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Colour Trend Dazzlers Top Coat

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Brand: Avon / Type: Coat / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    3 Reviews
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      10.06.2013 16:59
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      A budget nail polish that is actually rather good

      I have to admit I have not had much luck with colour trend products previously. Colour trend are a budget range made by Avon, and their products are mainly aimed towards the teen market. As I was skipping past this section in the brochure, this nail varnish caught my eye. I purchased it while it was on sale for £1.50 but usual retail is around £3. The nail polish is available in three colours, gold, silver and fuchsia. I personally chose the silver and was excited to give it a go. It is a top coat nail polish which means you apply your normal nail varnish first. I chose a purple to layer under the silver as I decided they would match nicely.

      I applied my nail polish as I usually would and then waited for it to dry before adding this top coat. In the bottle I thought it was maybe going to be a little too bright as the chunks of glitter seem massive sitting in the bottle. When I pulled the brush out it was still very glittery, but the larger glitter pieces stayed in the bottle. I began to cover my nail in the glitter, but because of the thicker consistency found I had to really spread it across each nail carefully, rather than just applying it in quick lines. It only takes a few minutes longer than usual nail polish to apply as I wanted to make sure the glitter was spread easily, and it leaves really great results.

      The brush is a standard size and means I can coat my nails without much fuss, and it also reaches into the corners and edges to make sure my whole nail is coated. The chunks of glitter seem a little big when you first apply, but once it dries into the coat of colour underneath it leaves an attractive yet subtle finish to your nails. It will glisten in the light and when looking you can see that it is something a bit different, but it does not look over the top for day to day wear.

      There is a slight glossy finish to this top coat and the glitter makes your nails sparkle. You can still see the colour underneath clearly so you can still wear your favourite colour, just with a little sparkle. I found that the nail polish dries quickly which I was surprised about as the consistency was thicker I expected it would take an age to dry. Once on my nails I find it can last a good three to four days without chipping or fading, even with me running around a lot. While with a top coat I usually find my nail polish can last a little longer I was happy enough with the staying power.

      Removing I found it to be a nightmare. While it is great it lasts well with hardly any chips I found it invincible to remove. I tried just about every nail polish remover that I own, and instead still found myself picking at left over pieces on my nail. I did not overly load my nails with the polish, but I found it very difficult to remove. This really puts me off using it as to be honest I am not one that enjoys the process of removing and re painting my nails, and if it takes too long to get the whole process done it is very off putting.

      I would still recommend this nail varnish. I was a little worried as it comes from a range I have not had much luck with previously, but actually it is one of the best I have used from Avon. It is a top coat so you need to co-ordinate the colours to varnishes you already own, but it is perfect for adding something a little different to your nails. I personally like to use it for more special occasions; however, I do believe it could be worn for day to day use as it is not overly loud or eye catching. For £1.50 I think this is a steal even if it is a pain to remove.


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        22.12.2012 10:09
        Very helpful
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        A good nail polish

        With my Nanna being an Avon lady, I always get sent things from her - probably because she gets them while they're super cheap but I don't complain. One of the newest things she sent me was the Avon Colour Trend Dazzlers Top Coat - Gold Flecked nail polish. I love glittery nail polishes so much and this gold one looked great.

        This product comes in a small nail polish bottle which is made from clear glass. The bottom of the bottle has a strip of silver while the lid is white and screws off. The bottle has on it the Avon Colour Trend logo as well as the name of the product and how much there is inside the bottle (which is 8ml). Currently, this nail polish costs £3 from the Avon website although it can also be bought from a local representative.

        When looking inside the glass, it is clear to see that the chunks of gold glitter are quite large and that the bottle is full of glitter. After unscrewing the lid and pulling out the application brush, there is not as much glitter on the brush compared with what you see in the bottle. This is a top coat nail polish so should be used on top of another colour. I used gold to match the colour of the glitter.

        As you will be applying on top of already painted nails, application is very easy. The glitter polish needs to be brushed over your base coat, covering the whole of the nail. The brush supplied means that your nail will be covered in only two strokes. However, even though your nail will already be painted, I have found that you still need two coats of this in order to achieve the best finished look.

        I really like how this nail polish looks and especially at the minute, it is great for the festive season. The glitter is quite smooth and doesn't flake off like other versions of this product by other brands. Like most glitter polishes, this is a pain to remove. I find that using acertone works far better than normal nail polish remover and with this, there isn't half as much scrubbing to get it off.

        Overall, this is a great value top coat and one that looks fabulous on your nails.


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          06.11.2012 15:57
          Very helpful



          A brilliant priced amazing dazzling top coat from Avon!

          ~*~*~ ColourTrend Dazzlers Top Coats ~*~*~

          ~ What is it? ~

          These Dazzlers Top Coats are nail polishes that are filled with glitter, inside the bottle you will see big and small glitter particles and they are available in a range of three colours.

          ~ Price & Availability ~

          Being a ColourTrend product these are only available from Avon as ColourTrend is one of their own ranges more aimed at teens.
          You can get these online at www.avonshop.co.uk or from a local representative if your lucky enough to have one. The rep will drop a book off at your home for you to browse through at your leisure, you then fill in your order form and hand it back when they come to collect and then your items ordered will be delivered to you by your rep in about a weeks time.

          The usual price is £3 but they are currently on offer at £1.50 or included in a different offer - buy a nail enamel, dazzlers top coat & decals for £3.99 which is what I have done.

          I think they were only introduced two brouchures ago, I first bought the gold one, then used the above offer and bought the silver one, I wasn't overly keen on the purple coloured one so I didn't bother but I think my rep messed up my order so I have ended up with no nail enamel, two top coats - silver and purple and the nail decals.
          I haven't complained as actually the purple is quite nice!

          The actual colour names are -

          Fuchsia Dazzle
          Gold Flecked
          Silver Plated

          As of yet there are no other colours available.

          ~ Are they any good? ~

          Well I am impressed with these greatly. I originally bought the Gold Flecked as I preferred this colour to the rest and I also thought it looked really festive. When it was delivered to me I couldn't wait to try it. It came packaged in a little squat pink and red coloured box (if I remember correctly as my son has pinched them to squash when he is a dinosaur!) and inside the box was the small bottle of nail polish. The bottles are short and squat round glass bottle with a white screw top lid. The lid of course houses the application brush.
          What I first noticed was the big and small particles of glitter, I thought this was quite impressive as it seemed it would offer a good coverage of the nail, as some glitter varnishes are useless! The base colour of these is clear.
          Unscrewing the lid I was pleased to see that the brush was loaded with a good amount of glitter, big and small flecks and I placed it onto my bare nails and was impressed that even with only one coat it looked very sparkly, I then went on to add a second coat and found that this covered my nails in a generous amount of glitter and they looked really good.

          I have since also used the gold over a dark navy base and it looked amazing.

          Since getting the Silver Plated and Fuchsia Dazzles last Thursday I have also tried these and have been equally impressed with the results.

          At the moment my nails are painted in Lime Splatter, on my little finger and index finger I have used black star decals and on my thumb nail I have added a sliver star decal and the tip is painted in Silver Plated and they look really funky.

          I have found that the glitter top coats last really well and have not chipped at all whilst wearing them and they have had between 2 and 7 days before I have removed them to change the design! The gold was left for 7 days and I had no problems with it at all.

          They are a little difficult to remove as are all other glitter varnishes I have tried, I simply wrap my finger tips in nail varnish remover soaked cotton wool and leave it for a few minutes, this makes it much easier to remove but I will still have to use a cotton bud to get into the edges of my nails to remove any stubborn bits of glitter.

          ~ Overall ~

          As you can probably already tell I am very impressed with these. They are cheap but brilliant and very effective.

          I hope they add more colours to the range as I for one will definitely be buying them.

          Thanks for reading :o) x


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