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Clearasil Stayclear Clear n Refine Daily Scrub

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4 Reviews

Brand: Clearasil / Scrub / Type: Facial Scrub / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Exfoliates / Product line: Clearasil Stayclear

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    4 Reviews
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      19.10.2011 01:05
      Very helpful



      A skin care must have for spot prone skin

      ~~ Introduction~~

      In the past I have often been very critical of Clearasil's products. I found if anything that they only ever served to further irritate and break out my already spot prone skin. Acne has number of contributing factors but one significant issue seems to centre on production of oil glands known as sebaceous glands. Whilst the production of this oil can not be held directly responsible for an outbreak, an over production in oil is indirectly responsable by increasing the production of fatty acids which combine and become trapped in a closed off pores, like a butterfly effect , inflammation occurs and this triggers acne formation. Reducing excess oil is therefore vital in order to help keep acne at bay, but strip too much and the body will respond by knee jerking itself into over producing in the area that it lacks, forcing you full circle. Remove too little and you run the risk of further clogging pores. I have often found Clearasil products in the past completely stripped my skins oil and further irrated my skin, however, this time I think Clearasil have finally created a formula that addresses the oil balancing issue in a careful and gentle manner, provided that you use the product wisely.

      ~~Cost, Packaging and Product claims~~

      Clearasil Clear 'n Refine Daily Scrub comes in a 150ml plastic flip top tube, displaying all the relevant information at retails at around £2.35 In various cosmetic stores and supermarkets. The product has been dermatologically tested and claims that with daily use it will help to clear and prevent breakouts leaving your skin clearer and even toned.

      ~~ Ingredients~~

      There are a number of ingredients in this product but the key ingredient here, as far as I am concerned, is the use of salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is helpful in treating acne because of its ability to penetrate the follicle. It promotes the shedding of dead skin cells and helps to dislodge debre, which in turn helps keep pores clear. Used over time it should help prevent breakouts. Using salicyc acid as face wash will also make prescrption topical lotions like benzel peroxide absorb with great effecay as the salicylic acid open pores up allowing it to become more deeply absorbed. It's worth baring in mind that although salicylic acid is an effective ingredient for treating acne, it is also a well known skin irritant so this product may not be suitable for everyone - but of all the people I know, I have by far the most sensitive skin and to date have never had a problem with this product as I always use it with care.

      ~~Use and Verdict~~

      Reading the back of the tube you are advised to wet face and gently massages a small amount onto your face. If like me, you have acne prone skin it's always tempting to scrub hard in a bid to rid dirt but scrubbing hard will only provoke and irritate your acne further so always be gentle. The micro beads used to exfoliate in this product are plentiful and really fine so they don't scratch at your face (like a lot other scrubs i find tend to) but instead just glide along smoothly, gently removing the excess oil and pollution of the day. The consistency of this product is just right, not too thick, not too thin and I find a little goes along way. I usually spend a minute or so massaging lightly in little circular motions around my face, paying special attention to problem areas before rinsing thoroughly. I can honestly say that my skin has never felt so clean after using this product, the first time I used it I just could not believe how fresh-faced I felt.

      One thing that I do notice from time to time is that my face can feel a little taut after using the scrub and I get the sense that my skin could dry out very quickly if I didn't use moisturiser. On that note, I would say that you almost certainly need to moisturise after using this product in order to keep your skin hydrated. I always use an oil balancing moisuriser post scrub and find that it keeps my skin hydrated without becoming greasy.

      After a about two months of using this product in conjunction with a good moisturiser and a small amount of fineaca gel (medicated acne gel) my breakouts have now been reduced to just the odd spot here and there. The red marks that had plagued my face from spots I'd had many months before, seem to be fading quicker than ever. As well as acne I seem to always get little white bumps under the skin that stay around for months on end and these too have also reduced, which is amazing considering there has never been any product I have ever used that has ever even come close addressing that problem.

      I honestly just could not be without this product, it isn't a miracle cure and I do still get spotty from time to time but of all the scrubs that I have tried (hundreds) this has become by far my favourite. My partner who is also quite spot prone swears by this product too and he always reminds me to add it to the shopping list, there's just nothing on the market that makes your face feel cleaner. For once I can honestly say that Clearasil have mastered removing the correct amount of oil and provided me with pleasing results.

      A total skincare must have.

      ~~Also written on ciao under the same user name~~


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        08.10.2011 20:59



        An ideal cleansing wash which keep on top of blackheads and blemishes

        I bought this facewash as a change from my usual brand and let's just say it was a refreshing and welcome change.
        The product exfoliates without that "scratchy" feeling that you get from some products. Also, sometimes I find that my skin can get even oilier after using harsh cleansers but that just didn't happen with this product. It cleansed my skin deep down and kept it really clean and clear without drying it out. There are "microbeads" which I found kept on top of my blackheads. After a couple of days, my nose felt really smooth and not bumpy at all.
        The product smelt delightful, not the usual chemisty smell that you can sometimes get with cleansers. I would definitely recommend this product as it was impressively good value for money and I bought it in my local Tesco. I am using it morning and night, and following with my regular moisturizer. It lathers well and is good for removing my makeup without scrubbing.


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        07.10.2011 17:33
        1 Comment



        A good daily scrub

        I saw this item at a bargain price while browsing my local supermarket for toiletry items, i had previously not tried this scrub. i had many times seen adverts on the telly for clearasil products and so thought maybe i should try this because it has had good reviews from my friends and peers.

        The scrub is easy to apply, you just rub on to yourself and then rinse with warm water. the scrub itself feels nice when applied unlike some other products which leave a burning sensation even when washed off. The scent of the daily wash is quite fragrant and appealing to most, better than others i have previously tried, definitely a future purchase for me. As facial washes go i think this is my favorite in terms of daily usability

        Nice smell
        Nice on the skin

        Can be expensive
        Can be difficult to get out the bottle when nearing finish


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          09.12.2010 19:07
          Very helpful



          A poor facial scrub from Clearasil

          If you have been following my reviews you will be aware that I have discussed a couple of products from the Clearasil range; a brand that is manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser. As someone who rarely experiences any adverse effects from using any facial or body products I was hoping this brand would be suitable for me, particularly as I would regularly use their products during my teens. A couple of months ago I purchase a few of their products; one of which was Clear 'n Refine Daily Scrub and I used it on a daily basis for several weeks.

          I was somewhat surprised to learn that this item was not included in Dooyoo's extensive catalogue, so I am of the opinion that it cannot be very popular. Consequently, I made a product suggestion to allow me to share my experience with you. I purchased this product due to the fact that I felt my skin was feeling and looking a little tired and dull and I desperately needed to give it a boost. As I had previously experienced using this brand I was of the opinion that I was purchasing a high quality scrub and that it would carry out the job for what it is intended.

          Appearance of the product

          The scrub is presented to us in a 150ml transparent plastic tube, which sits on a large flip top blue coloured lid. However, the design of the lid is rather strange due to the fact that it is slanted and this proved rather difficult to open. The packaging is quite easy on the eye, as in my experience all of the Clearasil products are presented to us in calming shades of blue and white. We are advised that the scrub has been dermatologically tested and this scrub is intended for "clearer skin all day, every day".

          Using the scrub

          The consistency of the scrub is considerably runny, which disappointed me, as it seemed to pour from the small opening within the tube. Whilst the fragrance of the scrub is not unpleasant I cannot say that it is something that I favour, as I am able to detect the aroma of cucumber; something I absolutely detest and it's fragrance is identical to the other products that I've used within the range. I find this rather strange, particularly as there is no mention of cucumber within the list of ingredients.

          The scrub is transparent and contains microbeads that are intended to gently exfoliate our skin whilst removing any of the bacteria that subsequently cause both blackheads and spots. We are advised that exfoliating our skin will assist in stimulating our skin's cell renewal.

          I dispensed a small amount of the scrub onto my fingers and gently massaged it into my skin whilst paying particular attention to my forehead and the corners of my nose; areas, which I find become more oily. My initial thoughts were that the scrub was extremely gentle and I could feel the tiny microbeads rubbing softly against my skin. Once I had covered the whole of my face I rinsed away the scrub with warm water, splashed with cold to close the pores and towel dried. However, within a matter of minutes the skin around my eyes and cheeks started to tighten and became very uncomfortable and sore.

          Consequently, I started to suffer with the identical reaction that I have suffered from all of the Clearasil products due to the salicylic acid content. As stated in my previous reviews I don't generally tend to suffer any problems with facial products, but for some reason Clearasil is different. I attempted to use this on several occasions, but on each and every time the same problem occurred.


          As there is a long list of ingredients I do not intend copying them into this review. However, as previously stated, this product contains salicylic acid, so I would suggest that if you decide to purchase this scrub that you carry out a small skin test perhaps on a tiny area on your cheek. As a result, you can be certain that this product will be suitable for you.

          Other information

          There are no details advising how quickly this product should be used once opened, as all I can see is the recycling symbol.

          My recommendation

          Unfortunately, for the reasons explained above, I am unable to recommend this product, as in my opinion it is too harsh. I have used many other brands containing salicylic acid, but for some reason Clearasil simply does not agree with me and I cannot say that I generally suffer with sensitive skin. Consequently, this product receives only one star from me.

          Price and Availability

          If you are interested in purchasing Clearasil Clear 'n Refine Daily Scrub I would advise that the range is available in most supermarkets and chemists and at the time of writing (9 December 2010) Asda are selling many of the products for £2 each.

          I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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