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Clearsil Stay Clear Deep Cleansing Wipes

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    4 Reviews
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      03.05.2014 18:13
      Very helpful


      • "Work well"


      • Harsh

      Don't stay clear as they DO work

      I've used these wipes on more than a few ocacsions, primarily whenever my skin is not behaving itself very well and I am havigna few break outs of spots and pimples on my face They are quite harsh on my skin and that is the reason whey I tend not to use them very often as they can be quite drying, especially for those of us with more sensitive skin. They also have quite a strong smell which I am not fond of but they do work at eliminating those greasy and oily patches on my face and help to dry out any little pimples and spots I manage to get at certain times of the month.


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        25.08.2013 17:50
        Very helpful



        Good all-round facial wipes that help clear-up problem skin.

        I have VERY bad spot prone skin. I'm in my late twenties but still suffer with the acne and blackheads of a particularly unlucky teenager. I've tried pretty much everything too, even resorting to anti-acne meds with little joy. For a long time I stuck to a few brands that did a fair job of managing the worst of it without upsetting my sensitive skin. One day on a whim I decided to try Clearasil facial wipes as my usual ones were unavailable and I'm happy I did as I'm getting better results than before.

        The Wipes:
        They come in resealable blue packet that contains 25 wipes and are generally priced between £3.50 - £4.50 in stores, although of course that will vary.

        According to the packaging they are Dermatologically tested (good to know) and remove impurities, make-up and oil to help clear skin and prevent acne breakouts. The cleanser in the wipes tackles surface dirt and cleanse deep into the pores.

        They are described as gentle and I would agree with this although obviously don't get them in your eyes or mouth. If this happens the packet instructs you to rinse thoroughly with water and to stop using them if you experience irritation. This might seem obvious but then again, seeing as you can use them to remove make-up some people might try to take their mascara off with them and end up with stinging eyes and blurry vision. Heck, I've done this in the past with other products when I didn't pay attention to the warnings!

        To use, just wipe over the face and neck in the morning and evening. There's no need to rinse, just let the cleanser absorb into your skin and get to work.

        Clearasil has been making anti-acne/blemish products for a long time and have a good reputation so I used these wipes with confidence. I'd tried other items in the range but that was before this particular product was brought out, it's good to see that they've moved with the times and added these convenient cleansing wipes to the range over the years.

        My Personal Experience:
        I only use my anti-blemish face wash in the mornings as using it in the evening as well tends to dry out my skin too much, so I use these wipes for a quick once over in the morning after washing and for a more thorough cleanse in the evening.
        I first used them in the evening to get rid of any dirt and oil build up from the day and gently smoothed them over my skin, being sure to get all the way up to my hairline and down around my jaw. The wipe felt very pleasant against my face, it had a soft, cloth-like texture and just enough liquid to feel effective as opposed to soaking. I took care to avoid the delicate eye area and my mouth, I just use a plain wet-wipe on my eyelids.
        The cleanser is absorbed very quickly and didn't cause me any discomfort aside from the mildest tingling on a particularly inflamed patch. This was more like putting antiseptic on a wound rather than irritation though and went away after around a minute.
        The wipes have barely any odour to speak of and whilst it's faintly medical it goes away as soon as the skin is dry. I only noticed it when I started cleansing around my nose.
        Once it had all soaked in a moment later I applied my anti-acne moisturiser and carried on with my nightly "potions and lotions" routine.

        The next day my skin was calmer and less red, not greatly but it was a noticeable difference. I use these wipes in conjunction with an anti-acne moisturiser (Oxy Seaweed Deep Calm Balm) and benzoyl peroxide (Quinoderm 10%) and found that these three together work particularly well for me. After a week there was much more of a difference to be seen. My existing spots were much less visible, smaller and only a few small ones had popped up.
        It's now been two months and my skin is much better. I still get a few spots but nothing like I used to. Aside from the odd blackhead (and old acne scars I can do nothing about), my skin is fairly normal looking and even in tone. I'm so pleased as it's been years since I've experienced this and that was when I was using medication which gave me headaches!

        I would deffinately recommend these wipes if you have spot prone skin. So long as you are not sensitive to any of the ingredients (see below) you have nothing to lose. Even my horrendously sensitive skin is happy which is impressive as most acne solutions aren't very kind to it.
        As with most topical applications it'll take at least a week to a month to really see results so stick with it!

        Summary Of Pros and Cons:

        Removes dirt, make-up and oil
        Deeply cleanses
        Gentle on skin
        Quick and convenient
        Mild odour
        Soft and comfortable to use.

        Costs a little more than some anti-acne wipes
        Doesn't completely clear spots (but what does?).

        I just thought I'd paste a list of ingredients here so that you can all check it for things you may be allergic to. In fairness, whilst some of these sound pretty scary they're in most wipes of this kind:
        Propylene Glycol
        Polysorbate 20
        PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil
        Malic Acid
        Glycolic Acid
        Lactic Acid
        Pyrus Malus Extract
        Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol
        Cetylpyridinium Chloride
        Disodium EDTA
        Citric Acid
        Sodium Citrate
        Benzoic Acid
        Dehydroacetic Acid


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        28.06.2010 21:03
        Very helpful




        I thought my issues with Spots was getting that bit better. I have been trying to stay of the tins of Diet Coke and instead have been taking a 1litre bottle of premixed diluted Juice to work to drink. Perhaps the increase in water consumption was helping, but to be honest my face is back to being that bit spotty. A couple of larger ones on 1 of my cheeks, and the odd little smattering again. I picked up a pack of these as I find that Clearsil works that bit better for me than Oxy and other brands. It doesn't seem to be as drying.

        It isn't for laziness that I use wipes for my face. I don't tend to use creams or washes, and just use a Clearasil Wash every other day in the Shower due to my face getting dried out.

        So anyway about these wipes. These are packaged in a little blue pouch. There is 2 different ones stocked in my local Asda, and these are slightly cheaper than the other ones, but they pretty much offer the same job. To get into these you just peel the sticky bit back on the front and cover it back again when finished. It seals ok again and the wipes don't dry out.

        You get 25 wipes in the pack. They are quite large and although I use these flat after i've wiped my face with a wipe then I scrunch it up and wipe it over my face a bit firmer. The wipes aren't really wet, but just a good dampness that you can feel the product on your face. It tingles a bit and dries quick as well.

        The pack states to use thes once in the morning and once at night which I do. I feel that later at night my face can feel that bit greasy, but then again on an average day I use my morning one around 6am, and my night one around 10pm, so for my face to feel that bit greasy 12 hours after I have used a wipe isn't such a bad thing.

        These didn't get rid of my spots or that, but I didn't notice any bad Spot outbreaks. These get rid of the oil, doesn't dry my face out and helps to clear my face up that bit.

        I think these cost me £2.50 in Asda. This was on Asda Rollback so think the normal price is around the £3 mark.

        Recommended but not the best Face wipes i've used.


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        22.02.2010 12:52
        Very helpful



        The only product from Clearasil that I feel comfortable using

        I've never really suffered with particularly complex skin, I didn't really have a problem with spots or blackheads as a teenager and my skin isn't what you could call oily. In that sense I'm lucky, however if one tiny spot appears on my face I have to deal with it there and then because I'm always worried that one can lead to a whole cluster of them and before you know I'll have full blown acne. Ok, maybe I exaggerate a little but like any young girl I want to look my best and if that means spending money to look it then I'm more than willing to make that sacrifice.

        Clearasil products are marketed towards the teenage audience, founded in 1921 they stock a wide range of skin care products for all skin types ranging from oily to combination skin and everything in between. The USP of the Clearasil range is that it's specifically designed to combat spots and blackheads, what other brand can you think of is specifically designed for this and this only? With this in mind I have to say that despite Clearasil's somewhat tainted reputation, they do seem have the market sussed and with that they are one of, if not the market leader in the teenage skin care range.

        So I may no longer be in the teenage demographic (thank God), but I do still like to stock a few of their products just incase any pesky spots do emerge. After having mixed reactions to some of Clearasil's face washes and blackhead scrubs I stopped using them years ago, however Clearasil Stay Clear Deep Cleansing facial wipes is something that's made a regular appearance in my draw of cosmetics for a number of years now.

        Costing £3.99 at Boots these aren't the cheapest facial wipes you can buy by a long way, infact I've heard that Tesco stock their own range of face wipes for only 10p! That said, I don't buy these on a regular basis as I don't use them everyday. That was until recently when I suffered a bit of a break out, I immediately started using these wipes day and night but did they work? (more on that later). Fortunately these aren't exclusive at Boots and you're likely to find them at most supermarkets and chemists.

        These wipes are suited to any skin type, including sensitive skin. In a single pack you'll find 25 wipes which if you use every morning and evening will last approximately 12-13 days. I personally don't think this is great value for money at all, however this isn't the sort of product that you should need to use regularly so on that basis I find the 25 wipes quite adequate. The wipes come in the trademark blue colour (as pictured above) and are equipped with a sticky lid on them which you peel back to remove a wipe and then stick firmly back down to keep the wipes fresh. I remember a few years ago Clearasil dabbled in plastic lids which you clicked back into place in order to keep your wipes fresh and I personally preferred this method, however in terms of convenience and price (on their side) the sticky lid does perfectly well in keeping your wipes fresh. The only thing I would suggest would be to make sure there aren't any kinks when you stick it back down as this could let air in and will dry the wipes out, leaving them useless.

        The aim of these wipes is to remove impurities and make up to help clear and prevent breakouts. The wipes are dermatologically tested. So onto the important bit; do these actually work?

        After suffering from a small breakout a few weeks back I was pleased that I had some of these to hand and I began using them every morning and night from then on. The wipes are lightly scented but this is more of a clinical smell that anything perfume like. The smell isn't horrible however and I have no problem with it whatsoever. You are instructed to wash your hands after use. The wipes are a decent size, if you hold the wipe out at its biggest it's probably about the size of your face so it has more than enough area and moisture locked in to wipe your entire face and neck. Remember after using to put in the bin instead of flushing. After wiping down the moisture from the wipes is instantly absorbed into your skin and within about 10 seconds your face will be completely dry.

        Subsequent to wiping, your face will feel clean and refreshed and you'll start to notice a difference in your skins tone within a few days. This isn't a miracle treatment and you're not going to find that your face will be completely clear of spots, however as the days and nights go on you will start to see a real difference in your skin. The breakout I had wasn't major spots, in that I mean they weren't red or sore however you could see them, even through make up but within around 3 days I started to notice a drastic difference in them. Within around 2 weeks they were completely gone.

        Clearasil offer lots of other face washes which I've tried in the past, these claim to reduce spots in 3 days and some even claim to reduce them over night. However, for me these claims are false and all these products did for my skin was completely dry it out. This is the only Clearasil product that I feel completely comfortable using. Not only have my spots disappeared but my skin feels soft and smooth. Make up wise I use a different wipe for removing it as although this claims to be able to remove it, it has a real problem with waterproof mascara therefore I use a different wipe for that purpose only.

        If you're looking for a quick fix spot treatment and don't want to spend the earth then give these a try.

        Highly recommended.


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