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Dr. Nick Lowe Sebum Control Cleanser

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Brand: Dr. Nick Lowe / Type: Cleanser / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses,

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    1 Review
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      17.02.2010 19:37
      Very helpful



      A professional deep clean!

      ** DR NICK LOWE **

      I have seen his name in a few places and although I didn't know exactly who he is or what he does, I know that he is pretty good in the beauty world. After a little research about this man, he is in fact also known as Mr Botox. I feel slightly concerned but I guess in his Dermatologist world and in the 21st century skincare seems to be about ironing wrinkles and having tight eyebrows!

      Well Dr Nick Lowe is an expert in non surgical skin care and has helped celebrities as well as working in NHS clinics. He seems to be an all rounder and living in the real world. I find him quite an interesting character and the fact he actually claims himself that cosmetics can only do so much in terms of skin care makes me wonder why he has introduced his own range to the shops. I was also surprised at how honest Dr Lowe is about is range. He openly admits that it is for financial gain (I am glad someone can be honest!) but he also admits that there is honest genuine science behind his products which will make them help the skin. He doesn't promise that his skin care range will make everyone look 10 years younger or have glowing skin he just promises to give honest products which do what they say they will.

      Apparently he says any form of surgery or non-reversible treatments should be a last resort maybe he forgets about all the Botox he himself has had! An interesting man and it makes me even more interested in using his products.


      Recently I have found that certain areas of my face are having some serious breakouts. In particular my chin and at the top of my forehead. It is quite strange because the rest of my face can sometimes be quite dry! After having a chat with my sister who has much more greasy, moisturised skin then I have she told me all about this Nick Lowe guy and the great sister that she is, she gave me her bottle of Sebum Control Cleanser! I made sure she was sure but it just gives her a reason to go and buy some more.

      Now at almost £10 for a 200ml bottle (available at Boots and online), it is expensive for a cleanser. No doubt about that. The bottle is far from glamorous and is a clinical white bottle with black writing on the front and a splash of green on the box. Very minimalist but also very professional looking. I always think that products with a design such as this always look as though they will work better. They remind me of the products that expensive hair dressers use and you always want to buy what they use just because it seems so professional! Anyway, the bottle is less then average but it is what's inside that counts!

      As I said earlier, Dr Nick Lowe says that he makes sure his products are simply described and promises results in a direct and clear manner with no magical promises. This Sebum control cleanser does explain clearly what it actually does in the name! It aims to control the skins naturals oil (Sebum). The bottle also states that it is an Anti-blemish product which cleanses tones and helps prevent breakouts. It is alcohol free and has an anti-bacterial formula which is meant to prevent the skin stripping itself of essential moisture. This will be great for my dry patches as well as helping the spots I already have. I also have an issue with my skin going red after using some strong cleansers and milder ones tend not to clean as well as I want so hopefully this is going to be a great solution for me!

      ** SO... WHAT IS IT LIKE TO USE? **

      The directions are really simple and I like the fact that this is a one step cleanser as it saves time and effort. You simply have to gently wipe the cleanser over the face and neck with a cotton wool pad. No need to rinse or wipe off. That's it. Simple! Can it really be so simple to bring some stability back to my face?

      The cleanser itself is clear and thin. It almost looks like water so a small squeeze and there is plenty to wet the cotton wool. The smell is quite strong which I think comes from the Tea Tree and Thyme ingredients which are used for their antibacterial properties. But as I said it definitely has no direct fragrance and it does smell quite chemically. To be honest I didn't expect it to smell anything other then rather clinical so this is no disappointment to me at all.

      The cleanser goes on well and instantly feels refreshing. It stings a little over any spots but I guess that is the ant-bacterial component working. It does feel quite strong but there is no burning or tingling sensation which is great as I can get that with a lot of products especially from ones that smell so chemically induced. If you do put to much cleanser on the cotton wool you will notice it almost foams up a little on the skin but just keep gently wiping away and it will soon all sink in to the skin. It does leave the skin feeling slightly tacky. So I leave it for a few minutes so it fully dries and then I put on the moisturiser. The whole process takes about a minute or so depending on just how dirty your face is!


      After using Dr Nick Lowes Sebum Control Cleanser, the most immediate effect was how clean my face was! The proof was on the cotton wool. The dirt that came off was rather unbelievable considering I had already cleaned my face. It took of the last bits of mascara and all the dirt around my nose and chin. It completely refreshed my face without any tingling and would you believe it... I had no red blemishes afterwards! I thought with what smelt like such a strong product my face would feel a bit sore and stripped but not at all. For a few seconds it did feel slightly tight. I believe this is from the complete deep cleansing of my pores but after 30 seconds or so my skin felt quite soft and even. What I mean by even is instead of chin feeling clogged up and my forehead feeling dry. They both felt the same. I definitely felt like I had to apply some moisturiser though. Not because my skin felt dry or tight but just because it felt incredibly clean and that any moisturiser would work much better on such clean and oil free skin.


      I have used this every day for 10 days and I feel that after 10 days of use any product should be showing its true colours. I have to admit that the couple of spots I did have before I started using the cleanser had disappeared. In fact after the first couple of uses I noticed the redness had reduced a lot and so far I have only seen the slight peek of one more spot. Not bad! Really impressed. I have also noticed that my skin in general is in a better condition. The red blotches I tend to get after cleansing hasn't really arisen and my face does look healthier. Probably from just how well the cleanser gets rid of the dirt and grime. My pores don't seem to be as open and in general the cleanser has worked brilliantly.


      The cleanser works brilliant at controlling the oil produced on the face and really cleans out any dirt from the pores leaving your skin feeling great. You don't need that much for it to clean your face, a small squirt is enough so the 200ml bottle will last longer then expected. I always thing that liquid cleansers last longer then creams because they soak up easier. At almost £10 it is expensive and it really is hard to decide if I would buy this myself. It definitely is one of the best cleansers I have used and in terms of delivering results it definitely does just that.

      Although this will benefit anyone who wants a good cleanser it is aimed at those who sit on the side of slightly more greasy skin. If you have dry skin you may find that this makes your face feel more tightly then you would want it to. If you suffer from breakouts or open pores then I think this will be brilliant for you. Not only because it controls the sebum that usually creates the breakouts but the anti-bacterial quality helps the spots you already have and we all like instant results!

      So it seems Dr Nick Lowe knows what he is talking about, even if he does use Botox himself. So I wonder if this clever Dr can create a fat-busting, boob enhancing, muscle toning, and eye-lash extending potion. Probably not, so the cleanser will have to do for now.

      For more information or to buy the products if you don't fancy a trip to Boots, you can check out the Dr Lowes Website http://www.drnicklowe.com/.

      Thanks for reading!


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