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Dermalogics Tea Tree & Peppermint Facial Wash

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Brand: Dermalogics / Type: Facial Wash / Suitable for: Face

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    1 Review
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      15.12.2008 14:11
      Very helpful



      Ok if your skint!

      When it comes to facial washes it something I simply can't live without. I own many different brands and types promising all kinds of different things. Mainly I use quite expensive one's simply because I tend to trust more known brands and because paying that bit more I feel that I can trust them. However as we all know with any product it can always be a let down no matter what.

      My usual Oil of Olay face wash was about to run out so I went out looking for a replacement but what always happens with me when that situation occurs happened to me on this particular shopping occasion! I end up buying a couple of really good one's but feel scared I may run out again so I still didn't feel very settled so when I saw this in Wilkinson's on offer at £2.00 for any 'Dermalogic' face products (usual price £1.49 each) I bought a couple for 'emergencies'. I figure anything is better than nothing and I can't really upset my spotty, blackhead ridden mush anymore than it already is so why not give it a bash?! lol

      The Packaging....

      150ml clear, plastic tube (doesn't state it is recyclable but I assume it is) with a green matching flip top (matches the colour of the face wash) lid situated at the bottom which conceals a small dispensing hole. On the front I'm told in red and yellow writing that it is Dermalogics, Tee Tree and there's some yellow leaf pattern going on. Under that I'm told it's Tea Tree And Peppermint Facial Wash and at the bottom I'm told the size (as I've stated already). On the back I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use, ingredients are listed, contact details for MML Ltd are given (the manufacturers of Dermalogic products) and finally there is a bar-code on there. It's ok packaging but nothing to rave about. It contains all the information you need but it does appear economy to look at, which to be fair it is!

      A Bit About The Product (According To The Information On The Back Of The Tube)....

      Tea Tree Oil has been recognised for centuries for it's healing, anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. Combined with therapeutic and cooling Peppermint Oil it offers a totally natural treatment for all skin types.

      Directions For Use....

      Massage gently into damp skin, avoiding the eye area and rinse away with clean water.

      My Experience....

      Well first thing you notice when you flip back the lid back and give the tube a gentle squeeze is the smell of the product. There really is no mistaking that this is Tea Tree and Peppermint. It's very strong and extremely minty fresh. I guess really that this smells more of mint than anything but blindfolded I'm sure you'd guess both ingredients if you have half a working brain lol

      So when you dispense it your greeted by a very weak, light green gel. Although it has a bit of a gel like consistency it's really rather runny which means you don't need very much at all. For my face and neck I need a blob a bit bigger than a 5p and I wet my face and massage this on.

      It goes on smooth (which it is completely) and it feels a little bit oily when washing with it. A little bit really does go a long way and you get a little bit of white lather though it doesn't feel soapy and/or drying.

      When using it, it doesn't make skin tingle, not even any spotty bits. I never read the instructions about not using it near my eyes and it never occurred to me not to so I just washed my face with it and I have very sensitive eyes indeed and it never irritated them or made them tingle or weep so although this has the smell of mint etc I don't feel it has those active ingredients within it and it's got more like an added fragrance. Nothing happened at all with my face to report at all. I rinsed it off, which was very simple to do and I patted my face dry and that was it job done.


      Immediately after using it skin feels soft to the touch and not overly so but naturally so. The oily feeling I told you I felt when using it disappears once rinsed off. Skin looks matted down so greasy areas are not so apparent and this doesn't dry any skin out it shouldn't do. Skin does feel tighter after using this but not uncomfortably so or anything. Although my face doesn't look any different i.e open pores tighter, or spots or blackheads suddenly vanishing or owt I do feel a bit more firm and not at all saggy.

      However.... I haven't noticed any difference in my skin at all. Spots are still arriving, skin is long term just as greasy and it hasn't helped combat white heads or blackheads...well anything really to be perfectly honest with you. Even after using it skin doesn't feel any cleaner all you can say is you did use a facial wash.

      I've used this for a couple of weeks now and I'm impressed that it's economical and has lasted me ages. With the amount you need to use which is tiny and the price it costs it's amazingly cost effective and if your someone like me that doesn't really look for a result with a facial wash and just wants to use something that doesn't upset your skin then this is ok. If you buy because you want it to do something (as advertised) then no I don't think it's strong enough and I'm sure like me, you'd question after using it how much Tea Tree is in there etc because for the price I don't believe much at all.

      The only positive is that it hasn't upset my skin but if I have a spot brewing and use this it still arrives and I can feel spots on their way as well. This simply isn't strong enough to ward off such evils.

      Great economy buy if your desperate but me I won't buy it again due to lack of results unless it's an emergency.


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      Revive your skin and bring it back to life by removing dirt, oil and make-up; leaving the skin refreshed and clean /

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