a bit thick for that kind of behaviour!).

      Quick and simple to use I have found they really do clean my skin, leave my skin feeling soft in a natural way and smooth and that they don't bring me out in spots or anything adverse at all.

      These in my humble opinion really do fulfill their promises. They may be thought of as a cheap brand by many but they are a really handy product and like I stated earlier whilst I can still buy these I won't be paying over the odds again for the same thing!

      Available in lots of Pound shop type stores but if passing by Heron your best bet really is to go get them from there!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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      25.06.2013 18:42
      Very helpful



      Good value wipes that are at their best when using for cleansing rather than toning

      I bought a couple of packets of face wipes when I saw them on sale for a low price in Savers a few months ago. I was confident that they would last me a long time as I only use them when I am dog tired and I can't be bothered to cleanse, tone and moisturise separately. Then I had to put more hours in at work and I have found myself reaching for my wipes rather a lot. Most recently I have been using the Cherish 3 in 1 Cleansing wipes which cost me a grand total of 59p for 25.


      I hadn't heard much about the Cherish brand before. The packet says that this product is made in the UK which is nice to see. I did notice that Savers stock quite a few of their products including several other facial wipes which were also very reasonably priced. I opted for the 3 in 1 because they claimed to offer more benefits than the others and they were only few pence more expensive. The 3 benefits are as follows - the wipes are supposed to cleanse and tone, remove make up, and moisturise. It is formulated for all skin types and is suitable for use around the eyes.

      The wipes come in a plastic pack like most others, with a peel back label that acts to re-seal the opening after use. I must give credit to the makers because this label actually sticks really firmly and that is more than can be said for some more expensive wipes I have tried over the years. It is essential to close the pack as any wipes like this will dry out and become useless if exposed to the air.


      The wipes themselves are not the largest I have used but to be fair they are big enough to do the job and I have not found it necessary to use more than one at a time. They are strong too, and can be stretched in your hands without tearing. This is mainly important for me because I have used cheap ones before that actually disintegrated when I used them even though I was being gentle, leaving me with fluffy bits all over my face. Not something to forget in a hurry!

      They smell pleasantly of cucumber which is a nice fresh scent for a cleansing product. Texture wise the wipes are perfectly soft and pleasant to use, but they are a bit wetter than some. I felt my skin was too cold and wet at first but I realised this was mainly just because the last pack I used was drier. As the Cherish ones didn't leave me with a messy or sticky feeling, this wasn't really a problem. The damp feeling soon disappears anyway and is replaced by a freshness that compares well to traditional cleansers. I dislike using wipes in general because I often don't really feel properly cleansed afterwards so this was a nice surprise.


      I have not had any problems when it comes to removing make up when using these wipes, and I have tried them on various combinations of liquid and powder foundations, BB creams, blusher, highlighter and eye shadow. No scrubbing is required and a single wipe does the majority of the face which is impressive. The main reason I use this sort of product is to save time so I was relieved they didn't let me down here. I haven't tried the wipes properly on mascara as I use a separate eye make up remover for that, due to previous problems with other products. I did however use it to get rid of some non waterproof mascara that had run and it did a perfect job. So for cleansing and make up removal I give these full marks. They are also supposed to tone and moisturise and that is when they let me down. I have combination skin with an oily t zone so I was expecting the toning properties to be useful. Whilst my skin did look matt immediately on cleansing but it does so even if I use a basic soap. The shine came through to my forehead soon afterwards and normally a toner delays that for at least a while! I also did not notice any moisturising affects at all when using these. My skin felt no softer and certainly didn't look moisturised, so I have mostly followed them with a separate product - when I could be bothered anyway. At least they did not dry out my skin in any way or feel harsh even when I used them several days in a row. [Bear in mind that I don't have sensitive skin though.]


      I would recommend these to anyone wanting a basic cleansing wipe but not if you are really wanting to take advantage of all the 3 -in 1 benefits. They are good make up removers but not fantastic when it comes to moisturising or toning in my opinion. The Cherish wipes do feel better quality than any other cheap ones I have used and I would happily buy more to use when I next hit a busy patch. So I have taken into account the very low price when rating the product as a whole. You can also buy them in several of the pound shops, including Poundworld where they are 2 for £1.


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      27.08.2010 17:32
      Very helpful



      A good cheap product that easily rivals more expensive brands.

      Cherish 3 in 1 Facial Cleansing Wipes come in a pack of 25 and the packaging proudly states that they are made in the UK, it even has a little union jack symbol to emphasise this point.

      The packaging looks exactly as it does in the dooyoo photo, mainly white with sky blue edges and a baby pink love heart motif with the word "Cherish" emblazoned across it in some sort of girly script (even the dot above the "i" is a little heart!) Next to the logo it has bullet points about the wipes, saying that they: clean and tone, moisturise, remove make up, are allergen free and are also dermatologically approved. The colour scheme for the packaging is mainly blues, pinks and white.

      On the back of the product you will find the usual information such as ingredients. The ingredients in these wipes are as followed: Aqua, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Polyglyceryl-4 Laurate, Sorbitan Laurate, Phenoxyethanol, Dilauryl Citrate, Parfum, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1, 3-Diol and Citric Acid. Most people have no idea what on earth these ingredients are (I haven't a clue) but it's nice to know what they're called all the same.

      As well as the ingredients, the back of the product also goes in to detail about the directions to use (remember not to flush 'em folks!) and other product information such as how they have been formulated for all skin types and that they will gently remove make up and other impurities etc. We get the picture so I won't babble on.

      The wipes themselves are soft and very wet, they are like fabric in texture and are a good thickness too. As you would expect from a wipe they have a nice, mild smell to them. I find that they really live up to their claims, my personal experience of them has been a good one. They are gentle to your skin and do effectively remove make up and any other impurities, afterwards your skin will feel lovely and clean with an ever so slight tingle!

      My face is left feeling clean and toned, though I wouldn't say that these wipes really moisturise as they claim. Other than that I'd say they are a great little product and even though I have sensitive skin I can use them without suffering for it later! These wipes are cheap and widely available, definately worth buying and are a rival to more expensive brands.


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      21.04.2009 14:13
      Very helpful



      Cherish 3 in 1 facial Wipes.... a bargain!

      I regularly use moist facial wipes to remove my make-up and cleanse my skin. I have tried and tested a huge amount of different wipes - with most making an assortment of claims and promises - from a whole host of different brands over the years. I have come to the conclusion long ago that cheaper-branded wipes often perform well (well enough for ME, anyway) considering the low price paid.

      It was some time ago whilst shopping in a local branch of Lidl supermarket that I first came across the "Cherish 3 in 1 cleansing wipes", available at the time for the credit crunch-friendly sum of 66 pence, although this price has increased slightly in more recent times. I have also seen the wipes available to buy in discounted drugstores such as Savers and Semi-Chem for prices around 85 pence for the pack. As I previously spent upwards of £2 for a package of moist facial wipes from a rival brand, I was very pleased at the economical purchase to be found in the Cherish wipes.

      Looking over the product's package, I could see at a glance that they were ideal for my own requirements; the only REAL criteria that I usually check for when choosing wipes are two important details: they have to remove my make up, and they have to be Allergen free. The packaging for these facial wipes claimed that both of these needs would be met.

      I noted that the package contains 25 wipes in total, which is only 5 less than my usual brand. I also noted that the package of wipes stated that they were made in the UK, although this isn't of particular relevance to me personally.

      The Cherish wipes made several other claims, alongside the two that I had been eagerly looking for, before I purchased them. These were:

      * Cleanses & Tones
      * Moisturises
      * Dermatologically Approved

      What struck me most about the wipes upon opening them, was the lovely scent. I am not usually a fan of using overly-scented products on my face, but the smell from this product is not over-powering. It is a sort of fresh, subtle, soap-like smell, which is very attractive and inoffensive.

      Upon removing a wipe from the packaging, I noted that the thickness and quality of the facial wipe was on a par with my usual brand, which I can only deem as being "Just Right"... it is not so thin that it disintegrates when you are using it. I would guess however, that the Cherish wipes are very slightly smaller than other brands I have used in the past. That said, there is still a big enough wipe to cleanse my face thoroughly, and I do not feel the need to use more than one wipe with each use.

      I should inform you at this point that I am a huge fan of eye make-up, in particular, mascara and dark eyeliner. I wear both most days and usually remove my make up by using one of these facial wipes before any other products, so I am quite experienced in make-up removal techniques!

      I was happy to note that with one soft rub across my eyelid, my eye shadow and most of my eyeliner was removed easily, without rubbing too hard. Upon the second rub, the remainder of my eyeliner was removed, so there was nothing difficult or overly 'fussy' about using the Cherish wipes, in my experience.

      I then used the rest of the wipe across my face (only the corners had been used at this point) to remove my foundation and blusher. Again, this was done quickly and easily. I always cleanse my face at night, so any lasting traces of make-up would no doubt be removed by this process, although if there was anything left at all, I feel it would be a few miniscule traces, particularly if the messy evidence that remained on the Cherish facial wipe was anything to go by!

      I have rather sensitive skin on my face, and because of this I am always a bit weary when trying out new products. In the past I have also had problems with dry skin, which contributes to my anxieties when attempting to use something that I am unfamiliar with.

      I have also found that cheaper products may not be as effective as their more expensive rivals, and several of these cheaper brands have aggravated my skin in the past. For these reasons, I was rather sceptical about switching to a cheaper brand of facial cleansing wipe, but figured for the low cost, they were worth a trial at least.

      I'm really glad I came to that conclusion and have repurchased the Cherish 3-in-1 wipes several times since my first encounter with them. Admittedly, I will not go out of my way to track the product down, but if I happen across the product whilst shopping for other cosmetics, I will usually always stick a pack in my shopping basket, whether they are needed at the time or not... and at their extremely low cost price, this is something I am able to afford to do easily.

      Another point to note is that the wipes remain moist for the duration that the packs are open. A very valid point this is too, given that several other cheaper brands that I've purchased in the past have not even lasted to around the halfway mark, leaving me with bone-dry slightly greasy-feeling cloths that end up being thrown out. A false economy, if ever I saw one.

      The moisture is easily retained in the Cherish wipes because of the high quality sticker-type seal on the front of the pack. Don't be fooled into thinking that all cheaper brand facial wipes have the same shoddy quality sticker-type seal that looses its stickiness half way through the packet. The Cherish wipes prove that this is not the case at all.

      I'd definitely recommend that you try the Cherish 3 in 1 wipes as you might just be surprised at their quality.... I was, and the product gets full marks from me as a result.


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      Provides an ideal solution to removing make-up, cleansing and toning in one easy step /

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