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Christy Face Mask Sachet Lemongrass & WitchHazel

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2 Reviews
  • Cheap
  • Smell fake
  • Didn't peel off easily
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    2 Reviews
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      29.05.2015 21:07
      Very helpful


      • Cheap


      • "Didn't peel off easily"
      • "Smell fake"
      • "Didn't do much for my skin"

      OK, but don't bother

      There's a corner shop near where I live that always has these things on promotion. For some reason, one day I just felt like buying one to see what they were like. This set me on a real road to trying out different face masks, which might give away what I really think of this product.

      The Christy face masks are little packets that usually come in multipack buys of 4 for around £1 or 50p each. You just squeeze out the gloop from the packet and put it on your face (after washing it). These face masks smell a bit artificial if you know what I mean. They also tend to harden on the face, which is a bit unpleasant, because it causes a weird tight feeling when wearing them. Taking them off is a bit of a hassle involving picking the dried stuff off because it doesn't lift away like some face masks do.

      In a word, these are adequate. They left my skin feeling cleaner than usual, but they were a pain to take off, and smelt kind of like capri sun or something. Not that they smelled of orange, but they smelled kind of like that fake stuff. If you get my meaning. They didn't really do much about my combination skin... but at 25p or 50p each that's kind of more than I expected anyway. If you need a quick treat or a change or something, try these out, otherwise they're nothing to write home about so don't bother.


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      04.09.2006 12:51
      Very helpful



      A cheap face mask which was difficult to get off!

      Another face masque...I just love lying in the bath with ridiculous lotions and potions on my face!

      I don't know much about ingredients but the fact that it contains witch hazel certainly appealed because I always think this has soothing properties.


      This one promises to energise your complexion, absorb excess oils and draw out deep down impurities, so leaving you fresh faced and ready for another day of grime.


      This comes in one of those plastic sachets with a tear at the corner. Not a great idea because for this you really do need to find a pair of scissors. No scissors means a tiny bit of the packaging will be opened and you can squeeze only a tiny amount out at a time.

      the actual face mask is a yellow/green colour, not very pleasant, but it does have a really nice lemon smell.

      USING IT

      Make sure your face is totally clean and apply to your face and neck.

      Leave for 5 minutes and then rinse away.


      The "special" price was actually buy 3, get one free at the princely sum of £2.97, but me being the original bargain hunter bought a pack of 4 for £1 at a local shop.

      At 25p for each 15g packet, these were always going to be worth a try!

      MADE BY...

      Christy Cosmetics Ltd


      i have given these a try on a few occasions but haven't been especially impressed.

      On the front of the packet, it states that it is non drying which I don't know whether it means it doesn't dry your face or it doesn't dry on your face. i was soon to find out. Once applied, it's the nice bit...just lying down for 5 minutes. However, the bit I don't like is the fact that this mask does actually harden and dry. I prefer the ones which stay soft because they feel more moisturising.

      The mask is for problem and oily skin so I suppose if you have this skin type then the slightly drying properties may be ok, but for me, it isn't moisturising enough.

      The smell is pleasant, fresh smelling and clean, and it is certinly easy to use. However, although I have used all 4 of the sachets, I won't be buying any more, even at this bargain price

      thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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  • Product Details

    Toning and cooling mask for oily/problem skin / Non-drying /

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