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Clinique Total Turnaround Cream

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3 Reviews

Brand: Clinique / Type: Face Cream / Product line: Clinique Turnaround

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    3 Reviews
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      03.01.2011 14:24
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      bit pricey but good results

      Clinique Total Turnaround Cream

      This is a review of Clinique's Total Turnaround Cream. This winter I've really noticed how much the weather has affected my skin and made it really dry so I was searching for a solution as I came to the end of my previous stash of moisturisers (I am a bit of a hoarder and like to have several pots on the go!) unfortunately I managed to leave my jar of favourite moisturiser on the side at the gym - my fault - so I was on the search for something new and interesting.

      The Total Turnaround Cream from Clinique seemed to get a good report so I invested in a 50 ml pot which set me back around £30 (from ebay) plus postage. I think it's more expensive from department stores but you can often get free gift sets with Clinique purchases so it's worth bearing in mind if you are wanting to buy a couple of products to shop around so you get all the nice little sample sizes!

      I love their packaging - all those neat little jars and screw top lids keep the products sealed and fresh for when you want to use them. Total turnaround is no different in a glass jar with blue tint and the trademark silver lid.

      Upon opening, the total turnaround cream is thick and luxurious. I use a cotton bud to scoop out a small dollop and do a blob on forehead, cheeks and chin then massage in to the skin in circular motions. I have to stop myself there as I can get carried away with the neck too but remembering the price of this product it's best to stick to face and use cheaper products elsewhere.

      The cream does have a smell to it. It's not unpleasant but it is quite strong and to me smells a bit floral. I don't mind the smell but I can see some people may not like it.

      Did it work?
      I use this cream before bed most nights (and still have a fair bit left) and it really improved my winter skin. I think you could use it twice a day and maybe reap further skin benefits (if you can afford to!) but I preferred to do it just the once and let it work it's magic on my face overnight. I haven't had any major break outs or dry spots since using and it has been a few weeks now. So yes, it works!

      I would say it's a good alternative to a thinner day moisturiser and has long lasting effects. If you don't like thick creams then it's probably not for you.

      Final word
      I do think this cream is a bit pricey for how much you get and how far it will last. It's nice enough but I bet you can get comparable results from the cheaper brands on the market.


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        20.07.2009 17:17
        Very helpful



        An excellent cream for winter use, but far too heavy for the summer.

        I have been using Total Turnaround for about 12 years and it has fast become a staple of my winter skin care regime. For a long time it was really hard to get hold of in the UK. However, now it seems much more availabe from companies like Strawberry Net and the price online isn't too extortionate for such a good product. Infact, I pay about a third to half less now then I did 12 years ago, before the internet revolution!

        Basically, the cream promises the same as most other anti aging creams - to minimise lines and wrinkles etc. In the past I've used it more for its ability to prevent flaking and dryness. However, now I've turned 30, the lines and wrinkles are beginning to show, so I'll be monitoring its abilities there!

        What I love about Clinique products is firstly their packaging. They always make you feel like you're really treating yourself to a luxury when you open the green box the product sits in. Then the pot itself, with a substantial silver lid is attractive and looks good sitting on any bathroom cabinet.

        The cream itself is a rich and thick consistency, which is easily absorbed into the skin. A top tip is that I find that to make the product work well and to last longer, it's best to moisturise first with a normal moisturiser (i.e. a cheaper one!) and then to put the Clinique on over the top. This makes the product stretch so you don't need as much, but you still get the same benefits.

        I have very sensitive skin, so I'm very fussy about face creams. However, I find I can cope with this cream as it is easily absorbed, is unperfumed and doesn't irritate my skin too much. I find it is most useful for wearing when you are going out into the cold, especially where there is a biting wind, as it really does protect your skin. However, it is not suitable for the summer as it is overly heavy and can cause spots in the heat. I would also advise those of you with sensitive skins not to use it all the time. For instance, I tend to use it Monday-Friday in the mornings only and not at night as it can cause spots if used to often. However, this is about the right balance for me.

        Usually I buy one pot in the autumn and it will see me right through to March, when it stops being so cold, so it's not really as expensive as it seems, considering I get through quite a lot of cheaper products in this time.

        In terms of its best features, it really does stop dryness and flaking on my skin, which is great, and it's the only product I've found that does this, as well as protecting from the weather. However, as mentioned above, it does cause the occasional spot, so it doesn't give a flawless complexion. In terms of anti-aging, I currently have only a few lines, so I'm not really in the best place to judge - perhaps time will tell and in 10 years I'll be able to give a good update on that!


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        01.07.2009 08:53
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        On the face of it (Couldn't resist the pun!) a nice enough cream but with no spectacular results.

        Clinique, although expensive, is my cosmetic brand of choice. I have enjoyed consistent quality from their products and I rarely pay full price for them because I either wait for their promotions or buy their products when I am in the US.

        I bought the little pot of CLINIQUE Total Turnaround Cream whilst I was in New York in December. It cost me $18.00 from Maceys. Here in the UK it retails at about £28.00.

        Inside the trademark pale green Clinique cardboard box, it comes in a little pale blue glass pot containing 50ml/1.7oz. The lid is white plastic and easily twists to remove. Inside is a little 'dust' lid to keep the cream fresher I think. (I have never really worked out what that extra little lid is for!) The neck of the pot is as wide as the base so it is possible to get the last bit out with no wastage. It has a rich white creamy consistency which has no discernible smell. It feels cool and soothing as I smooth it on.

        The cream is absorbed easily and smoothly. Very little is needed because it is applied after you have moisturised. It is designed to be used for very dry to dry skin which periodically I suffer from.

        ~~~The claims from Clinique for this cream are~~~

        "Effectively eliminates dulling flakes & impurities
        Keeps skin perfectly clear while diminishing fine lines
        Achieves a brighter, softer & more luminous skin"

        ~~~What I found~~~

        It did stop my skin flaking around my forehead. It hadn't been a huge problem but occasionally tiny flakes of dry skin were visible. Since I started using this cream that has not happened. So that claim stands up.

        I am not sure whether it diminishes fine lines or not. The fact is, if I look at the fine lines in my complexion I always see more because I am looking for them! Not having counted or measured them I really couldn't say whether there was an improvement or not.

        My skin stayed clear, so that part of the claim stands up!

        "Brighter, softer & more luminous?" My skin does feel softer.
        I don't know about 'more luminous', it get's progressively harder to tell as my face gets more suntanned. My skin looks good enough to me but I don't spend a lot of time looking at it. I have a feeling that 'luminosity' is more to do with my diet and state of mind but I might be wrong. (I don't really understand what the difference is between 'Brighter' and 'More luminous'. I thought they were the same thing!)

        I find myself a little bemused by the name of the cream 'Total Turnaround' where do they get these names from? It certainly didn't "Totally turnaround" my face which, when I think about it, is just as well because I would look very strange with my face on backwards!

        It also says on the tub, "Visible skin renewer." That is a bit ridiculous too. We renew our own skin from the inside out don't we?

        However, Clinique are no better or worse than any other brand for making up strange names, claims and psuedo scientific slogans. If I got too amused/indignant about it I'd never buy anything!

        ~~~Would I buy it again?~~~

        I don't think I would pay full price for this product, I bought it as a treat for myself to help me look good for my daughter's wedding. It has lasted me well but I haven't used it every day. A little seems to go a long way although I have only applied it to the areas of my face that needed it. Having said that, I think I got reasonable value for the money I spent. (It was a special occasion after all!)

        It is readily available at most cosmetic departments or online.
        Clinique have promotions and free offers a few times a year so I would wait to buy it if you want some. I do think £24.00 is a bit overpriced for what it does.


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        Dry/ Delicate to Normal / Very Dry to Dry Combination

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