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Dermalogica Oily Skin Kit

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Brand: Dermalogica / Type: Face Oil / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    3 Reviews
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      14.01.2015 23:19



      Small but mighty

      The kit advertised her is in a different packaging now but still the same amazing range.

      This is a small but nighty range that contains the following products:





      This is everything you need to combat that oily skin and hopefully if it works you can try it out first in a small and relatviely cheap before you go for the larger sizes.
      This is also recommended to use day and night. I followed the instructions
      and felt it was more of a benefit to do so.
      I was able to use everything in this kit for at least 3-4 weeks as you only need a pea sized amount and it works well over all the face.

      My skin over the course of the weeks looked cleaner, clearer and the oil reductions and prevention was brilliant.
      I've used all thes products in the range since but this enabled me to use everything and see for myself if it worked and it really gave me peace of mind I didn't go on to purchase the free samples offered but I went on to purchase the range as it was a massive benefit and I really felt my whole skin was getting everything it needed.
      The best thing is, this was only £26 and I was impressed at them having thought of providing a kit that meant you didn't have to work out what you should or shouldn't be buying, less stress for your skin:)


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      24.12.2011 09:34
      Very helpful




      I bought this kit only a few weeks ago after reading about this product online - Thanks to Dooyoo and it's reviews. I have used quite a few products from this brand and find them to be good for my kind of skin but it can be expensive to buy a full sized product as it may not work all that well. So when you get little products that you can have a few uses of and decide if they work then that can be the best way to try.

      I got this set online for £18.99 and postage was included, so not bad for 5 little products. These also come in a little zipped bag.

      In the pack there is a Oil Control Lotion (22ml), Thermal Clay Cleanser (50ml), Multi Active Toner (50ml), Climate Control Lip Treatment (15ml) and Skin Prep Scrub (22ml). So a little kit of things that you would use for to give your skin a good deep down clean. So in order you would use the Scrub, then Cleanser, then Toner and finally the Lotion. I wasn't much bothered about the Lip Treatment but this is a good Cream for your lips which helps if you have any cracked bits or if your Lips are dry.

      I've been using this set for about 2 weeks in a row and I find that this works well on my skin. I tend to use the Scrub less than the other products, as I do this with any face scrub as I find that scrubs can sometimes irritate my face, but after using these products then I find that my skin looks alright. Although perhaps some spots may still be on my face I find that they aren't all that large and red, and I find that my face seems to look a bit better even just after a few days of using this. The Oiliness seems to stay away and my face appears to look Matt and feel so much better as well.

      A great little kit if you want to try a few of the products in this range to decide weather it will work well for your skin.


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      08.01.2010 14:25
      Very helpful



      Mattifying, oil-control skin regime introduction from Dermalogica

      For those of us who suffer from oily skin, it can be an annoying and seemingly never-ending problem. But, after years of searching (believe me, it has taken years!) I have found my miracle wonder product that has given me the solution for gorgeous, moisturised and matte skin I have been searching for!

      Founded in 1986, Dermalogica is a specialist skin health and cosmetic company based in the USA. The products are available only from selected retailers (such as some registered official supplier beauticians) as well as online from a number of beauty websites (such as Beauty Flash (www.beautyflash.co.uk) or from Dermalogica themselves (www.dermalogica.com/uk/). In-keeping with the selected retail outlets, Dermalogica products have a higher price-tag than high-street branded products, with moisturisers costing from £20 to £35 for example.

      First - as they say in the adverts - here comes the science bit... ;)

      ~*~* What causes oily skin and what should you do/not do about it? *~*~

      Oily skin is simply the product of your genetics, where the oil glands (or sebaceous glands to give them their proper name) are over-productive and larger than usual, producing excess oil on the surface of the skin.

      Oily skin - though annoying - can be treated to produce a more matte appearance. Your skin should not be starved of moisture to dry it out or overexposed to the sun through excess tanning - keeping a good moisture balance is incredibly important as drying out the skin can cause the sebaceous glands to produce more oil to overcompensate. In the first instance, a good diet (with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables) as well as the recommended 1.5l-2l water intake a day can go some way to keeping your skin healthy. In addition, exfoliating the skin gently as part of a regular skin care regime can help in keeping skin clear and enhancing skin tone and smoothness (as oily skin can be prone to break-outs and acne).

      For those of us with oily skin though - there is a silver lining to this slightly slick cloud. Those of us with oily skin tend to find out skin will become progressively less oily as we age (as the oil glands reduce in size and oil production reduces) and - as the skin has a bountiful production of natural oils which protect the skin from impurities - it has been found that having oily skin can prevent the onset of wrinkles, leaving you with smoother, wrinkle-free skin - nature's own anti-aging serum! :)

      ~*~* The product *~*~

      Dermalogica produces specialist products for a number of skin conditions, determined by the 'Mapping' skin analysis on the website to provide a tailored range of products to suit your own skin care needs. I bought the Oily Skin Introduction Kit online via the Beauty Flash website on the recommendation of my beautician who praised the results she had seen from the products for oily skin but was very honest about the price.

      ~*~* What's in the Oily Skin Kit and price? *~*~

      The Oily Skin Kit contains a few items from the Oiliness skin health range. The kit costs around £21 for 'sample' or miniature try-me size products, to serve as an introduction the range. Packaged in a practical, small grey-washbag style zipped bag with green cardboard insert (slightly different to the one shown in the DooYoo photo) the kit contains the following items:

      - Dermal Clay Cleanser (50ml)
      - Multi-Active Toner (50ml)
      - Oil Control Lotion (22ml)
      - Skin Prep Scrub (22ml)
      - Climate Control Lip Treatment (full size)

      My kit also came with a couple of samples for a Precleanse lotion and a Skin Refining Masque that I have yet to use. The products are a decent size and my kit has lasted for well over a month of regular use. The products are also a fantastic travel size if you are looking for mini-versions of the Dermalogica products for holidays etc.

      Dermalogica produce self-confessed 'functional' items, with no fancy or beautiful branding. All items within the kit come in small white tubes with charcoal grey/black lids, with the Dermalogica brand name and the name of the product shown in the same darker colour.

      As I know the products are relatively expensive, buying full-size versions of the products may not be an option so I thought it might be more useful to review each product individually.

      ~*~* In detail - what's in the Kit? *~*~

      - *Skin Prep Scrub* - the skin prep scrub is designed to be used over wet/damp skin to exfoliate away dead skin, leaving your skin feeling smoother. The scrub is a nicely thick solution, with very very fine exfoliating grains (made of natural corn cob meal). This means the scrub is not at all harsh or drying on your skin and washes away easily, and definitely leaves your skin looking fresher and more radiant.

      - *Dermal Clay Cleanser* - a smooth, pure white thick liquid, made up of bentonite and kaolin clays for deep-cleansing oily and congested skin. The cleanser also contains botanical extracts and menthol and you can really feel the invigorating, refreshing vapours of the menthol on your skin when you use the product. The cleanser is designed to be smoothed onto damp skin and gently rinsed off and it really does leave your skin feeling cleaner and refreshed.

      - *Multi-Active Toner* - packaged in a small, spritz-pump action tube, this toner is a light solution that is designed to be sprizted on the face following the cleanser. The toner is not particularly pleasantly scented and smells almost medicinal (due to the aloe, lavender, balm mint and arnica composition) but it does feel very light and only needs to be used sparingly with a spritz or two covering the whole face. I find that using a toner in this form (rather than in a usual solution form applied directly to the face using a cotton wool pad) is a lot easier and has never left my face with a taut, dry feeling.

      - *Oil Control Lotion* - this is the silkiest, most light-weight moisturiser I have ever used. It takes the form of a runnier lotion (rather than a thick, cloying moisturiser cream) and again is a brilliant white in colour. The oil-free lotion apparently contains microsponge technology which soaks up excess oil in the skin to give a matte finish, while also helping to provide surface hydration for 'daily moisture protection'. I have found this moisturiser the star of the skincare regime - it is very light and easily to apply, sinking into the skin easily and I have never felt my skin feeling tight or dry and haven't experienced annoying 't-zone' oil slicks and dry patches on my face since using the product at all.

      The tube is the usual squeezy plastic which is easy to use but - if you do buy this product - do be careful not to apply too much pressure as the lotion can squeeze out to excess which can be a little messy!

      - *Climate Control Lip Treatment* - this little 'added extra' is absolutely amazing! The colourless, smooth lip-balm contains Anti-Ozonate complex - this gently heals the delicate, damaged tissues of the lips and protects against further pollution and climate damage. I have found this lip-balm to be invaluable during the winter, fixing dry and chapped lips and keeping them smooth, supple and moisturised with only occasional need to reapply - I will definitely buy one of these again and it's handy 'chapstick' sizes makes it so convenient to tote around in a make-up or handbag.

      ~*~* The Verdict *~*~

      I could not recommend this product highly enough for someone who has all-over oily skin (particularly in the dreaded t-zone) and is looking for more matte but healthy skin. The kit is a fantastic introduction to the Dermalogica products and only need to be used sparingly to achieve good results.

      All items within the range (as with other Dermalogica products) are colour and fragrance free (which is excellent for those with sensitive skin) and are not tested on animals which is fantastic and reassuring.

      I used to find, with my other 'oil-reducing' skin care regimes, that my skin would often feel taut and would become shiny by mid-morning and needing to be mattified with blotting powders or make-up (the latter being a very unhealthy move for my skin, clogging up pores and oil glands and often leading to even more oiliness and spot break-outs!). I have had so many compliments from people on my fresher, healthier looking skin and I definitely feel that my skin is matte for longer and is a lot healthier, with even moisturisation and no break-outs.

      Overall, this kit has been a fantastic and good value-for-money introduction to me and, as a result, I will definitely invest in a few key items from the range (particularly the clay cleanser and oil-control lotion) as they've really helped me feel great and given clear results on my skin!


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