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Dermalogica Skin Resurfacing Cleanser

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  • See a difference in days
  • Great for sensitive skin
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    1 Review
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      06.11.2014 22:58
      Very helpful


      • "Great for sensitive skin"
      • "See a difference in days"


      Get that confidence back x

      The aim of this product is to give you super smooth skin and a deep clean.
      This best works when you use a dual action exfoliating cleanser, but I found this may the skin a bit more sensitive and found that it helped really just using this product twice a week as suggested.
      Usually, I am a stickler for routine and following step by step but I just felt the two products were harsh together but great on their own.

      The other selling point to this product is to reduce aging. However, I was advised this was best to use after using the 'LUMIE LIGHT CLEAR TREATMENT FOR ACNE' [please see my review of that product] found that my skin needed treatment more than your basic acne treatments from the counter at Boots etc, to resurface the skin. This works 'resurfacing' helps the cell turnover and regenerate the skin [ no Doctor who jokes please]. So you skin can get back that lustre or smooth feeling that may have been missing for whatever reason.
      I personally saw a change after the second week of using a selection of Dermalogca products that were 'mapped' for my skin [ see their mapping service online or head to a Dermalogica store for this simple check to supply you with the right products]. I felt like a sheet had been lifted from my face and the skin could breathe better and people actually commented this. When you put on makeup especially you can see the smoothness of that product on your skin so it's win- win all round. Your money or investment goes that little bit further.

      Precleanse you face as advised before using this product, let the product lather up in your hand and massage into your face gently but don't over do it or rub i, for too long as it can sting [only a very little as I found].
      It is best to use twice a day, but it can be just as good as once a day if your skin is sensitive.

      The bottle is undeniably Dermalogica' professional, clean and trustworthy.
      Check the ingredient list online provided for deeper analyis, but the Lactic acid is the main component to help the skin.

      A suggestion for, after resurfacing, some people find a dryness can occur as I did, the company has a solution for that as well-'Antioxdant Hydramist or/ and a skin recovery SPF30.
      But to be honest, the more I used this product the less I found I had trouble or really needed the added extras. I am quite confident with this range.

      If you do purchase this for cell turnover due to aging as that is the main aim the company has a great selection of products marked under AGE smart products. They can aid this product and get the very best out of it.

      The product is a tad pricey but the size of the product is worth it and you don't need a lot to use to see an effect.


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