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Clearasil Stayclear Pore Cleansing Pads

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Brand: Clearasil / Pads / Type: Cleansing Pads / Subcategory: Pads / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses / Product line: Clearasil Stayclear

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    10 Reviews
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      09.03.2014 13:13
      Very helpful



      I am not a fan.And would not recommend this product especially to people with sensitive or dry skin.

      My skin still behaves like a teenager's (sadly the rest of me doesn't) and I am regularly getting breakouts and spots. Basically I have combination skin with my t zone area being excessively oily and the cheeks area being normal to dry . I have spent a good part of my life, going through product after product to find something that would help me with my problematic skin. I wanted something that would cleanse my skin and help me with the spots and open pores. I was recommended the Clearasil Stay clear cleansing pads from a staff member at my local boots store. Since they seemed to address all my problems , I decided to give them a try. Clearasil is from the tried and trusted brand Reckitt & Benckiser.I had used other skin care products from Clearasil before. So I was very hopeful that wipes would work for me.

      The Clearasil wipes are widely available in most stores like Boots, Tesco, Asda etc. There retail price is £ 4.07 .But when I bought them they were on a bargain for £2

      The Clearasil pads come in a round, medium sized bottle/tub made of plastic. It has the trademark blue and white theme of the Clearasil brand .The container has a blue lid. Inside the lid there is a foil cover to keep the cleansing pads moist and airtight. The wipes are all stacked on top of each other inside. There are 65 pads in one bottle. The bottle does not come in a box.

      The pads are white in color and are shaped in round discs. One side is textured and the other is plain.

      Usage is simple. All you need to do is to take a pad and clean your face with it. You do not need to rinse it off afterwards. Although it does not say in the instructions but I do feel that if you are wearing heavy makeup you might need to wash your face first, otherwise you will go through the whole stack of wipes, to get detailed cleaning. The label at the back suggests that the pads should be used two times in a day; in the morning and at night.

      ****HOW DO THEY SMELL?****
      The pads have a slightly medicinal smell. The first time I used the wipes I guessed just by smelling that the wipes had a lot of alcohol in them. I am personally not a big fan of their smell.

      ****HOW DO THEY FEEL?****
      The first thing you notice about the pads when you use it is that it is cold and wet. As you wipe your face you can feel tiny beads or particles that rub on your skin. The pads don't feel soft while using. They have exfoliating beads in them, which you can feel while cleaning your face. After using them the face feels clean and refreshed. They leave the skin clean and fresh. My skin is very oily and after using these wipes I feel that my skin gets a very Matt ,oil free finish. The skin feels a bit dry and stretched after use.


      1. The first thing I like about these pads is the packaging and the bottle. They come in a very compact bottle with a screw on lid. The small size of the bottles makes it convenient to carry the wipes everywhere with you. And the screw on lid ensures that the pads don't come in contact with any air and hence do not dry out.

      2. The second thing I like about the pads is that they are neither over dry or overly wet. The moisture in them is perfect. This makes cleaning very comfortable and convenient.

      3. Since the pads don't require any washing off afterwards they are very convenient to use any where.You don't have to use them around your bathroom sink. In fact you can use them at your leisure any where.I usually cleanse while sitting in front of the telly or in my bed room
      4. The pads are plain from one side and textured on the other. So if I am doing sensitive areas I can use the plain softer side on them and can use the slightly rougher side on other parts of my skin. I like the flexibility this gives in the usage of the pads.

      5. The pads have tiny exfoliating beads in them that you can feel while using them on your face. I enjoy the deep clean feel these give and my skin feels refreshed after use.

      6. The pads are antibacterial and help remove a lot of dirt from my face. They leave my skin dry and oil free. I enjoy using them more for exfoliating, rather than cleaning.


      1. Firstly I am not very happy with the smell of these pads. They smell very medicinal to me. I know fragrance is bad for skin but I facial products should, at least smell a bit nice to get that freshly clean and pampered feel.

      2. I also have an issue with the size of the pads. To me it seems that one pad is too small for my face and I end up using two, or sometimes three at a time for more detailed cleaning. I think that to get the best result from these it is better to use a face wash on your face to get rid of make up or surface dirt first and then use these for deep cleansing.

      3.Since the pads are stacked on top of each other in the bottle,sometimes I find it hard to take single pad out of the narrow bottle.Most of the times I end up taking 3 or 4 pads out together while trying to get a single pad out.

      4.The pads dry the skin a lot after use. Since my skin is very oily ,this does not bother me a lot but I am quite sure these would not suit any one with dry skin.

      5.I am also very skeptical about the texture of the pads. They are not soft and gently. due to the exfoliating beads in them, they have a somewhat abrasive effect on the skin. This makes me unsure about using them on my problem areas, because I have noticed that they peel the skin off the spots.


      I have mixed emotions about these pads. They did not damage or hurt my skin but neither did they do anything great for my skin. Since I get break outs and spots quite often, I steer clear of harsher products, with the fear of further damage to my skin. The exfoliating nature of these pads has put me off using them. I don't advise these to any one with sensitive or dry skin. These will almost certainly cause reddening for sensitive skin and over dry your skin as well.



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        25.08.2012 20:52
        Very helpful



        A great face cleaner

        I have tried many different types of facial cleaner over the years. A couple years ago I had many spots and blackheads which made my life very stressful! Recently my skin has got better and I presume that is to do with getting older! I have been using these wipes recently as they were on sale in my local savers. I have also seen them in tesco and other supermarkets. The cleansing pads have been around for a while and I remember using them 5 or 6 years ago at school. I wanted these because the idea of a quick wipe of your face before bed is a nice feeling and gets rid of the dirt from the day. I will now go into. Little more detail on these wipes and what results you can expect from them.

        Price and packaging:

        I got a pot of these for £1.29 wich I believe to be a good price. I have seen them for over £3. I got a pot that contained 65 pads which lasts you a long time. They come in a pot with a screw lid, the pads are pilled on top of each other and are easy to remove. sometimes I find I have picked up about 3 or 4 so just be careful when picking them up. Look out for deals on these. I probably wouldn't pay full price for them as there are cheaper alternatives.

        Do they work?:

        I wiped them all over my face at night and they are very rough. You can feel them rubbing off all the dirt under your skin and give you a nice clean, I find that if your have A spot they can take the top off them. So be carefully on spotty areas. I have found they have reduced the amount of spots on my face and stop the development. It's a nice feeling when your face is very clean. I use one pad a day so this pot will last me over 2 months. They work better than face wipes on my skin and the actual packaging fits nice on the bedside table. Overall I had a great experience with these.


        I would recommend these to anyone who wants to clean there face quickly and easily. It's a good clean, they have a slight smell but it fades quickly. These are great for adults and teenagers. Look out for them on offer as they are well worth a try :) these get 4 stars from me, not much wrong with them. The texture is rough but I suppose that means that it is working. Thanks for reading my review. Hope it helped you out.


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        19.06.2012 09:33
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Effective product but not sure if they are worth the pain!

        Although I don't suffer with spots too badly, I do get the occasional breakout which is usually quite extreme and hard to treat once they have appeared! So when I saw these Clearasil pads in Boots I thought I would give them a go as they claimed to prevent breakouts as well as clearing them.

        Being Clearasil, I knew I was getting a good brand so was willing to pay the £3.79 that they were priced at as I personally don't think this is unreasonable. Also, there are 65 pads in a tub so even if they are used twice daily (as recommended) they will still last over a month which is quite good value for money in my opinion.

        The pads themselves are contained in a screw top tub with a foil cover, meaning they are very moist so easily cover the whole face with ease (you need to ensure that the lid is screwed on properly after use each time as they quickly dry out if not). They are circular in shape and have small indentations at one side to ensure it is easy to remove them from the tub efficiently. One thing I would say is that they don't smell at all pleasant, which was the first thing that was slightly off-putting for me.

        Their main flaw though is the way they make my skin feel every time I use them. They are incredibly rough and harsh (almost like sandpaper!) so leave my skin looking red and feeling tight and sore! I always used to apply moisturiser after use but even this would sting my skin on application due to way the pads left my skin! I should mention I have extremely sensitive skin so this may not be as bad for other users, although I have heard the same from friends and also read similar criticisms in other Dooyoo reviews.

        Frustratingly though, these pads do generate excellent results! I notice a difference the first morning after using them most the time with spots looking noticeably less red and obvious. This has left me in a dilemma with these pads because I can't decide if the pain and dryness is worth the results they give me!! At the moment I am on the lookout for a new treatment that offers the same results but am yet to find one. I have even tried other products in the Clearasil range such as the creams but they are nowhere near as effective.

        I am starting to think it is the sheer strength and roughness of the pads that makes them work so well, but
        only use them now when I already have spots rather than for daily use to prevent them as it would completely ruin my skin! Therefore, overall I wouldn't recommend these for people with sensitive skin, but can't fault their effectiveness so if you don't mind the pain, these are for you!
        Thanks for reading


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          22.04.2012 11:12



          Far too drying for my skin unfortunately

          These were on offer last year in Tesco for just over £1.50. I decided to try them.

          The pads are circular in shape and they smell quite pleasant. If you're familar with the usual uplifting scent of Clearasil then you'll know what to expect from these. They smell exactly the same. The pads come presented in a small white tub with usage instructions on the back. The pads are quite wet and moist. They need to be kept in their container to retain their moisture. They also have small little grooves on them.

          The pads are easy to use. You simply wipe them over your skin and they can be used once or twice a day. I find the pads quite pleasant to use and they help banish spots and blemishes. The only thing that I dislike about these pads is the fact that they are quite drying, especially if they are used twice a day. I started using them once a day and they still dried my skin out.

          Now I use them when I am suffering from a breakout. They clear my spots up quickly and they leave my skin feeling clean and smelling fresh. It's just a pity that they are so drying. It must be something that they're made with. Literally the skin around my chin was peeling off and I couldn't apply any make-up over the top of it as it just started to flake and fall off.

          They would have five stars if they wasn't so drying.


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          30.12.2011 16:01
          Very helpful



          Overall though makes a difference to your skin

          I've had very bad acne from a young age and as a result I became desperate to try any product in order to help my skin be clean and clear. A friend of mine told me about Clearasil Cleansing Pads, and I am thankful that she did because after using this product regularly for a month my skin became visibly clearer and all my spots and darks marks had either vanished or become almost invisible.

          In the first couple of weeks I thought the product is not working and my skin is still the same, but not long afterwards I began to realise the difference really made and my skin overall was in a better condition.

          Although whilst using this product people with sensitive skin should be careful because it could sting a bit in the beginning and cause your face to go red for around 20 minutes or so, if you get reactions like this then I advice you to stop using this product. I strongly recommend this product to those with oily skin as it make a vast difference.

          This product drys out your skin quite a bit, and that's what makes it effective but it is still important that you have a good moisturiser at hand, I recommend one in a gel like substance rather than a lotion or cream.

          So to conclude, this product is good if you want to clear your skin over a gradual period of time. If you have sensitive skin I recommend you try it out on a trial based period first in order to avoid your skin getting worst on a later date.


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          05.11.2011 20:13
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          not my choice

          I've tried everything there is in skin care on the market. Clearasil being one of them.
          These are little pads impregnated with the clearasil formula. They are oretty handy as you dont need to worry about getting cotton wool etc and just take out the pad, use it and throw it away. Great for travelling too.

          The lid must be put back on tightly though as they dry out quite quickly (contain alcohol) and so can be wasted if you dont fix that lid tight.

          The formula is prety strong and can dry your skin out so only to be used for treating acne really. There are other pads out there which can be used for everyday use and general cleansing and to keep the skin healthy these should be used.
          For treating acne though this is pretty good but not the best on the market. I found it dried the skin too much and this made the skin weak and so prone to more spots!
          If it is short term treatment then these would suit and to take the grease away from the skin.

          It is scary how much muck comes off when you use them too, I do tend to think it is stripping the skin of too much at times.

          they have a very clinical and medical smell and if you use around the mouth and end up licking the area (??!) or someone else licks the area (??!!) the taste is awful! maybe worth thinking about if you are expecting to get lick on the face!


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            04.10.2011 11:14
            Very helpful



            Left my skin unbearably sore, would not recommend!

            -- Reasons for buying --
            I always like to take care of my skin and some times I like to buy little treats for my skin like face masks and treatments. My skin is very complicated, its dry and sensitive, yet I get a lot of breakouts. I wanted something that could help prevent my spots, yet take care of it at the same. So when seeing these pads in Asda I thought I would give them a go.

            -- Packaging --
            The packaging is simple, yet very eye catching. The pads are presented in a cute little plastic, round white pot, with a plastic blue screw-able lid with Clearasil written in the centre. The Clearasil logo is on the side of the lid and in the lower section we are informed that the pore cleansing pads have a deep cleansing action to help clear and prevent breakouts.

            -- Using the pads --
            When un-screwing the lid, you will come across a foil cover, this ensures that the pads stay moist. I did not completely remove the foil, I left it slightly attached so after using I could leave the foil covering the pads. The pads are in the shape of white circles, covered in squares and approximately 5cm in diameter.

            You simply remove a pad from the container and wipe it over your skin in circular motions, making sure to cover all of your skin and avoid the sensitive eye and mouth area. When using you get a very fresh aroma, not something that is unpleasant, but not something I particularly like. The foil does a brilliant job of keeping the pads moist, as when you remove a pad moisture is clearly evident.

            After the first use, I got an extremely cool refreshed feeling and was fairly pleased with the product. My skin was very tight after but nothing that a good moisturiser couldn't sort out.

            -- Pros and Cons --
            Whilst I continue to use the pads, I found that my skin was unbearably tight, but as I was using a very good moisturiser it didn't last for very long. After about two weeks I started noticing my face was extremely red which in the end turned out to be a burn on my cheeks and around my nose. It was extremely red, very dry and itchy! My skin felt uncomfortable and sore to the touch, I couldn't use any of my usual skin care products (cleansers, moisturisers) and definitely could not apply make-up. When trying to apply these products, my skin began to sting and I have to immediately remove the products. Even though I hate wasting products, I immediately stopped using the pads, as the pain was unbearable.

            I ended up having to wash my face with clean cool water only and not apply any other products or make-up after for about a week. My skin is sensitive as it is, so you can imagine the pain I went through. The burns on my cheeks didn't leave any marks as it was healing, but the burn around my nose left a slight mark, as I have fair skin it was more noticeable, after about a month the mark had disappeared.

            I found no positives with this product, only that the packaging was tidy and a good amount of pads were provided for the price. I would definitely recommend that as soon are you notice any slight irritation, you stop using the pads.

            -- Price and Availability --
            I bought these in Asda for £2, not a bad price at all as other pads I've tried can be anything up to £7 which is ridiculous is you think about the number of pads that are provided and how often you will use them. These pads are widely available in most drug stores and supermarkets. The cheapest I have seen them are in Asda.

            -- Conclusion --
            Overall I would not recommend this product to anyone, especially not to anyone with sensitive skin. The pads left my skin unbearably irritated, dry and burnt. Although they did produce lovely packaging, this product was not for me.


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              24.06.2011 19:23



              good and cleans deep in to your pores to stop you getting spots.

              I bought this product last month and i have to say that it was well worth the money, i used to get quite alot of spots as a teenager but now after using this i have noticed the differance. People have commented saying that my skin looks alot cleaner and fresher and i dont have to apply as much makeup as i did before to cover up the blemishs.

              The tub contains 65 pads so it lasts a good month as on the instructions it tells you to use it once in the morning and once in the evening. When i bought it it was an offer in Morrisons for £2.00 so for me it was well worth the money, secondly clearasil is a very popular skin company and i have tried many products on the market without much luck. So when i saw these i thought i would give them a try. The only disadvantage to tham is the fact that they make your face sting a little (maybe this was just me) but this only lasted for about a second or more and also it made my face go slightly red but other than that no problems. The advantage of them though is that you dont have to wash your face after you have used them, nor do you have to stand over the sink as they are only a little bit wet.

              The pads are textured so when you are wiping them over your face you dont get that sand/grit over your face like most other products i have tried in the past.


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              17.06.2011 18:09
              Very helpful



              Uncomfortable to use, but with great results.

              These Clearasil daily clear cleansing pads are a new addition to my face wash and cleansing range.
              They can be found in many known stores such as Tesco, Asda, superdrug and boots at around the same price.
              I will be reviewing my use and opinion on the pads whilst also reflecting upon my thoughts of the price, are they worth it?

              The Tub;

              The tub I bought which is now found in stores is a little different to the one shown in the picture.
              The tub comes with a blue lid showing 'clearasil' on top and is quite easy to spot in stores, generally due to their shape and size as it's clear of their contents. The tub isn't sold in a box or any other outer packaging.
              The tub itself is sturdy, white and simple, with the instructions and 'Clearasil' logo shown.
              The lid is easy to take off and replace whilst also being very reliable and protective; I've not had any problems with replacing the lid or losing it.

              The Product;

              These cleansing pads by 'Clearasil' are from a well known brand and although I'm not one to stay loyal to one brand, I was more confident with these due to their brand name.
              I remember using cleansing pads for a large duration when in my early teen years, so I already knew around about what to expect before I tried these.
              The pads are VERY wet, which I find helps the use and effect of the cleansing. This is because in the past, when using facial wipes pads, I have found the lack of moisture means lack of results!
              The pads are quite thin which makes it a little tricky to pick out just one from the top, I usually find myself grabbing a few and having to double check.
              Although there is a very useful 'dip' in one side of the circular pads for ease of holding, picking out the tub and use.

              The pads smell very strong; to me they smell like nail varnish remover mixed with soap, which is unpleasant! But I also feel the smell adds to the 'cooling' sensation and cleansing feel afterwards.

              What's in them?

              (I have included these ingredients to back up my opinion regarding the smell and feel of the pads)
              Alcohol Denat
              Salicylic Acid
              Aloe Barbadensis
              Sodium Hydroxide
              Dipropylene Glycol
              Benzyl Salicylate
              Disodium EDTA
              Imidazolidinyl Urea


              It's always useful to either wash your face or remove makeup using a facial wipe before using these cleansing pads to allow the best cleansing. Although this isn't indicated on the tub.
              The first thought when using these pads is 'cold and wet'. The pads feel as if they have a high alcohol content and they are very cool, giving a very cold sensation to skin whilst also providing an initial soothing sensation.
              It is best to avoid sensitive areas with these pads as they are very strong!
              The pads are textured for exfoliation and extra cleansing, although I may be next looking for pads which are smoother! Why? These pads are VERY rough. The strong chemical feel and textured pads really gives my skin a 'sore' feeling.

              I use two fingers on the back of the pad and rub in a circular motion. I tend to not apply too much pressure as I feel as if the pads have sand or grit in them! The texture for me is too much, but is it worth it?
              When I first use these pads, I expected to wake up with a red roar sore rashy face, my skin felt so dry and bare that I didn't expect any positive results.
              Because of the dry and sore feeling my skin was left in afterwards, I applied a soft toner which helped.
              After using these pads, they don't need to be washed off.
              The results? FANTASTIC! The next morning, after just one use, my spots had faded, gone down and some had completely dried up.
              Because of the great results, I have continued to use the pads, the uncomfortable feeling whilst using the pads is worth the results for me.
              However I wouldn't recommend these for people with extra sensitive skin to avoid problems they COULD cause.


              These pads are commonly sold for around £4 in most stores (£4.07 in boots) however the reason I chose to give them a try is because I found them on a half price offer at Tesco. I paid just £2 which I found reasonable!
              A tub of these cleansing pads come in lots of 65 per pack, working out at around 6p per pad when paying the full £4 RRP Price.
              I was happy to grab myself some of these for just £2, although I won't want to pay £4 for a box, quite a hefty amount for some face wipes in my opinion!

              Overall, I have given these a 3 out of 5 because although they have the great results, the uncomfortable feel whilst using them is certainly enough to put me off buying these again, and I think the price is too high.

              Thank you for reading, I also post on Ciao


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              16.12.2010 16:03
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              very good (almost too good) cleansing wipes

              To me, Clearasil is one of the main brands of choice in my constant fight against spots and other blemishes. Therefore, when these were on offer at Boots, I decided to go for it, as cleansing wipes arealways useful.

              They come in a pot of 65 wipes in a cylindrical tub with a screw-top lid, and a foil seal. Each wipe is surprisingly small: only around 5cm diameter. However, this is plenty big enough to clean my face.

              The best thing is that the wipes are just about wet enough to get a really clean feeling, but not so wet you have to wring them out before you start. Each little wipe has an indent so they're easy to pick up.

              The smell is quite clean and antibacterial, which I like because it makes you feel like any spots will just be removed without problem. The wipes are also mildly exfoliating, meaning that skin really does get cleaned deeply.

              The instructions require that you use these morning and night, but frankly they are too strong for my skin for me to do this. Instead, i use them in the evenings only, every couple of days, and alternate with moisturising Nivea wipes. This sounds a little complex, I grant you, but this does maintain the correct balance of my skin!

              The wipes do help to get rid of spots and keep them away; they are not overly drying although they are too strong to be used as instructed; and they do get rid of blackheads. My skin is left feeling really clean and grease-free, which is definitely what I want.

              Overall I'd say that for skin prone to breakouts, these are really great. However, care should be taken not to overuse them, and also not to use them around delicate eye area, as I'm pretty certain this would lead to irritation of some sort. I'd recommend them, but with a warning! For occasional use, there isn't another brand I've tried that does the job better. 4/5


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