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Clinique Comfort On Call Allergy Tested Relief Cream

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Brand: Clinique / Type: Face Cream

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    2 Reviews
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      27.10.2010 14:37
      Very helpful



      A relief cream that comforts and relieves the dry/cracked or irritated skin

      This is yet another Clinique product that I am in love with...

      ...Firstly I must emphasise that this product is not actually a moisturiser. It is not a skincare product which you apply to your face twice a day like a regular moisturiser. It is as it says in its name a 'relief cream' for the face. Its full name really describes it extremely well 'Comfort On Call Allergy Relief Cream.' It is a comforting cream that is almost like an emergency or first aid cream. It is a cream that could be kept alongside other creams like Sudocrem (or other creams that soothe the skin) in your medicine cabinet.


      It can help relieve numerous different symptoms of stress to the skin. The main factors that it is fantastic at relieving is sunburn, dry cracked skin (which could come from hot weather or harsh winter weather) and dry, sensitive skin (which I get around my nose when I am suffering with a cold). It could be used for a person's skin that constantly has extremely sensitive skin like eczema but from trying this product I would not recommend that you used it as a regular moisturiser morning and evening if your skin is not in a bad condition because it is extremely rich. Thus I think it would have the adverse signs on the skin for being too rich if used too often.


      Another very special quality of this relief cream is that it contains a technology called Enviro-Soothe Complex. This complex contains three ingredients. I am only going to explain the first ingredient in the complex thoroughly since this is the ingredient which makes the cream so unique. This ingredient is Jabara fruit. This is a Japanese fruit that is suggested to relieve allergies and help to prevent pollen allergies. This might sound extremely strange at a cream relieving an allergy but when I quizzed the Clinique lady on this she just gave me a blank look and was not really sure. So I did my own research on it and found out that by relieving allergies it means skin allergies. For example, accompanying Hayfever people suffer with itchy eyes, runny nose and perhaps their skin reacts to this foreign agent too like spots might develop or dryness may develop. I usually become dry around the eye area. So the cream helps to relieve these symptoms from the allergy. I have used the cream around my eyes and although I would have thought that it would be too rich to use around the eye area it was so soothing and my eyes certainly thanked me for it. In addition to this the ingredient is also excellent at soothing irritated skin.

      The second and third ingredients in the complex are potent anti-irritants called Mangosteen Peel Extract and Glycyrrhetinic Acid (licorice extract). Mangosteen is a fruit from Southeast Asia which has many uses including being antibacterial so helps to prevent spots/acne. It also has an anti-ageing quality to help tighten the skin and it has antioxidant qualities to act as your daily vitamins to the skin. Glycyrrhetinic Acid is simply the main anti-inflammatory ingredient in the relief cream to calm down irritated skin.

      So this Enviro-Soothe Complex really does contain an excellent trio of ingredients which makes the relief cream so unique. I do not know of any other relief cream like this on the market especially one that helps to relieve skin allergies. To me Clinique really is the future to new and exciting skin care product releases with their fantastic technologies they are creating. Since Clinique is dermatologist developed I do think that it makes all the difference. Clinique is quite a clinical skincare and cosmetics brand so I truly believe in virtually every product they produce.


      This product would not have been developed if Clinique did not have such a fantastic research place set in place. Clinique has a Skin Wellness Center at Weill Cornell (New York City) which treats patients and conducts skin research programmes. These programmes are under the direction of a Dr Richard Granstein who is chairman Department of Dermatology at this center. This dermatologist department does everything from examining patients to teaching them how to prevent skin cancer. This is the center where a lot of research enables Clinique to develop their dermatologist developed products. Like this product all of Clinique's products are more than just your average skincare products. They are treatment products that go beyond normal cosmetic house brands. So this is where this relief cream's history of development occurred.

      Dr Richard Granstein put together the basis of this relief cream. He put forward from numerous research studies that people with skin allergies or irritation to the skin or sensitive skin have a problem with the skin's barrier, perhaps it has lost its strength. So the Enviro-soothe complex which works together strengthens the skin's barrier preventing moisture loss from the skin and preventing harmful irritants and pollutants from entering the skin from the environment.

      A lot of groundbreaking research seems to have gone into this product.


      Well I am completely bowled over from the research I found out about this product. Which completely backs up how fantastic I have found this product to be. I was given a sample of Comfort On Call this time last year when I was suffering from a cold and my nose was so red and sore from dryness. I had seen the product advertised and the lady gave me the 7ml sample. I still have that same 7ml sample! It is only half used and I have used it on numerous occasions.

      It is an extremely rich cream which the only way I can describe it is as if you have gotten a block of hard butter out of the fridge and let it warm slightly to room temperature. The texture feels that thick and reminds me of butter which I know sounds awful but it feels lovely when your skin is that irritated.

      The cream is apparently for skin type 1 (very dry) and skin type 2 (dry/combination). But usually I have quite oily skin and when I got skin typed by the Clinique consultant I was told I was skin type 3 (oily combination). But the cream has been absolutely fine for me. I have used it on several occasions now. Once when I was sunburnt on my nose and it instantly relieved the pain from the sunburn and the flakiness of my skin. The other occasions when I have used it is when I have had a cold and had dry irritated skin on the nose and when I have generally had quite dry irritated skin all over from harsh winter weather. On all of these occasions it saved the day so I did not end up looking completely awful! It also allowed my makeup to go on very well over the top without causing disruption to it. Additionally it did not cause me to come out in spots which I was very surprised by because although it has the antibacterial ingredient in it also contains a certain fruit oil. Any oil seems to cause me spots but not this one. This was a pleasant surprise since usually I have to ditch products straight away with oil in.

      An additional factor that this cream would help with is if you ever have a reaction to any other product, then this cream could be put on to completely soothe the skin and calm the reaction. But obviously this is just a plus about the cream I certainly would not buy it purely for that.

      I am extremely pleased with the relief cream because it lasts such a long time, only the smallest amount is required because it goes such a long way. About half a pea size will cover my entire face.

      This item I must point out is unisex, although it is found under the female Clinique section and not the male's section it of course would benefit anybody's skin. It comes in a very smart and quite clinical looking white pot with a silver screw lid.

      It retails at £35.00 for a 50ml which I think is excellent value for money, like I said in a year I have only used about 3ml. The texture still feels the same and I do not think there is anything wrong with keeping it over a year. The pot suggests it will last 24 months. Obviously for one person alone unless they constantly suffer from irritated and sensitive skin then they will not use it all up in two years with a 50ml pot. But if a pot of it is bought for the entire family then it is definitely worth your while to buy it. No other cream relieved and soothed my skin like this cream. It is instant relief as well. Another benefit is that it is fragrance free like all Clinique products so there is no fragrance in it to cause a reaction.

      I also think it would be the perfect cream to use once or twice a week for somebody that does a lot of outdoors activities or works outdoors. For example, somebody who horse rides due to the wind on your face or somebody who is out in the cold. Similarly I suppose it could be just as good for somebody who works in an extremely air conditioned environment. But like I said it would not be needed every day. However if you are suffering from a cold like I did and used it then I would suggest using it constantly each night for about an entire week to also prevent the dryness and irritation coming back in that time.

      It can be bought at any Clinique counter. Clinique counters are in a few independent stores but mainly in Debenhams, Boots, House of Fraser, John Lewis, Selfridges and a few other stores.


      To summarise this is the perfect relief cream to help shield the skin from harsh weather and almost blanket the skin. It also as I explained has various other uses and is more of a one off emergency cream. It is dermatologist developed, allergy tested and fragrance free. It retails at £35.00 for 50ml pot.


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        21.04.2009 22:47
        Very helpful



        There when you need it!

        Clinique comfort on call is for dry, sensitive and reactive skins and carries the Allergy UK (British Allergy Foundation) mark.

        What it does is create a barrier to stop all the nasty pollutants and quiets reactivity! It's all very scientific!

        Comfort on call allergy tested relief cream is part of my winter skin care regime. I also take this away with me when I go to very sunny climates also! - In my opinion it's good for sunburn!

        So I would say this is my moisturiser for harsh conditions, whenever my skin gets excessively dry or sore. If I have a dry spot on my face i'd apply this cream and then my usual moisturiser everywhere else. It's very thick, and smells good -and expensive!

        This is not what I call an everyday moisturiser because it's so deeply moisturising! I guess why they call it "On call" there when you need it! It is pretty pricey £ 31.32 for 50ml.

        It is a total genie in a bottle, and saves your skin!

        Definitely worth splashing out on!


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        Ideal for dry, sensitive and reactive skins /

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