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Dr. Harnik Pore Refiner Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

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Brand: Dr Harnik / Type: Wax Strips / Subcategory: Cleansing / What it does: Cleanses,

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    1 Review
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      03.10.2008 22:00
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      Dr Harnik Pore Strips

      I have used many things to get rid of blackheads in the past, facial washes, specialised overnight treatments, weird pastes that you put on your face, but the most successful thing I've found for them are pore strips. Although I've never managed to find a pore strip that will remove all my blackheads, I find that they will remove some, which is better than nothing, I suppose. I am always on the lookout for new brands to try, that may get rid of all of my blackheads (unlikely, but hope is all I have left) and so when I spotted Dr Harnik Pore Refiner strips I thought they would be worth a go.

      The strips can be used on your nose, forehead or chin and each box contains six strips. I was a bit confused at first, as previous strips I've used that were suitable for multiple areas of the face, had slightly different shaped strips, all labelled with the area they were for. Despite the picture on the box, seeming to indicate that the strips are differently shaped, in fact all six strips are the same, but can be used on any area.

      The strips contain witch hazel and 'special action polymers' whatever they may be, which they say will effectively grab dirt, oil and blackheads, and lift them away, clearing the pores to make skin look visibly clean and clear.

      They come individually wrapped and are on a plastic backing, something I find very useful, as previous brands I have used, have required you to wet one side, and I've found it can be difficult to tell which side is which, especially with wet hands.

      You need to apply the strip to clean, wet skin (free of make-up, moisturiser etc..) and then smooth down. The strip should be left for 10-15 minutes, during which time it will begin to feel stiff -but not uncomfortable - on the skin.

      Once the time is up and the strip is beginning to feel stiff, you peel it off, and in theory it should take all the grime and dirt clogging up pores with it. I have used an entire box of these, and have found mixed results so far.

      On a couple of occasions I have peeled the strip off and not been able to see anything on it at all, however on other occasions I can see all the horrible gunge that has been clogging my pores sticking to the strip. I have used the strips in the same way each time, so I am not sure why I have had different results on different occasions. My skin does look a little clearer after using these.

      The strips do leave a bit of residue on the face, and last time I used one on my nose, afterwards I actually found the skin around that area had become quite dry which was a bit of an annoyance.

      As with every other pore strip I have used, I have not found that this has got rid of all blackheads, just a few, but the fact it gets rid of any at all is a good thing for me, as I have never managed to find another way of effectively getting rid of them.

      A pack of six pore strips will cost around £5.49 from Boots.

      Overall, these were OK. As I said, I found them to be a bit hit and miss, but I've used lots of pore strips that did absolutely nothing for getting rid of blackheads, so it's a big plus point that these did work on some occasions! On a more negative note, I did not like that they dried my skin out, and they're a little pricier than some others available, so I would not rush to buy them again.


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      Effectively removes dirt from pores and leaves the skin's surface clean /

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