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Cyclax Apricot Facial Scrub

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11 Reviews
  • effective scrub
  • Readily available in many shops
  • not much moisturising
  • leaves the scrubby bits in the bath
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    11 Reviews
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      01.08.2014 12:52
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Smells pleasant"
      • "effective scrub"
      • "Easy to use"
      • "Good waterproof container"
      • "Readily available in many shops"
      • "Cheap price"


      • "not much moisturising"
      • "leaves the scrubby bits in the bath"
      • "Not all natural ingredients"

      A cheap body scrub that has sandy bits which get left in the bath

      This is a pretty basic scrub available in most stores selling toiletries and many bargain shops. It is pretty cheap and usually costs around a pound.

      It comes in a plastic screw top tub which is handy if you keep it on the bath or in the shower as the product does not end up getting wet inside.

      I find it scrubs well but I prefer scrubs which are more natural and have shea butter or similar that moisturise as well. I also prefer scrubs that have dissolving scrubby bits like salt or sugar so that they don't harm the environment not leave bits in my bath. These are apricot stones ground so will decompose but they feel like sand in the bath or shower and I hate that.

      It smells pleasant enough but not that great, it is not offensive but it isn't something I would say I like particularly.

      So it does the job and is a good price but far from being a favourite of mine.


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        26.07.2014 11:10
        Very helpful


        • " low price"
        • " pot lasts ages"
        • "a good harsh facial scrub"


        • "does not smell very nice"

        A Scrubber's Dream!

        I bought this Cyclax apricot facial scrub a while ago.

        ~ Price and availability ~
        This scrub is available from Boots and Superdrug or online from cyclax.com where it costs just GBP2.25 for a 300ml tub.

        It comes in a large clear plastic tub.
        There is a label wrapped around it with pictures of apricots on the front and ‘Cyclax Nature Pure Apricot Facial Scrub’ in small lettering. The tub has a peach coloured, plastic, screw off lid.
        You can see the scrub through the tub. It is a beige colour with lots of dark brown grains in it.

        In use
        The back of the tub recommends using this scrub 1-2 times per week by wetting your face, lathering a little of the scrub with warm water between your fingertips and massaging into the face gently, avoiding the delicate eye are and then rinsing thoroughly with warm water.
        I only use this scrub now and again.
        Straight away when I twist off the lid and pull off the white plastic tab that prevents the product from going into the lid, I can smell the apricot scented scrub. It has quite a strong scent and it is quite sharp. I don’t like the scent or taste of apricots and I don’t like the scent of this, but it is one I can put up with.
        The scrub is very thick and the grains feel quite large.
        I only need to apply a small amount to my face. The scrub is very creamy and the grains don’t feel as harsh on my face as I first expected.
        I apply it to my face and then massage it in circular motions. I tend to apply quite a bit of pressure while I am doing this as I like facial scrubs to feel harsh on my skin because for me that is when they feel like they are really working. With less pressure this scrub is not too harsh and is quite gentle on your skin.
        Once the scrub has worked its magic I then rinse it off. It is easy to rinse. There are occasionally a few grains left behind on your face after the first rinse, but these are easily removed with more warm water.
        The scrub leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. It removes any impurities and dead skin cells. There is a definite improved feel to my skin and my skin even looks different. It appears matte, but does not look or feel dry and my pores appear reduced.
        I do not like the scent of this product, but I would recommend it and I have repurchased this product even though I do not like the scent.
        I would prefer it to be available in other scents, but after I have rinsed this off my skin I can no longer smell it so it doesn’t bother me too much.
        As you don’t have to use much of this product the pot lasts for ages and it is already very cheap to buy so it is great value for money.


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        12.05.2013 20:45
        Very helpful



        A bargain product

        *~*Introduction and reason for purchase*~*
        Now I'm in my (*cough*) late thirties I'm really trying my hardest to stick to a beauty routine as far as my skin is concerned, and am trying to impose a pamper session aiming for at least once a week or when time allows, which includes using a face mask and regular exfoliation rather than the quick wash and slap of moisturiser I seem to have become accustomed to lately.

        Being a busy mum of two doesn't give me much time for beauty treats, but I'm trying to stick to a simple routine and have found that by using a gentle exfoliant on my face and neck in the past this has been successful for keeping dry skin at bay and leaving it soft. As I've gotten out of the habit of using a facial scrub I found that the only thing I had in my ridiculously large stock of toiletries were scrubs aimed at just the body and which were far too harsh for the delicate facial area so I made a mental note to purchase some more on my next trip to Superdrug.

        Having been to Superdrug for something unrelated and completely forgotten to look at face scrubs, I spotted a tub of 'Cyclax Apricot Face Scrub' on a more recent visit to Poundstretcher and vaguely remembered using this when I lived at home as my mum used to buy it so I decided to purchase a tub myself.

        I've been using this product now for around 4 weeks so my review will now discuss my usage of the product..

        *~*What is it?*~*
        Apricot Facial Scrub is "..an invigorating, exfoliating scrub with extracts of apricot for use 1 to 2 times a week.."

        *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*
        I purchased this facial scrub for the princely sum of just £1, which for a 300ml tub I deemed to be quite a bargain. I've used this previously in the past, several years ago now though when I lived at home, though as it's been such a long time since I've had any experience with this product I couldn't remember exactly how it left my skin feeling but felt for the low price it was worth trying.

        Cyclax apricot face scrub can be bought from most places that sell beauty items as can their other range of products which include body lotions and hand care products and all the ones I've seen have cost around the same RRP mark up of just £1 though Cyclax have a huge range of products according to their official website but I can't comment on their other items as I've not had the experience of using anything other than this scrub.

        The scrub is presented in a cylinder shaped tub which is quite squat in design. The tub is made from a sturdy yet squeezable plastic which is transparent so the product can be clearly viewed. I do like this aspect as it makes it easier to determine how much of the product remains without having to resort to guessing games. The tub is pleasantly decorated around it's circumference with images of apricots and with the logo in a black and green lettering, finished off nicely with a bright orange coloured screw top lid.

        All in all this product looks far more premium than it's £1 price tag, but is the product itself as good as it's outwardly appearance?

        *~*My experience of using this face scrub*~*
        I have strange skin really, sometimes it's dry, sometimes combination other times it's sensitive then for months on end it can be 'normal' where I can use any product with no adverse effects. Because I'm always a bit wary I tend to opt for products suitable for sensitive skin to be on the safe side, though having scoured the blurb on the back of the tub there was no mention for what skin type this would be most suitable for unfortunately so I just hoped it wouldn't cause any irritations.

        On removing the screw top lid there is a white plastic covering over the scrub which has a small overhanging lip making it easy to grasp to remove. Once removed the scrub is clear to see and has an oat/ beige hue to it interspersed with a considerable amount of dark coloured grains, presumably which are the apricot kernels.

        The scrub emits a very pleasant aroma of both an apricot scent as well as a an 'oaty' fragrance to match it's colouring whilst it has a real wholesome fragrance, and on appearances alone I was very impressed.

        We are informed by the directions to apply a little amount of this after lathering between the fingertips with warm water, applying to the face (avoiding the eye area) then gently massaging in before rinsing. Having adhered to the directions what did I think?

        I found that by scooping a blob around the size of a 20p coin seemed enough to suffice for my needs, and after trial and error of using this a few times found that by wetting my face beforehand then applying seemed to give much better results and was far less messy.

        The scrub has a smooth creamy texture and though looks much thicker whilst still encased in it's packaging it's actually far thinner in consistency once scooped up ready to apply. Once added to damp skin the scrub actually lathers up impressively transforming into quite a creamy and smooth consistency and though there's an abundance of apricot kernels mixed into the product the scrub is strangely more soap like and smooth, at first anyway.

        After a few moments of massaging the product carefully on to both my face and neck I noticed that the small kernels started to appear, and created a gentle exfoliating feel against my skin.

        I found that after a good few minutes of gentle massaging my skin was feeling smoother already, and the scrub was quite easy to wash away though on more than one occasion of using this there has been the odd stray 'stone' that has worked it's way into my eyes which isn't the most pleasant of things but not the end of the world as a splash of cold water has ridded them immediately, but I can't say I've ever experienced this with other face scrubs so whether it's down to it's runnier consistency I don't know.

        My face and neck has felt quite soft after each use of this and for £1 I've been quite impressed but it seems to take a long time of massaging the scrub into my skin before I notice any results. The kernels used look quite large but don't seem to be 'rough' enough I don't think, but having said that I remember using a 'gentle' face scrub by Avon a few years ago that left my face feeling like I'd used sand paper so really I can't knock this as it does the job it just takes a bit more effort and time.

        My skin has suffered no adverse reactions nor has felt sore or irritated in anyway after using this so I'm really glad I picked this up when I spotted it. It's not the most fantastic facial scrub in the world but nor is it the worst and for £1 for 300ml there's no room for complaints really as you get what you pay for, which in this case is quite a bargain.

        Because I only need such a small amount of this I can see one tub lasting a substantial amount of time as I've used it approximately 7 times now in the past few weeks and the tub still looks full to the brim. The product does work, is cheap (and cheerful), economical as such a small amount is needed per application, smells lovely but most importantly leaves my face and neck feeling soft with a nice healthy glow.

        4/5 from me, it's not the best product in the world but it's well above mediocre.


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          03.04.2013 08:34
          Very helpful



          Don't bother.

          Cyclax Nature Pure Apricot Facial Scrub

          This product was an impulse buy six months ago for about two pounds. I'd never heard of it, but apparently, the Cyclax brand was established in 1896, founded by Mrs Frances Hemming who "specialised in beauty products for the aristocracy with standards of excellence, high quality & performance". It even has a Royal Warrant, which was granted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 in 1961.

          *** The Packaging***
          The 300ml (10.14 fl oz) tub is clear plastic so that the scrub itself can be seen. There's an apricot-coloured lid which is easily removed and replaced. There are directions written in English, Arabic and Italian, and also includes the statement "Made in the UK". The directions are easy to read when the tub is full, but much harder when it is half-empty. Of course presumably by then you would know how to use it!

          *** The Product ***
          The scrub is oatmeal coloured. It has a fairly pleasant yet indefinable smell; perhaps the undertones are floral? It definitely doesn't smell like apricots! When it is on my face, the scrub's texture reminds me of old-style cold cream with a few large grains of sand throughout. It does not feel pleasant, nor that it is doing its job. It's also difficult to clean off the bath - the scrub seems to get everywhere!

          *** My Thoughts ***
          I've used this scrub intermittently for six months. This facial scrub doesn't have much personality. I realize that this might seem a ridiculous statement, but I feel that it is simply bland all round. The scrub leaves my skin feeling neither clean, nor scrubbed. I suspect that it was a popular brand half a decade ago. It's cheap. It doesn't scrub. It's not for me.

          Company website : www.cyclax.com


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            14.01.2013 13:41
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Worth a try if you want something to scrub & cleanse without the high price tag

            When it comes to beauty products, I'm often sceptical of the claims of beautiful skin and all the miracles they suggest to offer. However, I also tend to stick to known brands as I find them more trustworthy, especially having skin that can be a little sensitive. I tried Cyclax a while ago because a friend had a tub of it and raved about how great it was for the price. If you're looking for something less expensive but that still leaves your face feeling cleansed, then this is a good one to try.

            Cyclax Nature Pure is, in my opinion, more of a discounter brand, but it's still quite popular. Their Pure Apricot Facial Scrub in particular seems to get good reviews. This comes in a rounded 300ml tub with apricot coloured twist-off lid, complete with images of apricots on either side of the brand on the front. The tub is partly see-through so you can get an idea of the scrub that's inside, which is an oat-meal coloured concoction with black bits in it. This is described as 'an invigorating, exfoliating scrub with extracts of apricot'. It is designed to be used 1 to 2 times per week, as excessive scrubbing can damage the skin. It's also good to know that this product isn't tested on animals.

            To use, simply wet your face and lather up a small amount of the scrub with warm water. Massage this gentle over your face and then rinse thoroughly with warm water to ensure it's all off. It's important not to scrub too hard or to go too close to the eye area. Otherwise, it's nice and simple to use! For first time use, there's also a plastic cover to pull off underneath the lid, which you can always leave in if you wish to keep the scrubby mess from off the lid.

            The scrub has quite a sweet, feminine scent of, you guessed it, apricot. The texture is fairly light in the sense that it's not too thick and gungy, making it easy to lather up with a bit of water and just a little goes a long way. The black bits for exfoliating are dispersed throughout the scrub and there's plenty in there so you're pretty much guaranteed some good scrubbing action with each use. The cream lathers up and goes over skin easily, and I find that not much pressure is needed to feel the effects. After rinsing off, my skin does feel cleaner, more refreshed and smoother. I do, however, always try to pop a bit of moisturiser on afterwards as it can dry out my skin a little, but it's not extra-drying as I've found some scrubs to be.

            My only downside to this? It's rather messy. Being in a tub rather than a squeezy bottle means having to get your hands in there and the scrub and black bits do have a tendency to go everywhere. I would recommend keeping it on the edge of the shower/sink etc and keeping the area around the lid clean so that it doesn't get clogged up.

            This scrub is pleasant to use and I do notice having used it because my skin feels a lot fresher. I would happily recommend giving this a go; I've not noticed anything 'bad' about it and for the bargain price, it's just as good as the larger brands that charge 6 times the price.

            Retails for around £1 and can be found in many discounter beauty stores and pound shops.


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              01.02.2011 08:12
              Very helpful



              Cheap and cheerful

              Facial scrub is a vital thing in our household. My husband and I use facial scrub regularly, so we tend to keep it in the bathroom since we use it quite often. We used to buy CYCLAX apricot facial scrub before from the internet but now we buy it from Savers because it cheaper and more convenient.

              === About the "ROYAL" brand ===

              CYCLAX is a very well-known brand which was founded in 1896 by Ms Frances Hemming. In 1961, Queen Elizabeth II designated it as the Royal Queen brand so it was the brand for the royal family. Only the nobles and the British royal family used it however, I'm not sure if the royal family still uses it nowadays.

              CYCLAX has many selections to choose from; one of their best selections is "Nature Pure natural" which is specially designed for skin and body care. The name of the brand confirms that it uses the most natural and the finest quality products with considerably low prices.


              The facial scrub comes in a big, clear, round plastic pot which has a picture of apricots and the name of the product. On the back you find the usual things like the ingredients, how to use it and the postal address of the company.

              I opened the orange lid; it was very easy to open. I noticed another white plastic cover with small grip to peel it. I took it off to reveal the actual product.

              == The smell, texture and the colour of the facial cream==

              The smell of the facial scrub was fruity and indeed it pleasantly smelt of apricots. I loved the smell as it was dominant yet lovely.

              I expected the texture to be rough and abrasive due to the presence of exfoliating seeds; however, in this case it wasn't like that. The general texture was creamy and fluffy, like whipped cream but still, it was not runny and the seeds were tiny but in big quantities.

              The colour of the cream was sort of a beige colour while the seeds were a mixture of light brown and dark brown.

              == Applying the cream==

              It's a revitalizing scrub with tiny grains of apricot extracts to gently exfoliate and stimulate your skin to reveal brighter complexions that are free from dirt and oils. I use it twice a week as instructed to exfoliate and remove dead skin. It impurities are caused by every day's exposure to pollution.

              Applying the facial exfoliator to skin is pretty easy. First, wash your face with lukewarm water, then add a generous amount of the scrub into your wet hands and lather with your fingers. Massage your face gently with circular motions and try to avoid the delicate area around the eyes. After a few minutes of massaging, rinse your face with warm water and pat dry.

              == My personal experience==

              I loved the experience, I have used many face scrubs over the year, some of them were very expensive and others were damn cheap.

              I liked the texture of the facial scrub; it was incredibly soft, light and creamy. Applying it to my skin was pretty straightforward as the seeds didn't irritate my skin, but it did the job very well. I could feel it working through my skin. By gently massaging it, the small grains tenderly scrubbed my skin without irritation.

              Rinsing the mixture was quick, I only used some warm water and it washed instantly. It wasn't sticky and unlike some exfoliators the seeds washed out easily.

              == The results ==

              I loved the results, it was excellent and I didn't believe how good it was. My skin was brighter, softer and definitely cleaner. I highly recommend it for weekly use.

              Following the instructions was simple as my husband and I found. In addition we were both were happy with the results. We used it regularly and ended up with radiant and soft skin everytime we used it.

              == My final opinion ==

              I highly recommend it; it's cheap, effective and will leave your skin smooth and clean without drying it up. I'm more than happy to give it the full 5 stars.

              == Please read the list below to check that if you are allergic to one or any of the ingredients ==

              Aqua, Stearic Acid, Glyceryl Steaeate, Parraffinum Liquidum, Prvnus Armeniaca, Propylene Glycol, Isopropyl Myristate, Dimethicone, Triethanolamine, Parfum, Carbomer, Benzyl Alcohol , Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone.

              == Where to buy? ==

              I bought mine from Savers for only £1; I used to see it on Poundland. You can buy it online for roughly £2.75.

              == Some quick info ==

              * 300 ml pot

              * Made in UK

              * The product is not tested on animals

              == The company address ==

              You can visit


              as for postal address

              Richards & Appleby Limited
              NP22 5RL

              Thank you for reading my review

              Mistee-Dreamz 2011


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                14.07.2010 19:11
                Very helpful



                get clear skin in a few days

                I love facial wash products with little grains in them as they help improve my skin more and also it helps to wash the dirt/make-up off my face. So my mum picked me up this one: Cyclax Apricot facial scrub. I heard of the product before, but I didn't buy it cause I wasn't sure how well it would do the job. But after I tried it for the first time, my opinion changed!
                There are a lot of advantages, however there is a couple of disadvantage on this product - which is the smell as I thought the smell wasn't too plesant and smelt like as if it was off and the other disadvantage is that it does dry out quickly so make sure you screw the lid on tightly and don't leave the tub open!
                The best thing about this product is that you don't have to use much, the amount you need to use is the size of a ten pence coin! As you are able to massage this very easily into the face and it spreads out so you don't miss any parts of your face out! It washes off very easily too, but it does make your face a bit stiff after using it but it doesn't make your skin dry!
                After using this product a few times, it actually does help improve your skin leaving you with no/little stops and less redness on your face!
                The best time to use this product is first thing in the morning after you shower/bath and in the evening before you go to bed.
                This is sold at a very good price of approx one pound fifty, however in places like Savers or Wilkos you can get it for 99p.

                Personally, I'm going to keep using this product, even though I don't like the smell of it but it's worth it though - which is a good thing! So give it a try - you'll like it and like me, you'll keep on using it until your skin is clear!


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                31.12.2009 15:36
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Not mind blowing, but definitely good value.

                Cyclax is one of those brands that everyone has heard of and has probably used once or twice, probably as a child staying with grandparents. It doesn't rely on gimmicky advertising, selling sex or women with sharp cheek bones and collagen lips, but is still *shockingly* an established brand and presumably makes enough money to keep going amongst the Chanel and Clinique and Clarins. Maybe it's nostalgia, maybe it's price...how about quality?

                The apricot scrub is probably the best known amongst the younger generations, probably because it is often recommended as the poor student's St. Ives - £3+ for 150 ml vs 99p for 300ml...

                The 300 ml of scrub is encased in a transparent, round plastic tub (so you can see the product) with an orange screw on lid and an inconspicuous white plastic pull out lid within.

                The scrub itself consists of rough, tiny grains suspended in (deceptively) thick, white, creamy face wash. I can't find out what the scrub is made of but the fact that the granules are varying in size and shape suggests they are a natural product, maybe ground apricot kernels? It smells sweet and creamy, kind of like a "finest" apricot yoghurt. The grains are well distributed, they don't sink to the bottom nor is the last use lacking.

                Directions say:
                "An invigorating, exfoliating scrub with extracts of apricot - for use 1-2 times a week. Wet your face, lather a little of the scrub with warm water between your fingertips and massage the face gently, avoiding the delicate eye area. Rinse your face thoroughly with warm water." I am impressed with the use of proper English here and real sentences-no wonder it has the Royal Warrent!

                The key word here is gently: I'd replace it with VERY GENTLY, or EXTREMELY GENTLY. The scrub bits are extremely rough and abrasive to facial skin in my experience, so please take extra care the first few times you use it. Circular motions are best for optimal scrubbing. The creamy wash is a little too creamy in my opinion and needs extra rinsing to prevent build up of product on the face.

                Despite these issues, the results after use are fantastic. I always find my face to be left incredibly smooth and soft from the combination of the thick cream wash and the rough grains. Certainly it is comparable to all mid-range and some high range facial scrubs I've used.

                To be completely honest, I don't like to use this on facial skin and personally I'd only use it on my legs and arms after shaving, possibly the derriere if needed, simply because it is so harsh. Though I often find I don't like facial scrubs for this reason so don't let that put you off.

                It is potentially fabulous value, but I also find that the scrub dries out in the tub after a few weeks if the inner lid is lost or left off, though when I use the scrub for the body and not the face it is used up long before that happens. If you take care of it the life span will be good and so the value will be even better.

                Like all Cyclex products, it is not tested on animals, a big plus in my opinion, and it can be hard to find a stockist. The larger pharmacies tend to ignore this product so your best bet are independent pharmacies (which you should be supporting anyway you capitalist scoundrels!!) or online. It is available at www.cyclax.com however it is priced at £2.75 (at time of writing) and can be found for 99p in most pther places.

                3 stars for use, 4 stars for results.

                © L Wade 2009 - submitted only on dooyoo.


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                  29.11.2008 13:08



                  definatley worth trying

                  I think this product is great value for money it only costs 99p for a huge tub. It is available from savers and probably other chemists and supermarkets but I have only ever brought it from savers.
                  The product is easy to use you just wet your face and use a small amount of the product just rub it it and wash it off. The product itself is quite thick and creamy with beads in they are quite soft beads and are not too harsh on your face like the beads in some other products I have tried leaving you with a horrible red face.
                  It smells nice of apricots but it isn't too strong. It says it has extracts of apricot in it so this could be its natural smell meaning it doesn't use lots of chemicals to create the smell which could irritate your skin. After using it your skin feels lovely and soft and smooth. It is good for unclogging pores. It doesn't really do anything for spots so you would probably need to use a cleanser aswell. I use this about once a week and leaves skin smooth until I next use it so the results are quite long lasting.
                  I also use this product for exfoliating before using fake tan and it works well for this as well you do need to use quite a lot of the product but as it is so cheap it doesn't really matter.
                  I would definatley give this product a try it is cheap easy to use and leaves your skin feeling lovely.


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                  04.09.2008 22:00
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  Thoroughly recommended

                  I use this regularly on my face. It is a big plastic tub of creamy face wash with gritty bits for exfoliating (much like other brands) and costs me a meager 99p! I buy mine from our local Boyes store and it lasts ages, there's 300ml in the tub.

                  It does indeed smell of apricots but it's not too strong, it doesn't linger either after you've rinsed the cream off.

                  Basically I apply to my face after I've washed my make-up off and while my skin is still damp. I use circular motions to make sure the gritty bits take away all the dead skin then rinse really well with fresh water. It does take some rinsing off, but I think most exfoliators do. It's usually at the side of my nose where this collects and tries to hide!

                  Obviously it goes without saying keep the grit away from your eyes! And I have to admit they don't taste nice either!

                  This leaves my skin silky soft and glowing, it works as well as other more expensive brands I've tried. I use it every other day usually and this seems to be often enough, I think if I used it more than this it would irritate my skin.

                  In my opinion exfoliating is a girls best friend for a quick freshen of the skin and for making you look brighter, fresher and clear-skinned and at 99p this is a must have.

                  Highly recommended.


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                    01.08.2006 11:10
                    Very helpful



                    Reasonably priced exfoliator


                    A great facial scrub, and not only because it is by appointment to the Queen…wonder if they use it in the palace!

                    PRODUCT AND PACKAGING

                    The product comes in a big round tub, which I like because when you get to the bottom, you can really have a good go round the edges and get all the last bits

                    Open the screw on/off lid and the actual scrub is a sort of beige colour with little brown bits in- sounds gross but it looks a lot better than my description. The scrub has a really pleasant apricot smell, unless that is, you don't lie the smell of apricots (if you didn't then you wouldn't buy it as it's an apricot scrub and has a big picture of apricots on the front!)

                    The scrub itself is very creamy and when rubbed into your skin, you can really feel the grains, rather like bits of sand. However, because the scrub is so creamy and the grains are so fine, they are not abrasive, and don't make your face all red and sore looking.

                    USING IT

                    It suggests that you use the product once or twice a week.

                    All you do is wash your face and lather a bit o the scrub onto your skin in your hands. Then, apply it to your face with gentle massaging strokes. Once this has been done rinse away the scrub, and rinse your sink as you will have all little grains in the basin.

                    PRICE AND AVAILABILITY

                    I bought this from my local Savers chemist, and this is the really good bit, it cost only £1.99 for a big 300ml tub.

                    WHAT I THINK OF IT

                    For the price, this is a great product. It is marketed as a facial scrub, but because of the price, I tend to use it as an al over body scrub, especially before applying self tanning products.

                    It is simple to use, and after using it, my skin feels all clean and not surprisingly, well scrubbed. The granules are so fine that it is totally non abrasive, and doesn't leave my skin feeling sore.

                    I have been following the instructions and have used it twice weekly, and have noticed an improvement in the softness of my skin, which is great considering the price as compared to the price of some other similar products.

                    The one warning I would give (and it does actually tell you this on the instructions) is to avoid the areas round your eyes because it really is too abrasive for the under eye area, as I found out- it hurt!

                    A good product and one which I would recommend. If you don't want to us it as a facial scrub, then it's ideal as a body scrub.

                    Thanks for reading.

                    Daniela xx


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                    Cyclax Offer From The Nature Pure Range an invigorating, exfoliating facial scrub with extracts of Apricot / Use once or twice weekly /

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