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Dead Sea Spa Magik Algimud Active Seaweed Mask

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Brand: Dead Sea Magik / Type: Face Mask / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Product line: Dead Sea Spa Magik / Contents/Size: 25g

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    1 Review
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      19.10.2010 17:32
      Very helpful



      A detoxifying facemask you have to mix yourself!

      Give me a hot Lush bubble filled bath, a cold glass of wine, preferably Rose and a good book and I am almost reaching perfection. There is just one thing missing - a face mask! As many of you will know, I test products for a few companies now and have in my time been sent some really awful products that I have slated in reviews and I have been sent some really nice products which I wouldn't hesitate to buy myself and this is one of them.

      I am a big fan of the Dead Sea Spa Magik range and when I was sent a face mask to review I was delighted because I had always intended to purchase this product for myself when collecting a prescription from my local pharmacy but it just so happened that when I collected it, the face mask was out of stock. The Dead Sea Magik brand offers a range of products for your skin, your face, your body, your hair, anti-ageing and sun protection to name but a few. You can find many of these products in places such as your local pharmacy (mine is a Lloyd's), Holland & Barrett, Debenhams and John Lewis to name a few and the prices for a product within this range start at £1.99 for a trial sachet which I would recommend right up to over £50 for a variety of products within a package. I have tried quite a few of the products from this range and particularly like the shampoo which is kind to my scalp and leaves my hair feeling lovely and smooth. The face mask however retails at anything from £2.99 to £4 depending on where you purchase it.

      The main thing about these products is The Dead Sea. For those of you who haven't read a review of mine before or have used a product from a range like this, The Dead Sea lies between Israel and Jordan and is rich in many minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium and for decades it has been believed that minerals such as these work together to help to relieve irritation and itching caused by skin complaints like eczema and psoriasis, whilst at the same time stimulating blood circulation and skin cell rejuvenation making them extremely kind to the skin and best of all they work. But along with these minerals it is felt that the natural mud and salts found in The Dead Sea nourish, cleanse and detoxify the body therefore leaving it looking and feeling healthy and beautiful.

      This mask which is said to be a favourite of a few top celebrities is marketed as a detoxifying mask which dramatically improve skin texture, leaving it soft, refreshed and youthful because it:

      * Improves texture and firmness of the skin
      * Hydrates
      * redefines facial contours
      * Accelerates cell reproduction

      All of which can be found stated on the packaging.
      The Dead Sea Spa Magik Algimud Active Seaweed Mask arrives in cardboard packaging which resembles a birthday card and as you open it up there is a flap on the right hand side within which is a 25g sachet of the face mask. The cardboard card tells you all about The Dead Sea and its benefits to the body, skin, hair and scalp and then there is a section which gives instructions on how to use the actual mask. But before that you need to make sure your face is clean and I don't mean wetting a flannel or sponge and wiping it around your face, you need to cleanse your face so that any traces of dirt and grime are removed from the skins surface, this then allows any facemask to penetrate the skin and work its magic, rather than fight its way through the dirt to do its job.

      This mask is a little different from others that I have used. I am used to tearing the sachet along the dotted line and then slapping it on my face, however this isn't the case with this mask. First you need to mix contents of sachet to a smooth paste with 75ml of cold water, so already it's a bit technical and I've had to work out how much is 75ml of water and find something to put the pre-mixed mask into, just to note that it is actually a powder and not a paste at this stage. So I used a rather large Ramekin which did the job perfectly and I put the powder into the Ramekin and then slowly added the water whilst stirring it, not to self, do this before you get into the bath, because I had to get back out of the bath and wonder through the house to the kitchen in a towel. Once you have acquired what looks like a smooth paste, or what the face mask should be like, I got back into the bath to find that I now needed something to apply it to my face with, on the packaging it says a spatula, which I haven't got at this stage, so I used my fingers and did as requested and layered on a thick layer of the paste to my freshly cleaned face and then laid back into the bubbles to relax whilst the mask did its job for up to 20 minutes. Surprisingly this mask doesn't harden on your face like most face masks, instead it becomes semi-solid and the next set of instructions given are to gently peel off mask which looks like you are shedding your skin and then wash your face in clean water, not the bath water, and pat your skin dry. The results should be soft, smooth, rejuvenated looking and feeling skin.

      Now as ever at this time of the year I tend to stock up on products to keep my skin in good condition because with the change in weather I tend to end up with dry flaky skin on my forehead and cheeks, the joys of having combination skin, so I do like to keep the problem at bay as much as it is possible and this often means exfoliation and then a face mask once or twice a week. Before I used this mask my skin was feeling a little dry on my cheeks and after using it the dry skin had disappeared and in its place was soft smooth and rosy cheeks and as expected my skin was soft and smooth across my face and forehead.

      As for the smell, well there isn't one as such, its more of a seaweed smell that reminds me of the sea in Egypt, a fresh clean smell.

      Its main ingredients are Algin which is derived from brown seaweed which helps improve hydration and detoxifies the skin, removes impurities which often cause the dryness and replaces essential nutrients in the skin which leave it looking and feeling soft and smooth. The other ingredients within this face mask all work together to improve hydration and give your face a real deep cleanse. A list of ingredients can be found online.

      So what do I think to the face mask? Well I am a huge fan of the products from within this range and am hopeful someone will buy me one of the Debenhams hampers for Christmas but what I did find annoying was having to mix the mask myself, if I am expected to pay up to £4 for a face mask I expect it to be ready made, not for me to faff about with measuring out water and mixing a paste together to put on my face and I would also have liked to have a spatula as well, the only one I could have used came free with Veet but having used that for hair removal the thought of using it to apply a face mask didn't really appeal, so those are my two gripes. As for my skin, well it looks and feels brilliant after using it and once it is on your face it is really easy to lay back and let it do its magic and then removal of any excess mask is extremely easy because it peels off very easily, so overall I am deeply impressed with it and would use it again but would prefer to not have to make my own mask.


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    • Product Details

      Dead Sea Spa Magik Algimud Active Seaweed Mask / is a combination of pure Dead Sea Mud and natural seaweed (Alginates) / This unique formulation, with its exceptional properties, creates an easy-tu-use, peel-off mud mask, which dramatically improves your's skin texture leaving it soft, refreshed and youthful.

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