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Dermalogica Clean Start Bedtime Breakouts

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5 Reviews
  • silky texture
  • reduces redness
  • doesn't smell great
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    5 Reviews
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      07.08.2015 16:43
      Very helpful


      • "silky texture "
      • "reduces redness "
      • "gentle on skin "
      • "consistent results"
      • "results overnight "


      • "doesn't smell great "

      Leaves the skin feeling very refreshed and soft, best product for acne prone skin

      For those of you who have sensitive combination skin and frequent breakouts or acne this product is perfect for you! i have struggled with acne since i was 13 years old and i have used every product under the sun to shift it, even medical treatments and none of them has given me the results that this product has.

      I've been using this product for a couple months now and the first time i used it i saw results overnight my active breakouts were significantly reduced and the blemishes under my skin were brought out. It has a lot of soothing and redness reduces ingredients in it such as the cucumber and licorice so i find that when i use it the next morning my skin is a lot less irritated looking if there was any redness the day before and skin feels very smooth and nourished unlike some blemish products that leave the skin feeling stripped, dry and irritated looking.

      The cream itself has a very nice texture it's quite thick and creamy and a little goes a long way, It absorbs into the skin very well and doesn't leave it feeling like you have a film of oil on your face like most breakout products feel like. The cream is a white colour that goes on clear.

      The only con to this product i feel is the smell, it has a very medical almost paint thinner like smell but don't let that discourage you it goes away once it has been absorbed into the skin and you're going to sleep anyway so you don't have to worry about other people smelling it on your skin.

      This cream keeps giving results, Unlike some products it won't stop working after a while and your skin doesn't form a dependency on it, if you stop using it for a while your skin won't go straight back to the way it was. If you don't get any other product from the Dermalogica range make sure you get this one!


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      28.01.2012 01:20
      Very helpful



      Nourishes the skin, leaving it looking fresh and bright, but there are better Dermalogica products

      I have being using Dermalogica products for some time now and have reviewed lots from their range, however I have used less from this particular range from Dermalogica. The Clean Start range is clearly aimed at teenagers. This is evident in the packaging of the products. Unlike most, if not all of the other dermalogica treatments that are packaged in their distinctive no frills, almost medical looking packaging the clean star range is bright and youthful in their appearance with a far more bathroom friendly look than it's sedate older brother. Also the clean start range is far more affordable again hinting quite heavily at its target age bracket.

      This Dermalogica Clean Start Bedtime For Breakouts product is similar to another Dermalogica product that I have already reviewed ( Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel ) 

      As the name suggests this is a product that I apply just before bed. The main purpose of the gel is to manage oil production of the skin, also all natural active ingredients help sooth any existing blemishes and reduce redness and inflammation. So this is a preventative treatment but also an active treatment for existing skin problems, and this all happens while you sleep.

      One of the best ingredients to look out for when wanting to treat acne is the  severe sounding Salicylic Acid, contrary to it's frighting name, this is quite a gentle, natural substance. Tea Tree Oil will be more familiar, soothing and cooling on the skin. Speaking of being cooling this also contains cucumber, need I say more?

      Just like every night I cleanse my face ( using a Dermalogica product but this of course isn't necessary, just use any gentle cleanser ) this way my skin as clear and ready to absorb anything it needs. It's also ready for the gentle exfoliating properties found in this gel to do their work overnight. I simply squeeze out a small amount onto my finger tips and do the cross technique, this is a very obvious, simple way of assuring the gel is evenly spread. Simply using the fingers with the product on them, tap your forehead, right and left cheek and finally your chin. Then gently rub the gel across your skin from one area to the next. I don't need to use much of the product as it's not intended to be used like a moisturiser more like a mask. The gel gets absorbed very quickly and drys very fast so messing up your pillows and bed spread isn't something you need to worry about. I then simply leave for a moment or two then off to bed I go like a good boy. It drys clear so if you happen to put it on and then can't sleep you won't be sitting there with a stiff blue face like some masks. I could feel it on your face but it isn't at all tightening making it comfortable to ware and has a light fresh scent.

      The next morning the product does need to be washed off. I simply follow my morning routine and this takes care of that. But just to be clear you simple need to use fresh, warm water and the residue washes away very easily, to help refresh the skin I then splash ice cold water up on to my face, this takes your breath away but does make a difference. I like the fact that this is a gentle product, it doest dry out my skin as some oil controlling products can do.

      This left my skin bright and soft, it does however take a while to get any excessive oil production under control I would recommend the Dermalogica MediBac Clearing Oil Control Lotion  that I reviewed very recently. As it's results are far superior and come much faster although it does cost more but for me it's worth the extra ( this teenage version costs £13.50 while the MediBac Clearing Oil costs £20.90 both are available for amazon)  This on the other hand is sufficient as a good treatment for bad skin and in the long term may show dramatic results, but I don't see the point in buying tub after tub of this when the MediBac does a far better job. But it is much better than the usual teenage acne controlling products such as Clearasill, you decide.

      This can purchased online at :
      For £13.50 + shipping

      Thanks for reading :0) 2night.


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        18.08.2011 19:51
        Very helpful



        A great product, would recommend

        If you have read any of my other reviews you will know I have crazy skin. It seems like since I hit my late 20s it just doesn't know what to do. I suffer from rosacea (a condition that cause my skin to flair up with really red cheeks), which means my skin is quite sensitive, I also get dry patches and massive breakouts of spots that can be quite painful. When Dermalogica released their range of products for teenage skin, I thought that they would be great for when my skin is being oily and stupid. I've tried some of the other products in the range and have been impressed, so bought this one online for £11.80. I like the fact that this range is priced for the teenage market, but just because it is cheaper doesn't mean that it is any less effective than the other Dermalogica products.

        This product is quite a thin liquid that you put on your face after you have cleansed in the evening. It smells a bit weird, almost sour, but as it soaks in I didn't seem to notice it and it disappeared. It only took a few seconds for the product to soak into my skin and then it didn't look like I had anything on, so you don't have to worry about having a weird mask on your face if you have people round. It didn't cause a reaction with my sensitive skin and it didn't make my rosacea any worse. I assume that the liquorice that is in the product and is supposed to soothe the redness in your spots soothed my rosacea too. Either way I was very pleased. The product didn't peel or flake during the night and when I washed my face in the morning it didn't feel sticky and there didn't seem to have any residue.

        In terms of breakouts, well I haven't had one when I've used this product. I'm not sure how good preventitive measures are and I don't think I could use this every night, however when my skin feels like it is producing too much oil, I use this for a couple of nights and it seems to calm it down.

        All in all a really effective product that is worth a try if you suffer from breakouts!


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        03.08.2011 17:12
        Very helpful



        Nice product in addition to range

        Just returned from Hong Kong so my reviews posting will resume and will return reads and rates shortly! Hope you all are enjoying the summer sunshine!

        Purchased this with the Ready set scrub and Hit The Spot as it is part of the 'problem skin' range. This product claims to "wipe out breakouts beneath the surface" and to "Clear skin whilst you sleep". Whilst I have heard of night creams and so on, I have yet to have tried a spot treatment product which is specifically used whilst you sleep so was extremely interested in this one as it means I hopefully wake up to a spot free/breakout free face.

        ~~~PRODUCT CLAIMS~~~
        * Salicylic Acid prevents breakouts by naturally unclogging the follicle.
        * Cooling Cucumber and soothing Licorice help lull redness away.
        * Unique plant extracts keep overactive oils in check.

        The transparent gel is more liquid in texture than the hit the spot gel, so care must be taken when dispensing so it doesn't drip everywhere. After cleansing skin at night, I apply this to whole face and it dries very quickly and gets absorbed into the skin. I can sleep in peace knowing the face is taken care of!

        The only problem with the gel is that it smells a bit like yoghurt (a slightly unpleasant sour smell) which you quickly forget about, but initially is a bit nasty.

        ~~~AFTER USE~~~
        I didn't notice much effect the next day, though a breakout hasn't occurred. So far so good! I have been using this daily for about a week and where I have applied it, a breakout has yet to occur there!

        I've always been sceptical about these precautionary spot gel products as it is difficult to tell if they're working. However, as I'm aware of when I'd expect a breakout from happening (after eating naughty oily foods etc), I feel this product does as it claims. Skin is less oily in the morning and large breakouts (red and inflamed spots) do not occur.

        Bedtime for breakouts can be purchased online for about $22 from the official site. My mum got this for me in Hong Kong recently on her trip.

        I am very impressed with the Dermatologica range as each product does as it says and have left my skin better than it was before. Bedtime for breakouts is a preventative product which is far better than having to repair afterwards. The gel seems to target spots at the source and acts whilst you sleep so you can wake up to a day of clear skin.

        In the event that you do get a breakout, you can then use their other products, Hit the Spot and Ready Set Scrub, both of which are enjoyable to use and effective.

        ~~~SIMILAR PRODUCTS~~~
        Other products I have tried that have worked like this at varying price ranges:
        -Neutrogena Light Night Cream $10
        -OXY Anti-spot balm £5

        Please feel free to ask if you have any questions about this product!


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          16.07.2011 14:46
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A natural solution to healing and preventing blemishes

          Dermalogica Clean Start is a range that has been created by Dermalogica for teenage skin. Teenage skins have the tendency to be oily and to have spots and though my skin is no longer 'teenage', it still has many of the same characteristics.

          Being a big fan of Dermalogica, I've recently started using many of the products in the Clean Start. I particularly like how the price reflects the teenage income and so is I find the range much more affordable than the normal Dermalogica products.

          A few weeks ago, I bought Bedtime For Breakouts by Clean Start. The product seemed to serve much the same purpose as the Overnight Clearing Gel by Dermalogica which I already owned but that product was a little drying on my skin so I thought I'd give this one a try.

          What is the purpose of the product?
          The product is an overnight treatment which promises to clear pores, soothe and heal blemishes and stop glands from producing too much oil, all while you are sleeping. It promises to clear up blemishes that you already have, while preventing the formation of any new one.

          How does it work?
          The product contains Salicylic Acid which is in all good acne treatments. Despite what the name suggests, it is actually a gentle and natural substance while exfoliates the skin using a chemical reaction. It sloughs off the dead skin cells which were dulling the skin's appearance and prevents pores from becoming enlarged and clogged, preventing the formation of new blemishes and blackheads.

          In order to deal with blemishes that you already have, the solution contains Licorice which is an anti inflammatory meaning that it will calm angry red spots and the substance also tones and brightens the skin, tightens the pores and helps to control excess oils being produced by the skin.

          It also contains Cucumber and Tea Tree Oil to soothe, heal and calm breakouts. In addition, the product contains Plant Extracts to help reduce the production of excess oil, meaning fewer blemishes will form and the complexion will remain matte for longer. There are also plenty of antibacterial ingredients which kill spot causing bacteria, leaving you with clearer skin.

          How do you use the product?
          The product is to be used as a final step in your beauty routine just before you go to bed. After cleansing your skin, you need to smooth a very thin layer of the product over your face, avoiding the eye area. You leave the product on the skin and go to sleep, and then remove the product with your usual cleanser in the morning.

          Packaging and price
          The packaging is fairly plain but is more colourful than the usual products produced by Dermalogica and I think this is so that it appeals to the younger market. The product comes enclosed within a pure white tube with a flip top lid on which it can stand so that it looks tidy in your bathroom. Across the front of the tube is some colourful writing which makes the packaging more attractive to look at.

          Bedtime for Breakouts is much cheaper than the usual products that are produced by this brand. It will cost you around £13 for 60ml of the substance. It can be bought from your local Dermalogica store or from many online websites so shop around in order to find a good deal.

          Extra Thoughts
          This product is fantastic if you have sensitive, oily or spot prone skin and that's whether you're a teenager or not. It is so gentle on my face and has a consistency that is so light that it hardly feels like you have anything on your skin at all. The texture is not greasy and the solution is absorbed quickly by the skin, providing that you don't use too much, meaning you can jump straight into bed without worrying about staining your pillows.

          My skin doesn't tighten as the product dries and it never gets itchy or uncomfortable. There is no stinging whatsoever and it doesn't cause my skin to become dry or flaky as other similar products have done. The smell of the product is very fresh and clean.

          The gel dries completely clear on your face so you don't need to worry about looking silly if anyone is around to see you. A similar product to this one by Dermalogica flakes off during the night but this one doesn't seem to have that problem. You could wear it in the day without anyone knowing it was on but I assume it doesn't mix well with make up and this is why it is an overnight treatment.

          I don't use this product religiously and tend to keep it for when my skin is a bad condition. Usually after a few days of junk food, nights out and not enough sleep, this product manages to get my skin in a better condition quickly.

          It made a significant improvement to the amount of spots and blackheads that I would usually get and it goes a look way to healing and calming spots that I may already have. It definitely hasn't caused any new blemishes on my skin. It doesn't make my skin flawless but I am happy with the condition that it leaves my skin in.

          All in all, this product is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin and comes packed full of natural ingredients. It is long lasting due to the tiny amount you use each time and gives quick results. It heals, soothes and prevents blemishes and although it may not leave your complexion completely clear, you should see a significant improvement fairly quickly. I am very happy with this product.


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