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Clean & Clear Daily Pore Toner

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2 Reviews

Brand: Clean & Clear / Type: Toner

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    2 Reviews
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      30.05.2013 22:39
      Very helpful



      It is an alright product. It does clear dirt and oil, but not for use often.

      I have never really been one to apply a toner after cleansing, but I had read great reviews on this product and considering the price was only $4USD, I figured "Eh, why not?" This toner is not my favorite product, but I will probably buy again if it ever runs out.

      The Clean&Clear Daily Pore Toner is not packaged in any special way. It holds 8oz of product that would probably last 3 or 4 months if used just twice daily. The only problem I have found with the packaging is that the hole where the product comes out of is way too big. Way too much product comes out if you're not careful. Honestly, this isn't a problem because once you figure out how slowly you have to pour it you will probably never spill too much of it again. So fair warning!

      The instructions for use are very clear and to the point. They state that the product is meant for every day use on clean skin. They state that a person should only apply it once daily at first because it can cause excessive drying. A great mend for this would be to not just apply the product all over the face, but to dip a q-tip in the liquid and then apply directly onto blemishes or areas that are very oily.

      The consistency of the product is 100% pure liquid. The product is easy to spread around the face and it gives a minty/menthol tingly feeling. I love the feel of the product. I do not use it every day because the more I use it, the less it helps so I usually only use it once a day... if that. It is definitely a great product for oily skinned people like myself and it doesn't burn as I expected it just leaves a tingly feeling wherever it is applied. It sucks up oil and leaves my skin shine free for several hours! When I apply it to my face and then look at my cotton ball or Q-tip it is easy to see how much facial cleansers are actually leaving behind because this product picks up EVERYTHING.

      The ingredients are pretty ordinary except I did notice that it contains 0.5% salycilic acid- an acne fighting agent and it does fight acne pretty well. Another ingredient I noticed was Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract. I am a firm believer in the aloe vera plant so this finding was crucial in my decision to purchase the product. The Aloe is actually very soothing. I am sure that the Aloe extract added to the product is the reason the product doesn't burn badly when applied.

      Overall, it is an okay product. I don't know if I will buy it again, but I will definitely use the rest of what I have. If you are a toner user I would imagine this would be worth the few dollars to try it out!


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      15.02.2008 20:03
      Very helpful



      Not bad but not the best.

      As a sufferer of spots, blackheads and whiteheads I do use alot of 'zit blasters'. I'll buy anything and everything cheap or on offer and I can use it all providing I have some kind of pore cleanser as well for emergencies. I never buy these products on the cheap unless I know they're good!

      I'm a total Clearasil convert. As the norm I use the facial wash and pore cleanser and when I bought this thats what I'd gone to get. However I know of this brand and it's very similar to the Clearasil product I normally buy and it was on offer. Believe me I stood and pondered on this purchase for a good 20 minutes reading up and comparing lol In the end I got it with the attitude that if it's no good I shall just go and re buy my clearasil. Decisions, decisions lol

      What Is It....

      'New' Clean & Clear, Deep Cleansing Cooling Lotion with cooling effect and it's advertising says it 'Cools and cleanses for smaller pores and clear skin. It cleanses deep down to remove pore-clogging dirt, oil and make up that can lead to spots. It also cools the skin while cleansing thanks to it's breakthrough cooling technology, reducing the appearance of pores. You skin is left clean, refreshed and beautifully clear'.

      The Packaging....

      200ml recyclable blue/clear plastic bottle which has a dark purple plastic flip top lid that opens to reveal a hole. Squeeze the bottle the clear liquid comes out. I'm clearly told on the front what it is and who it is by and on the back tells me what it does (as I've stated), how to use, caution, ingredients and how to contact Johnson & Johnson (the manufacturers of this product).

      To Use....

      Apply cleansing lotion to a cotton pad and wipe over your face and neck.


      Well I use this a couple of ways. I do use it after wearing make up by as suggested using cleansing lotion (any) and then using this as a toner. This can remove make up all by itself but it is hard work and takes alot of product so I wouldn't advise it! I also use this first thing in the morning on some cotton wool just to clean my face after sleeping and refresh me.

      It's incredibly easy to use as you would expect. It comes out like water and instead of smelling medicated it actually smells really nice but I couldn't begin to tell you what of! Quite girly though.

      The Results....

      Well I was worried it wouldn't be as good as my usual Clearasil. This doesn't tingle on the skin like Clearasil does for starters. Even if you have a spot it doesn't tingle. A plus point of the product is sometimes the medicated stuff in Clearasil can make my eyes water and I don't tend to stick it near my eyes for that reason. This doesn't upset my eyes and I can even sweep it over my eyes though I wouldn't rub it into my eyes or anything like that! I'm not that brave lol

      The thing with these products is it doesn't matter how clean you think your face is it isn't! I'm constantly surprised by how dirty my cotton wool is after using this product. Even after bathing and showering and using facial washes and scrubs and things! So dirt is removed which is good thing and also unlike Clearasil I do find my skin is really soft after using it.


      Well I have to be fair. This has it's good points as I have listed however.... For me not quite as good as Clearasil. With Clearasil (and I'm talking similar product to this) I get no spots at all. I've used it for weeks and even at time of the month which is prime time for an outbreak for me none have dared reared their ugly heads. With this I'm getting one or two popping up and although they are small and I can cope with that as they're not half as bad as they used to be I still realise that I don't have to tolerate them and just need to revert back to my old favourite product.

      I do like this and if Clearasil wasn't about yes I'd buy it and if you can't use Clearasil as it is a strong astringent then this is a perfectly acceptable second choice!

      I bought my bottle on offer in Sainsbury's for £1.49 but I think its usually about £2.99 in Boot's and Superdrug. It does last absolutely ages though as you don't need much and I have loads left after using it frequently!


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    • Product Details

      A cooling toner that helps reduce the pores / Good for acne prone skin /

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