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Decleor Aromessence Essential Balm

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5 Reviews

Brand: Decleor / Type: Face Balm / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: regenerates / Product line: Decleor Aromessence

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    5 Reviews
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      11.12.2011 13:27
      Very helpful



      A skin saviour that works quicky and effectively on common skin problems.

      I didn't set out to buy this product but I decided to try a Decleor moisturiser and this came in the set I purchased from QVC.

      I wasn't really sure what to do with this and when I read the leaflet that came with this, it appeared to be something that was suitable for combination skin and not suited to my very dry skin, so I was puzzled why this was included in a set aimed at dry skin.

      However this did come into its own when I became very run down and my skin suffered and became flaky combined with spotty breakouts. After struggling for months I tried this and the balm produced results within a week, so it is definitely one I can recommend wholeheartedly.
      It isn't cheap, but I think it is worth every penny.

      Normal size 15ml Recommended price is £31.50 - about the size of an eye cream
      Supersize 30ml for £52.50

      Mine came in a set with other products, nicely packed in a box.
      The product container is weighty glass or a plastic that feels like a glass pot,with a screw off lid.
      Inside is a plastic top to further protect the product, which is easy to lift off.
      It also comes with a small spatula which you use to dispense the product.
      There are instructions on how to apply on the back of the pot.

      The Product
      This contains 100% natural ingredients
      The consistency is a balm, which is similar to an ointment which has set, so this feels waxy and oily to the touch. It is super concentrated so is very thick and is a natural colour.
      Decleor produce several different balms, each designed to target specific skin problems or types.
      Essential Balm is the first balm they produced and it is targeted at calming problem skin and is also known as Neroli night balm.
      It claims to help restore a glowing and radiant complexion and is ideal for skin that has become unbalanced, might be stressed or dehydrated.
      It is suitable for all skin types.
      I feel it is also suited to all ages, given that it addresses a range of common skin problems.

      It contains a range of Essential Oils which include extracts of Basil, Chamomile, Néroli, Tonka Bean, Plant Oils and Waxes of Avocado and Hazelnuts
      Neroli is oil produced from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree and it is very widely used in the beauty industry because of its nonirritant and non sensitising properties. This is used in combination with the other plants and oils to soften and brighten the skin. Basil essential oil is used to purify and rebalance the skin.

      Apply at night after cleansing skin.
      Take a pea size amount using the spatula provided
      Place in the palm of your hand and put your hand together to warm before applying in light sweeping upward strokes over your face and neck and take down to the décolletage
      It smells natural and herby almost a medicinal smell , which I quite like as it feels like you are putting something quite healing on your skin.
      It does melt easily by warming in your palms and a little goes a long way.
      At first I ignored the instructions and was using too much so my skin felt quite greasy and I had to take off some of the residue with a tissue.
      If there is any left in your palms. Don't keep applying it to your face, use any excess on your cuticles, nails, elbows and lips as less is more.

      This is a very small pot and had I purchased alone at £31.50, I would have been horrified at the price. However because this is super concentrated and you use very little. Used daily a 15ml pot should last 4 months.
      According to Decleor if it doesn't last 4 months, you are using too much.

      This isn't something I personally use daily as I also use the Iris night balm (anti-aging), I use this in rotation and generally use this a week out of every month to address dryness or if I get a spot.

      I have had this over 12 months and there has been no deterioration in the product or the aroma.
      This is quite surprising given there are no added preservatives. No details of shelf life are given on the Decleor website but based on my experience this will be OK for a good 12 months once opened. Always ensure it is closed properly and try to store in a cool dry place.

      Would I recommend?
      This is a 5 star product that is suitable for all skin types and does address a range of issues such as flakiness, spots and dull dehydrated skin. What's more it does it quickly and so you can see noticeable results in a matter of days.
      Yes it is expensive, but it delivers and works out at around £8 a month, which is a small price to pay for a product that can address dry flaky patches, works on spots and rehydrates your skin.
      Decleor is a premium brand which is extensively used in beauty salons and the products are a 100% pure and natural, so if you are a fan of highly perfumed skin-care this isn't for you.

      Does it work?
      Yes, it made a remarkable difference to my skin which was in a terrible state due to illness. I saw a difference in around a week, but I have seen reviews where people have noticed things have calmed down or improved after one application. My flaky patches cleared up, spots disappeared and it made my skin soft and I looked healthier as a result.
      I have dry sensitive aging skin which is now hormonal , so you name a skin issue I have it. That makes it a little challenging , but Balm Essential is something I know will work on a range of my skin problems.

      Availability and Price
      House of Fraser, Beauty Salons and Online retailers.
      I buy from QVC as you can try the product and if you are not happy or it doesn't give the results expected, return it to them and they will refund the cost of the product. It just costs you the postage.
      They currently have this at £32 + 3.45 postage and it also includes a 15ml Hydra Floral moisturiser (Fab for dry skin) and 5ml Neroli facial oil. You will find that Decleor tend to sell kits which are the same price as a full size single product , but include other products as well , which I feel represent better value than buying alone.

      A 5 Star Hero Product


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        01.02.2010 12:18
        Very helpful



        A great product by far and away my favourite brand if you are tempted by decleor please give it a go

        I am a great believer in decleor products and in particular the essential oils they contain.

        This products is available in a variety of different forms to suit different skin types, but this one is great if you are unsure of what skin type you have as it is a middle of the road product designed to suit all skin types.

        My first reaction upon purchasing this item was how small the tub was. You seem to get very litte balm for your money upon initial inspection. However these fears were soon allayed after my first application. You are provided a spatula to use for this. As instructed by the decleor deauty consultant I used only a pea sized amount. I was sceptical that this would be enough, but as the lady assured me, a little of this balm really does go along way.

        The packaging is great and the smell is wonderful, typical sharp, soothing decleor smell which I adore.

        This product really does work as it calmed my skin and I have had far less trouble with breakouts since using it. I apply it every night as part of my decleor skin care regime and find that the following morning my skin can often be a little on the greasy side, but that is worth putting up with due to the positives of the added glow and smoothness that are visible.

        I must admit that I am not 100% sure if this balm is solely to credit for my new found beautiful skin because I began using it with decleors cleanser, toner and neroli oil at the same time, as reccomended by the therapist and have found that the combination of this regime has really worked miracles for my skin.


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        19.01.2010 22:08
        Very helpful



        A beauty must have.

        If you have skin that is dry, tight and irritated then this will do wonders for your face. It's a deceptively small pot of highly concentrated essential oils - and I say deceptively as you only need a tiny amount (about the size of a pea) for your whole face so it will last for several months daily use.

        The balm is an oily, semi-solid, thick and rich textured substance. You scoop out the pea sized amount and rub it between your fingertips until you feel it warming then you lightly sweep it over your face. It smells gorgeous - you can smell all the essential oils in it and it's very similar to the smell of their neroli oil if you've ever tried that. It leaves the skin soft and dewy. It is definately a night balm as it is a rich oil which takes a bit of time to sink into the skin and so it's not suitable for mornings when you will be putting makeup on. But if you put it on before you go to bed your skin will feel baby soft in the morning and any oil will have sunk in.

        This balm will help any irritation on the skin and I find it helps when you feel a spot coming to pop a little of this on to draw it out.


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        08.11.2008 14:28
        Very helpful



        A High quality night balm to brighten skin and help with any skin imperfections

        Decleor Aromessence Essential Night Balm is elegantly presented in a 30ml smoky glass jar with a pearlised white top, and then popped into the outer golden coloured box.

        Decleor Aromessence Balm Ingredients include :
        Chamomile and Neroli to help smooth the skin
        Tonka Bean Resin to aid circulation
        Beeswax to protect and soften the skin
        Oil of Basil to heal and purify
        The balm has a base of Hazelnut and Avocado oil..which is nourishing and regenerating.

        A firm nightime balm that needs to be warmed in the palm of your hand before application.
        Once the balm has been gently applied to your face it feels `weightless` and it starts to set to work on your skin.

        Use every night after cleaning your face and thoroughly removing all of your make up.

        Because the balm is pretty expensive to say the least I was a bit nervous about dipping into it !
        I took a small dab from the jar and smoothed it onto my warm palm.
        The balm melted in my palm ,so then it was easy to apply.
        I applied using upward featherlight strokes on my face and neck .
        Having heard a lot about the Balm ,I wanted to try it,but I felt it was just a bit beyond my means..because I would normally choose a much more economical night cream this was absolute luxury for me.
        The Balm has just a slight fragrance ,nothing definable,it feels weightless on your skin,almost like applying fresh air!
        It dissolves very quickly and my skin felt a bit `tight`for a while after use.
        The aim of the Balm is to help heal imperfections and leave the skin looking fresh and relaxed.
        I will say that my skin is already looking noticeably brighter.
        The Balm is 100% natural and preservative free,which is a statement that speaks volumes.
        The Decleor night balm is on Ebay priced at £32.99.


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        16.10.2008 22:36
        Very helpful



        Natural products that actually work.

        I love Decleor products and can't rave enough about the aromessence oils and balms. Like the oils, the balms come in various 'types' depending on your skin concerns. Balm Essential is however a great 'all rounder'. If your skin needs a boost, if it's somewhat unbalanced ( whether it be oilier or drier than normal ) or if your skin just needs a pampering regardless of skin type, then Balm essential is the one you want.
        Again, like oils, the balms are 100% natural, so I would recommend that you use them within 6 months once opened. The balm looks like a soild waxy type product. You scoop some out ( about the size of your small finger nail ) with a spatula and melt the product between your finger tips until it's of a smooth consistency, then apply from your neck/decolletage upwards all over your face and breathe in the gorgeous aroma. ( I do have friends who dislike the smell, however, it's still a small price to pay if you should not.)
        I would apply the balm after an aromessence oil, however, if your budget cannot stretch to both, either product can be slotted into your normal skincare routine. The balm should be used at night, as it doesn't make a very good base for makeup etc and the nightime is an excellent time to allow your skin to relax and repair, taking in the wonderful ingredients to help purify and balance your skin. You will wake up with your skin just glowing!!

        If you have a particular concern with aging or oily skin/dry skin etc I would use a balm specifically for that purpose. However, this is a good all rounder if your skin looks under par and it needs a boost or a calming effect. A little goes a long way so a 15ml pot should last you a while. If you love it and wouldn't be without it, I would recommend trying to get hold of one of the bigger pots as they are usually better value.


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