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Clinique Clarifying Lotion 1

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Brand: Clinique / Type: Face Lotion / What it does: Smoothes / Dermatologically tested: yes / Gender: Ladies Skincare

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    6 Reviews
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      11.12.2014 09:10
      Very helpful
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      Just to Clarify.. this is my opinion!

      I bought this Clinique clarifying lotion a few months ago around the same time I bought two different Clinique cleansers.

      ~ Price and availability~
      A 400ml bottle will cost £25.00 from Boots.

      ~ In use ~
      This ‘clarifying lotion’ is basically toner, which is to be used after their cleanser and before their moisturiser in their 3 step skin care system.

      The clarifying lotion has the same consistency as water, like most toners.
      To use this I press a cotton wool pad against the neck of the bottle and turn the bottle upside down to apply the toner to the cotton wool then I apply the toner from the cotton wool onto my face.
      It feels cooling and clean. It has a slight scent of alcohol, which I don’t find too strong or irritating.
      After using this clarifying lotion my skin looks slightly smoother and my pores appear minimised. There is not a major difference in how my skin looked before and after use. It does help to remove any dead skin from your face.
      I find that it is not drying on my face at all and although my skin doesn’t feel moisturised after I have used this toner, it doesn’t look or feel dry either.
      After using this, my skin feels a bit damp for a while and also a little bit tight. I follow step 2 (this clarifying lotion) with step 3 in the 3 step skin care system, which is the moisturiser.
      After using the moisturiser my skin no longer feels tight and my skin looks brighter and more hydrated than before using the 3 step system.

      I have used a lot of different toners in the past, many of them a lot cheaper than this one and I can’t honestly say that I think this one does the job no different. I don’t think the results would be any worse if I used a cheaper brand of toner, but used the Clinique cleanser and moisturiser from the 3 step skincare system. I don’t feel that this toner was particularly gentle and I have never found that toners from other brands dry my skin out.
      I will continue to use this clarifying lotion and although I do think it is much the same as any other toner, I would consider buying this toner again.


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        22.10.2013 12:20
        Very helpful



        I don't know if I would recommend this


        So who are Clinique exactly?

        Clinique was originally founded in 1968 by a single dermatologist who began with an assumption that hygeine and cleanliness was the beginning to treating all skin conditions e.g. dry, oily, normal or breakout skin. Since then Clinique has been self motivated to customise their products to individual types of skin to suit an individual persons needs.
        Clinique thus created a three step skin care system which consists of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing the skin. If you go into Boots and get a free skin care consultation they can point out for you what skin care products are best for your skin type and how to use them effectively to get the best results. Of course with the various different skin care providers they all have anti-aging and eye creams which were introduced in 1999.
        What's my skin type? Any person can find out their skin type online through the Clinique websites (www.clinique.co.uk) and fill out a short survey to receive a free consultation on what your skin type is and what Clinique products would be recommended to you. I did this a few minutes ago as I suffer with spots and it's something that has cost me money on concealer and foundation to help hide them although they aren't as bad as when they first were. The questions you would be asked are;
        What are your main skin concerns? Select two
        Is your skin dry, oily or a bit of both?
        How does your skin respond without sun protection?
        What is your natural skin colour without a tan?
        What is the size of your pores?
        How often do you tend to break out?
        Do you have any surface facial lines? (wrinkles)
        What is your eye colour?
        What is your natural hair colour?
        The survey takes approximately two minutes and I'd say the only question which some may find to answer would be eye colour if you have heterochromia like me (Heterochromia is when you have one blue eye and one green or you have two green eyes and one of them is half brown or if you're like me and you have pale blue eyes with green around the pupil) in case you do have this then I'd suggest to pick the eye colour which you see more of e.g. Is there more blue or is there more green?
        After the survey you will then be told what skin type you have. Mine came back as a Dry Combination Skin type as I have oily skin in areas and I look like a lobster without my SPF 1000000 (I'm a walking talking milk bottle). There will be bullet points about your skin type and you will also have a customised skincare system and another tab or two recommended to you. In my case I have recommended for breakouts and recommended for pores.

        Anti Blemish Cleansing Bar for Face and Body

        Why did I decide to go with Clinique? I have spots there's no other way to beat around the bush because I'm female and I don't have a bush on my face so I can't. I had tried everything going except wee - that's just disgusting. Nothing seemed to work for me and sometimes things would start to work for a little bit but then there'd be like a glass barrier where it would only hold off half as many spots but I was still getting a fair few so I wondered if I'd ever get rid of the spots. Although I do cover them up really well.
        So one day I went out with the other half and his mates and their girlfriends and one of them had perfect skin and she told me she worked in boots and worked in the skin care range. I asked her what skin care products I should use and how to get rid of the spots. So she asked "Do you cleanse, exfoliate, clarify, moisturise.... blah blah blah blah blah (she talks so fast) you need to do several things twice a day to help get rid of spots if they're your main problem. How do you remove make-up?" So I wondered what that had to do with anything and she said that baby wipes might be good for a baby's bum but it DOESN'T remove make-up so when I remove what I can see with a baby wipe I'm not removing what make-up is embedded in my epidermis (skin) and make-up can stay in your skin for up to seven years (now that's disgusting). She then said to try the Clinique range as it's fairly priced (I thought she was born on a banana boat when she said that) and it works really well on the skin and even their make-up is good for your skin. So I ignored her for a bit but then decided to give it a chance anyway.
        Using the bar of soap
        Results Stage one
        Stage Two Stage Three
        Warnings and suitability
        How does it affect my skin
        Does it dehydrate your skin?

        My tips on skin care I've looked into a lot of skin care tips to help combat spots and ones which I've felt have been useful include; moisturiser, your pillow, your phone and being healthy.
        If you're somebody who thinks your skin is really oily then ask yourself why first. If you're using products which are drying your skin out then this could actually be the reason as to why. You see when you dry your skin out too much you're irritating your pores which release natural oils gradually over the day therefore if your skin is dry your skin will work harder to release natural oils making your skin oily. So if you use something that is drying your skin out then moisturise or just moisturise anyway as it can help prevent signs of aging later on in life.Your pillow is another thing - think about it - you sleep for around six to eight hours on your pillow and how often do you change your pillow? It's not necessarily the case either so you may want to wash both the pillow and the case as you will actually get germs from your pillow which will clog up your pores and create spots.Another thing is your phone, have you ever been on the phone and then noticed a bit of make-up on the phone? If you have then imagine what else is on your phone besides make-up. You touch your phone with you fingers and whether you realise there are germs/dirt or not you will leave bits of dirt and then somebody rings and you put the phone to your ear and the dirt is then pressed onto your face. If you notice spots more so on one side of your face then this could be why. Wipe your phone over before you make a call to help reduce this.Finally - be healthy and happy. If you eat seven takeaways a week and you drink loads of fizzy drinks not only will you be packing more pounds than the bank but it'll show in your skin, hair and nails. Nails will chip easily, hair will break easily and become greasier and so will your skin therefore promoting blemishes. Make sure you eat your veg and better still drink plenty of water. You'll feel happier too.

        What does it look like

        The bottle is approximately 5 inches tall with a white lid and about 2 inches wide, the bottle itself is a green colour and translucent so you can see how much is left in the bottle but not to the point where you can see through the bottle. The liquid itself is see through and there is a white-ish substance at the bottom so before use you are advised to shake the bottle and I always do before use. The bottle comes in a tall green obviously Clinique box - there's nothing special about it but it is just posh unnecessary packaging.

        ===Value for money===

        I paid £13 for this from boots and the bottle lasts about two months so if you want to look at a monthly cost effect you are looking at £6.50. Would I buy this again? No I wouldn't not because of the price of because I don't think it works but just simply because there are better things out there that I have come across which helps to combat skin problems a bit better. For me, when I use this product it stings a little and dries my skin out a little so really I don't want to be doing this otherwise I'm just going to make my skin worst and I have since using this product in the past found products which I would recommend to anyone with the same skin type as me to use.


        As I said I wouldn't buy this product again but I'm unsure as to whether I would recommend it - everyone is different and like wise so is everyone's skin, so for me to say in steer clear I would be in the wrong and to be honest there are people I know who stand by this religiously and find it helps. Personally it doesn't work for me so I would advise anyone to try the starter packs which can be picked up for £20 and they're just small kits with lotion, soap and clarifying lotion and the one I have I just use for weekends away but it would probably last a few weeks but it beats spending £50 thereabouts to find out that none of it is working for them - alternatively try eBay there's a load of bargains on there and you may be able to pick one up for £10. Overall I'm saying three stars because I'm undecided whether I would recommend and it would be unfair to say that it's bad all round.


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        02.05.2011 16:44
        Very helpful




        I am a huge Clinique fan and the majority of my make up bag is Clinique products. I find that they are very reliable and work well so I am prepared to pay the extra money for them. Up until recently I just used rather cheap lotions and potions on my skin but realised they were not really doing a lot so I switched to Clinique and I'm pleased to say the results are much better!

        Clinique make a wide range of high end make up and skin products. You cannot buy Clinique everywhere, they tend to be in large department stores and have their own special counter which is always lit up nicely and arranged in such a way that all their products look so inviting you cannot help but stop and look at what they have to offer! They produce a variety of make up, skin creams and even perfumes and often give away products in various offers too which is always very tempting and appealing!

        === Clarifying lotion ===
        This Clarifying lotion comes with different numbers on them depending upon what skin type you have. The Clinique specialist at the counter should be able to advise you as to which you should use if you are not sure yourself. I used Lotion 1 as it's for sensitive skin and is more gentle. Lotion 2 is for combination skin, 3 for oily skin and 4 for very oily skin.

        The lotion works very much like a toner so if you carry out a skin care routine then this would be step two- after you have cleansed but before you moisturise! The skin care specialist will tell you how to use it and give you a free demonstration too as well as explaining how it is formed and all it's benefits which I really like, it makes a difference to just going into a shop and buying a product without being fully aware of what it is or what you are doing!

        === The Bottle ===
        The bottle I think looks very nice. It is tall and slim and almost see-through with a bit of a frosted effect which makes it look really nice when the sun shines through it or it is lit up nicely on the display stand in store. It is a pale duck egg blue colour and has the Clinique logo on in silver on the side. It isn't anything fancy but it's simplicity in look makes it look very elegant and more special than an ordinary facial cream.

        It comes in two different sizes- 200 ml and 400 ml. Because it's tall and slim it doesn't take up much room in the bathroom cabinet and is a very practical design indeed!

        The lid is a screw cap which is very appropriate for this product as you need the lid to come off fully and because this toner isn't oily it doesn't leave your hands greasy so it's easy to put the lid back on without struggling or having to wash and dry your hands first which is always a bonus!

        === Using the lotion ===
        I use this lotion 2 times a day, although sometimes I do forget as I still haven't got into a proper skin care regime despite promising myself that I will! It is advised that you first cleanse your skin and then use this. You apply it by using cotton wool balls or pads. I take the lid off, put the ball of cotton wool over the spout and then tip the bottle up twice. This usually soaks the ball enough to provide good coverage.

        You massage into the skin in circular motions taking extra care and attention on the more dry/flaky parts of your skin. I find this tends to be my forehead area and so apply a little extra here. You don't need to then wash it off afterwards but leave it on your skin to do it's job.

        I notice that as I'm applying this my skin tingles a little which felt strange at first but i quite like as it makes me feel as though this product is actually doing something to my skin as appose to just yet another product to slap on! After I've put it on I notice sometimes that the cotton wool ball is slightly discoloured so goes to show just how much dirt was on my face and that it was a good job I did use this lotion to help to remove it.

        === It's effects ===
        After using this lotion I do feel as though my skin is feeling more radiant, which seems like quite a dramatic phrase but it does! The fact that it tingled for a few seconds and the dirt has been removed makes me feel like my skin is shining slightly and feeling fresh! it certainly feels smoother too to the touch which is a really nice effect.

        I have noticed that my skin appears to be slightly more even, I still don't have the best skin tone in the world I will not pretend that I have but it does appear to be less dry on the forehead. The fact that it is a sensitive lotion is really very good, I haven't had any negative effects upon using it which is great as I do have very sensitive skin. When I use this I have no adverse effects, only positive ones which I am very pleased with in deed.

        === Conclusion ===
        This lotion works really well. I like everything about it from how nice it looks in my bathroom with it's stylish tall bottle to how well it works on my skin and leaves it feeling fresh and smooth.

        I do like Clinique and value all of their products highly. They tend to come with a price tag but because the products work well and last a while I am happy to pay them. For the bottle of 200ml it cost £14 and for 400 ml it was £23. The bottle itself has lasted me about 3 months as you do not need to use very much at all so I don't think that paying £23 is a bad price to pay at all.

        I think if you are looking for something to help smooth out your skin tone and that actually does work as it reduces your dry/oily skin (depending on which number you go for) then I think that this is for you. The skin care specialists in the Clinique department are really professional and efficient so can help advice you to which one you should be buying.

        This has definitely made my skin feel softer and look less dry in areas so I am very pleased with it indeed and give it 5 out of 5 stars!


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        12.07.2010 08:45
        Very helpful



        Clinique Clarifying Lotion 1

        Clinique is one of the world's largest suppliers of prestige makeup and fragrance products. It was launched by Estee Lauder Companies in August 1968. I have always viewed Clinique as an upmarket product and one that is known to have a very good reputation. It is more expensive than other makeup and skin care ranges but I always hear good things about it and that it actually works so sometimes it is worth paying more for something that produces results. I use a number of their perfumes, Happy and Happy in Bloom and really enjoy them but I think where Clinique comes into its own is with their skin care range and routine. They produce some of, in my opinion the best skin care ranges and products out there that really work. I know thier dramatically different moisturiser if a firm favourite amongst a lot of people which unfortunately doesn't work for me but what I use and really like are their toners. These are called their clarifying lotions. In my opinion I would call this product a toner really, used to take off make up and sweep away dead surface skin cells on your face. It claims to make skin appear smoother, softer and with more light reflecting qualities. It also says that your make up will go on better and stay on for longer with use of this product.

        The clarifying lotions (which is actually a liquid) are part of their exfoliators range which are said to encourage skin renewal for a smoother complexion. They have gentle formulas which they say are the perfect way to uncover your skin's natural radiance. Up until recently I was using the number 2 lotion but my skin has become so dry that I've decided to switch to Clarifying Lotion Number 1 as this is for very dry to dry skin types.

        The lotion is very easy to use. They say to apply twice a day to face and throat all over. To do this you must use a cotton ball although I tend to prefer the cotton pads as I find them easier to use but just as effective. When you apply it your skin actually tingles, the first time I used it it was quite a surprise to feel this sensation but it's actually a really nice feeling. To me I think it shows that the product is working and it also gives my face such a clean, fresh feeling. It's like I'm taking off all the dirt, make up and gunk from my face leaving it tingly clean. I loved this product from the first tiem I tried it. Te feeling whilst you are using it is great and afterwards I have to say that my skin feels really really soft and smooth. I was actually quite amazed at how well it actually does work. I have used cheaper toners before but none had results as good as this Clinique product did. What I like about this one for dry skin is that I find it is really evening out my skin. I did have little patches on dry bits but these, fingers crossed, seem to have gone now and my face is definitely getting better. Clinique claim this lotion will give your face a luminous glow and light reflecting qualities and I would agree agree, my skin looks a bit brighter and more glowing after use.

        The other strengths that are available are, Clarifying Lotion 2, for dry to combination skin types, Clarifying Lotion 3 is for combination to oily skin types and Clarifying Lotion 4 is for oily to very oil skin types. They also do a mild version which is for very dry to dry skin types.

        The product is quite expensive, a 200ml bottle costs £14 and a 400ml bottle costs £23 but that said, this is a great product that really works and one I definitely recommend.


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        20.11.2009 10:31
        Very helpful



        good Clarifying lotion if you have the money

        I have never had bother with my skin - in fact I'm pretty damn lucky but, I wanted to start having a proper daily skin routine so, clinique being a good brand and hearing amazing stuff about them i picked up a bottle of this clarifying Lotion 1.

        my skin is very sensitive as well as a tiny bit dry.
        In the shop or at the counter you can determine which clarifying lotion you need by answering a series of questions leading you to your ideal type.
        so- after determining the one i needed i picked up a big bottle. this cost around £22 and at that price i thought at the time that it was a bit steep but - i haven't used anything but this since!

        Using a cotton wool pad all you have to do is gently sweep the clarifying lotion across the face working from the nose out words and you should feel a pleasant tingle. you then go about as normal with your moisturiser and your skin feels fresh and clean all day. I noticed that after a few days of usage my skin actually looked more clear. Being so pale it was very noticeable as my skin seemed to have evened out.

        All though the Lotion is priced at around £22 this lasts a good while. I have been using the bottle I'm on now for a good 2 months perhaps? and I have a good bit left.


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          20.02.2009 01:38
          Very helpful



          The ultimate toner

          Ladies, we all know that to cleanse, tone, and moisturise your skin, has uncountable benefits in helping to maintain and even enhance our natural beauty. Out of the three steps however, toning always seemed to be an incessant, problematic area. Some toners dry your skin out. Some toners are too abrasive. Some toners are like water and have no effect whatsoever! Oh yes, I have tried them all. This particular Clarifying Lotion is for 'dry to very dry skin' of which I used when my skin inexplicably went through a 'skin drought' during Winter. Dry, flaky skin is not attractive my friends; it is kind of like dandruff, but on the face...not nice. After a few weeks, I relished in the toners' benefits; a smoother and more even skin tone, less breakouts, a healthy glow and alas...no dryness.

          Dry skin can potentially self- perpetuate ageing due to clogged up pores not being able to breath. Darker people produce more sebum in their skin that paler people, which is why darker coloured people usually looks younger for longer (Look at Oprah for example, she is 55 years old and still beautiful!). It is scientifically proven that drier skin which lack moisture will only propel the formidable prospect of ageing. Furthermore, did you know that acne-suffers are more likely to look youthful, for longer, due to the excess sebum in their skin? (Thank god there is actually an advantage to having a face infested with those things) This of course is taking moisture to an extreme...but it all leads towards my point; dry skin is ageing. Bunged up pores are a barrier; preventing moisture absorption. This toner will remove all the dirt from those pores whilst opening them up. Therefore it allows the moisturiser to be more rapidly and effectively absorbed, in effect, replenishing the moisture that is lost throughout the day.

          The beauty of Clinique is that their products and cosmetics assist for all skin types, not just dry skin; 6 skin types to be exact, several of which I have used in the oh so infuriating changes to my skin's moisture levels. These toners are as follows:

          1)Clarifying Lotion- Anti- Blemish Solutions- Pores clogged with dead skin cells and excess oil leads to cutting off the skins oxygen supply. Acne thrive off a low-oxygen environment- see the connection? This clears dead surface cells, reduces excess oil and unclogs those bunged up pores. Having used this myself, I highly recommend this toner for acne-prone skin. It contains oil-absorbing powders which eliminate shine. Furthermore, it reduces redness, prevents breakouts, and reduces existing breakout and hyperpigmentation over time.

          2)Mild Clarifying Lotion- For the most driest and delicate skins. Most brands contain nasty chemicals which are abrasive to skin. The ingredients in this toner are kind to sensitive skin and won't cause redness and blemishes like a lot of toners.

          3)Clarifying Lotion 2- For dry combination skin (dry in the cheeks, comfortable to oily in the T-zone areas) This toner balances the moisture levels of your skin; it will diminish the dryness of your cheeks whilst simultaneously reducing excess oil in the T- Zone areas. 2 toners for 1 if you like.

          4)Clarifying Lotion 3- For oily combination (comfortable in the cheeks, oily in the T-zone) For those of you who have no problems with your skin, except for a particular sebum overdose in your T-Zone area!

          5)Clarifying Lotion 4- For skin that is just sprouting out oil like a fountain, this strong toner is the right one for you. Lets face it, you know your skin is too oily when you have a handkerchief for your face as well as your nose.

          There is much debate on this issue, but this answer still remains insoluble. I truly believe (and so do most dermatologists) that if you are suffering from a distressing skin type, then the right toner with specific needs to your skin will help dramatically. Just merely washing your face, is not enough to eradicate dead skin cells. This toner de-flakes and exposes fresher, brighter, younger cells beneath. It also prevents break outs by removing left-over makeup, residue from your cleanser, and excess oils on your skin, whilst minimizing pores. Swatting up on the ongoing debate however, there seems to be a general consensus; a toner is not essential in a skin-care regime for normal skin. Many dermatologists view toners as a redundant product, claiming that a good cleanser can also remove oil, sweat and make up from your face. Irrefutably though, toners which assist for dryness and oiliness can enhance your skins healthiness. If you use toner with normal skin and feel it works for you, then by all means, carry on using it; it is all personal preference. This particular toner may be too harsh for normal skin.

          I always rave about Clinique because it is hypo-allergenic, kind to sensitive skin and doesn't contain nasty chemicals which can be detrimental to your skin and health. However, the Clarifying Lotion contains denatured alcohol which is deemed as abrasive and harsh to the skin, causing cellular death. Clinique argue this point, stating that their clarifying lotions contain just enough alcohol to tighten and clean the pores, but not enough to adversely affect the skin. They claim that studies which illustrated the necrotic properties of denatured alcohol were investigated by using a much higher concentration than their products. Denatured alcohol is particularly effective for oily complexions.
          Clinique argues that none of their Clarifying Lotions contain enough SD alcohol to adversely affect the skin, and that the studies demonstrating the necrotic properties of denatured alcohol were done using much higher concentrations than is used in modern cosmetic preparations. Again though, for normal skin, there is scientific need to use products containing alcohol. In the anti-blemish range as well as the denatured alcohol, there is purified witch hazel and salicylic acid which are great at fighting spot causing bacteria and assist in the skins rejuvenation.

          If you feel a toner is a vital step in your skin regime, even though you have normal skin, then don't live in the shadow of dermatologists opinions- it is an ongoing debate and for those dermatologists who think toning is not important, there are many that do. Clarifying Lotion 1 is perfect for those with dry to very dry skin for maintaining a healthy texture and youthful radiance.
          There are also Clarifying Lotions for every other skin type. It is to be used twice daily as the 2nd part to your 3 step skin-care regime. Make sure you use the right toner for your skin or it will only lead to irritation. If you want to clear away those last traces of make up, dirt and excess oil then this is the toner for you. It will leave your skin feeling fresh, and with continued use it will make your skin more even toned.

          The only disadvantage I can think of is the price. It is £23.50 (although, look out for 3 for 2 deals at Clinique counters amonst other freebees). However, you only need to use a sparing amount and it comes in a mahusive bottle. Mine lasts me a good 6 months.

          Happy toning!


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          Exfoliation is the engine of skin renewal / Why Clinique's dermatologist-developed Clarifying Lotion is the difference-maker / It gently sweeps away dulling surface flakes to reveal clearer, smoother skin-perfectly prepped for moisture / Optimizes cell turnover / Uncovers skin's natural radiance /

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