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Clearasil Stayclear Deep Cleansing Toner Sensitive

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6 Reviews

Brand: Clearasil / Type: Toner / What it does: Cleanses / Product line: Clearasil Stayclear

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    6 Reviews
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      13.06.2011 20:09
      Very helpful



      Good for the short term.

      I have to admit I bought this originally by mistake! I was buying my usual clearasil face scrub but happened to pick this up by mistake in Tesco as I happened to be in a rush. The price varies around £3 depending on offers available and it is not as widely sold as the face scrub from the same, now famous brand.

      The toner comes in a tall cylindrical container. It has a flip on and off lid which you drop the product out of onto a cotton bud. It is easy to make the most of the product and get every drop out, as it is quite watery, so none of it gets stuck in the bottle. The bottle is clear and the liquid is blue so it is nice and easy to see how much you have used and how much you have left too.

      The toner smells chemically, rather than luxurious, by which I mean it smells almost medical rather than scented to be floral and nice! It actually smells like it is doing you some good, which is probably a good psychological marketing step! I use about five drops on a cotton bud and repeat this twice on my whole face. All in all this means the bottle lasts me a couple of months, which makes it quite good value for the price paid.

      The toner feels very cool on the skin and feels like it is doing something as you get a very mild tingle. It makes me face feel immediately smoother and tighter, which is a good confidence boost, but I have to say after using it for two months I didn't really notice any longer term effects. I don't know if this is because I didn't use it for long enough.

      I'm reluctant to buy it again as although after use for five minutes it felt great, without any long term benefits my thrifty self just can't justify it.


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      28.10.2010 15:26
      Very helpful



      to refresh your face.

      I have this product, except its not for sensitive skin, although I should get it in sensitive seeing as I have recently been told I have eczema by the doctor and have had to switch everything I use to sensitive stuff (reviews soon).

      Anyway, I bought this product about 3 months ago and am only now coming towards the end of the bottle, I'd say it would have ran out quicker than this as i haven't actually used it everyday as i don't wear makeup everyday though I am pretty sure I should still use it, but i am lazy!

      It cost me about £3.99 from Boot's (I like to collect the advantage card points, I am slightly addicted!), however it is probably available cheaper from superdrug or savers or somewhere.

      I chose to buy this as I had ran out of a previous one and fancied a change, it says on the bottle that it helps to prevent breakouts, which I get quite a lot of, and tightens pores. To be honest, I am not convinced on the tightening ores thing as it has had no effect on mine whatsoever, and I drink lots of water too, damn things. However, when I use it, it does make me feel refreshed and cleaner and does seem to stop any major breakouts, though I do still get the odd spot!

      The smell of the product is pretty mild, it just smells clean and isn't off putting at all. The lid lift up and the product should be tipped upside down onto a cotton pad/wool, though this sometimes gets a bit messy as it needs to be shaken a little bit to get out and sometimes it goes all over my hands as too much comes out.

      For the price of it, I would recommend it if your skin is generally okay, but not if you are looking for a miracle cure. I have a 'clean and clear' one to try next to I will do another review to compare which one is better for products in this price range!


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      15.05.2010 17:21
      Very helpful



      Use every other day for best results

      Clearasil stay clear skin toner

      Size, price and value, where to buy

      This bottle of toner is quite good value. It costs around £2.50-£3.00 for a 200ml bottle. It is dermatologically tested and lasts a few months, and does make teenage skin feel soft, so all in all is quite good value.

      What it claims to do, and what it does do

      This toner claims that in 3 days skin will be clearer, I have to say this is the only drawback for me. A few of my friends have used it and they seem to think it is very good at getting rid of acne and grease and other dirt that teenage skin may contain. I must say, when I first used it, it worked miraculously, but after a while my skin got used to it and the spots came back and my skin was shiny and greasy. I traced that it was the Clearasil products I use that was ruining my skin, so took to using it every other day I did this for a month, and then surprisingly, it worked! I now use it every other day and my skin is clear and grease free, I also recommend using Nivea's original moisturiser after cleansing and toning.
      The Instructions on the back say to use this toner every evening and morning, this I do not recommend. It is not delicate enough for most people's skin.


      The Clearasil products all have a similar smell, and it must be said it is lovely and refreshing! You do not get many products that smell as nice as this! Absolutely gorgeous!


      It is a clear blue, or clear colour depending on the new or old one, I would say they work the same though, and recommend going for the cheaper one.

      Touch against skin

      Some people say that toner hurts their skin when they put it on. I say that if you use a cleanser of the same brand, usually you don't feel the sting. After using Clearasil cleanser, this toner feels like water really, and after drying and soaking in makes skin feel lovely and soft!

      How to use

      Use this toner after cleansing. Put some onto a cotton wool pad, so the toner spreads onto it to the size of about a 50p coin. Then wipe all over the face with the cotton wool pad and do not wash off. After leaving for a few minutes, begin moisturising.

      Overall Rating

      Overall I guess this product is just the average toner, with a nice scent. It is hard to find a brand that gets rid of spots this well too, although it is not that good at getting rid of spots. I suppose I recommend if you are looking for a cheap toner just to add to your cleanse, tone and moisturising routine.

      Please review, and leave constructive criticism! xx


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      17.09.2009 07:54
      Very helpful



      A toner and spot remover that works!

      I actually initially bought this for hubby as he was getting a few spots on his nose and asked what he should use to get rid of them. As I have always been lucky and never really suffered bad with spots, apart from a small patch of tiny blackheads, then I was none the wiser than him. I chose this product as it is a well known brand and the price was good as it was on offer!

      ~~THE BOTTLE~~

      This product comes in a clear bottle with a blue and white flip top lid. I prefer the clear bottle as it lets me see just how much of the stuff I have left. The flip top is also much easier than a screw one as it makes it quicker to use. The liquid inside is clear and to me is resembles water.

      The front of the bottle has a blue label with the Clearasil logo on and the product name below this. It also states that this is fragrance free and for sensitive skin. The back of the bottle has a white label and here you can find all the relevant details for the ingredients, directions for use and contact details if you have any problems for Clearasil.


      It recommend on the bottle that this is used everyday in the mornings and evenings and to use you apply a little to a cotton pad and wipe this over the face. This is exactly how I use the product but I do use more than one cotton wool pad as I like a fresh one for each area of my face. Hubby does the same as me. I do personally have a nice wash first as this is not supposed to be washed off after applying and using it.

      It is not to be used on the eyes or on sensitive areas but as I have no sensitive areas I use all over my face and actually on my neck as well.


      After a few days of using this I did notice that my blackheads were starting to clear up, not that they were noticeable in the first place but as I knew where they were I did notice them. I also found that I had much softer and brighter skin. Using this has had no effects on my skin like dryness or blotches. One of the only downsides I have found from using this is what I can see on the cotton wool after wiping my face. It really does remove dirt and grim from the skin as this was visible on the cotton wool pad.

      Hubby also noticed a great difference in the spots on his nose and they had cleared p within a few days. He did say that he did not need to use this any more but I did recommend that he continued to do so as it would help prevent any more in the future. He does think it is quite girly using this but he is happy to continue as it really does work.


      For those wishing to know what is contained in this product then the ingredients are as follows:-

      Aqua, Alcohol Denat, Aloe Barbadensis, Myrtrimonium Bromide, Ceteareth -12, Disodium, Cocoamphodiacetate, Sodium Chloride, Allantoin, Chlorhexidine, Digluconates, Tartaric Acid, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, propylparben


      I initially bought this product as it was on special offer for just £2 in Tesco's, at full price this is around £3 but can be found cheaper in shops such as Wilkinson's. The bottle is 200ml and this does last both me and hubby sharing a good month which I feel is excellent value.


      Overall I do recommend this product as it noticeably clears skin and leaves it feeling soft and glowing. I also like this product as it claims to be fragrance free and it really is!


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        19.03.2009 13:07
        Very helpful



        A great product that does what it says, clears spots and softens skin!

        When I first started using this product I didn't really see any effects and within a week I had given up. Of course I didn't throw the bottle away and have been using it again, and I'm beginning to see the results; what this shows is that your face has to get used to the Cleansing Toner before you can see the rewards.

        Firstly you don't have to use wasteful cotton wool balls to apply the product, a very small droplet in the palm of your hand is the best way to apply the Toner, I go for a drop on each cheek, one on the chin and neck and one on my forehead and it does the trick... just think, these small droplets each day are nothing. This product lasts for a long time! It all depends on where you get spots, and to apply relative to this.

        I've found that the Toner helps to soften skin as well a cleaning deep in ones pores. I've been finding the last week that fewer spots are cropping up, which is what I wanted. I can see that in time, if I continue to use the Toner I will soon be spot free, but as is true for all cosmetic products, such as anti-wrinkle cream, or scar removal cream; perseverance is everything.

        I bought the bottle on offer, and at the time I think it cost be about £3, but I believe from Superdrug it's about £4. Definitely worth the buy because this is a product that does, in time, do what it says on the bottle.

        Only downside is the perseverance but at least I found something!


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        09.09.2008 21:37
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Has inproved my skin quality, but doesn't completely clear my spots.

        I have always suffered with spots, not acne you understand, but still spotty enough to give me complex.

        Now I am in my thirties I feel that maybe I should get a reprieve from the "teenage skin" syndrome, so decided I would make a real effort and try some new products to see if there was any out there that would actually make a difference.
        That is how I came across this range!

        I have never used a toner in my life and after reading a review on this site on how another member had said the same the same thing, was shocked at the response of the original writer, with her saying that she has never NOT used a toner, I thought that maybe that was were my problem lay.

        The product I will now review is "Clearasil stay clear, deep cleansing toner"

        I have previously stated that I do not like Clearasil products, stating they were too harsh on my skin, but after using the face scrub from the same range, and finding it to be actually quite good, thought there was no harm in trying this.

        The bottle is quite modern in shape and design, the bottle is tall and is graduating, getting narrower towards the top and is clear in colour. The lid is again modern, sloping gently down to one side and is the Clearasil "blue" in colour.
        On the label (that runs the entire length of the bottle), is the Clearasil brand logo, with the name under that and a small green rectangle with the words sensitive written within. There is also a small picture of a feather next to it, well it is sensitive you know!
        Finally there is the statement that this product is a - Fragrance free formula to help clear and prevent breakouts without overdrying.

        Ok, I don't have a particularly good track record with Clearasil products, when I first used them in my teens they seemed really harsh and seemed to not only strip the oil and grease from the skin, but on more than one occasion the skin as well!
        On one particular occasion (I am ashamed to admit), I actually cleansed my face with nail varnish remover due to the similarity of the bottles! The fact I was very hung-over and late for work didn't help of course. The fact that the nail varnish remover was nowhere near as harsh was probably the indicator I needed, so I suspended use indefinitely!

        That was of course then and this is now. The products now marketed are usually recommended for sensitive skin, so I decided I would give it a go.

        Upon flipping back the lid I noticed a small hole that would dispense the clear toner, so that's what I did. I poured a small amount onto a cotton wool pad.
        The first thing I noticed was the lack of fragrance, this is reassuring, surely this means one less chemical in the product?
        There is though a distinctive smell of an alcohol substance, but this is in no way unpleasant.
        I gently wipe the moistened pad over my face, as I am instructed to by the bottle, the instructions on the label not the bottle, there's not that much alcohol in it!

        My skin is slightly fresher and visibly cleaner, but not tingling which is a good sign. There is no redness or any sort of reaction that would indicate my skin becoming sore.
        I looked at the cotton pad and saw a rather disturbing amount of muck, extracted from my many open, but hopefully now closed pores!

        You should keep repeating the process, with a fresh pad each time, until the cotton pad you are using is completely clean, I find you will have to repeat the process quite a few times, so I tend to use a face scrub in the shower first, then finish the process off with the toner . This in turn removes the final traces of muck from my face, then closes the open pores, hopefully stopping any more muck getting into the pores.

        You will find it will take a minute or two for the solution to dry on your skin, this must not be rinsed of as the solution as an anti - bacterial element to it, so leaving it on cleanses your face further.

        I usually finish off with the face cream in this range (review coming), to complement the toner.

        Is my skin any clearer.... Yes and no. The toner has certainly improved the condition of my skin, even giving me the so called "glow" that keeps being mentioned. Am I spot free.... Depends when you ask me! I have always suffered with "hormonal" spots, (sorry boys!), this means a few days before my period and a few days after I seem to have quite a few spots breakout, I have come to the conclusion that it matters not what I use on my skin, at these times my skin is always going to look that way!

        My skin is a little smoother and my pores, especially the ones on my nose, and trust me they were not pleasant, are much smaller and less noticeable.

        I even think my T- zone, (nose, forehead and chin), is much less greasy, with my make-up staying on much better, and it being much longer before I get the shine!

        The only downside to this product is the drying effect on the skin. I know at the beginning of this review I said how this product stated it wouldn't overdry, this just is simply not true.
        I have always used Nivea cream, after whatever skincare routine I have followed, I suspended it temporally when I started this regime, I do find I have to use my trusted former face cream, as even though I do think this product has worked in the positive, my skin does feel quite dry and tight afterwards.
        Once I have moisturised my skin feels fine, and my skin looks healthy and elastic again.

        I actually purchased this from Boots, which is rather unusual for me. I have been on a bit of a cut down, spending wise, so decided to finally use the points on my Boots card.
        I was surprised and delighted to find I had £7.00 on there, so thought I would buy myself something rather than spend it on the kids, like I usually do!

        I came across this and the product I will later review on offer, 2 for £5.00, which when I clocked the single unit price (£3.00), was well worth it.

        These can probably be purchased for a much cheaper price, and I have seen some of the "stay clear" brand available at my local Asda store.

        Would I recommend this product.... Definitely! As I mentioned earlier I have struggle for years with my skin, so to find a product that works at my age is a joy and a revelation to me.
        The only upside of having greasy skin though is the fact that my skin will not wrinkle as quickly as
        those with clear or dry skin, so there are some benefits to spots.... Not many though!

        For more information visit - www.clearasil.co.uk

        Thanks for reading x


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        Formulated with sensitive skin in mind / Helps control existing blemishes and prevent new break outs /

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