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Dr. Nick Lowe Spot Gel

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6 Reviews
  • It works
  • It stops me squeezing
  • Even a 5ml tube is too much for me with a 12 month use by.
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    6 Reviews
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      24.11.2014 23:24
      Very helpful


      • "It stops me squeezing"
      • "It works"


      • "Even a 5ml tube is too much for me with a 12 month use by."

      I don't need much from a product like this and Dr Nick delivers

      Life has blessed me with many things including spot free skin. I maybe get a tiny spot two or three times a year but when that happens, I know that I need to resist the temptation to give it a good poke or (god forbid) a quick squeeze. With such infrequent spots, I didn’t want a large tube of spot gel and when I spotted (pun intended of course) a tiny 5 ml tube of Dr Nick Lowe Spot Gel on the ‘Latest in Beauty’ website, I snapped it up for a tiny price. Even a big tube of 15ml will set you back only 11.00 so I doubt I paid more than a pound or two.

      A 5ml tube is tiny enough for me to stick in the bottom of my handbag and forget about. It’s also so small that it’s not yet been detected by airport security when it’s hiding in my bag.

      The product is a clear, colourless gel with a distinctly anti-septic smell which is not surprising since is - basically - just an antibacterial gel. On the few occasions that I’ve needed it, I’ve dabbed the tiniest of dots onto a ‘soon to erupt’ spot and left it for a few hours to dry it up and make it go away. Easy.

      With a ‘use after opening’ guideline of 12 months, I’ll never get far through this tube but if you have more frequent or bigger spot problems than me, I think you’ll still find this tiny tube is plenty to see you through months of spot action.

      I like knowing that I’m hygienically treating the spot and because it works so well, I’m less prone to giving in to temptation and giving it a squeeze.


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      21.06.2013 20:41
      Very helpful



      Works OK but no better than cheaper products

      I occasionally get a few spots on my face and so need a spot remedy I can use if I see that a spot is starting, to try and get rid of it as soon as possible. I first bought the Dr Nick Lowe Spot Gel when I had a promotion voucher at Boots so I could try it out as I had heard some good reviews about it.

      Dr. Nick Lowe is trained in Dermatology and has developed his own skin care range based on his knowledge and experience with clinically proven ingredients. The spot gel is described as the perfect anti-bacterial gel to keep blemishes under control and the high potency of the antibacterial active ingredients helps fight the causes of skin breakouts.

      The ingredients of the gel are Salicylic Acid, Willow Bar, Tea Tree and Arnica. The gel is meant to be applied direct to the spot up to four times a day.

      The gel is packaged in a white box with a lime green stripe at the bottom, which has the Dr. Nick Lowe branding on it. Inside the box the gel is in a 15ml tube with a screw on lid with a small funnel to squeeze the gel through. One of the issues I have with product is that amount of gel that comes out always seems to be too much, and it almost leaks out of the top especially if it has been stored standing up. This can be quite annoying and waste some of the product.

      On apply the gel it has a clear colour and a medicated type of smell. Only a very small amount is needed and it is easy to apply it direct to the spot. It dries onto the skin quite quickly but tends to leave a bit of a white residue and if you apply too much it starts to peel on your face. It is therefore only really suitable to be used at night, as you can't easily apply make up over it.

      I find that the gel is reasonably effective at stopping a spot from getting any worse but it does not really make it go away. It is difficult to say that this product works any better than any other cheaper spot gels or is any better than leaving the spot alone to get better by itself. As the gel costs about £9.50 full price from Boots I will not be purchasing it again and will probably go back to using tea tree oil or something similar in the future.

      This review might also be posted on Ciao under my username Star20000


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      07.03.2012 15:08
      Very helpful



      Two stars due to the product not working like it is claimed it would

      ***Why I want the product?***
      I have mentioned before in my reviews about my troublesome skin. I have gone through all my teens and early adult life without a hitch. Yes I had the odd breakout but that was it, an odd break out. When I had my daughter at 26 this is when my skin went into over drive and has never been the same. Mostly due to hormones, to which I was told my doctors at the time would subside. Unfortunately this was not to be and I have to put up with troublesome skin.

      I have tried a range of different spot treatments before, ranging from Clean and Clear, Neutrogena and Benzoyl Peroxide to name a few, which also irritates me if I use too often. Unfortunately these treatments do not do much for me even if I apply the product a few times a day. I have even tried mixing them to see if it gives the product a bit more punch with no results.
      I was on the lookout for a new spot treatment, something with good reviews, something everyone loves and swears by. This is when I came across Dr. Nick Lowe's products.

      ***About the brand***
      Although I have heard of Dr. Nick Lowe before I never really took any notice of him before but after all the great reviews I decided to find out more.
      Dr. Nick Lowe is a UK medical graduate with specialist training in Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Dermatologic Surgery and Cosmetic Laser therapy in the USA and UK. Dr. Nick Lowe has over 30 years experience of new treatments, technology and research into skin problems and skin ageing.
      Dr. Nick Lowe has also received awards including Gold and Silver Awards from the American Academy of Dermatology.

      *** What product did I purchase?***
      I decided to purchase Dr. Nick Lowe Spot Gel. This gel is described as the perfect anti-bacterial gel to keep blemishes at bay. This ingredient packed spot gel is all you need for blemish prone skin.
      Dr. Nick Lowe advises you can apply this product directly to the spot three to four times a day is required.

      ***What are the ingredients in this product?***
      ~ My favourite ingredient Salicylic Acid. Salicylic acid has the ability to penetrate deep into the oil gland that can clog pores.
      ~ Willow Bark, Tea Tree and Thyme for their anti-bacterial properties
      ~ Arnica, this is a great anti inflammatory, which helps to soothe blemished skin
      ~ Vitamins A, C and E
      ~ Allergen free fragrance
      ~ All important this product is Non comedogenic

      The glossy white oblong box with lime green stripe at the bottom of the box and the lid. Black writing that stands out on the front states Dr. Nick Lowe Dermatologist Spot Gel. Targeted and Instant Action.
      The side of the box the ingredients involved in this product can be found you can read a little about Dr. Nick Lowe.
      The back you will find how to use, how the ingredients used can help with your skin problems and contact details.

      The product itself comes in a 15ml matte white tube that looks clinically clean with a small shiny silver band going across the screw off lid. This product has an expiry of 12 months once opened. Unscrewing the lid you can see a small funnel with a small tip for the right amount of product to be dispensed.

      ***What does the product look and feel like?***
      Squeezing a small amount to the back of my hand I am glad to see the product is clear I can also smell a light medicated scent unlike other spot treatments that may use fragrance to mask the medical smell. Spreading the gel texture over my hand I am glad to see and feel it's very light texture that almost feels moisturising so say it is a spot treatment and spreads far so a small amount is only needed.
      More importantly applying the product onto a spot, the product feels light, moisturising, cool feeling, which dries quickly on the skin and dries clear. You are left with a light protective film on the skin and I find mineral makeup can be applied gently over the top without peeling of the treatment.
      I find with most spot treatments they are not miracle workers and unfortunately will not work over night, I still find with using this product regular applications are needed and as soon as the spot appears for it to be most effective. However, I also find this product *almost* stops the spot in its tracks from getting bigger. I say almost as it is always not effective at doing this.

      I have often applied it before bed and woke up with the product still on my face; however some peeling of the product has occurred due to sleeping.
      Due to the product containing Salicylic Acid, the skin can sometimes have a peel effect due to the product penetrating deep into the poor and shredding skin. I have found this not to be the case even with frequent uses throughout the day and days. I also have sensitive skin, especially on my cheeks and this product has not irritated me in anyway.

      ***Price and availability***
      You can purchase this product from www.boots.com for £9.18, other online retailers prices may vary.

      ***What I think about it/do I like it?***
      You would think by the great review above I would say yes would not you? Unfortunately the answer is a no I would not purchase again.
      The reason behind this is simply the product doesn't take way or target the blemish as quickly as I would have hoped or am lead to believe. I can use the product on the same blemish for three days and it will still be there until it clears to, which I do not think the product cleared it up instead I think it was my own skin and body that cleared it.
      Although this product is not working as great for me I will continue to use the product due to not wasting and because it does have Salicylic Acid even though I do not know the percentage, shame as I had high hopes.


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        29.10.2009 15:25
        Very helpful



        For me this is the best anti blemish product I've ever used.

        I don't often get spots but when I do they tend to be very stubborn, red and refuse to go away. I've tried lots of different products over the years to try and prevent / treat these out breaks and this has been by far the most effective. When I was younger I experimented a lot with tea tree oil and witch hazel, I found the witch hazel in particular really dried out my skin so not only were my spots still there but the surrounding skin looked almost flaky. Although this product is slightly drying - which is one of the ways it shrinks and helps clear spots - it doesn't seem to dry the surrounding skin around the spot at all. I tend to apply it when my spider senses start tingling and I can feel a spot is looming. Because the product is relatively small it travels around with me in my bag and so I can apply it wherever and whenever I start to get 'that sensation.' It has a screw on cap which is very secure so it hasn't burst open all over my diary and house keys as previous products I've lugged around with me have. Oh and I've had it ages now and it isn't even approaching running out - definite value for money - it really lasts. I find it definitely minimises my spots and reduces redness and I've also found that where I felt sure a spot was coming after applying the gel a few times to the area my skin has stayed clear. Dr. Nick Lowe is considered a leading expert in dermatology and skin care which means this sort of stuff is his actual day job and it really shows. In fact after this I also purchased a few other Dr. Nick Lowe products and have enjoyed similar results with all. You can find his range in Boots and even better it often goes on offer so I tend to wait until then, in particular you'll often find it on 3 for 2 so if you're as pleased with the results as I am in you can invest in other products such as the sebum control toner. You can apply your make up over it without problem and you can also dab it on top of your make up and it dries invisibly.


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        18.05.2009 12:31
        Very helpful



        Not worth it's high price tag in my view!

        Having a rather bad break out of 'pmt' spots I rushed out to my local Boots to speak to my usual and favourite shop assistant for advice this week! Lately I've been so lucky, I've had no spots in ages thanks to a combination of bio oil and witch hazel which I have been using religiously on my face and has done me the world of good! Well... she recommended me to look at this range as she swears by them. Me, I'd seen the simple looking products before and avoided them to be completely honest with you as they wernt visually appealing to me!

        The Packaging:

        White oblong box with some bright green sections to it. All the writing on it is in 'black and on the front I'm told it is Dr Nick Lowe 'Dermatologist' Spot Gel Anti Blemish which is 'Targeted & instant action. Helps clear away breakouts' At the bottom of the box I'm told it's from the Cranley Clinic, London, Los Angeles and the size is stated (15ml). On one side of the box ingredients are listed, on the other I'm told a bit about Dr Nick Lowe and then on the back of the box I'm told a bit about the product and how the ingredients used can help me, directions for use are given, I'm given a list of warnings, contact details for Cranley Creams LTD are given (the manufacturer of these products), the recycle symbol is displayed and the bar-code is on the bottom of the box. Neat and informative packaging this is. Inside the box there is large leaflet folded up basically telling me the same information as I'm given on the box already and a bit about other products from within the range. The tube is white plastic with a screw on/off lid to the bottom. It's very simple and sleek looking and again I'm told what it is and who it's by on the front etc, it's just all very simple looking!

        A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Box:

        The perfect anti-bacterial gel to keep blemishes under control. The high potency of this anti-bacterial active ingredients helps fight the causes of skin breakouts.

        Anti blemish cranley complex = a combination of naturally derived oil-controlling active ingredients and calming agents to target bacteria and regulate over-sebum production.

        Salicylic Acid + Willow Bark + Arnica = Cutting edge anti-bacterial efficacy.

        Niacinamide = Helps target skin that is prone to spots and blemishes.

        Vitamins A, C And E = Encapsulated in liposomes to maximise skin absorption at cellular level.

        Directions For Use...

        Apply the gel directly onto the affected area.

        Me Using It:

        Ok from the moment I got this home and opened it up to use it I was confused. The box is very contradictory. I bought this because on the front of the box I'm told it is 'Targeted & instant action' and also I'm told to 'Apply the gel directly over the affected area' however in the introduction section about the product I am told this is 'to help keep blemishes under control'. So I'm thinking is this a prevention treatment cos right now I got a face like a pepperoni pizza or do I dab onto affected area? Hmmm lol.

        Well it doesn't matter anyway! I had high hopes for this product but no matter how I use it, it doesn't work for me..sadly and I believe wholeheartedly it would from it's none nonsense packaging and recommendation from someone I trust.

        It neither works as a prevention or as a cure..for me!

        Personally I have used this gel on existing spots. I had a cluster of about 5 on my chin and one on my neck one that was a glowing boil type of thing (with no head on it!), and ever so painful it was too!

        Basically the gel squirts out a thin, slightly medical smelling (but entirely pleasant at the same time) thinnish, clear gel. It goes onto the skin very Cooley and wherever there is an 'open' spot you can feel a very slight but not uncomfortable or scream worthy tingle. It smears over the area very well indeed, dried in quickly leaving no grease or any type of residue and I simply put it where I need to and where I have cleansed. Simple procedure, unmessy, the smell disappears after a couple of minutes and you can't feel it on the skin at all.

        However after a few days of doing this ALL the spots still existed. Whilst I got a little pain relief from the cooling gel whilst applying it (particularly to the boil thing) it was very much temporary. Nope.... nothing was achieved with any of the spots, the colour, size or inflammation wasn't helped in any way shape or form at all...sadly.

        As for prevention well I haven't used it for that.....intentionally. When applying it to the affected areas on my skin I have then used a little excess gel gently over my face and what was worse than it not working was that the following day I had a couple of new spots arrive! Whether that is coincidence or I had spread bacteria around my face whilst using it on already existing spots I don't know!


        A very economical gel (as you only need a little of it) and very easy to use...this is. However it really didn't do a thing for me and I have been using it for a few days now with regularity now.

        I purchased mine in Boots and it cost me £8.76 which in my view is far to expensive for something that doesn't work! lol

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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          05.02.2009 20:31
          Very helpful



          Highly recommended.

          Dr. Nick Lowe seems to be my skincare brand of choice at the moment and so when I ran out of my old spot treatment and felt like trying something new I headed to Boots to take a look at the selection on offer. I also had a five pound off voucher that could be redeemed against this brand so when I noticed a product called "Anti Blemish Spot Gel" I picked it up right away.

          I seem to breakout on my chin and lower / inner cheeks only, with the rest of my skin staying clear. It's only the odd spot or two here and there but enough to make me want to seek out a product to clear them.

          "Dr. Nick Lowe's Spot Gel" boasts 'targeted and instant action' that helps clear away breakouts. It claims to be the 'perfect anti-bacterial gel to keep blemishes under control'. The high potency of anti-bacterial active ingredients promises to fight the causes of skin breakouts.
          It uses a combination of naturally derived oil controlling ingredients and calming agents to target bacteria and regular over-sebum (oil) production. Active ingredients include:
          Salicylic acid, Willowbark and Arnica known for their cutting edge anti-bacterial efficacy; Niacinamide to help target skin that is prone to blemishes and Vitamins A, C and E to 'maximise skins absorption at cellular levels'.
          It is dermatologically tested and has a shelf life of 12 months.

          It is packaged in a small, slim tube with a tiny hole in the tip which releases just the right amount of product with a gentle squeeze. The box is small, white and lime green and contains a small leaflet informing you about the other products in the range. All very simple and informative!

          I apply after cleansing, toning and moisturising. I place the clear gel directly over the blemish with a clean fingertip before massaging it ever so slightly into the skin. There is no scent and it dries quickly with a shine free finish so you can apply it over makeup too if needed.
          I wouldn't recommend applying this over a larger area of skin as salicylic acid can be quite drying, especially on spot free skin.

          So far I have only used this a few times but I am very pleased with the results! I had a few blocked pores on my forehead which had been quite raised and red but after leaving this on for a night they were flatter and much lighter by the morning! Not entirely gone but significantly reduced.
          A pimple on my cheek had also diminished overnight to a small, very slightly raised patch and by day two it had gone :-)

          The only type of spot this product doesn't seem to work so well on are those under-the-skin, painful bumps (also known as cystic acne). With no head, the gel cannot penetrate into the blemish effectively enough to make much of a difference. Personally I find prevention to be better than cure for those anyway.

          Although I bought this product when it was on offer, I will definately buy it again at it's full price of £8.36 should it continue to work this well. Definately worth it in my opinion as it gave me obvious results in only a few days which is not something I can say about most products.


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          The perfect anti-bacterial gel to help fight the causes of skin breakouts /

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