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Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Cream Wash

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6 Reviews
  • Sodium laureth sulphate free.
  • Oil free.
  • Can over-dry some people's skin
  • Only suitable for greasy skin.
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    6 Reviews
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      30.11.2014 21:31
      Very helpful


      • "Sodium laureth sulphate free."
      • "Oil free."
      • "Helps avoid spots."
      • "Deep cleans gently."


      • "Can over-dry some people's skin"
      • "Only suitable for greasy skin. "

      Gentle Oil Free Cream Wash for Greasy Skin


      I have been using Johnson & Johnsons Clean & Clear products on my face for many years.

      In my teens and twenties I used them almost exclusively, on my then very greasy facial skin, a few times a day.

      Now, in my more mature years my face has gone from greasy all over, to just a greasy T Zone of forehead, nose and chin. The rest of my face is prone to dry patches, so needs extra care. I would describe this as quite an extreme case of “combination” skin.

      I used to cleanse with Clean & Clear Exfoliating Wash, which contains tiny micro-beads to take away the top-most layer of skin away with the dirt. The exfoliating version is also based on sodium laureth sulphate, which can be an irritant to more delicate skin. This suited me when I was young, but now I need something kinder to help my greasy T Zone keep spot free.

      The answer for me is using Clean & Clear Deep Action Oil-Free Cream Wash. This contains no micro-beads to exfoliate my delicate skin, or sodium laureth sulphate. Instead in comes out of the tube looking more like a light moisturiser rather than a cleanser. The white cream does indeed cleanse very greasy T Zone very well and a lot more gently than other products in the range.

      MY USAGE

      To use I wet my face and then massage a small amount into my greasy T Zone. I then rinse thoroughly with warm water. While rinsing the dryer parts of my face get a more dilute solution on them, which is all they need. Afterwards my whole face feels very clean. I then moisturise with a cream suited to my age, using a lot more on the dryer parts, than the greasy parts.

      I will continue using this Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Oil Free Cream Wash once a day while my face is at this in-between stage, where half acts like teenage skin, and the other less greasy half inevitably ages.

      As my skin only requires me to use a tiny amount once a day, a tube will last me 2 or 3 months. (I do cleanse more often but at other times of day will use a cleanser for normal skin, as opposed to this one for greasy skin.)


      Currently you can get Clean & Clear products 2 for £5 at Superdrug, or Buy Two Get One Free at Boots.

      Full price is £3.50 for a 150ml tube.


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      15.03.2013 14:15
      Very helpful



      A mild gentle cream wash that helps keep skin clear.

      Product: Johnson & Johnson Clean & Clear deep action cream wash oil-free.

      Price and availability: Boots chemist £3.50 (150ml) Superdrug £3.49 (150ml) Asda Health and Beauty section £3.00 (150ml).

      Description: "Deep action cream wash cleans deep down to effectively remove dirt, oil and impurities without clogging, and contains a special ingredient to help prevent spots and breakouts. The tingling sensation tells you your skin has been thoroughly cleaned, leaving it cool, refreshed and really clear."

      Active ingredients:
      Salicylic Acid, a common ingredient for treating spot prone skin. Helps reduce inflammation, open pores and reduce blockage. Warning occasionally causes skin irritation, dryness, or soreness.
      Menthol, reduce inflammation.

      Managing spot prone skin can be a double edged sword, you can't use anything creamy or oily without making your already greasy skin feel overloaded and when you opt for products aimed towards problem skin types you end up causing dryness at irritation. So what do you do? Luckily over the years skin care companies have progressed a lot in their approach to treating spot/acne prone skin. It's no longer viewed just as an adolescent problem that needs to be dealt with harshly, and more of a condition that requires proper, continues care no matter what your age.

      "Acne is the common cause of spots. Most people with acne are aged between 12 and 25, but some older and younger people are affected. About 9 in 10 teenagers develop some degree of acne. Often it is mild. However, it is estimated that about 3 in 10 teenagers have acne bad enough to need treatment to prevent scarring. Untreated acne usually lasts about 4-5 years before settling." (Patient.co.uk)

      It's easy to see why skin care is such a big business, where there's misery there's money to be made. Anyway is this product any better than the rest?

      Using the product: I chose to try this product as I was looking for something mild and cream based to treat my oily skin, hopefully without causing dryness and I've always like the J&J brand. The texture is creamy without being heavy and is white/metallic in appearance. You can feel the cooling, tingling sensation instantly which I found a bit strange, some people with sensitive skin might find this irritating. It doesn't lather or foam and certainly feels like you are cleansing your skin with a cream rather than a wash. After rinsing my face felt smooth and still had a cooling feel. You're not going to see amazing results after a couple of days but I did notice my skin clearer by the end of 6 weeks without over drying.

      1. oil free however it doesn't say if it is noncomedogenic (formulated to not block pores).
      2. Smooth and creamy texture.
      3. Pleasant scent.
      4. Feels cooling.
      5. Lasts about 6 weeks, value for money.
      6. Did not over dry, mild, gentle.
      7. Helped reduce breakouts.

      1. Not everyone will like the tingling feeling.
      2. May cause reaction in sensitive skin.

      I would recommend this wash if you're looking for a simple way to cleanse problem skin without leaving a tight or dry feeling. Suitable for everyday use, teens, mums and dads.


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      27.11.2012 00:48
      Very helpful



      Very good product for a reasonable price if you shop around

      I purchased this as my first face wash ever about a month ago and I'm quite impressed. I bought it from boots for £3.50 however I have since seen it in other shops for about £2.50 so I would recommend shopping around to get the best deal possible.

      It comes in a tube with the lid facing downwards, also working as a stand, this is a good idea as it keeps all the product near the top and prevents too much squeezing and shaking to get the contents out when your tube is nearly finished.

      When I first used it there was no obvious odour. However on further inspection it actually spells quite pleasant. The product comes in cream form and unlike other face washes it doesn't lather. You put a pea sized amount on your hand and wipe it over a damp face. I must admit I don't think a pea sized amount is very much I tend to use a bit more. It is very easy to use and washes off well. My favourite part of using this product was the tingly feeling after you have used it. It always feels very refreshing and helps to wake me up in the mornings.

      I am lucky enough not to suffer from many spots but I do get oily skin so it appealed to me as it stated on the bottle that it was oil free. I have noticed that since using it I still wake up in the morning and my skin still feels oily despite using the product everyday so it doesn't eliminate oily skin but it does keep it at bay throughout the day. When first using it I did suffer a minor breakout but this is normal with starting to use any new product and all spots cleared up quickly.

      Now I have got used to using this product my skin looks clearer and it feels much softer. I would recommend this to a friend without a doubt.


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      21.05.2012 14:18



      Perfect :)

      This cleanser is around £2.50 and is sold in most supermarkets and Boots etc. I pick this up because I am a sufferer of spots and I have found after a long time of use they have been kept at bay.

      *The bottle*
      For what I pay and because I use it twice daily It does seem to last around a month and a half using a pea sized amount. The bottle stands on the lid but when its running out has a habit of falling over and getting lost behind things. Getting the last few goes out is also difficult.

      *How to use*
      The application is easy, you just put a small bit onto your hands and lather it into your face with water and then rinse it back off again, it just takes seconds to do. The cleanser doesn't seem to leave residue and is very simple to completely wash off without feeling too sticky when your using this you feel the tingling sensation on your face which gives it some freshness It also doesn't have any weird smells added to it.

      *The results*
      From when I began using it around 3 months ago I have noticed I don't seem to get many spots and when I do they seem to disappear quicker, my blackheads on my nose and whiteheads around my chin have also died down a lot.

      Would I recommend this? Yes, It's certainly a great product on a budget and even if you don't suffer with spots its good to have a nice cleanser anyway, I am now clean and clear of all my spot worries!


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      20.10.2011 12:38
      Very helpful



      A Great Value and Good Deep Cleanser from Clean and Clear

      This product has been around for a long time and is generally advertised for the teenage market. Whilst I have to admit that I am now well past that time in my life, I have combination skin which is dry around my cheeks and mouth but is oily around my nose, forehead and chin and do occasionally get the odd spot; hence I bought this cleanser to see how it would fare.

      The Product ~

      The Clean and Clear Cream Wash is packaged in a 150ml bottle which is coloured in mint green and purple the purpose of which I assume is to give the general illusion of being hygienic colours. The tube has a clip open white lid which snaps back into place. The lid serves as the base for this product as this is what it stands on, the strength of this being that the cleanser comes out of the bottle really easily without having to be shaken.

      Upon opening, the contents can easily be squeezed out of the bottle. The cleanser itself is white in colour and has a medium consistency which smells very fresh and slightly citrus.

      The Price ~

      Clean and Clear Deep Cleansing Cream Wash can usually be purchased at around the £3.00 - £3.50 mark however I recently purchased a bottle for £2.99 at my local Boots.

      The Application ~

      To apply, this cleanser should be squeezed onto a clean hand or cloth and rubbed into damp skin on the face. Unlike soap based products this cleanser does not lather, however a good squeeze is more than enough to gently rub around the face. It is worth noting that Clean and Clear do not advise that it goes near the eyes. Following this, a clean damp cloth can be used to wash away the cleanser followed by a splash of fresh water if desired. Having owned a bottle of this for over a month and using it most days the contents do seem to stretch for a long time.

      The Results ~

      Clean and Clear claim that this facial wash 'tackles oil and dirt in the pores and leaves skin clean and healthy looking'. In my experience, following rinsing the cream cleaner off your face the result is skin that feels deeply clean and fresh. However, I have found that this product can be slightly harsh to sensitive skin around the nose and mouth and can leave a tingling sensation behind, which I just attribute to being cleansed.

      The skin is left dry that is without oil which I have found to be useful in applying to any outbreaks on the skin as it dries out the affected area. However, as a person who has combination skin I have found that this product does have a counter affect by drying out even more the skin around my cheeks, and therefore I require a dollop of moisturiser when ever I use this cleanser.

      Overall I have found that this is an effective cleanser for people who have largely oily skin however it is not brilliantly suited to people like me with combination skin hence the scoring of 4 stars.

      Thank-you for taking the time to read my review.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under the same user name.


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      09.08.2011 10:42
      Very helpful



      An effective facial wash from Clean and Clear

      I am very meticulous with my beauty regime and over the years I have probably tried and tested the majority of products within my price range. I enjoy using facial washes and cleansers and have now found the perfect one, namely Liz Earle. However, prior to my discovery, I would enjoy the experience of trying something new. A range of products that I tried and tested some time ago belonged to the Clean and Clear range, which is part of Johnson and Johnson and this review discusses my experience with using their Oil Free Deep Cleansing Cream Wash.


      This range is always a winner as far as I am concerned with its' packaging, as the majority of the products are presented in a combination of vibrant shades of blue. The 150 ml cream wash is presented to us in a sturdy plastic container that sits on a large dark blue flip top lid. Whilst there are literally dozens upon dozens of similar products located on the supermarket shelves it was this facial wash that caught my eye due to the fact that it is oil free. As I suffer with T-zone skin, which often becomes greasy on my forehead, nose and chin it is essential that I choose products that are specifically designed for my skin type.


      The first positive point for me is that the lid easily flipped open and firmly closed and I gently squeezed the tube until an approximate half inch length of pearly white cream was visible on my fingertips. I applied to my dampened face paying particular attention to areas that are more prone to excess oil, such as the corners of my nose, forehead and chin. The texture of the cream wash was slightly thicker than others that I've used, but was easily applied to my skin and delivered a soothing and very comforting situation as I massaged it over my entire face. A slight lather was created within a few seconds, but I cannot state that I favoured the chemical aroma and whilst not unpleasant, I would have preferred a fresh and uplifting fragrance. Clean and Clear claim that the wash will offer a tingling sensation to your skin, but I cannot state that I witnessed anything other than the coolness.

      The cream was easily rinsed away with warm water and I always complete my face washing routine with a splash of cold to close the pores. It was following its' removal that I witnessed a delightful sensation on my freshly cleansed skin, which can be described similar to that of drinking a glass of cold water directly after cleaning your teeth. My skin felt wonderfully clean and fresh as well as soft and smooth and my experience of using this cream wash is very positive other than for the chemical aroma. Many facial products leave my skin feeling dry and tight, but I was pleased that I suffered no adverse effects during or following use of this product.

      Whilst I rarely suffer with spots these days, which I believe is due to a healthy diet and a combination of cleansing products, I cannot evidence Clean and Clear's claim that the wash will help prevent spots. I'm of the opinion that it is probably true due to its' alcohol and salicylic acid content, as I feel that the product was effect at cleansing whilst removing any dirt and impurities. My experience of using this wash has been extremely positive and I will more than likely repurchase. The 150 ml tube lasted me a good few months with using the product twice a day, so this comes with my full recommendation. If the aroma had been favourable it would have received 5 stars from me, but I felt it necessary to remove one.


      As with all products of this nature there is an extremely lengthy list of ingredients contained on the reverse of the tube and for obvious reasons I do not intend copying them into my review. However, I have discussed those in my review that I consider to be key and that is the alcohol and salicylic acid content. The wash is gentle enough for daily use by both men and women and should be used within 24 months of opening with the tube being recyclable once empty.


      Clean and Clear Oil Free Deep Cleansing Cream Wash can be purchased in most supermarkets and Boots and until 30 August 2011 you can purchase a tube from Tesco for the reduced price of £1.97, which is excellent value for money.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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