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Clinique Comforting Cream Cleanser

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5 Reviews

Brand: Clinique / Cleanser / Type: Face Cream / Subcategory: Cleanser / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses,

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    5 Reviews
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      19.01.2014 12:12
      Very helpful




      I bought this Clinique comforting cream cleanser a while back.
      I like to use cream cleansers as I am lazy and I often like to cleanse my skin from the comfort of my bed. Is that bad?
      I don't want to be having to go to the bathroom sink to be rinsing cleanser off. I do have Clinique's facial soap as well, but I tend to use this cleanser more often.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      This cream cleanser is available from Boots or online at www.boots.com for £17.00 for 150ml, which I think is reasonable.

      ~ Packaging ~
      It comes in a 150ml tube, which is white with a big Clinique 'C' on the front in metallic silver and underneath the words, 'Clinique comforting cream cleanser'.
      The cleanser sits on its flip cap lid, which is what I call, 'Clinique green' or pale green to normal people.

      ~ In use ~
      The cleanser is easy to get out of the tube, by gently squeezing it and I apply the cleanser to cotton wool. It is white in colour.
      I find I only need a small amount and then I apply it to my face using the cotton wool.
      The back of the packaging suggests that this is gently massaged onto your face and then either rinsed or tissued off.
      I find that the product just needs to wiped over your skin. Any excess that there might be can be wiped back onto the cotton wool, but I am always careful to use a small amount of product so that there isn't too much excess.
      I find it surprisingly creamy and it feels quite moisturising on my skin.
      I find that it is very gentle and it wipes away any make-up and cleanses my face with ease. It even removes mascara without difficulty.
      My face looks and feels clean and moisturised after using this cleanser.
      The back of the cleanser tube says that this product is for drier, delicate or sensitive skins. The cleanser doesn't dry my skin out at all. It makes my skin look and feel like I have moisturised.
      I like to use this cleanser and I find it really handy.
      I would recommend this cleanser and I would definitely buy this product again in the future.


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      18.05.2011 18:42
      Very helpful



      well worth £15.00

      Clinique is a high end beauty brand specialising in skincare, makeup and fragrance.

      ~~Cleansing Options~~

      Cleansing your face before using a toner and moisturiser, helps keep your skin in tip top condition and remove makeup and dirty which could clog your pores. Clinique offer a few different types of cleansers including a liquid and bar soap, a gel, a balm and also different cream cleansers. One such cleanser is known as the Comforting Cream Cleanser.

      ~~Comfort From Clinique~~

      The Comforting Cream Cleanser is suitable for those with very dry - dry skin or dry - combination skin. It can be used as an alternative to soap and it is recommended that you follow with either the toner/moisturiser in the 3 step system from Clinique, or your own combination from any brand.

      This cleanser is designed to remove makeup and dirt from your face leaving it clean and fresh. It offers a creamy formula aimed at sensitive and dry skin. It is 100% fragrance free and allergy tested which is a regular Clinique statement.


      The cleanser is housed within an almost triangular shaped, clear tube. The flip top lid is at the bottom for easy dispensing. The cleanser can be seen through the tube and has a cream and almost pink tinge to it.


      This cleanser should be used on dry skin (try the Foaming Cleanser should you want something with more lather). Massage a small blob around your face before rinsing off with warm water. Alternatively, you can use a tissue to wipe off the cleanser before proceeding with the rest of your skin care routine.

      ~~Availability and Price~~

      The full size tube is 150ml and can be purchased from various department stores or online. It is priced at £15.00 but it is worth waiting for the gift with purchase set offer which entitles you to a generous selection of treats when buying 2 or more Clinique products.

      ~~My Experience~~

      I never used to take care of my skin and wore too much makeup. Being a respectable (ha!) Mum now, I have toned it down but my sensitive, dry skin suffered. Anyway, now I look for products that will make looking after my face quick and hassle free so I can look half decent on a daily basis! So, Clinique is a brand I know well and to be honest, most of their products have made it into the "not worth the money" collection. I believe in sampling before commiting to high prices and often purchase lots of trial sized Clinique and other brands through ebay and recommend that you all do the same especially if trying for the first time.

      ~~Comfort For My Skin~~

      I have been using this 50ml tube (identical to fullsize one) for the past 2weeks after fancying a change from the liquid soap from Clinique. With no guidelines on how many times a day I should use it, I opted for just the once and that is during my nightly cleansing followed by my Biotherm toner and the Clinique Superdefense. This cleanser is certainly visually more appealing than the liquid soap. It is quite thick and almost cream like with a distinctive apple like, fresh scent about it which I quite like.

      At first I thought this worked on wet skin but I couldn't be more wrong. The cool, squidgy consistency took a little while for me to get used to as I am more into runnier gels or lotions. I applied too much at first but now have the right amount stuck in my system and squeeze out the smallest of blobs and use my finger tips to smooth it around my face ensuring my hair is clipped back. By this time of the day, most of my makeup has visually gone leaving only the surface traces left.

      Applying this around my face (avoiding the eyes and lips) proves comforting and soothing with no annoyance from the fresh scent offered. The creaminess of the cleanser proves to be rich and appealing to my skin. Nothing really happens, there is no thick lather developing or anything like that. The cleanser appears to absorb into my skin leaving an oily surface layer on my skin. I concentrate on the main areas such as my cheeks, nose and forehead and little cover the rest to ensure all my face is cleansed.

      Removing this cleanser takes very little time but it depends how you prefer to do it. I've got into a habit of dabbing a small amount of water onto my face allowing a little foam and massaging for a minute or so then using a slightly damp facecloth and rubbing the rest off that way. Others may prefer to stick to the guidelines but I find I get best results this way. If I still have makeup sitting on my skin, it comes off onto the cloth and makes me feel a little manky sometimes as it really brings everything up from my pores and gives them a good flush out!

      ~~Comforted Before Bed~~

      As I use this mainly before bed, it takes all the dirt and makeup off my face so has quite a bit to contend with. Once my face is towel dried, it feels incredibly fresh and clean with a comforting softness about it which I love as some cleansers dry out my face..this one is very gentle and protecting. Often I have used this and just went to bed without a toner or moisturiser and it has left my face soothed with little dryness so it does work well. There is no residue left after rinsing off and my pores appear open and clean.

      On the rare occasion I apply this in the morning, it keeps my skin clean feeling under my toner and moisturiser and I can apply some makeup as normal without fear of looking dirty or feeling unclean!


      I actually didn't expect to like this cleanser as much as I have done. It is very gentle and kind to my skin but ensures it cleanses it well and provides brilliant results. It may be a little more expensive than some brands but I feel it is well worth the extra and I intend on purchasing the big tube at some point this year as my little tube has lasted incredibly well.

      I recommend this for those who have dry and sensitive skin and are looking for something rich and creamy to give it a healthy and clean feeling.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        13.12.2010 12:42
        Very helpful



        Another winner from Clinique, lovely to use, mild and gentle but extremely effective

        I was a Clinique virgin until this autumn. I never quite understood the hype and thought the products were overrated and overpriced. But, they say don't knock it until you've tried it, and they also say don't look a gift horse in the mouth, so I was intrigued (and pleased) to receive a collection of Clinique products from my PA as a leaving present prior to my departure from the UK.

        I am lucky in that I do not have particularly troublesome skin, which is something to bear in mind as you read this. I am writing it as someone who can eat her 5 a day twice over or live off pizza and chocolate for a week, who can move to such polluted places as Mexico City or dusty dens like Freetown, or spend weeks on end in the sea, and never notice changes in her skin. I am not especially loyal to any skin care brand, will buy whatever is on offer, and am quite happy using baby wipes on my face since they're a heck of a lot cheaper than the 'proper' facial cleansing versions.

        I've recently moved from the provinces to Freetown, which is Sierra Leone's rather dusty capital. I walk around a lot and get filthy, and then come home to a house that doesn't have running water (or any water at all, half the time). In other words, it's hard to feel clean here, and while I don't mind the grime on my feet (squint a bit and it just looks like a tan) it's a little different on my face. I have a number of products I use here, from standard soap to wipes, but the one that makes my skin feel truly purged of dirt is this cleanser.

        This is a really rich, creamy cleanser. You only need a tiny bit, and the packaging makes it easy to squeeze out a suitably sized blob so you don't waste any. It's incredibly moisturising too, without feeling too greasy, and although it doesn't lather up with bubbles, it's easy to spread around your face. I tend to wash it off with water (when I have it) and then follow up with a swipe of toner (Clinique, natch!) but if I forget or have only taken this one to the gym it's not the end of the world, as your skin is clean after using this, it just doesn't tingle in the same way it does when you use toner.

        The cream is really thick so you can rub and rub and it doesn't sink in - it's not supposed to, as you wipe or wash it off afterwards, but it was a worry I had initially. The more you rub the more it seems to lift off the dirt though, so it's definitely worth doing. How do I know it's removing the grime? Well, when I tissue the cleanser off I can see it - the tissue turns orange, to match the dust on the roads here. It is that filthy a city. It's a bit like that mouthwash that changes colour as you rinse - it's disturbing and reassuring in equal measure to know both how much dirt there was, but also that it's now gone.

        The cleanser smells expensive, which is a weird thing to say, but is true. It has a hint of citrus to it but is quite clinical as well, which seems like a good feature to have, as if it's been developed by a bunch of scientists not beauty therapists. It's not an unpleasant smell at all, but at the same time you wouldn't want a bottle of it as perfume.

        This is an extremely versatile cleanser which makes it ideal for my constantly fluctuating water status. You massage it onto your face (either dry or wet) and then wash or tissue off. This means that even when I have no water at all, I can use this on dry skin and just wipe it off.

        This is called 'Comforting Cream Cleanser' and I can imagine it would be especially nice to use in winter, in a hot shower when you just want to feel pampered. Considering how nice it is used in 30 degree weather when your skin is dripping with sweat, it must be heaven on a day when it's icy cold outside and your skin is feeling tight and chapped, and in a pinch you could wash with this if you didn't have any moisturiser handy, as the immediate effects are the same - softer, smoother skin. I also received the Clinique 7 day scrub, and while that makes you feel cleaner quicker (it's an exfoliator you use in the shower), once you've rinsed/wiped this one off the results are similar: clean feeling skin that's also a smidge softer than before you used it.

        I cannot vouch for how this would work on particularly oily or dry or sensitive skins, as mine is none of those: it is robust, spot-free and what experts rather meanly call 'normal' (as if other skin types are not). But, I can say I've given it a good run for its money in terms of dirt removal, and it scores highly. Because it is so rich it might not be suitable for really oily skins, but you certainly don't need to have dry, flaking patches to benefit from it. On that note, the packaging assures me it is allergy tested and 100% fragrance free. It is designed for drier skins (though of course mine is normal) and I can imagine the creamy consistency would feel nourishing if your face is all chapped and tight.

        This cream cleanser comes in the standard, easily identifiable pale green Clinique tube. It has a downward facing tip, so you don't have to struggle to get the last bits out as they're always dripping downwards, and it's easy to stand it up by the sink or shower as the base is flat, and big enough to balance. I noticed the benefit of expensive packaging immediately, as it is just so easy to control how much comes out in one go. With this cleanser, a little goes a long way so you really don't need huge amounts, and I can get just the right amount with a slight squeeze, and no wastage. Even though the initial outlay is quite high, it pays for itself to some extent in this way, as it doesn't come slopping out like other places, and you don't need to use more to get a good result.

        This is a product equally suited for day or night time use. I tend to use it just once a day as I'm trying to make it last, and clean my face another way in between, but if I'm travelling I'll just take this with me and use it twice daily.

        I am very happy with this cleanser. In some important areas my skin hasn't changed (I had no breakouts before, and it's not caused any; I had no visible wrinkles before and haven't developed more) and in some equally important areas it has, as my skin now feels (and looks) cleaner. As a result of using this, my skin both looks and feels smoother and softer. If you're a Clinique junkie, you'll want to try this one, and even if you're not it's worth a look. It's a gentle, mild cleanser, but it digs deep to get out all the dirt. Recommended.

        (I don't wear make up, but this is supposed to be ace for removing that too - perhaps someone who does and also uses this can comment on its effectiveness in this area?)

        http://www.clinique.co.uk/product/1673/6079/Skin-Care/ CleansersMakeup-Removers/ Comforting-Cream-Cleanser/index.tmpl

        Currently £12 - £15 for 150ml, but shop around as Clinique stuff regularly seems to be on offer.


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          26.08.2009 17:19



          Try before you buy: it's not for everyone

          After borrowing some of this from a friend, I decided to buy my own. I loved the creamy consistency of the product, and the versatility: it can be removed with water or with a tissue. After using it your skins feels really clean and refreshed. At first, I thought my skin was responding well to the cleanser: it quickly removed traces of make-up and left me with a clear complexion. Although I noticed after a couple of weeks that my skin was starting to feel uncomfortably tight after using it. I booked myself in for a facial and was told that my skin - that is naturally combination - had become dry and dehydrated; my facialist told me that this was most likely due to the high levels of alcohol in Clinique skincare products.
          I paid £14.00 for 150 ml at the Clinique counter at my local House of Fraser. It's well priced as it lasts for ages: 10-12 weeks. My skin didn't react well to it so I'd recommended you try some samples before buying.


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            01.04.2009 13:16
            Very helpful




            I bought this after getting a sample of a similar Clinique face wash and really liking it. I liked the sound of this one because it was described as being really gentle and I feel my skin is becoming increasingly sensitive recently. I cheated and got it from a seller on Amazon, which meant it worked out a few pounds cheaper than the original price which is £13.70 for the 150ml bottle.

            ***What it says on the bottle...

            "Gently and effectively removes stubborn makeup, leaves skin smooth and comfortable"
            It also directs you to massage in the cleanser before rinsing or wiping off with a tissue.


            The bottle is typically Clinique, it is a white tube with a hint of pink. It has a green lid at the bottom and in block capitals 'Clinique' at the top and 'comforting cream cleanser' in smaller black writing beneath this. The packaging is very simple yet looks good quality like all the Clinique products. It also gives it a clean-cut looking image which matches the products themselves which are very clean and simple.

            ***The Cleanser...

            The cleanser looks and feels more like a moisturising cream when it comes out of the bottle. For some reason I was expecting it to be more like a creamy face wash but it is definitely more like a wipe-off cleansing lotion. It is white in colour and quite rich and smooth. It has a really fresh smell, it reminded me of the smell of Simple products which are also designed for sensitive skin.

            Despite it being more of a cleansing cream than face wash I have still been using it like a face wash in the shower. I wet my face with water before massaging a small amount of the cleanser into my skin. It doesn't foam up but I still spend a few minutes massaging it in, the same way I would massage in moisturiser. You really only need to use a little bit as it is really concentrated and spreads really well over the skin. Whilst massaging it in I have found my skin does literally feel soothed, therefore the claim that it is 'comforting' is definitely true. Sometimes I find my skin stings slightly while using cleansers, particularly around my nose for some reason, but with this there was no soreness or irritation.

            It is easy to rinse off and once it was all off my skin felt amazing. It leaves your skin feeling so smooth and moisturised, like I had already put moisturiser on. I did still use moisturiser afterwards but I would have been happy not to as my skin didn't feel dry at all like it normally would after cleansing.

            The day after my skin always still feels really smooth and moisturised, but it can look and feel a little bit greasier than normal which I think is because of the cleanser. I think this is because it is ideally suited to very dry skin and my skin isn't as dry as such but just sensitive.

            ***Overall Opinion...

            I think this is a really good quality cleanser that does everything it says on the bottle. It is ideally designed for very dry skin but I would advise it also to people like me with sensitive skin. However if you have oily skin I would stay away from it as I can make your skin a bit more greasy. It is expensive and I doubt I would pay the full price for it at a Clinique counter, but for those who don't mind spending a bit it is good quality and it is very concentrated therefore the bottle lasts really well.


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