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Decleor Matifying Lotion

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Brand: Decleor / Type: Cleansing Lotion / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses,

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    2 Reviews
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      23.10.2009 14:47
      Very helpful



      Buy something cheaper that does the same.

      Decleor Matifying Lotion with Essential Oils

      I have always known Decleor to be a professional salon brand that is recognised around the world for over 30 years. They are a trusted expert in their field and an innovator in premium aromatherapy.

      Decleor do a matifying toning lotion, which I haven't seen before on the market that actually claims to be matifying and stay shine free for hours. So I was very intrigued about this. Although I was reluctant to spend £17.50 on 250mls just for a toner, but I decided to treat myself to something luxury so I bought it.

      I generally find toner to be one of the steps a lot of people pass on, they think I don't need a toner, it's another step I can do without, it's more money I have to fork out for and it's a plot for the skin care company to make you think you need it and their trying to get more money out of you. All not true.

      I have tried many toners ranging from Decleor to budget types, alcohol and non alcohol, all serving a purpose.

      This toner I am talking about from Decleor has been designed for oily and combination skin types. A lot of people don't know what skin type they are and then they buy the wrong type of product for their skin, if you don't know what skin type you are theses are the categories.

      Balanced Skin: Balanced skin is just what it means; it has a good balance of oil and moisture to the skin. There are even skin layers, which mean even skin tone. Facial pores are small or invisible, texture of the skin is soft, supple, even colour and healthy looking. Skin sometimes feels slightly warm to the touch; this is due to the good blood supply. You rarely develop spots and blemishes.

      Dry Skin: Dry skin looks matte and has uneven texture. This is due to their not being enough sebum at the surface of the skin; natural moisture becomes lost from the upper layers of the skin structure.
      The skin often feels tight and always in need of a rich moisturiser. Usually pores are small and the skin itself is thin. Unfortunately this skin type ages prematurely resulting in fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, which is very common.
      You will also find you have dilated capillaries around the nose and cheeks.

      Oily Skin: Oily skin produces more sebum than is needed, thus you always having an oily t-zone or generally oily all over. Skin surface appears shiny, thick, dull and often looks grimy. Pores get a build up of sebum and grime resulting in enlarges pores and blackheads. Blackheads are seen on the chin and nose. Spots and blemishes are more likely to be present.

      Combination Skin: This skin type is where there are different characteristics on the face resulting in different skin types, mostly dry around the cheeks and oily on the t-ztone.

      Sensitive Skin: All skin types are sensitive at some point, sensitive skin is said when skin is hypersensitive and over reacts to the mildest products.
      The skin flushes very easily making it red and warm to the touch. Dry skin is also most likely to be sensitive.

      Toner is an important step in anyone's skin care routine, it helps to cool and refresh the skin, toners that have alcohol in them help to dissolve dirt and grime. Alcohol toners have an astringent effect making skin temporary making pores appear smaller this type of toner also dries the skin out thus sometimes making the problem worse.

      Toner helps to remove all the cleanser that may be left behind, which in turn clogging up your skin. When you cleanse your face your pores open to help get all the dirt and grime out that has built up through the day, if you don't use a toner after wards your leaving your pores open and which can lead to infection, blackheads, more dirt and grime leading to spots.
      Toner helps to close the pores, helps to balance your skin, makes your skin feel fresh, and helps to shrink pores although you can never get rid of pores.
      Using an alcohol free toner is always best for your skin, if you have dry or sensitive skin alcohol can irritate making skin worse, the more alcohol in the product the more it strips your skin of its natural oil so your left with more oil on your face as your skin is trying to compensate for what the toner stripped. Toner prepares your skin for what is coming next, moisturiser, it also helps your moisturiser to sink in better and work more efficiently as there is nothing blocking the skin.
      Some people use water on their face to mimic a toner but just plane water can dry the skin out making it sensitive.

      When I received my 250mls matifying toner, the first thing I noticed was the colour of the product inside the clear plastic bottle. The colour looks very light brown to almost light gold colour; normally I see toners that are blue in colour. The bottle is like all the other Decleor bottles, clear plastic, slim line at the top and curving out at the bottom with the white flip top lid for easy dispense of the product.

      I flipped the lid and had a smell of the product, it is a delicate very fresh smell and you can smell the essential oils used. This toner's ingredient list is Ylang Ylang and Melaleuca Essential Oils, Witch Hazel and Mint Essential Waters, Burnet, Ginger, Chinese Cassia Bark and Papaya Extracts. A great toner with none of the nastiness I thought.

      Decleor say with their matifying toning lotion, which is alcohol free your skin will feel fresh, your skin will be purified throughout the day and it balances oily to combination skin leaving your skin feeling fresh and shine free for hours.
      Apply to either the shiny areas or over the entire face morning and night with a cotton pad after cleansing. Decleor also say you can apply this lotion thought the day to banish the shine and re-fresh your face.

      I cleansed my face and applied the product onto a cotton pad, like other toning products the consistency is like water so a little goes a long way. I stroked the pad all over my face, straight away you can smell the aroma, which is so delicate and fresh and you can feel the freshness of the product on your face instantly that feels cool and revitalized. This product takes away any tightness on your face that might have occurred with cleansing and puts the moisture back into your face.
      It doesn't take long at all for the product to sink in and you can apply your usual moisturiser straight away.

      The good things about this product is that it lasted me over 6 months, which is great but other decent toning lotions that are cheaper will do this as well if you use it in moderation and not soak the cotton pad in it.

      I am not entirely happy with this though as for me it doesn't do what it claimed to do, which was keep me shine free for hours, I would say it keeps me shine free for two minutes! Decleor also say you can apply it throughout the day on shiny areas, doing this is good if your wearing no makeup for a quick fresh up but if your wearing makeup stay away, because the consistency is like water your makeup will come off, even if you pat a small amount on the problem areas.

      The moral of the story is, it is a lovely toner but I won't be re-purchasing the £17.50 bottle, I will go for something a lot cheaper.

      You can purchase this product from QVCUK for 250mls, although you may have to buy another product with it. http://www.qvcuk.com
      Decleor website £17.50 for 250ml http://shop.decleor.co.uk
      Other shops and sites prices may vary.


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        07.10.2009 15:58
        Very helpful



        You get what you pay for

        I regularly use Decleor beauty products and spotted this toner at a bargain price on a discount beauty site when looking for something else so thought I would give it a go. I do have oily skin and don't like to wear make up all the time so I thought this could be a way of making my skin look fresher and cleaner without the need for makeup.

        I got a large bottle of the toner and only use a very small amount on my face and neck in the morning and occasionally again during the day. The toner smells nice and natural due to the essential oils and it makes my skin feel great. There is a slight but noticeable improvement in the appearance of my skin in terms of shine and a definite improvement with the combination of Decleor products I use compared with when I get lazy and stop using anything except soap.

        The toner is clean and refreshing and although a bottle isn't cheap, a little goes a long way and I think it is value for money.


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